Irish Way - The O'Reillys and the Paddyhats [Official Video]

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"Irish Way"
Recorded, produced and mixed in Principal Studios (Jörg Umbreit)
Video by Wüstenberg und Römer
Shot at "Pub 18", Gevelsberg, Germany.
I was roving out one evening as I came down to Portlaw
I walked into a dim lit pub and suddenly I saw
Her cheeks they were so rosy and golden was her hair
She had to be an Irish girl ‘cause she looked so god damn fair
She took me by her lovely hand and whispered in my ear
I`ll guide you up to heaven If you’ll order me a beer
Seconds later I find myself aside this pretty lass
Wanton thoughts in my head and an ale in my glass
Hey dear, common won’t you spend another two
One for me and one for you
The truth is she will fill you up and ask you to pay
But I drink my pint and say “fuck off“ ’cause thats my Irish way
When I was a little drunk I went to take a piss
When I came back I saw two girls having a French kiss
The girls they waved me nearer could this really be
The Irish way is finally dawning on me
When we drank our final pint, the girls asked me to pay
They promised me to meet outside at Lower Castles way
And when they left I took the bill, the girls had set me up
They left me with an empty purse and sick to the gut



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Komentari 80
Ghost-WhiteSand Prije 23 sati
As a Native American who recently found this kind of music (I guess HRvid thinks that just because Native American music has flutes and instrumentals that I'll like this kind of music and I do!) Y'all Irish have a talent to make music to drink to. I like the accents, pace, instrumentals, and melodies. Props!
augustuslook Prije 20 sati
Same bro, been having a similar issue. Agree on the Talent love it.
Gustav Gans
Gustav Gans Prije dan
I love the Irish way (some days after St. Patricks Day) :) as a german stupid guy :D :D
Chapter Master Adolf
Don't germans have Oktober fest?
Ash Ling
Ash Ling Prije 2 dana
Lonus Bjonus
Lonus Bjonus Prije 2 dana
wtf is this
Chapter Master Adolf
Иван 123
Иван 123 Prije 2 dana
Респект фром Рашиа :)
Arno G.
Arno G. Prije 2 dana
Irish guy, that could happen to you in Duesseldorf also...
Chapter Master Adolf
Can't tell if their Irish or hipsters.
URHO KEKKONEN Prije 2 dana
Jan-Hendrik Cilliers
Came across these guys by accident, now I can't stop listening to them! AWESOME music!
Mixa Pilm
Mixa Pilm Prije 2 dana
Жалко мужика, такое лицо у него невинное.
Alex Gridz
Alex Gridz Prije 2 dana
Таких и разводят...
Stefan Leonte
Stefan Leonte Prije 3 dana
nice move
Gabe Morehouse
Gabe Morehouse Prije 3 dana
i remember when irish people blew up angloids now they're useless
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson Prije 3 dana
2:15 you're welcome
Simon Aka Digital0.1
Fucking hate plastic Irish bands...!
darak81 Prije 3 dana
Whit love, from ROmania!
redcorsair14 Prije 3 dana
What are the green shots of?
Playstation 4 Gaming
Pub18 schon so manchen Abend dort verbracht 👍🏻
srijith sree
srijith sree Prije 4 dana
Stay SAFE ALL 🙂 from INDIA
Emmanuel Miquet
Emmanuel Miquet Prije 4 dana
French here, proud to be at least Irish through music and Guinness x)
John Harackiewicz
John Harackiewicz Prije 4 dana
The Irish, God loves them they say, I got 1/4 of the Irish in me so I never have gone against them and both sides of the Irish have never gone against me, and I have always found the Irish women to be good. Bless you darlings!
EugenKariy Prije 5 dana
haha the best national ad forever ever
Marlon K
Marlon K Prije 5 dana
für guiness würde ich auch net bezahlen >.
Bogdan Balaceanu
Bogdan Balaceanu Prije 6 dana
Romania the song , irish an celtic...think i have green blood :))(
Tribble Booth
Tribble Booth Prije 6 dana
Before you watch this video, nail your feet to the floor.
Rick C.
Rick C. Prije 6 dana
I got bloody screwed out of the saint Patrick's parade, this year but at least we have the Dropkick Murphy's to listen to!!!
diazunzueta Prije 8 dana
Mil likes... Desde sudamerican.... Solo la musica... M eleva....
Blood Raven
Blood Raven Prije 8 dana
.... old people say if you light your cigarette on the candle you just kill one sailor ... :)
Duke Palmer
Duke Palmer Prije 8 dana
Greetings from Finland!
Lydser83 Prije 9 dana
So irish people are thief?
mikael brännmark
mikael brännmark Prije 9 dana
When are you playing in sweden next time we want you to play in Uppsala
LoST BoY Prije 10 dana
This is Gr8!!! Respect Grtz from Belgium.
Dgjjheasyujb Prije 10 dana
This is so cringe ughhhh 🤮🤮🤮
Beer lover
Beer lover Prije 11 dana
So the Irish way is to con and steal from people...ok got it..thanks for the heads up
randyhandbag Prije 11 dana
that is an awful pint of guinness at the start. also americans please stop pretending to be Irish, you are not part of us you cringey fecks.
