I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

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Ok, here it is, finally, after all of your requests! I bought 4 wedding dresses from and tried them out IRL to see how they were! We bought a ballgown, a renaissance dress, a black wedding dress, and a slightly more expensive gown to test out a few different categories.
Now, I have previously bought inexpensive clothing, knockoff electronics, "free" items, and mostly fake makeup from Wish before, with usually the same results: it's just not that great, and definitely not as good as the item listings seem online. However, I think the convergence of my recent engagement and the desire for more Wish roasting resulted in this: The Wish Wedding Dress Haul. What do you guys think?
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Komentari 100
Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Prije 2 mjeseci
HELLO FRIENDS!! and now, a highly requested video that opens the jar to more (non-wish-related) wedding content!! i hope u enjoy it! and have a happy weekend :) xoxo, saf
Cake Bomb
Cake Bomb Prije 9 dana
You should live stream the wedding
Kathryn Coney
Kathryn Coney Prije 13 dana
You should try doing the mystery boxes from wish for your next haul video. The randomness could be brilliant!
Bella Johnson
Bella Johnson Prije 18 dana For anyone getting married, use FREE Amazon Wedding Registry
Tahira Akhtar
Tahira Akhtar Prije 21 dan
You should do one with aliexpress
Erica Stubblefield
Erica Stubblefield Prije mjesec
I look for very cheap cell phone not high price
stephonne chien
stephonne chien Prije 2 sati
Hi Safiya, recently, I am starting to feel that a lot of fishy online clothes shopping pages are popping up in my view (i only remember two by the names villeio and sylemoco). They often feature the exact same pool of choices, and even price the same. the items aren't dirt cheap, but it is definitely not living up to its value. Would you please do a review on that if possible! as I think there could be many other that are tricked by it like me.
Thomassé Maryse
Thomassé Maryse Prije 5 sati
Who ever order dresses on callabuy online shopping. Let me know please. Thanks
Jennedy Herrera
Jennedy Herrera Prije 7 sati
U should buy prom dresses from wish PLEASE!!!!!!!
Allie Shipley
Allie Shipley Prije 18 sati
natalya cecil-xavier
Oh how the hell are you XXL?? TF?
Jami Brackin
Jami Brackin Prije dan
The bat wing😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jami Brackin
Jami Brackin Prije dan
U r a funny Gal!! Made me chuckle a few times....great ur voice and ur delivery!!
Madi Siminoff
Madi Siminoff Prije dan
bazongas ....
Dave Anica
Dave Anica Prije dan
omg I loved this your amazing I love your content so much your such a kind soul i love that about you 😍Check my youtube channel would mean the world to me i just started youtube 🤲🏻
dabaddway Prije dan
Botch don’t wanna see you buy the dresses we just want to see u put em on
itsmackenzie Prije dan
Kate Middleton had the prettiest wedding dress I've ever seen.
The Akki Alert
The Akki Alert Prije dan
Amazon: poofy wedding dress Wish: poofy prom wedding poof fluff black/white/tan/rainbow dress free prom wedding dress
Lolita De Guzman
No one should buy anything from Wish
Marie Kuzminski
Marie Kuzminski Prije dan
you should do a video where you buy stuff off Poshmark
Twisted86 Prije dan
14:50 looks more like the dress you wear for your wedding night, not your wedding lol.
Laura Heath
Laura Heath Prije 2 dana
Wish is all cheap crap
kim lilli
kim lilli Prije 2 dana
People are playing the drinking game to this video "take a shot every time you hear the bell!!!"
Emelie Bailey
Emelie Bailey Prije 2 dana
Love the black one. so pretty.. Great video. 😊
Dee rob
Dee rob Prije 2 dana
Her voice just drew me in lol. For some reason I just could not stop watching lol.
Team Julie against Ovarian Cancer
You do not look xxl
Kiah Terry
Kiah Terry Prije 2 dana
Please try clothes from Zaful!
Carolina Gondra
Carolina Gondra Prije 2 dana
The ball gown and the expensive dress looked really good on you though.
xxBree xx
xxBree xx Prije 3 dana
You shouldn’t have bought a petti skirt or whatever that thing is called
Dee Prije 3 dana
mouse pee and droppings!
Grumps Prije 3 dana
I feel like if someone who knows how to sew could totally turn these dresses into something totally different and amazing
Leah Morillon
Leah Morillon Prije 3 dana
Omg you are funny
Ivy L.
Ivy L. Prije 3 dana
review aliexpress!
Christian Zamora-Dahmen
I don't know why I watched this video, but it was so much fun :)
Chantell G
Chantell G Prije 4 dana
Idk why anyone is still expecting greatness from wish. Even my dress from David's bridal(I didnt give a shit either way, just wanted it to be over with)was less than ideal. Ordering online is and has always has been a guess and hope sort of situation. If you're expecting greatness from cheap ass internet sites, that's on you. You get what you pay for.
Raj Govender
Raj Govender Prije 4 dana
Too much talking and pity the voice is so masculine
malika toepfer
malika toepfer Prije 4 dana
You are gorgeous and so funny!!
Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise Prije 4 dana
You look good in them all but, I like the purple Medival dress and, the last one best.
Deanya Schempp
Deanya Schempp Prije 4 dana
Hey, add some short gloves to that one with the empire waistline, and you'll have an Audrey Hepburn look. It's not so bad. Like you said in another video, I wish it were really just a little different.
The Queerest Of Potatoes
Safiya looked so cute in all those dresses at the end
Fluttertheteaqueen Prije 5 dana
I got a wish ad before the video started 🤔....
Monica Mon
Monica Mon Prije 5 dana
This was fun!
anna vlada
anna vlada Prije 5 dana
Super funny ,great job guys
Sarah Kinsey
Sarah Kinsey Prije 5 dana
The ballgown one looks like the one Liz wore in the Blacklist!
Joan Miller
Joan Miller Prije 5 dana
Michelle montes
Michelle montes Prije 6 dana
Hey Saf uhhhhh at 0:26 on the bottom left hand corner you seem to have rolled up on an*l plugs just letting you know ha ha xd
Raet Tawy
Raet Tawy Prije 6 dana
I love your sense of humor 🙌🏾
Cristina Miller
Cristina Miller Prije 6 dana
I love that you added the clip from the PNW Ballet! That was literally my favorite costume from seeing it growing up!
Jess Hemphill
Jess Hemphill Prije 6 dana
The ball gown and bell sleeves one are the only good ones. You look so cute in the ball gown, it would be good for maybe some engagement pics?
Jay-D B
Jay-D B Prije 6 dana
I brought my wedding dress from an online Chinese website. It involved sending in a lot of my measurements and what I got was pretty much what I asked for. It was one of those random success stories that you very rarely hear of. But yeah . . . all of those 'Wish' dresses are awful.
Yvette Jeffries
Yvette Jeffries Prije 6 dana
I LOVE the commentary!!! Simply HILARIOUS!!!!
Brittany Mussaw
Brittany Mussaw Prije 6 dana
You should do a video revamping them
fireflame lawless
fireflame lawless Prije 6 dana
I'm a single lady and I already stubborn about what wedding dress I would like is. for make I'm going to make my own dress. I do know how to sew skirts and aprons. so I'm willing to try making my own.
Sherry Tiller
Sherry Tiller Prije 6 dana
"I'm be beautiful on my wedding day" uhhhh... I have a feeling English is not the first language of whoever wrote that.
na na
na na Prije 6 dana
Are we gonna pretend like at 0:26 they wasnt selling a 4 pc anal plug 💀💀 awl hell no
Angelina Rouw
Angelina Rouw Prije 7 dana
The last one suits you so great:o
Patricia Bonfield
Patricia Bonfield Prije 7 dana
And the old saying holds true.....You get what you pay for.
Jess McHanson
Jess McHanson Prije 7 dana
I actually got a wedding dress from Wish, and it was beautiful and perfect - though to be fair, at the time I was so skinny so it draped perfectly and we also sewed lace on the whole thing - it was soooo beautiful, and only cost 100$.
Onleg Reviews
Onleg Reviews Prije 7 dana
I think you look great in those dresses. Check our collection see what you think
Elizabeth Mary Mallett
All the dresses had something that wasn't was in the picture, either they were too short, or the material used was not like the picture there was a stain on 2 of them. I would be sending them all back for a refund.
Emily Mansley
Emily Mansley Prije 7 dana
Can you do a video on dresses?
Barbora Mičková
Barbora Mičková Prije 7 dana
I’m I the only one, who noticed those anal plugs (0:26) 😂😂😂 btw. sorry for my english 🤦‍♀️
Sementhe Prije 7 dana
I have been wanting to get something from wish but I don’t know if it is reliable
Kathryn Thetford
Kathryn Thetford Prije 7 dana
I actually really liked the black dress on you... probably a little too much 😂❤️
Sarah Rankin
Sarah Rankin Prije 7 dana
Love your personality! Very fun video.
Pablo Cardenas
Pablo Cardenas Prije 7 dana
2x.. 3x.. lol
April Craighead
April Craighead Prije 8 dana
She opens the first dress at 9:52 you’re welcome
debra butler
debra butler Prije 8 dana
They actually all look great on you in the out in the real world videos.
Linda Williams
Linda Williams Prije 8 dana
Go to Davids Bridal i got an authentic wedding gown for 99.00
Angie Garza
Angie Garza Prije 8 dana
Please check my Poshmark store. Great deals :)
Hannah Flower
Hannah Flower Prije 8 dana
Hint,hint Taylor 😂💕🌺
That Queen
That Queen Prije 8 dana
She looked stunning in the black dress I thought, regardless of the dress quality
Kymmi J
Kymmi J Prije 8 dana
If you pin the bottom of black dress you can have a cute short late night sexy date night
Kymmi J
Kymmi J Prije 8 dana
The renaissance dress looks a little after dark cosplay "slay my dragon zaddy " type. a lil growwwwwllll I'm a kitten princess capture me boo vibes🤣😂🤣😂🤣 🤦‍♀️ok I'll stop now lol.
