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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through HRvid binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.

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Komentari 74 812
Selfie queen
Selfie queen Prije 21 minute
Ted talk: Make some timetable or somthin audience: omg that changed my life
Anshu Pangul
Anshu Pangul Prije 54 minuta
I have anatomy exam tomorrow and I'm watching this video ... Just so relatable to the context of this video ... I think the Lord Rossi put this in my feed deliberately just to make me feel guilty 🥲
Taxian Jhong
Taxian Jhong Prije sat
watching while procrastinating my school activities 🤗
dragonball Prije 2 sati
I watch this while procrastinating..
Driven Thoughts
Driven Thoughts Prije 3 sati
The obsolete crown genotypically itch because billboard unexplainably return apud a auspicious semicircle. holistic, right margin
Anurag Prije 4 sati
Thank you!
Charles_YT Prije 5 sati
You could have someone by your side, making sure you don’t procrastinate. A master procrastinator working alone is the worst thing you can do
Charles_YT Prije 5 sati
I have no control over the panic monster. I wish I could activate him whenever I wanted but unfortunately he only activates when I’m right next to a deadline.
Prashanth Prije 6 sati
I got this Procrastination video when i'm procrastinating... I get alert and started to listen and then monkey knocked the door!
T. K
T. K Prije 7 sati
Me watching this instead of completing those 6 assignments that are due tomorrow.
Koji Ryan
Koji Ryan Prije 12 sati
I'm the one who gets an assignment due a week later, forgets about it until the night before the deadline and will still procrastinate the whole night and possibly the whole day, and just spend maybe an hour on it...
Silly Goose :D
Silly Goose :D Prije 14 sati
Ballz in yo jaws
token phd
token phd Prije 15 sati
The disgusted car selectively attract because handicap dolly love around a nutritious finger. dry, unarmed himalayan
Kenneth Kirkland
Kenneth Kirkland Prije 17 sati
The dark playground is why I am here watching this versus working on my research abstract
ĐęVįŁ Prije 17 sati
i was a procastinator....well until i..beacme to jealous and started studying 2hrs.....that 2hrs turned into 3hrs and now.....i actually study 7hrs a day and its so weird.
Michelle Bidwell
Michelle Bidwell Prije 18 sati
Next I need to find a Ted Talk on how to help with being a mastor procrastinator.
Richshawnda Artis
Richshawnda Artis Prije 20 sati
I call it a dark cloud aka panic monster.
MarcieboyT Prije 21 sat
I procrastinated ur mom
nh dw
nh dw Prije 21 sat
The juicy silica increasingly colour because grenade chemically curl worth a thoughtful look. chilly, expensive ghost
Kayetan Glinka
Kayetan Glinka Prije dan
“After that, were going to go on a HRvid spiral”… yes. I am watching this TED talk instead of doing my homework :)
King Creon
King Creon Prije dan
The military needs to hurry up!!! |
Kotya Kotya
Kotya Kotya Prije dan
✌ 😧 The Patriots are in a dc jail for insurrection. Duh |
Sara Smith
Sara Smith Prije dan
😴 😚 😑 Right! "You have the right to leave me alone". I do so much agree with this phrase. |
SK Abdus Sayeed
SK Abdus Sayeed Prije dan
I am a PhD student. I will have to submit a grant to pass my candidacy exam. I am procrastinating while watching this piece 😁
Movie Lovers
Movie Lovers Prije dan
Try to remove procrastination
Master Q
Master Q Prije dan
16 thousand non-procrastinators didn't like being called procrastinators
Bernard Rourke
Bernard Rourke Prije dan
I clicked this because I'm currently procrastinating
Tendo Kun
Tendo Kun Prije dan
HRvid knew I was procrastinating, so they recommended it to me. Creepy.
Jacob Prije dan
I’m procrastinating right now by watching this
Jim Cole
Jim Cole Prije dan
You noticed that too?
Leticia brown
Leticia brown Prije dan
The light dibble muhly scribble because format aerobically treat through a calm fight. coordinated, cultured heaven
Angela Ter-Martirosyan
i’m procrastinating by watching this video
Pansy Thapa
Pansy Thapa Prije dan
one click was it
Vac Ban
Vac Ban Prije dan
iT IS ALSO A DANGEROUS TIME when churches , royals , other officials lose all credibility. Commi's are sure to imagine there's a void for them to fill. |
Person Person
Person Person Prije dan
Funniest thing is I found this while procrastinating my Econ homework
Susie English
Susie English Prije dan
The problem is I can't work without that extreme pressure. I have written 70 odd essays and planned about 2 thirds of them and had a mix of fails and lower marks. Extreme pressure - all passed and much better marks
Sarah Bedele
Sarah Bedele Prije dan
In the middle of this video I started working on my biology paper
Pro Ironik
Pro Ironik Prije dan
13:10 Eh, I'll try becoming a billionaire when I am 89 years 50 weeks old, still have some time, let's scroll through some cat vids
The Unknown
The Unknown Prije dan
Never have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with.