Stephen Keenum
Stephen Keenum Prije 7 dana
So I guess Rory Gallagher shouldn't have played the blues? F off.
michael smith
michael smith Prije 11 dana
charlie Daniels wont to be
robo doggo
robo doggo Prije 12 dana
Cyborg2101 Prije 12 dana
Imagine your only job is the get drunk for a video
Dreoilín ÓCoigligh
Dreoilín ÓCoigligh Prije 12 dana
FFS some1 teach that guy to pour a proper pint.
Jay Weekes
Jay Weekes Prije 13 dana
SureSShuffle Prije 14 dana
This looks like a right bunch of wet flannels
Jack & Five
Jack & Five Prije 14 dana
Like that song if you are Irish 🍺
HollywoodCreeper Prije 14 dana
Is that really the Irish way?
emrys Prije 14 dana
just saying boris has shut down all pubs /bars/and cafes /in the uk for at least 3/4 months this is 22/3/2020
Breakit dwnclown
Breakit dwnclown Prije 13 dana
emrys Back in WW2 when they were getting blitzed they didn’t even close the pubs 😂
emrys Prije 14 dana
in the uk or dublin ther is no smoking in bars or pubs it law this is a u.s.a copy of a old pub my lovers xx
Matthew Popp
Matthew Popp Prije 10 dana
This band is from Europe...
Tanner Howard
Tanner Howard Prije 15 dana
How we would say that in the US is that he got worked lol
Timmy D
Timmy D Prije 15 dana
I was today years old when I found my new favorite song.
Håkan Nilsson
Håkan Nilsson Prije 16 dana
So Dublin, is not good?
Horst Horstens
Horst Horstens Prije 17 dana
0:09 dude, you‘re killing a sailor
Douglas Chitwood
Douglas Chitwood Prije 17 dana
He'll yeah
retired from the job
retired from the job Prije 18 dana
An the moral? I have mine. But it might not be the same as the two guys kissing the mark.
Celine Canavan
Celine Canavan Prije 18 dana
This is horrible. I hate evertyhing about it.
nego do megane
nego do megane Prije 18 dana
The irish are the fools of inglesh literature , just like the brazilian on the portuguese literature
Niall Kinsella
Niall Kinsella Prije 18 dana
Andrew Chase
Andrew Chase Prije 19 dana
That's why I NEVER keep my wallet in my back pocket.
Val Jankovsky
Val Jankovsky Prije 16 dana
i'm more like 'the guy who has a chain to his belt and the wallet at the other end'
Lior Goldberg
Lior Goldberg Prije 19 dana
אנו אי רי גאנדי
Chapter Master Adolf
Can't read Gaelic friend.
dalejosef Prije 19 dana
So, the guy walks in with ski poles. Where do you ski in Ireland???
abkzz104 K
abkzz104 K Prije 19 dana
Happy StPaddys bhoyys
Green Light Zone
Green Light Zone Prije 20 dana
If this comment gets 1000 likes, I will go up to the North and get back the six counties with my barehands
Ebm Franconian
Ebm Franconian Prije 20 dana
Anzuünden an Kerze, stirbt ein Seemann
MegaAxelG Prije 20 dana
Keep far away from these women (in bars, restaurants, pubs).
Adrian Zgoł
Adrian Zgoł Prije 21 dan
i wish you to gwt this romantic imagination comes true!
AlmostAl Prije 22 dana
What shit is this? Surprised they didn't Leprechauns in the video. American band I take it.
General Apeshit
General Apeshit Prije 22 dana
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, St. Paddy’s Day has been canceled.
Belletaina Prije 19 dana
still gonna drink
Azemation Prije 22 dana
Q Tē
Q Tē Prije 23 dana
Any thing to get away from dick🙈
Q Tē
Q Tē Prije 23 dana
You are bought & paid for😂
Q Tē
Q Tē Prije 23 dana
Taking me home😘
Wye Explorer
Wye Explorer Prije 23 dana
Super cool tune. That's the way over ere to. Peace. Mark
Gary 123
Gary 123 Prije 24 dana
names of the girls anyone ? )
kanzy1 Prije 24 dana
Hmm Are you sure those Hipsters are Irish?
Ilya Sokol
Ilya Sokol Prije 25 dana
Michael Clotz
Michael Clotz Prije 25 dana
Klingt sehr irisch, aber der Sänger ist garantiert kein Ire. Eher deutsch, oder?
Juicebox95 Prije 26 dana
Gear left adrift, must be a gift. Make sure your crap is secured
The Sound Of Eire Liam Doherty
Adies shtol
Adies shtol Prije 27 dana
ахаха вы даже драку не любите! как мы! по этому мы сильнее для нас драка это как жизнь и ответ на жизнь
Rick Nitro
Rick Nitro Prije 28 dana
came here just because of the thumbnail
Eugene Brichacek
Eugene Brichacek Prije 29 dana
Great video. Great song. Hot chicks kissing. But for the life of me what is that shot of?
Cybermancer Prije mjesec
oh rly?
Mr P
Mr P Prije mjesec
More Debauchery piled on the Irish.I hate Globalists.
Jason Nester
Jason Nester Prije mjesec
All drunks
Deer Moose
Deer Moose Prije mjesec
Sweden and Irland
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