I Adopted EVERY Dog In A Dog Shelter

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This is my favorite video i have ever made, it took me 9 months to film.
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23. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 100
MrBeast Prije 17 dana
Every family who adopted a dog was vetted and approved by the animal shelter, im so happy these dogs get to live with loving families! :)))))
Erin Drayer
Erin Drayer Prije 2 dana
I love that you did this I LOVE dogs🐶
CatLover123 4
CatLover123 4 Prije 7 dana
mother obese
mother obese Prije 17 dana
I love you
Sub to me get me to 500 subs
MrBeast hi
Chef Plays
Chef Plays Prije 17 dana
MrBeast cool
•iRis• BlOo•
•iRis• BlOo• Prije 5 sati
SuperJetEnt Prije 5 sati
Can mrbeast be our president
Eva M
Eva M Prije 5 sati
Me emociona tanto ver este tipo de vídeos , daría mi vida por poder ayudar a tantos angelitos peludos así como lo hacen Ustedes , aquí en mi país la situación es realmente muy difícil , si yo tuviera el dinero necesario adoptaría tantos como pudiera , Saludos desde Honduras
Alison thomson
Alison thomson Prije 5 sati
Aww i bet the dogs miss there home s bit
Gary Prije 5 sati
That’s a hassle
Jaspreet kaur
Jaspreet kaur Prije 5 sati
Mr beast- we are going to launch the biggest marketing campaign Raid shadow legends- Hold my beer
Maddison Chenault
Maddison Chenault Prije 5 sati
3:39 that moment your dog doesent listen to you
Spruce Box8
Spruce Box8 Prije 5 sati
Foxtrot foxtrot foxtrot
imonebmf Prije 6 sati
i love dogs
• iamhaisley •
• iamhaisley • Prije 6 sati
lucky jackson
lucky jackson Prije 6 sati
Come to south side colton ca
Dewi Danukusumo
Dewi Danukusumo Prije 6 sati
There both cute
Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping Prije 6 sati
Who else misses Jake The Viking
Kratexa Prije 6 sati
Nicest person in the world
Benjamin Carmine
Benjamin Carmine Prije 6 sati
I love me some english bully dogs.
ReaPerSCYTHE 3246
ReaPerSCYTHE 3246 Prije 6 sati
Foxtrot wins by unanimous decision
Zman PlayzYT
Zman PlayzYT Prije 6 sati
Chive Shall Win
Laian Yaseen
Laian Yaseen Prije 6 sati
YHE BLACK CAT IS so cute And due HE BITE his fAcE
Kayla B
Kayla B Prije 6 sati
Wholesome 🥺
Boozer Boozington
Boozer Boozington Prije 6 sati
Jive is soooo cute!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😭
Rodrigo Lyra Vlogs e Gameplays
Zeppelin is too cute damn
Eva Brenneman
Eva Brenneman Prije 6 sati
Our Cat's nick name is Foxtrot. Lol
Camila Dubon
Camila Dubon Prije 6 sati
No fair I really want a 4 doogs
AxtroFN ツ
AxtroFN ツ Prije 6 sati
I Literally Started To Cry, I was sooooo happy!!!!!!!
Nick The Baller
Nick The Baller Prije 6 sati
AxtroFN ツ
AxtroFN ツ Prije 6 sati
Every Dog Needs A Home, Dogs Are Amazing!!!!!!!
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson Prije 6 sati
1:05 the black one.
Deepyxinix Prije 6 sati
This man is doing more than the government
Kendall Layne
Kendall Layne Prije 6 sati
I wish I could get one
Kirsten Sehnbruch
Kirsten Sehnbruch Prije 6 sati
Lol at 4:12 Jimmy was literally violently grabbing his shirt
Miranda Fylstra
Miranda Fylstra Prije 6 sati
Virginia living With JD
😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷Why is it that before his was adopted he wasn’t wearing a mask but as soon as the “new owner”of his had a mask. The next time he appeared he had a mask on 🤷🏼‍♂️
Katie Barrow
Katie Barrow Prije 7 sati
You have officially earned my respect
ItzMia Vlogz
ItzMia Vlogz Prije 7 sati
Who’s subbed to pewdiepie 🤨
Meylin Morales
Meylin Morales Prije 7 sati
Mrbeast 2040
rchecker Prije 7 sati
Comet Starlight
Comet Starlight Prije 7 sati
Wrecked by a dog lol
natashasloman Prije 7 sati
i wish i could adopt foxtrot
Crimson Gaming
Crimson Gaming Prije 7 sati
Why is jake the Viking never in these videos any more
Jack Kildron
Jack Kildron Prije 7 sati
MrBeast : I put a dog shelter out of buisness by buying every dog in the shelter!
UhOhItsElle Prije 7 sati
it’s enough to make a grown man cry. and that’s okay.
