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I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
▸ If you think you may have seen, or know information about a missing child, please report it immediately at:
▸ Program for Preventing Abduction:
▸ Services and Support to Resolve Missing Persons Cases:
▸ Staying Safe on the Internet:
🧨HUGE thank you to:
▸ Creator, Director, Writer, etc. - Anthony Padilla
▸ Production Coordinator, Co-writer & Research - Elise Felber
▸ Executive Producer - Alessandra Catanese
▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna
▸ Assistant Editor - Patrick Horba
🎵Theme Music Composer - Matt Good AKA The King of Emo
🖼Portrait painted by: Rhianna Robles -
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▸ If you are part of an underrepresented subculture or live a lifestyle you feel is not widely understood and would like to be interviewed by me in LA, email ispentadaywith [at] with your subculture in the title of the email.
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14. Ruj 2020.



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AnthonyPadilla Prije 13 dana
come back next week for *I spent a day with ICONIC GAMESHOW WINNERS* -new episode of this series every single week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
El Robloxero :v
El Robloxero :v Prije dan
@Leah Cook shut up bichaa
Chair Prije 2 dana
i found this super interesting and educational, thank you for doing this video
Alzahara Ibrahim
Alzahara Ibrahim Prije 4 dana
Where the merch at
Connor Prije 4 dana
Can you spend a day with ADHDers, please, Anthony?
Idk Lumity I guess?
Idk Lumity I guess? Prije 4 dana
Can you spend a day with people who suffered due to police brutality?
Pilar Fernandez - Cuervo
The government is secretly supporting pedophilia. It's so obvious!
Pilar Fernandez - Cuervo
Rapists and kidnappers are demons and they don't deserve forgiveness.
Zyrodil Prije 6 sati
I think the reason why people say things like "It was only four days" and "I should've done this" is because it is so difficult to relate to hardship you haven't experienced. I lost my best friend when I was 23 years old and whenever I bring that up, I notice the tell tale signs of someone wanting to escape the conversation, but I can't fault them for that, because the next time someone starts talking about something terrible that I can't relate to, I will also start showing these signs. Yet, we can - without problems - talk about some guy dying on the other side of the planet. It's all about perspective and while it is really hard to ALSO have that in the back of your mind when you're suffering through trauma, you have to realize that some (if not most) people won't accept this information into their minds. I think its a coping mechanism of the brain, but I have to say that saying to someone "It wasn't that bad, it was only four days." is a very wrong way to deflect that trauma.
Blueberry Studios
Blueberry Studios Prije 9 sati
I almost got kidnapped a old man in a red truck pulled up to my mom's house and he said do you wanna pet my dog and eat some candy like almost every kidnapper says and I said hold on let me tell my mom so I did and my big sisters came out and yelled at the old man and said to move of the fucking road and then he went back moving on the road and I never Sall him again.And I was 3 when this happened
simply Molly
simply Molly Prije 9 sati
i cant live life bc my whole life this was my biggest fear
Mr.BR0KEN Prije 12 sati
the people in this vid are soldiers of mental physical and sexual abuse i know people who went though physical and sexual abuse too never forget that being in a life threating situation even for four days or tow can fell like an entirety of emotion and pain it can be 3 minutes at a time and you go back to your life but it will always hurt inside pain shapes the mind and soul and heart but the most important is the care and empathy for one an other-my mother
Rebekah N
Rebekah N Prije 12 sati
My dad was always super strict about the safety of my siblings and I. I was young during the 80/90s when abduction was a huge topic. We always thought he was too protective. Then my little brother was almost taken in our front yard right in front of me. The guy didn't see me or my dad bc we were hidden from this guy's view. But we were both less than 6 feet from where my brother was playing. A creepy guy appeared and ask if our dad is around. My dad was on him in a second. "Can I help you?" The guy freaked out and ran. Thank God he asked a question and didn't just grab him. When I see little kids playing by themselves, I cringe.
Alexis Lee
Alexis Lee Prije 13 sati
I still can’t believe people actually do this kind of stuff. It’s so scary to know that literally anyone can do this wether you know them personally or not. It’s horrifying.