DistalTibia Prije 7 dana
Kymmi J
Kymmi J Prije 8 dana
Mackenzie O'Reilly
Mackenzie O'Reilly Prije 8 dana
you have a very good speaking voice call me subscribed
Andrea Valderrama Ayala
More videos pleaseeee!!!🙏🏼
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez Prije 9 dana
Wow, Halloween costumes are sewn and made better.
Maike Julius
Maike Julius Prije 9 dana
In Italy wearing a black dress means you‘re not a virgin anymore. Women were not allowed to wear a white dress to their wedding if they are not a virgin anymore so I don‘t know, I guess I would‘nt buy it
Duo Elan
Duo Elan Prije 9 dana
Nutcracker Style HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Seeking Info
Seeking Info Prije 9 dana
Sheryl Anne
Sheryl Anne Prije 9 dana
Good video. Not great banter...….at all. Video seemed to go on, and on and on and onnnnn! So I couldn't even finish watching. Seriously, stop the banter. NOT funny guys!.
tessa Corcobado
tessa Corcobado Prije 10 dana
No entiendo ninguna mierda, pero me suscribo, me gusto tu intro
Nadia DEFOE Prije 10 dana
I dont know why I just like the black dress.
DeathFairy Prije 10 dana
So basically wish would be great to get a dress for a halloween costume. Hell you could pay 60 dollars and end up with worse quality halloween costume
Jessy G
Jessy G Prije 10 dana
You are too tall for all of those dresses, thats why all of them are out of proportion, your upper body is too long for this, the skirts always too short. They are made for small asian girls not for tall americans
momof2 boys
momof2 boys Prije 10 dana
Lol! U r sooo funny! 😂😂 I mean in a good way!
Jared Arcos
Jared Arcos Prije 10 dana
The dress at 16:14 looks like one of the wedding dresses she tries on in the video they look for safiya real wedding dress
Smol bean Megan
Smol bean Megan Prije 10 dana
I got an ad for David’s bridal on this video....
whackytinka Prije 11 dana
the last dress looks so good on you tho! the hourglass shape, you look so great * . *
hugosan24X Prije 11 dana
Jessica Suchy
Jessica Suchy Prije 11 dana
Please when you really look for your dress try on a few black mermaid gowns. You have a beautiful figure and you should try on a truly nice black dress!!
Tianna Jones
Tianna Jones Prije 11 dana
OMG you were soooo nice in your commentary of these awful dresses. Lol and I love Wish (mostly bc I'm cheap af lol) BTW my wedding dress was $7 and it was half black...*whispers* bc I have kids lol
C.o.R Prije 11 dana
*lifts skirt* "Whapow!" "Crusty." Context is a powerful thing, my little cherubs.
Samantha Holloway
Samantha Holloway Prije 11 dana
hi i ordred some stuff from them . and i did not get the stuff ,they did not send me my money back its been last year befor December of last year and i dont know what to do it was 22.52 i dont know if i am getting it back what do i do. from this day still trying to get my money.
Giulia Loiodice
Giulia Loiodice Prije 11 dana
Fashion is one of the most polluting and less sustainable industries in the world. I feel that buying FOUR different dresses, to produce which a lot of resources have been used, and that have been shipped from the other side of the world, just for fun, knowing that you're not going to wear any of them, is not only selfish but also shows how detached some people are from the problems the world is facing right now. I strongly recommend to read one of the many articles about the issue or watch the documentary called "The true cost".
Keirsten Benjamin
Keirsten Benjamin Prije 11 dana
You should sooooo soooooo soooooo do a haul off of ROMWE!!!
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Prije 11 dana
The Ball gown looks the best outside & it actually looked very 1950’s cute
Olga Kibitkina
Olga Kibitkina Prije 11 dana
you guys should do Tyler trying wish suits next.
sc höne
sc höne Prije 11 dana
I love your voice! Very smooth. U can be a video narrator for nature
nadiajaris p
nadiajaris p Prije 11 dana
If your not going to used or return the dresses could i have one? Please?
Fayn Prije 12 dana
Hi Safiya, just so you know, Wish is a middleman company that ships from and uses direct translation (hence the weird wordings) from the Chinese shopping site called Taobao. It's also why the size is slightly awkward for Caucasian women since it was designed for Asian women. Also, the reviews from Taobao itself is more accurate than those on Wish. Also it is cheaper there. As I said just so you know, since you asked in the video.
Sath Oon
Sath Oon Prije 12 dana
At first the ball gown dress was "ehh", having experienced the same sort of random loose thread thing on a coat I bought once off Wish. But the shoes made a world of difference when you took the dress outside. I have a theory that the reason why so much of it is so cheap, hit or miss in terms of quality and attracts weird smells, is that a lot of the sellers are doing one of two things: 1# selling goods that were rejected by quality control at the factory, albeit at a low low low price so they get SOMETHING back off it, and no one is likely to grudge a $10 coat. 2# Over-production on a specific product line because a client asked for (as an example) 200 coats, but a pallet of material contains enough for 300.
Ty Falcon
Ty Falcon Prije 12 dana
In the expensive dress, the right boob is so much bigger than the left.
Amelia 1
Amelia 1 Prije 12 dana
This video was so much fun!
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