I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

Will Smith
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The equation still astounds me... Love Tequila = a Person. :-) Happy Bday, J-Diggy.
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8. Srp 2019.



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Komentari 24 485
Shinjicito Ikari
es increible la humildad de este tipo. el video de jaden cuando era niño en esa epoca Will ya era famoso y aun asi en el video parece una familia super comun y corriente
Jiby S Tharakan
Jiby S Tharakan Prije 2 sati
A Proud Father for sure
não posto nada
não posto nada Prije 4 sati
Giuliana Pereira
Giuliana Pereira Prije 6 sati
nao tem coisa mais linda que essa familia
El Chino
El Chino Prije 6 sati
No mames es el mejor actor
M.nalatgn Fnaf
M.nalatgn Fnaf Prije 6 sati
so.... did he pick up the jacket yet?
Tiabah Sadiq
Tiabah Sadiq Prije 7 sati
"I can't believe Jaden is 21" I can't believe Will is somewhere around the age 50
Kisha Rodriguez
Kisha Rodriguez Prije 8 sati
Come on baby💚💰😜😜😜🌉🏠🏠😜😜💰🌼🌷🍋🍖🍖🍰🍩🍪🌴🌼💗💗
Kisha Rodriguez
Kisha Rodriguez Prije 8 sati
Can we get a clothing line jaden ?
Ttv_Vived Prije 9 sati
Lmao I thought he was like 17 or 18
KiLuA Prije 11 sati
Como o tempo passa rápido, felicidades pra vocês!
AhmedPlays 5
AhmedPlays 5 Prije 11 sati
Omg i thought all the time that he is younger than me and now i realized he is 21 and im 17 OMG
Arsen Zhanbyrbai
Arsen Zhanbyrbai Prije 14 sati
Happy birthday
MCV's World
MCV's World Prije 15 sati
You are still young in my mind Jaden Smith. A thousand times watching karate kid and thought you never change and never get old. Hahaha..still adore you from 15 to 21yrs old and til you get old. A great fan of Smith Family.
Rice Killer
Rice Killer Prije dan
When Will Smith said Jaden Is 100% fearless but he was afraid of that bug Hey Will you spoke too soon
JR grau
JR grau Prije dan
Colocar legenda em português please 🙏🙏🙏
Leo Clancy
Leo Clancy Prije dan
How many people remember jaden in the karate kid
aTheOquendoBoi Prije dan
I’m watching this while my game on my ps4 updates.
S H Prije dan
Wait why is there a question mark?
Cleverson Veiga
Cleverson Veiga Prije dan
I Love You Will Smith I Love Jaden and God Loves You So Much. Your family is very beautiful and very important to God.
amy heather
amy heather Prije dan
I want a dad like Jaden has my dad gave me PTSD and daddy issue
Nor Aisah Anuar Shah
0:34 Henry clone after married
Black Hydra
Black Hydra Prije dan
Aww he´s so cute I am already 23
Sienna Putmon
Sienna Putmon Prije 2 dana
He is so weird
ParDoJoS3 _23
ParDoJoS3 _23 Prije 2 dana
Mucho nimalejo eh malucooo njd
Jose El Marihuano
Jose El Marihuano Prije 2 dana
I'll say it again, this kid was born with talent . The talent of being fearless
me_is _fooble
me_is _fooble Prije 2 dana
You dude I would be so happy if my prom date came as Batman Now seriously Jaden is actually one of my biggest inspirations he's absolutely incredible and my favourite pepole I wish the Smith family all the best and they make me want to make a difference and actually do something with my life bc life is so short and it reminds me to do what i wanna do love ya'll and have a great day ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤
YOLCU Prije 2 dana
4:36 wtf is this face this is not normal man this is your kid and he like take hard punch in the face
David Hoj
David Hoj Prije 2 dana
will and jada just don't understand
ZxYnBTW Prije 2 dana
Anyone know the song at 2:43 too 2:54
Jacob Buckzz
Jacob Buckzz Prije 3 dana
Elo*GHOSA*'s Life
Elo*GHOSA*'s Life Prije 3 dana
5:28 what beat is that
Lilian Vaquero
Lilian Vaquero Prije 3 dana
Damn I want to be friends with Jaden Smith
Mr. Rufflez
Mr. Rufflez Prije 3 dana
I would think will smith would have the most subscribers on youtube but pewdiepie is taking the dub
mostafa elkady
mostafa elkady Prije 3 dana
your son is gay btw ✋🏻
Ðrøz Aziz
Ðrøz Aziz Prije 3 dana
the name of the song in 2:02 plz
Laporsche La Belle
Laporsche La Belle Prije 3 dana
He looks sick poor kid
roberta sanminiatelli
He looks like comethazine in some pics
Indah Diyanah
Indah Diyanah Prije 3 dana
Jaden Smith you're sweet❤️🤗
Bryson Holmes
Bryson Holmes Prije 3 dana
jaden weird ash😂
Batte Remix Royale
Batte Remix Royale Prije 4 dana
Will smith cool
juices Utazin
juices Utazin Prije 4 dana
People said I look like jaden I was like das not true I have proof I don’t look like hint my parents always say I’m his brother
The Beast 1000
The Beast 1000 Prije 4 dana
I never knew jaden was the one who acted in karate kid
Yung drip
Yung drip Prije 4 dana
How tf was jaden 11 8 years ago??
Ali Alshehadeh
Ali Alshehadeh Prije 4 dana
The bat man was looking fire
unknown user
unknown user Prije 4 dana
Happy birthday Jaden 🥳😘🥳
Trippie Prije 4 dana
2:02 song?
Hamza Khattab
Hamza Khattab Prije 4 dana
Will: Jaden is 100 percent fearful Jaden: running from a bug
Yoon Ji LOCO
Yoon Ji LOCO Prije 17 sati
I was looking for this comment😂
skinny slim
skinny slim Prije dan
ItsJetty Prije 2 dana
Fearless, smart one
YOLCU Prije 2 dana
damn u right
Terry plays
Terry plays Prije 4 dana
I love dancing to Micheal Jackson too
Lia Yim
Lia Yim Prije 4 dana
I was 3 when the 2010 version of karate kid came.
Rei Felipao Gamer
Rei Felipao Gamer Prije 4 dana
Na Thumbnail O Jaiden Smith Parecia Cearense kkkk
xFutureTrunksx Prije 2 dana
Fabio Santos
Fabio Santos Prije 4 dana
Hey jaden plz came back to make movies!!
Putra Naga W
Putra Naga W Prije 4 dana
please kill me
please kill me Prije 4 dana
he kinda looks like a black justin bieber
123 456
123 456 Prije 5 dana
I love jaden so much I have been watching karate kid for legit 8 years till now cuz that movie really inspire me to not be afraid of things and just move on to life the more u try the more u get BTW LOVE U JADEN
Julius V
Julius V Prije 5 dana
To watch this little afro kid in "Pursuit of Happiness" made me choke...
Bella Alvarado
Bella Alvarado Prije 5 dana
I love this ❤️❤️
Alvaro Canchola
Alvaro Canchola Prije 5 dana
How many people remember him in the pursuit of happiness
J O2
J O2 Prije 5 dana
Hy old man
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