I Tried Acrylic Pour Art For The First Time

Safiya Nygaard
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Hello friends! Apologies for the long absence, but we are trying to get things back on track. No, this video didn’t take us 3 months to make - we filmed a bunch of videos in July and this is the first of them to be released! It’s not a magnum opus, just supposed to be fun and lighthearted. If you want to read more about our plans, you can check out my blog post here:
Now, onto the video! A few weeks ago, somewhere deep in a visual ASMR HRvid rabbit hole, I discovered the online acrylic pour art community - where people essentially make interesting color combos of paint in a cup, then pour that cup onto a canvas or object - and then manipulate that object to create truly mesmerizing, rainbow, psychedelic pieces of art. And I was instantly hooked - just something about the way the paints flow from the cup and then slide around the canvas really got me, ya know? So I decided to pick an acrylic pour art video and try to follow it myself, to see if I could do it too. So I chose a "pouring guru", Tiktus color art, and got to work.
What do you guys think of my ~acrylic pouring adventure~?
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5. Ruj 2020.



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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Prije 22 dana
Hello friends! apologies for the long absence, but we are trying to get things back on track. if u want to read more about whats up with us/what our plans are, i've linked a blog post i wrote in the description (no worries at all if not!). i hope u guys enjoy this video!! i sure had some *slightly stressful* fun making pour art for the first time 😂 love, saf
Summer Fields
Summer Fields Prije 14 dana
Iveth García
Iveth García Prije 22 dana
I missed you so much :>
noorah alsadat
noorah alsadat Prije 22 dana
We missed you queen
Shawn Lloyd
Shawn Lloyd Prije 22 dana
We love you and just want you to be the best you! We know you’ll give us great content and if people don’t like it they can leave. You should be excited for the haters too, they mean you matter enough for them to feel in some way insecure by what your doing. Hate is someone’s personal problem, please don’t change yourself or worry about what they say! ❤️
Alice Edwards
Alice Edwards Prije 22 dana
Take care and try not to engage yourself in those who do not and will not accept someone taking time for themselves first. No one needs them! ❤
Lee Davies
Lee Davies Prije 9 minuta
Jessica f
Jessica f Prije 41 minute
Pls post more if possible often I love watching your stuff
Asha Md
Asha Md Prije sat
Can u cut ur hair by u
Montana Rose
Montana Rose Prije 2 sati
If you haven't mixed all perfumes for bad science you should
xT0rn_ Prije 2 sati
How is Saf so pretty in this video like WHAT
Hershey Chocolate
Hershey Chocolate Prije 2 sati
ok but pthalo blue
Joanne A
Joanne A Prije 5 sati
Phtalo green is my favorite color its not blue but it is phtalo
fransoliman Prije 6 sati
Ok but the first one looks like a wave 🤩
I Am A Shape
I Am A Shape Prije 7 sati
I'm so sad I can't get that into acrylic pour cuz of my trypophobia, but great video lol
Mehrab Hossain Supto
Do we have to wait one year to see a video 🙄🙄🙄
Almarya Alqubaisi
Almarya Alqubaisi Prije 8 sati
You look like Emily prentice from criminal minds 😁
Mar Lene
Mar Lene Prije 11 sati
Bromas/Pranks A reirnos un rato mas! .
Nick Abbott
Nick Abbott Prije 11 sati
ur doing it again saf. its been 3 weeks. i miss you.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije 10 sati
Annika Roe
Annika Roe Prije 12 sati
The snake pour is better
blue and green wings
blue and green wings Prije 12 sati
i think you did a rlly good job, and omq safiya is so pretty, btw im sort of new but been subbed for a while :)
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije 10 sati
Like 🌹👍
Raquel Ponce
Raquel Ponce Prije 12 sati
The first one was my favorite! The pattern that came out is really cool :)
Molly DePrey
Molly DePrey Prije 15 sati
Do a calab wif NerdECrafter 🦄 please
Laura Farr
Laura Farr Prije 15 sati
I love the first wave painting, but the third one looks like a beautiful geode!
Addison Desrosiers
Addison Desrosiers Prije 17 sati
Change your introduction
average slytherin
average slytherin Prije 17 sati
Ok but *tiktus* It just Yes
Emily Butts
Emily Butts Prije 18 sati
We miss you :)
sadpotato137 43
sadpotato137 43 Prije 18 sati
I love Tyler being the supportive husband Tyler: no no no it looks great I love it
Hania Lakhani
Hania Lakhani Prije 18 sati
My favorite youtuber
Meredith K
Meredith K Prije 18 sati
Oooooo wears your shirt from? It’s super cute! Love your videos
Linda McCabe
Linda McCabe Prije 21 sat
I liked the last one as it started to spread. I crochet all the time and the end, in your right hand, reminded me of a skein of yarn. All were beautiful.