Sabrina Hoeppner
Sabrina Hoeppner Prije 14 sati
Why in the frick would you befriend that monster and let him have a relationship with your CHILD knowing that he literally ABDUCTED someone? That was the mom's fault and I don't feel bad for her at all. I feel horrible for that little girl. Her mom failed her.
Tacoanime08 Prije 15 sati
The fact I used to want to be kidnapped because I wanted to see if people cared makes me scared now. Like what kind of psychopath was I?! I feel so bad for these people I’m lucky I’ve never been through that 😖
Kenzie Yvonne
Kenzie Yvonne Prije 16 sati
I’d be willing to be on a domestic violence video
katt's subliminals
katt's subliminals Prije 16 sati
U okay
Aryanna Jacklynne Wolfe
I was kidnapped for three weeks by my babysitter who intended to raise me herself. terrifying
katt's subliminals
katt's subliminals Prije 16 sati
Xd Alfred 201
Xd Alfred 201 Prije 18 sati
How TF does these people only get like one year in prison😤🤯
Sam Kuri
Sam Kuri Prije 18 sati
Can you talk with Mexican feminist so people can actually know the situation in Mexico about femicides, kidnapping, abuse... etc... please 💜
Apolonia Nuncio
Apolonia Nuncio Prije 20 sati
Ella Coleman
Ella Coleman Prije 20 sati
Isn´t Jan from a netflix movie
Olivia_Butterfliess Prije 21 sat
My god... I can't imagine how traumatizing it must have been. If I was in that situation I would've just wanted to.. die. It's great that you interview these people to make others aware of the dangers of online people and to not always believe people. It's just... disgusting!
Paritosh Gavali
Paritosh Gavali Prije 21 sat
Noah Naishtut
Noah Naishtut Prije 21 sat
The majority of people in jail that were pedophiles are abused and raped by other prisoners, mostly because many prisoners also experienced a childhood full of abuse and rape. Prison is the worst punishment for a kidnapper or pedophile and they completely deserve it.
Vaneyney ney
Vaneyney ney Prije 21 sat
My 3 older brothers were abducted by their father and were missing for 10 years. Their dad was on America's Most Wanted for a while. But at the time that everything occurred there were no resources in our town for my mother. Before he left he made sure to get the police on his side. So and my mother went to them saying that he had taken her boys they ignored her. They spent every last time they could on a private investigator who took advantage of them. It is so amazing to think of my life back then. There were so little resources that were offered and this topic was not talked about at all if any. A lot of people thought, " Oh well, they are safe. They are with their dad." Many people ask why my brothers didn't just pick up the phone and call my mom. But nothing is that simple. He changed their names and social security numbers and made them believe that they were making the best choice. When we found them they were brain washed. Their father told them my mom was an evil woman who was a drug addict. She's never taken a drug in her life. They had no idea that they were in the hands of the evil one. They were mentally and physically abused by their father the entire time. When everything was finished my parents had to go to court. The judge told my mom that she could choose to put him in jail and risk the chance of never having a relationship with her children or she could let him go on probation and possibly begin to build a relationship with her 3 boys. She chose to put him on probation for 2 years.
UwU Pie
UwU Pie Prije 21 sat
I would be so scared if that happened....
Ivy Playz
Ivy Playz Prije 21 sat
Olivia Brash
Olivia Brash Prije 21 sat
So kind you added the shoutout to DissociaDID :) love her
Abigail Butterfield
Abigail Butterfield Prije 21 sat
I can’t imagined having to go throw that
Skate Boarding Magazine
I was kidnapped for 5 hours by my niebors i was 7 and he just grabed me when noone was looking hes in jail now
bestnarryever Prije 22 sati
The comments in this video are so hard to read To everyone reading this: stay safe y’all, have safety mechanisms with your friends and take care of others if you can too
ᗪᗩᑎI TᕼE ᗩᑌTIᔕTIᑕ ᗪᑌᑕKI
Jan was in a documentary about this, right?
Rachel French
Rachel French Prije 22 sati
i hope they are all ok now and i hate that kidnapping is an acull thing
LxvelyAshie Prije 22 sati
i really like these videos, it sorta reminds me of Shane Dawson's little documentaries, but these seem a little more like less insensitive. don't get me wrong I loved watching Shane's series and all so please don't come for me 😔
Emil Serrano Jr.
