Instagram vs Real Life! Phone Photo DIY Life Hacks

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Phone Photo DIY Life hacks! Instagram vs Real Life and More Ideas Part #13
Instagram ➜
Mr Degree presents super cool videos which you can create at home. So what are you waiting for? Try them now! This video is created for entertainment purposes ...
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#Instagram #RealLife #Hacks

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5. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 2 654
Barbara Polette
Barbara Polette Prije 5 sati
I just gotta point it out she cant ride without a carseat if she waied that much
Alfoncina Soba
Alfoncina Soba Prije 15 sati
Дашуля Dream
Дашуля Dream Prije 23 sati
Тут есть Русские ??
Arianna Wilson
Arianna Wilson Prije dan
Her coming out of the pool is literally me trying to play big😂💀💔
Princesa Minu
Princesa Minu Prije dan
I love
Atthiya_vlogs Prije dan
Atthiya_vlogs Prije dan
She always wearing that red dress!
Sloths_4_life 84
42 pounds? You need a hospital
Mbola tiana Hoby
She is good there, not because u are jalous you must judge???🖕💩
Vitoria angelina
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Prije dan
4:55 (these aren’t real timestamps, I just want to know where they lead to 😀) 5:55 6:54 8:51
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Prije dan
8:41 that’s actually really good!
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Prije dan
2:19 the book is upside down, anyone with a brain can see that she is faking 😂
Larah Almeida
Larah Almeida Prije dan
Sandra Anotado
Sandra Anotado Prije dan
7:39 who smudges ur lipstick with ur finger repeatedly cuz u upset u ate an apples with ur lipstuck on? Who does that? Seriously, yall becoming like Troom Troom 😒 dumb @$$es
Gjelina Vulaj
Gjelina Vulaj Prije dan
Rose Kitten
Rose Kitten Prije 2 dana
6:00 jeez you probably wouldn't be alive tho
margarita mejia sepulveda
1 elige un cantante 2 tapate la boca 3escribe esto en 4 vídeos 4mira tu voz
Alba Báez
Alba Báez Prije 2 dana
7:55 I hate that she’s so fake omg #beyourself Edit: it’s ok if you don’t have expensive things because we love people just the way they are so don’t lie about yourself
Prisca Guennec
Prisca Guennec Prije 2 dana
Elle à fait
Kraliçe Yağmur Ergün
silar tv
silar tv Prije 2 dana
شوق المطيري
Gdwvckbs vvxg is the only person in the group that has been in a position that is not the first time the ydsgn 55is of a omagh government has been involved with bb
Gabrielly Paolah
Gabrielly Paolah Prije 2 dana
Alguém do Brasil ?
Hayley Bates
Hayley Bates Prije 2 dana
I dont like people like this, be yourself not someone else
Nella Klimková
Nella Klimková Prije 3 dana
Marcus a martinůs fotky jsou moc hezké
ปิยะฉัตร บัวแสน
Luna Ugarte
Luna Ugarte Prije 3 dana
Oh and u take way to many pictures u post way to much about lies that are not true and unjust post mostly like all day which is getting me really annoyed ya but just keep working on it missy!
Cyprian Prije 3 dana
Poor paper
Luna Ugarte
Luna Ugarte Prije 3 dana
Oh yaaaaa it’s Stupid!
Luna Ugarte
Luna Ugarte Prije 3 dana
Oh and can’t forget it’s also that u guys are overreacting and there’s so much more I wanna say but I forgot so just watch ur back girl!
Luna Ugarte
Luna Ugarte Prije 3 dana
No offense but kinda yes offense the music sucks except the third music and ur vids are kinda dramatic sorrrrry not sorrrrry!
Daniela Surisadai Toche
algien abla espanol
Arnold Orrala
Arnold Orrala Prije 3 dana
Aunque cuando el chica no podía salir de la piscina es puro drama. Si la piscina no estaba ni onda! La gana de hacer drama! 🏛
Moisés Ximello
Moisés Ximello Prije 3 dana
Como se llama esa canción me encanta
Madilyn Bozzo
Madilyn Bozzo Prije 3 dana
9:19 i started doing this before this channel was even a thing
Pandas Rule
Pandas Rule Prije dan
Omg lol
glen borg
glen borg Prije 3 dana
Plz like 👍🏻 👇🏻
روزي تشان
روزي تشان Prije 3 dana
العربيه الوحيده هنا
Nurisha Sheji
Nurisha Sheji Prije 3 dana
Star Rae
Star Rae Prije 3 dana
The hashtags tho
Asad Shahid
Asad Shahid Prije 4 dana
At 7:45 is the intro song for denis daily
Ana Maris Ordoñez
Ana Maris Ordoñez Prije 4 dana
Porque Uds los shorts tan arriba??
said zaza
said zaza Prije 4 dana
كيوت بيان
Hadiya Combo
Hadiya Combo Prije 4 dana
Tué la plu jolie
Edgar Rodas
Edgar Rodas Prije 4 dana
Jessie Chan
Jessie Chan Prije 4 dana
People really should not lie about themselves on social media #Beyourself
Cecilia Lapissonde
Es muy gracioso p
Ida and Ferdinand
Ida and Ferdinand Prije 4 dana
I have the same mirror 10:01
Lily Barrios
Lily Barrios Prije 4 dana
2:17who knew you can read backwards
Lukas Dutka
Lukas Dutka Prije 4 dana
Super vidie
Bhakta Gurung
Bhakta Gurung Prije 4 dana
Do the make up Challenge
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