iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!

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First iPhone 11 clone unboxing! Up close with the triple lens camera, two months before release! How bad can a $100 iPhone 11 be?
iPhone 11 latest leaks.
iOS 13 latest features.
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11. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 10 333
Leonardo Turtle
Leonardo Turtle Prije 8 minuta
0:30 cocaine packaging?
Ridge Mphaphuli Med & P
Ridge Mphaphuli Med & P Prije 13 minuta
This is not true
Thelma F. Diaz
Thelma F. Diaz Prije 28 minuta
A new iPhone. Wow that's great. I hope I can get free too
dung dao
dung dao Prije 29 minuta
Ghê thật :)))
余樺櫳 Prije 37 minuta
Khaled 56
Khaled 56 Prije sat
اكو عرب في المقطع
Kenneth Durmiendo
I wish i have that 👱🏻‍♂️💧💧💧💧💧💧 .
BryanGD Prije sat
Que pedo con los subtitulo JAJJA
Madi Kiely
Madi Kiely Prije sat
This is the ugliest phone
ramonita xoxo
ramonita xoxo Prije sat
Gurney GURNEY Prije sat
Can u give me an IPhone 7 Plus I am in year 7 with no phone and I know a girl in year 3 with an iPhone 6s
Bà Linh Vlog
Bà Linh Vlog Prije sat
Cho e cái iphone vs anh ơi
It’s MannatXOXO
It’s MannatXOXO Prije 2 sati
that fcking looks like those android cameras. wtf it’s so ugly-an I oop
ShookPrincess Prije 2 sati
this iphone 11 is ganna give me an nightmare seriously even though I lovveeeeee iPhone's ima sit this one out
Luan Hackerr
Luan Hackerr Prije 2 sati
hey my pc é ruim da pra descolar $1500
Audrey Wong
Audrey Wong Prije 2 sati
The camera juz like huawei mate 20 pro...
Oyuncular Cumhuriyeti
I think apple x than beautiful🤔
Shopkins and more !!!!
Stupid design
TECH Unlimited
TECH Unlimited Prije 2 sati
U should do giveaway ur iphone
Pizza Panda
Pizza Panda Prije 2 sati
2:17 at that moment I realized that Apple effed up and the camera is ugly af
قناه الذرب2019
Yellowbonnet Productions
0:00 look at his left shoulder
SAVANNAH ROSE Prije 2 sati
Where my XR users at?
Prije 2 sati
اكر كورد ب اليوتيوب. سلاو جه ماعه تى كورده كان پيم بلين ئه وه كه ى ده گاته كوردستان و به چه نده.
Brooke Wilson
Brooke Wilson Prije 2 sati
This is not real my dad works for apple and that is not real he said so stop
Marco Reyna
Marco Reyna Prije 3 sati
**spanish subtitles**
Jamel El Oualkadi
Jamel El Oualkadi Prije 3 sati
Dondre Sewell
Dondre Sewell Prije 3 sati
Need one😭iphone xr
shiek davood
shiek davood Prije 3 sati
I got impressed with this design.
Julie Prije 3 sati
Great now I can see my own flaws in depth......I’ll take 20
Ron The presloth
Ron The presloth Prije 3 sati
Butt the keyboard is still android on it so they forgot about fixing that
deshawngot fanns
deshawngot fanns Prije 3 sati
This shii is madd ugly...I’ll stay with my XR.
Watch and Comment
Watch and Comment Prije 3 sati
Ha! I’m glad that i chose to buy iPhone Xs and did not bother myself to wait for this and buy this ugly phone!
Ac11 Gravoso
Ac11 Gravoso Prije 3 sati
Plss give me iPhone
TTV DustyClutcher 24
The packages look like taped bags full of cocaine
Ariel Glaze
Ariel Glaze Prije 3 sati
This phone keeps getting UGLIER every year, but the ONLY reason why people will buy this piece of junk design is because Google absolutely cannot be trusted with your personal information, much less Android, which has malware standard.
Huntorix Prije 3 sati
Bro how be a clone of something that hasn't being made yet lol
tong Xu
tong Xu Prije 3 sati
Alayeh Lia
Alayeh Lia Prije 3 sati
O my god is that ugly 🤦‍♀️
Señor Patricio :v
Señor Patricio :v Prije 3 sati
JAJAJAJA Para los mexicanos o cualquier hispanohablante pongan los subtitulos en español para que se diviertan un rato
TGadgets Prije 3 sati
اسد العراق90
Samsung Not 10 is the lion🦁
Yashraj Saini
Yashraj Saini Prije 4 sati
How much price ?
Jesica Butler
Jesica Butler Prije 4 sati
Boy look like he got that work 😂😂BRICKS
Pisces Queen
Pisces Queen Prije 4 sati
The camera looks disgusting
Al'Kamar D
Al'Kamar D Prije 4 sati
I’m still getting it idc
Lizethgabriela Coborivera
Like si vienes a ver si hay algún comentario en español
Vintage MSP
Vintage MSP Prije 4 sati
Who else thinks this is fake? I mean it need good packaging like the other iPhones!
Studio Queen
Studio Queen Prije 4 sati
The camera lens are thicker than Kim Kardashian’s Ass
Michelle A Rose
Michelle A Rose Prije 5 sati
That phone looks ugly
People react to the iPhone 11.