Emil Serrano Jr. Prije 23 sati
wow best episode I've seen so far. hey have you done anything with ghost hunters yet?
smartalic5 Prije dan
Drug trafficking and you get life in prison or the death penalty in some cases. Kidnapping and torture, 1 year and a voucher to McDonald's. That's our "justice" system...
Rey R
Rey R Prije dan
Isn’t Jans story the one that’s on Netflix?
Rianne Johnstone
This is so good. THIS IS FREE!!! HOW IS THIS CONTENT FREE! This is better than most Netflix documentaries I’ve seen which you have to pay for!!
Sahara Prije dan
A stranger threatened to chop me up the third night I spent the night last night and now this is in my notifs 🙂 never trusting a soul again while I’m homeless
Isla Rose
Isla Rose Prije dan
Not trying to be a b*!(h but what does she mean by aliens??!!
Lillumm gacha
Lillumm gacha Prije dan
Wait was the movie ' lovely bones ' based off of Jan?
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Prije dan
Can we talk about the fact that Alicia was 13, 19 years ago! She looks like she’s barely in her 20s!
Tsukki's Wife
Tsukki's Wife Prije dan
My cousin is also a survivor. Glad he is a boy but still. He know how to defend himself but he is afraid, that day when he was kidnapped he was really scared af. He was raped by a old man he said he escaped from the house because the old man is drunk as hell, he said that he choked him and kick him in the balls and he kicked the door so he can get out and run to the closest police station. since that day he is now a confident and overprotective cousin. He also promised me that he will protect me at all cost.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Prije dan
Yes best way to enter the room ever
Mimi Marumo
Mimi Marumo Prije dan
Kidnapping is my biggest fear I feel so horrible for these girls
Joey Barrelwilde
I had an evil 4th grade teacher who targeted students, I think she was trying to cause me to commit suicide, of course, I didn't - but that teacher was trying to hurt me mentally, & emotionally. My mother pulled me out of that school because she was afraid I would have a nervous breakdown at 9 years old. She was mentally, & emotionally trying to get me to feel loss, and confused, like an outcast. She was trying to destroy me mentally with horrid mind games.
iiiBlxck_ rxses
iiiBlxck_ rxses Prije dan
i heard jans story on a documentary i watched on netflix !!!!
lilyy Prije dan
no one: absolutely no one: anthony: *adds special effects to make it look like he's jumped through the roof and landed In a chair for an intro*
ChanCeNecK Prije dan
I´m glad you didn´t call it "wondrous" world of kidnapping survivors this time!...
ChanCeNecK Prije dan
Sophie & Virginie...
Lennox Sommerville
Wait.. do I have tinnitus?? The intro just straight up made my ears ring and the volume wasn’t that loud
dude comehere
dude comehere Prije dan
i just finished watching jans documentary on netflix and its INSANE.
Emotion Select
Emotion Select Prije dan
The people who think that four days isn’t enough rare just assholes
{Moon_Storm} Prije dan
All of these pedophiles disgust me. They all need to go to hell. No. Accepions. They should not be existent in this world, and you do not KNOW how mad I am at these disgusting people. I am so happy for everyone that survived these incidents, and I feel so BAD for these people. I am 10, and I have NEVER been this mad in my whole. Life. Anyways, I am just really happy for the people who survived this.
Jazzy Gacha シ
Jazzy Gacha シ Prije dan
Why would they release them like that? The stuff that they did, can break people. It mentally, and physically hurts them. And it’s sad to also think that they don’t even learn after being released. *What. The. Heck?*
FluffyPomPom Prije dan
bless the man who saved the second girl. if he didn't, she might not have been here with us today.
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed Prije dan
Anyone else super creeped out by the big sloth head?
Ryan Reed
Ryan Reed Prije dan
Holy F... I have chills. I am so glad I don't have a daughter. I'd never let her leave the house lol
Lilli Marie
Lilli Marie Prije dan
Me 5 minutes in: dam this is heavy 🥺
Veteran Weeb
Veteran Weeb Prije dan
Yes best way to enter the room ever
alma Bautista
alma Bautista Prije dan
The Jan case is on Netflix
Ruthy Monique
Ruthy Monique Prije dan
You can watch Jan's story on Netflix "abducted in plain sight" !!
