I Tried Wedding Dresses Through History

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Hello friends! So as some of you may know, I am engaged, betrothed, and affianced - and so I hereby introduce you to part 1 of our 4 part wedding video series! Being the fashion history enthusiast that I am, I decided to do a little exploration into wedding dresses through history and try on 5 authentic vintage wedding dresses (with era-appropriate hairstyling, makeup, and bouquets to boot!) - ranging from the Victorian Era to the 1980s! Which look was your favorite?
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Prije mjesec
HELLO FRIENDS! so sorry for the delay here, there has been ~a lot~ going on! Here I present to you part 1 of our 4-part wedding series :) I hope you enjoy! Which look was your favorite?
Tifalope867 Prije 22 dana
Hi why does the bride at 7:15 lowkey look like you 🤔
Lili Puente
Lili Puente Prije 23 dana
Eils Hines
Eils Hines Prije 23 dana
Loved the 20s the whole concept and the 40s tell you the truth all of them bar the last Great video
Valeria Galindo
Valeria Galindo Prije 25 dana
Can you pls do the 70s
Erin Dugan
Erin Dugan Prije 26 dana
Hannah Henderson
Hannah Henderson Prije 21 sat
The 80s wedding dress looks like a white version of my mom's pale pink prom dress from 1987.
silly Isaac and Daisy crazy
21:13 she sort of looks like Dolly Parton with dark hair
Makky Cringe
Makky Cringe Prije dan
Oml so at 0:50 my darkness was down and i was like “are those ghost?”
Mariann Eråk
Mariann Eråk Prije 2 dana
Does Safiya have Norwegian ancestry? Nygaard means new farm in Norwegian. Love the authenticity in this video!
Megan Lohmeyer
Megan Lohmeyer Prije 2 dana
1960’s fashion do be hittin different
Carmen Bryant
Carmen Bryant Prije 3 dana
Absolutely love your video's... Congratulations 💕
Trey McFarland
Trey McFarland Prije 4 dana
Safiya is the queen of references.
Abbey Kair
Abbey Kair Prije 4 dana
watching my history grades go up at the same time as watching safiyas videos
Sadie Cosgrove
Sadie Cosgrove Prije 5 dana
I feel like this is history class.
Aranza Fuentes
Aranza Fuentes Prije 5 dana
7:15 bride sitting at the left of the photo. TELL ME THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE SAF. Time travel confirmed.
Royale High
Royale High Prije 5 dana
I have noticed that no HRvidr Has ever said anything about Serbia.Can you be the first? (Btw Serbia Is a country)
Nancy Simonds
Nancy Simonds Prije 5 dana
These were awesome. But you totally rocked the 20’s and 40’s!❤️❤️🤘🏻🤘🏻🤟🏼
em Prije 5 dana
I love how the 80s dress looks way to much like my moms dress from the early 90s lmao
cynthia van teylingen
i love this video so much info fun and elegance just awesome.
Luke B
Luke B Prije 6 dana
Why does the 60s look suit you so much??? I love it!
Jill B
Jill B Prije 6 dana
The 80's wedding styles were so gross! I think Diana's dress was vile. Sarah Ferguson's was actually a nicer style. Neither were great though....
Amy Sunisa
Amy Sunisa Prije 6 dana
Make up Artist: "you're not trying to trick someone into thinking, you are something that you're not" Safiya: "That's the 1890's version of take her swimming on the first date" I don't know why this made me laugh so much. Now a day is the more make up, the better...
alonyaJ Prije 7 dana
OMG the 60's outfit, you look just like my mom!
Fiction Addiction
Fiction Addiction Prije 7 dana
My great-grandma got married in the 40s in practically the exact dress Saf was in for the 40s
Persnikity12345 Prije 8 dana
My mom was married in the eighties and yeah... she wore a DRESS
QtLady Prije 8 dana
If we don’t have a trend of 20s themed weddings in 2020 I’ll be disappointed
Meagan Vogelsang
Meagan Vogelsang Prije 8 dana
I swear my Uncle's wife had that exact dress from the 1980's lol headpiece and all!
kymmers Prije 8 dana
The 60s suit you SO WELL!! You need more of that hair and cat eye in your life 🖤
Athena's KittyPurradise
How many people r watching this in 2020? ☻
Thea Goulas
Thea Goulas Prije 9 dana
Okay, but Saf looked SO GOOD in the 1890s one and the 1940s one. 😍
broadwaymelody33 Prije 9 dana
I audibly gasped because her 1920s dress and veil look EXACTLY like my great grandma Eleanor’s. She didn’t wear much makeup on her wedding day but other than that, it’s almost identical.
Josefine Johansson
Josefine Johansson Prije 9 dana
She was born to wear 1920s dress and makeup!
Mickie Minton
Mickie Minton Prije 9 dana
Your 80's dress was not far off from mine. My dress had rows of ruffles from the waist all the way to the tip of the chapel length train and covered in beadwork. Longsleeves with poofed shoulders and a sweetheart necline. My veil was a cathedral length with a trail of flowers and beads that sat in a half circle on my head with rows laying across my forhead and cascades on either side of my face falling from my temples to my chest. It all weighed about 30lbs easy. Maybe more. My bouquet was huge and had Easter Lilies and little fans and other whilte accents and greenery. It hung from my hands at my waist to where the last tip hung at my knees. Artificial of course. I still have it in my closet. A friend of my sister borrowed it and had it altered a little but there was room to do it and did no harm at all. It still is just as white as it was in 1988. Both my daughters are too big chested to wear it but who knows. Maybe a daughter in law or grandchild. Only time will tell.😁
Ande Ycal
Ande Ycal Prije 9 dana
You remind me of Audrey Hepburn.