Sana Kazmi
Sana Kazmi Prije 22 sati
River Rose
River Rose Prije 22 sati
you should do a romwe haul!
Emma Turner
Emma Turner Prije 23 sati
I think you should pour faster but move down the canvas the same speed u already did because then you'd have less "abandoned" paint and cover the corners easier, Do not snake lol
قناة يامينة Qanat yamina
Like 🌹👍
Tammy Montana
Tammy Montana Prije dan
Malaika Rashid
Malaika Rashid Prije dan
1: 53 YOU SOUND LIKE A NEWS PERSONNNNNN ( love you guys!!!)
i don ́t want to sign in, ever
Now we need Simply to make nail polish pour art.
egle LT
egle LT Prije dan
I noticed I was wiggling my right hand with Saf's.
Dodong Life Vlog's
Nice art paint artistic.
Alice Star
Alice Star Prije dan
Can you please do a video where crusty picks your make up ???
Niki Altafi
Niki Altafi Prije dan
I honestly love them all and I think u should open an Etsy shop so u can sell all the stuff u create!
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije dan
I appreciate your 'legally blonde the musical' reference
Stephanie C
Stephanie C Prije dan
The 1st one looks like a wave.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije dan
the first time you did it you just dumped the colors when you have to let it drizzle into the base
Maisie Everingham
pour more paint and then you can fit it all on the canvas :)
Lucy Scarangella
highly recommend going to a thrift shop and buying old vinyls for acrylic pour! also,, this might just be me, but if you want a bubbly look to it (and a cheap alt) I use dawn dish soap
Elly Prije dan
I'm sorry but the pours 100% look like something out of Junji Ito's Layers of Fear
Milkie Prije dan
OMG the first one gives me Ravenclaw Vibes
ASMR And Other
ASMR And Other Prije dan
Can you do a house tour
Jannatul Shoilee
It must've been hard not to mix everything, given your reputation 😂
Maldonado Avocado
No worries for the hiatus, we stan a mental health queen 😳👌 Seriously, though, it’s fine if you need to take a break, we all really hope you’re okay, your well-being is important, really hope you’re fine, and always remember we love you! Love you, stay safe!
Sonia Castro
Sonia Castro Prije dan
I like the first one the best
Claire Bowe
Claire Bowe Prije dan
It's the for me
Carla Hancher
Carla Hancher Prije dan
Please don't apologize for your absence. Everyone needs a break now and then. I am looking forward to your new work. I have to admit - I like the first attempt too.
jgirl 34
jgirl 34 Prije dan
Yesssss! I've been wanting to try this and now that u guys have done it, I know what to expect
Brit Otterson
Brit Otterson Prije dan
First one definitely looks like a giant wave. It’s rad!
iz_lunaplays! Prije dan
My name is safiya to!
Kavita Kundnani
Kavita Kundnani Prije dan
Post a new video pls pls pls 🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻
LlamaLexi Prije dan
the first time you did it you just dumped the colors when you have to let it drizzle into the base
maggiemoooo13 Prije dan
I appreciate your 'legally blonde the musical' reference
Christyn Glisan
Christyn Glisan Prije dan
I think they all looked great. The first one gave me a calming ocean waves vibe!
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Prije 2 dana
Think Safiya looks even more gorgeous than before ☺️
Blanc Space
Blanc Space Prije 2 dana
When is a new video coming out?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije 2 dana
Safia: I'm really wet.. Tyler: yea like you blew yourself... Me:........gutter brain bc that sounded so wrong XD
Shampire Prije 2 dana
Safiya I thought of an idea, u probably won't see this but I'm I might as well do it. I've been binging your mixing things together and I thought maybe you could do mixing all the perfumes in the drug store or mixing all my perfumes together.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Prije 2 dana
I can smell the acrylic paint from this video
Lateisha M
Lateisha M Prije 2 dana
have you and ty moved to the east coast?
Mini Squish
Mini Squish Prije 2 dana
Kuro No
Kuro No Prije 2 dana
Tip: This type of painting is one you really gotta just go for, so that means pouring more paint. Your spirals were fine, you just needed to pour it out with more paint.
Valeria Goguv
Valeria Goguv Prije 2 dana
Hello I would love it if you could try pottery to do dishes
Steve Longmate
Steve Longmate Prije 2 dana
Safiya pls pls pls update more
samika 05
samika 05 Prije 2 dana
She says "ticktus " like he's a wizard and she's trying to follow a recipe of a portion or sumn😂
A•R•M•Y Prije 2 dana
i just realized that u had bt21 funkys in the back and I'm shooketh
TamNhu Ha
TamNhu Ha Prije 2 dana
Safiya you should try making dragon beard i would love to see that🥰
Sylvie Burrows
Sylvie Burrows Prije 2 dana
Hey just a tip saf but if you do this again make sure you pour a lot more paint so it’s like a very thick line that covers nearly the whole canvas and when pouring the paint into the main cup pour it down the side (it will make more of an effect like he has) 💖💖
heyo weirdo
heyo weirdo Prije 2 dana
i like the first 2 better
Jennifer Annistone
Jennifer Annistone Prije 2 dana
Sis, LED’s should go to the TOP of the shelf. Love ya 😘
Mom Creatos
Mom Creatos Prije 2 dana
nice vidio
†• Røse •†
†• Røse •† Prije 2 dana
safiya: i found mah senpai me:umm tyler? isn't he a little jelly?