Jessicuh Ann
Jessicuh Ann Prije dan
Damn dude this made me sob. It’s such a crazy miracle they came out of that.
skaberchlyn Prije dan
19 days are you joking me
Erika T
Erika T Prije dan
The both of you I’m so sorry you didn’t deserve that I love you and I’m glad your free and okay today
Emma Heras
Emma Heras Prije dan
why am I watching this while home alone?! I'm scared now.
Retro Prije dan
The old ladies story is so confusing to me.
Maritzabel Velazquez
Maritzabel Velazquez Prije 20 sati
There’s a documentary on Netflix called abducted in plain sight this yt video dosent do it justice
GirlOfMusic Prije dan
I like how u just crash through the roof like its natural
Direct Prije dan
I got 5 amber alerts in the past 24 hours in my city. What is wrong with people?
Allison King
Allison King Prije dan
Anthony padillia? more like anthony portilla (sorry there needed to be more happy comments)
SecondBestOlive Prije dan
I can remember being five or six, and in this store I couldn't find my grandpa. So I was wandering around, and I ended up running over to someone who looked like him. They took my hand and tried to lead me out of the store, and I realized it wasn't him. I started freaking out and screaming and my grandpa ran out and got me. Later we found out that person had stalking charges against him and was planning to kidnap other people
ashlyn young
ashlyn young Prije dan
I remember hearing a story very similar to the older women's, I believe I was watching Dateline, or some show like that with my mother. These stories are insane, as it could happen to anyone.
Isabella Duncan
Isabella Duncan Prije dan
I watched Jans story on Netflix I think, so sad.
Naj Renchelf
Naj Renchelf Prije dan
How were they able to tell these stories? Revisiting this for the sake of raising awareness of these stories is... admirable!
Naj Renchelf
Naj Renchelf Prije dan
The self proclaimed “best interviewer” obviously has the best fans, Anthony! 😉
Kaitlyn Simpkins
Dude I just realized that Jan has her own Netflix documentary. It's called abducted in plain sight.
Mikui Prije dan
this video got boring within seconds. also your toes are too salty
blueWATERmelon Prije dan
The reason I watch these is to understand the traumatic experiences these people had, it helps me better understand the fact in what my safety is and how to keep it. These women are so brave.
Matraca Roose
Matraca Roose Prije dan
Is this the Jan from the Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight?
daciadaaci Prije dan
wasn’t jan’s story on netflix?
C T Prije dan
I was groomed when I was 15 years old and I worry so often that the man who did it did it to someone else. I didn't want to go to the police about it because I didn't want to be downplayed or criticized. For the longest time, I blamed myself for getting myself into the situation. Downplayed myself saying it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, it wasn't grooming, whatever. The amount of self doubt you experience is huge.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Prije dan
my partner to tell him what happened. Ive had nightmares on and off since about what could have happened that day and he didnt even get kidnapped.
Pilar Wong
Pilar Wong Prije dan
People saying “it was only four days” is like one person saying “I was murdered by knife” and someone else saying “ oh that’s not bad at least you weren’t killed with slow acting poison that’s way worse” like no both are murdered god damn.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Prije dan
couldve happend to me, it fucking terrifies me how this actually really happens to people and im so bloody lucky to be here today unharmed
Carla De Sousa
Carla De Sousa Prije dan
You’re doing such awesome work, Anthony. These women are so unbelievably strong to overcome what happened to them.
Hannah Willis
Hannah Willis Prije dan
I just want my offender in jail. Seasonal depression just gets worse knowing that it could be another little girl
かさま•kiyoshi Prije 2 dana
It’s scary how he’ll be released at the time on her birthday. Idk why but being kidnapped is scary and when you want the time to go fast and it just gets more and more slow
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog Prije 2 dana
The way you worded the title of the video is just weird.