Pro Ironik
Pro Ironik Prije dan
meanwhile me procrastinating my essay due tomorrow watching this video
Mr. Foxtrot
Mr. Foxtrot Prije 2 dana
I just rrealized im procrastinating something by watching this video.
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza Prije 2 dana
Why am I watching this when tomorrow is my exam?
Mary Beth Pierce
Mary Beth Pierce Prije 2 dana
I'm watching this video while I'm procrastinating for an assignment I'm supposed to do for class.
Autumn_Nights Prije 2 dana
Wowww.... I’m truly a professional procrastinator huh
BDK235 Prije 2 dana
Now I'm procrastinating, watching a video about procrastinators.
Jade A.
Jade A. Prije 2 dana
ADHD that's literally ADHD oh my god as someone who was diagnosed with ADHD, why isn't anyone pointing out that he literally cites every single symptoms of ADHD ????
Robert Rimer
Robert Rimer Prije 2 dana
The wonderful line unfortunately squeak because wind successfully regret down a mundane twig. female fertile, secretive credit
natchos m
natchos m Prije 2 dana
The monkey in my brain just hates sediment transport in the Bristol channel. That's why I have 7days left to finish the lit review, methodology, theory, results, discussion, conclusion and abstract as well as my viva presentation ppt in 7 days.
President of City Mumei
Eyo what the heck. I wanted to watch a vid of a robot bird flying and this what I clicked on Looks like the even the internet is telling me to stop procrastinating and do my work.
Blob Dream
Blob Dream Prije 2 dana
Haha, me totally not procrastinating right now and watching this instead of doing my homework.
Becca Wallon
Becca Wallon Prije 2 dana
Ahhh beans. I'm watching this video again. The monkey is behind the wheel.
BluSkyZ29 Prije 2 dana
As a master procrastinator, I can say that I do indeed wait until the last three days to do an important assignment.
empt Prije 2 dana
naluiza Prije 2 dana
Tapia Andy
Tapia Andy Prije 2 dana
The unnatural pencil therapeutically moan because attack inferiorly wish among a second jumper. unable, stereotyped deal
Lavender’s Blue
Lavender’s Blue Prije 2 dana
I'm finally here after putting this video on my watch later a long time ago
John Samuel . P
John Samuel . P Prije 2 dana
Save to watch later✅
Five Prije 3 dana
I am a master in procastination but one thing that amazes me is I always finish my work on time 😂
Francois Ba
Francois Ba Prije 3 dana
Eh ill watch this video tomorrow.
Jay Singh
Jay Singh Prije 3 dana
I am watching when I have 3 projects due tomorrow. Irony
Carlos Beltrán Segovia
I have a job interview in 15 minutes and I am watching this and laughing instead of preparing it
Carlos Beltrán Segovia
Not the best interview of my life
Estera Evaleen
Estera Evaleen Prije 3 dana
The tightfisted lettuce pharmacodynamically watch because america correspondingly bow abaft a adhesive lunchroom. noisy, animated passive
Blah Batatas
Blah Batatas Prije 3 dana
I was watching with laughing and then i realised i have my collage essay
im gonna tell my teacher now when i havent finished homework "it was the monkey's fault"
nspattak1 Prije 3 dana
it probably is a great video for me to watch. I' ll add it to the list for later :)
Yeeet Prije 3 dana
Well, Yeah that’s not a lot of boxes This thing hits different
Suryansh Rawat
Suryansh Rawat Prije 3 dana
HRvid suggesting this before 2 hours left for submission of assignment and I am about to start 🤣🤣
Tarun Raj
Tarun Raj Prije 3 dana
99% of viewers came here after procrastinating something
Alexis Hadjisoteriou
As someone else explained, I came across this whilst procrastinating. I have NO IDEA how I came across this TED talk and that is really worrying. However I am so happy that I came across this video as it is the best video on explaining procrastination. I now feel motivated and writing a fresh, new, clean, long TO-DO list and I am doing it now so step aside monkey!
Lauren 0903
Lauren 0903 Prije 3 dana
i watched this to procrastinate
Tiernan Prije 3 dana
Guess what I'm not doing while watching this?
Ayushmaan v
Ayushmaan v Prije 3 dana
My brain after watching this video : let's read about Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding Scandle LOL
Luke Weber
Luke Weber Prije 3 dana
Im procrastinating right now by watching this video.
Gudipelly Sathwik
Gudipelly Sathwik Prije 3 dana
well tomorrow i have semester exams and I procrastinated the study and watching these videos🤣🤣🤣
ИоаннисВ Prije 3 dana
Good luck my friend!!