Amelia Berbari
Amelia Berbari Prije 7 sati
Foxtrot is adorable❤️
Love_Eryka8 Gaming
Love_Eryka8 Gaming Prije 7 sati
Who saw that his go bit for the dog lollllll
Denise van der Graaf
I love this keep doing what you do 💕💕💕
The Money Thief
The Money Thief Prije 7 sati
Brenna Does Roblox
Brenna Does Roblox Prije 7 sati
Hareb Hattawi
Hareb Hattawi Prije 7 sati
I wish I can adopt foxtrot :(
Susan Wyatt
Susan Wyatt Prije 7 sati
Both Is cute
• Unknown •
• Unknown • Prije 7 sati
Do the same for cats 😭😭😭
Jehad Aqel
Jehad Aqel Prije 7 sati
Alexa Plays Roblox
Alexa Plays Roblox Prije 7 sati
Gib mc Gowan
Gib mc Gowan Prije 7 sati
Gib mc Gowan
Gib mc Gowan Prije 7 sati
Celebrity Fights
Celebrity Fights Prije 7 sati
Pinky the luckiest dog
Sophia Cheng
Sophia Cheng Prije 8 sati
We support your channel and you support the world... great job
Lil FaZe
Lil FaZe Prije 8 sati
Jive is cuter jk they are both just as cute
kermit the frog
kermit the frog Prije 8 sati
i wanted pepper
HitMusic & Relax Channel
One of your better videos!
*Carlie Cakes*
*Carlie Cakes* Prije 8 sati
Michael Garretson
Michael Garretson Prije 8 sati
Edy Elise
Edy Elise Prije 8 sati
wich one is cuteter both
*Carlie Cakes*
*Carlie Cakes* Prije 8 sati
Celly is cuter
King Virgin
King Virgin Prije 8 sati
When you adopt every dog
mega toons
mega toons Prije 8 sati
I love those dogs
Plazzyツ Prije 8 sati
mega toons 👁👄👁
Wylie Rydell
Wylie Rydell Prije 8 sati
Air want a doggie so baaddddddddddlllllllyyyyyyyy
Nawshad Ahmed
Nawshad Ahmed Prije 8 sati
Doggy binod
Tyson Andersen
Tyson Andersen Prije 8 sati
Great job guys!
Luna is The best
Luna is The best Prije 8 sati
I wish I could adopt one of these dogs but I know I won’t get it the attention that it needs and I want the dog to find a home that will have time
Alexxia Montanez
Alexxia Montanez Prije 8 sati
Nicest person ever owo no one can ever beat his generosity
Plazzyツ Prije 8 sati
Alexxia Montanez liked ur own comment 🖕
It'sfunneh Prije 8 sati
Can you do a cat shelter next
Spencer Reid
Spencer Reid Prije 8 sati
Hol’ up- mR. BeaST HaS A GirLfRiEND-
Drake Davis
Drake Davis Prije 8 sati
Someone get him a nobel peace prize omg
Samantha Chick
Samantha Chick Prije 8 sati
just when i thought i couldn't love you even more
ada elinor
ada elinor Prije 8 sati
can I have one
The dare Clan
The dare Clan Prije 8 sati
All dogs are cute and deserves a home
Robin Prije 8 sati
A V Prije 8 sati
☹☹☹☹☹ i want one
Ben Kimbro
Ben Kimbro Prije 9 sati
also send me a dog plz
Venesa1234n Prije 9 sati
there is sooooooooooooooooooo cute i love dogs
Total Rogue Tek
Total Rogue Tek Prije 9 sati
Doggos are so cute
JupiterOkan BS
JupiterOkan BS Prije 9 sati
Gillian Gardner
Gillian Gardner Prije 9 sati
I cried through half of this because I want another dog.
bl4ckp4nth3r Prije 9 sati
If i lived in america i would have adopted one , i always wanted a dog :(
katelynfe Prije 9 sati
I used to work at furkids
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams Prije 9 sati
The cats in the shelter: 👁👄👁
Matthew Ricketts
Matthew Ricketts Prije 9 sati
Matthew Ricketts
Matthew Ricketts Prije 9 sati
Emilia Chavez
Emilia Chavez Prije 9 sati
Those puppy’s are so cute🥺🥺🥺
Matthew Ricketts
Matthew Ricketts Prije 9 sati
Timothy Robinson
Timothy Robinson Prije 9 sati
This is easily one of my favorite videos. I Loved all the dogs and would adopt them on the spot!
fun with jayleene
fun with jayleene Prije 9 sati
I would adopt fox strip he's so cute
Ryno Blade
Ryno Blade Prije 9 sati
Dogs. Are adorable don't you dare make us choose between them you are evil
Shazia Qaiser
Shazia Qaiser Prije 9 sati
U seriously repeated the build board lol
Oliwier Florek
Oliwier Florek Prije 9 sati
Never gonna make you cry never gonna 2:53
Emilie ETC
Emilie ETC Prije 9 sati
MrBeast is literally the nicest guy ever
The gaming Guy 500
The gaming Guy 500 Prije 9 sati
What about cats I would love to help
gloria reyes
gloria reyes Prije 9 sati
the black one
carly Prije 9 sati
the blonde boy who adopted jive or how you spell the puppy's name was lowkey cute doe
Leon Gverieri
Leon Gverieri Prije 9 sati
Cutter was the black one
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