KETCHUP QUEEN Prije 2 dana
He needs a tv show or somtin
molasses molasses
molasses molasses Prije 2 dana
I think it was inappropriate to put ads on this
mons jodi
mons jodi Prije 2 dana
they are so strong
G Hound
G Hound Prije 2 dana
Im loving dis channel now, for plenty of reasons UwU
StarAngel Gaming
StarAngel Gaming Prije 2 dana
Instead of having more babies into the world adopt the ones that are alone
Reisen Udongein Inaba
Giving a criminal a much lighter sentence just because they didn't succeed in carrying out what they intended to is so unbelievably stupid. It's just as stupid as waiting for a tragedy to happen _before_ taking preventative measures. What is wrong with this government??
Aava Laatu
Aava Laatu Prije 2 dana
This is so emotional so sad... Just so so rough that I don't even have anything to say...
Munerah Hope
Munerah Hope Prije 2 dana
my heart breaks for them💔
xAce Prije 2 dana
Oh you stole jewelry? 40 years in jail. Oh you kidnapped a girl? 19 years Oh you attempted murder and kidnapped a girl? 19 years. Murder? Lifetime sentence.
Lilly Ppz
Lilly Ppz Prije 2 dana
I’m sorry but anybody who raped anybody is going to be a rapist for the rest of their life it doesn’t just switch off one day it doesn’t just go away that person is going to reoffend that person is going to do horrific things to multiple other people they should never be allowed out of prison I really wish everywhere had a death sentence for rape because your mind doesn’t change from that mentality of I have the power I’m going to do this to X, Y, Z people.
kavya reddy
kavya reddy Prije 2 dana
Pedophilia is not a sexuality. Minors cannot give anyone consent, it's not just unlawful it's totally disgusting that people look at kids and have these thoughts.
kavya reddy
kavya reddy Prije 23 sati
@Boboqt Vv discussing and getting help is fine... but things this and rapes are what make them dangerous. You are right this should be talked about, they need to he understood as well before they become dangerous.
Boboqt Vv
Boboqt Vv Prije 23 sati
I think you get it. But also you dont. "Minors cannot give anyone consent" thats absolutelly right and is the reason why its immoral and not because its "disgusting". Most people would find coprolagnia disgusting and I can never wrap my head around it but is it immoral? hmm not really. Ofc for most of us children are the epitomy of innocense and the thought that someone can see them in a sexual way is beyond repulsive but as I said before its not the reason why its wrong. We need to seperate the action of sexually assaulting a child with people that happen to be sexually attracted to children. Pedophiles need to be able to open up and disguss their situation and feelings nomatter how uncomfortable it makes us.
chloe barbour
chloe barbour Prije dan
They're trying to be a part of LGBTQA+ and we will never claim them
Funky Potatoes
Funky Potatoes Prije 2 dana
i remember when i was younger i stopped at the side of a road waiting for my mom to let me cross and this man was on the other side (it was only a small road) and he had a dog and i remember a van at the end of the road and the man told me to go towards him, i said no and he started walking towards me and his dog started jumping up at me and he tried to grab my arm and my mom managed to get to me in time and the man ran of towards the van and they unfortunately got away and now that i know about everything that couldve happend to me, it fucking terrifies me how this actually really happens to people and im so bloody lucky to be here today unharmed
yeet Prije 2 dana
the girl in pink reminds me of marissa from the OC!!
Andrea Entwistle
Andrea Entwistle Prije 2 dana
I cant imagine the pain that these people go through and just to think of the thought process of these sadists, kidnappers or rapists is just so insane. It is a very real problem and I'm glad they addressed it. Keep going and they'll be a light at the end of the tunnel
Simone Spethman
Simone Spethman Prije 2 dana
Can u do one story at a time then cutting in between (love this episode tho)
xoxo Fernesha
xoxo Fernesha Prije 2 dana
Ya it's a bit confusing
Plaxma Prije 2 dana
anthony has realy grown up
Vega Prije 2 dana
Rape is a form of torture. Like if you agree
Najmah T. A.
Najmah T. A. Prije 2 dana
is this the same jan from the "abducted in plain sight" case?
Airidas Leckauskas
Airidas Leckauskas Prije 2 dana
Yes I think so
I spent a day with EX-CULT MEMBERS
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my brother jordan - documentary