Official Drew
Official Drew Prije 3 dana
Who else found this while procrastinating?
Joaquin Arias
Joaquin Arias Prije 3 dana
i think ill just watch this later
Garrett stoneburner
Garrett stoneburner Prije 3 dana
Match this with ADHD and it's like adding a squirrel on top of this
G0THiC_Ang3l Prije 3 dana
Fun fact:I’m watching this when I should be finishing an assignment due tomorrow.
King.Jok3s Prije 3 dana
I'm watching this with an presentation due 7 days ago
Lisa Greene
Lisa Greene Prije 3 dana
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Paulo Bascon
Paulo Bascon Prije 3 dana
I'm overwhelmed by his tactics and never failing spirit
Paulo Bascon
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Kelvin James
Kelvin James Prije 3 dana
Mr Justin is the last of his kind. I thank him for saving me from servitude and giving me a boosting right among my peers
Tarmo Tomson
Tarmo Tomson Prije 3 dana
Justin Robert
Tarmo Tomson
Tarmo Tomson Prije 3 dana
Seeking for his contact details 👇👇
Just a watcher :D
Just a watcher :D Prije 3 dana
I feel like i balance my procrastination youtube why did you recommend this i’ve only watched yt for 5 hours not that bad
itzy's girlfriend
itzy's girlfriend Prije 3 dana
the irony of me watching this for my public speaking class as it is about to be due in about 2-3 hours is not lost on me. the panic monster has woken up
Penny Ditchfield
Penny Ditchfield Prije 3 dana
Camwelpey Prije 3 dana
I'm supposed to do a important school work, but I now see myself watching this.
qwert ΔΔΔ
qwert ΔΔΔ Prije 3 dana
this is the most relatable video in the entire planet
Veronica Crittendon
Veronica Crittendon Prije 3 dana
I shouldn't be procrastinating right now... I have discussion due tonight
Sydney Skousen
Sydney Skousen Prije 3 dana
Fun way that I deal with my procrastination is that I accept that I want distraction so I start a show in the background while I’m doing homework or have a game open and ready while I work. This makes me subconsciously think I have an escape route if I’m bored so I focus more on what I’m doing because I know I have a backup plan that I don’t even use sometimes.
Melissa Charlie
Melissa Charlie Prije 3 dana
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Gloria Medrano
Gloria Medrano Prije 3 dana
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Lisa Greene
Lisa Greene Prije 3 dana
Yes it's totally true.. Am glad i got recommended to him. He is the best broker. I was skeptical about him at first but after I got paid, I always invest over and over again.
Steve Klein
Steve Klein Prije 3 dana
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Cindy Tatum
Cindy Tatum Prije 3 dana
Wow am so surprise you all know that man, God has used Mr Justin Robert to change the stories of so many people and I'm glad i met him too.
Natalie Reetz
Natalie Reetz Prije 3 dana
I think you procrastinate because your posture..
Minion8231 Prije 3 dana
I really should be doing my homework right now
Timothy Soto
Timothy Soto Prije 3 dana
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Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes Prije 3 dana
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Aaron Cruz Prije 3 dana
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Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter Prije 3 dana
Tessa Greg
Jack Hunter
Jack Hunter Prije 3 dana
Facebook username 👇
Victor Mortensen
Victor Mortensen Prije 3 dana
Good, so any medium to contact her?
Bob’s your uncle
Bob’s your uncle Prije 3 dana
I’m procrastinating and watching this while I’m meant to be studying for a triple science assessment which I piled up right to the night before. I’m trying to get motivation to sToP pRoCrAStInAtInG.
Aayush Jalali
Aayush Jalali Prije 3 dana
Watching this while leaving hw😂
tee kanyel
tee kanyel Prije 3 dana
So in the last 3 years combined, I've watched 3 minutes of this video.
Patricia James
Patricia James Prije 3 dana
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Loreta Myftiu
Loreta Myftiu Prije 3 dana
Dm her ASAP through her user above 👆👆👆
Chiara Meier
Chiara Meier Prije 3 dana
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Dominic Black Prije 3 dana
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Stina Wahlgren
Stina Wahlgren Prije 3 dana
Clara Austin
Stina Wahlgren
Stina Wahlgren Prije 3 dana
Carolina Coutinho
Carolina Coutinho Prije 3 dana
Watching this video while procrastinating
SlimeBD2015 Prije 3 dana
I am watching this video instead of making homework lol, I understand this guy so much
Bex Sampson
Bex Sampson Prije 4 dana
Theres a difference between procrastination and executive disfunction. Procrastination is a choice. Executive disfunction is exactly this planning every step within an inch of its life and still not being able to just “DO”
DoorNeo Prije 4 dana
I was literally watching this video about procrastination while procrastinating on a major assignment due today... i think ill watch just one more video before starting...
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