Cyber _space
Cyber _space Prije 2 dana
Akniet Z
Akniet Z Prije 2 dana
15:40 Julien?
haj mud
haj mud Prije 2 dana
I can smell the acrylic paint from this video
Jenna Lewis
Jenna Lewis Prije 2 dana
Safiya has very strong Morticia Addams vibes in this video.
lonelyhallie Prije 2 dana
Why did the Mean Girls reference make me so happy-
Just a Hermit Crab, Axolotl and a Turtle
Can you do a “where are they now” type vid for products you bought where you show if/how you still use it! Like so Safiya can see
Just a Hermit Crab, Axolotl and a Turtle
Anonymous Wait yeah, like from a joey minecraft vid?
Anonymous Prije 2 dana
Just a Hermit Crab, Axolotl and a Turtle I would watch that! Edit: wait have I seen you before?
Litaa -
Litaa - Prije 2 dana
Rando bit you need a podcastttt
Makala Ski.
Makala Ski. Prije 2 dana
To get his cup layered like that, he poured it on the sides instead of the middle🙂
RageMage Prije 2 dana
I’m so thankful and proud that you were able to share this with us. I can see in the way you write that a lot of the feelings expressed here are still raw. You don’t need a reason to feel sad or defeated (although all of yours are very valid). It also just happens sometimes, and you’re not bad or ungrateful or complaining to express that. We love you. We support you. We’re still here and we’ll continue to be here for you as you find a pace that works for you. Your mental health and happiness are so important. You don’t need to apologize for taking any time you need
Noura Akram
Noura Akram Prije 2 dana
The first one looks like it's iridescent and I'm here for it 😍
Marina Vukoja
Marina Vukoja Prije 2 dana
The lava lamp look needs a special oil....
Krystal Potter
Krystal Potter Prije 2 dana
The "paint spreader" is actually a pallette knife.
Khloe Gonzalez
Khloe Gonzalez Prije 2 dana
I haven't seen a comment about this yet but if there is I'm sorry yOu gO gLenN cOcO
RiverRain Draws
RiverRain Draws Prije 2 dana
Where can I find a Ben or Tyler???
Viupcake Prije 2 dana
I love you but the way you pronounced phthalo made my Bob Ross-loving brain SCREAM.
AnimaTori Prije 2 dana
Tiktus also seemed to pour in greater volumes than you guys did lol
Jenny Pai
Jenny Pai Prije 2 dana
Saf's first pour actually turned out very cool. it looks like a wave with the lighter blue looking like the foam on top
Mikado Dragomir
Mikado Dragomir Prije 2 dana
@Safiya Nygaard you should get SideSerf Cake Studio to make a Selfie Cake of you!
Soufflé Girl
Soufflé Girl Prije 2 dana
No one: Tyler: “It looks like a giant tapeworm.”
Sarasarus Rex
Sarasarus Rex Prije 2 dana
It's not tighter circles that's the problem, the circles aren't BiG enough. Ur doing itty bitty circles
Sarasarus Rex
Sarasarus Rex Prije 2 dana
Thr first one looks like mountains! Or waves. I love it
Cate Benschoter
Cate Benschoter Prije 2 dana
I love her hair at this length! I love everything about her!
John Cat
John Cat Prije 2 dana
I love the first attempt so much cause it has gem vibes, but the others were really good! Also personally, I like the white leftover edges! it makes it more gem like and emphasizes the waves. Great choice in colors for the last one btw! Also, alternate title for vid: Saf and Ty get high on acrylic paint aka an artist mood lmao
Glimmerrr Girl
Glimmerrr Girl Prije 2 dana
I think the first 2 looks the best! I love pour painting, it’s so much fun and as long as you get you’re mixture right there really is no wrong way to pour! They all look awesome!
Malene Olsen
Malene Olsen Prije 3 dana
I need more of this!!! Make more😍
Minahil Mukhtar
Minahil Mukhtar Prije 3 dana
You're pouring too little
Lynette Cebreros
Lynette Cebreros Prije 3 dana
Trilyer, please don’t call Sarfiya “Dude” ok? She’s your WIFE😁😊 love u guys🤪
Songbird 214
Songbird 214 Prije dan
Ummm...I'm sorry, but what the hell does that have to do with anything? Like, what is wrong with you?😑
Мария Бабичева
I'm really glad you returned! Hope you will be feeling better 😍
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