Bunny Prije 9 dana
The 1940s look is amazing on you!
Dee8Bee Prije 10 dana
Dress?! The cake! The cake is the most important part!! Especially me eating it.
Azeran Warrens
Azeran Warrens Prije 10 dana
That 1920's look is absolute fire!
Mikayla Rodriguez
Mikayla Rodriguez Prije 10 dana
For the sixties Sofia kind of looks like snookie on her weding
Universal Hobo
Universal Hobo Prije 10 dana
cute stuff
esther elysha
esther elysha Prije 10 dana
at 15:47 tht girl on the right looks so much like scarlet the black widow
Kate Ogden
Kate Ogden Prije 11 dana
I so want to show you my “Princess Di” wedding dress from 1991. Lol, so perfect at the time and so dated now. I remember wanting a vail like Jacky-O but as you can guess that was hard to come by at the time 🤣🤣🤣
Ashley Lou
Ashley Lou Prije 11 dana
"Every item from Michaels hot glued together." "The Franken-Michaels!" 😅
Holiday Prije 11 dana
I know how to do the lindy hop!
VCR Prije 11 dana
i feel like not enough people are appreciating Gilligan's Tundra
Naimah Khan
Naimah Khan Prije 12 dana
In those dresses you look still much like your mum 😲
Clémentine Dragneel
Clémentine Dragneel Prije 13 dana
I can’t stay focused on the video because of how much you look like my mom when she was younger. I’m confused.
Clémentine Dragneel
Clémentine Dragneel Prije 13 dana
Ok in the second dress you look like my cousin who look like my mom
FurikoMaru Prije 13 dana
Actually, white wedding dresses and 'bridal white' predate Vickykins by a fair bit. It's just that it was mostly a 'rich people showing off' thing rather than an actual trend ('woo, I can have an entire new huge dress made out of The most stain-prone colour and not have to worry because someone else does my laundry - and also youthfulness etc'). By the Victorian era, industrialization had made it much easier for less-rich people to commission dresses for special occasions and have someone else launder them when they got soiled, so when Old Vic captured everyone's imagination they were better able to copy her. Poor people still generally wore their Sunday best to get married rather than making a whole new dress. Edit: ... aaaaand you cover most of that like ten seconds after the point where I paused. Damn it. Sorry.
Salvadori Popadillo
Salvadori Popadillo Prije 13 dana
Holy shit. 5:20.... I've never heard anyone pronounce Hammacher Schlemmer in my life. I always avoided saying the name (I think everyone does!) and I'm just amazed how she didn't even have to think of it.
Salvadori Popadillo
Salvadori Popadillo Prije 13 dana
I was pretty sure Leg of mutton was named after Leg of mutton....cause you know, they look like a leg of mutton. AmIgoingcrazyhere? I'll go....
fish -d
fish -d Prije 13 dana
im really shook by the resemblance the 80s dress bears to my mom's wedding ensemble, except instead of a bun and a nightmare tulle headpiece, it was just. like 3 square cubic feet of teased & permed hair. ahhhh, the 1980s...
Yudi E
Yudi E Prije 14 dana
I love the amount of work y’all put into these videos! Like it’s well researched as well. Thank you 😊 and congrats on your marriage!
Alyssa Umbarila
Alyssa Umbarila Prije 15 dana
The 80s dress is pretty damn similar to what my mom looked like in 1992 when she got married😂😂
Tayla Allison
Tayla Allison Prije 15 dana
You looked so incredible in all those looks! I did not expect a Victorian look to slllaayyyyyyy
Boyle Girls
Boyle Girls Prije 15 dana
My grandfather fought in world war 2
Kathy Fogarty
Kathy Fogarty Prije 15 dana
An Egyptian sarcophagus
juana orduz
juana orduz Prije 15 dana
Hold on!! The bride on 7:15 looks just like Safiya... right? Am I crazy?
Creative Dutchess
Creative Dutchess Prije 15 dana
My mom got married early 90's and she wore a poofy pearly beaded dress like Safiya's 80's one with a little beaded hairpiece. Love it
Ishieka Morris
Ishieka Morris Prije 16 dana
Safiya looks incredible sans makeup. #NaturalBeauty
Matthew Streacker
Matthew Streacker Prije 16 dana
Let’s bring Art Deco back for the 20’s as well as mod style
Matthew's Life by Matthew Dykstra
OMG the first dress and the 1980s dress are the best I wish you had done one from the 70's my parents were married in 1978 and are still married 41 years later. All the best for your engagment
Erica Olmos
Erica Olmos Prije 16 dana
This so fun to see . More please 💖
Anime Deamon
Anime Deamon Prije 16 dana
Can't believe you didn't mention Mary Quant, Britain was pretty much the pioneer of 60s fashion and Mary Quant was a big part of that and her definition of the "London look", including being a huge advocate of the miniskirt! Part of her aesthetic was "cheap designer", so although not incredibly cheap more women could buy her styles which were pretty practical in look and construction as well.
Erica Olmos
Erica Olmos Prije 16 dana
Thank you
Ashleysart Attack
Ashleysart Attack Prije 16 dana
The 80’s dress is exactly what my moms looked like! She was married in 1993, but the dress was a friends she borrowed from the 80’s.