Jake Paul - 23 (Official Music Video) Starring Logan Paul

Jake Paul
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Save "23" to your music library 👉🏼
Save "23" to your music library 👉🏼
Save "23" to your music library 👉🏼
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Directed by: Jake Paul
DP/Edit: Logan Meis
Steadi: Aser Santos Jr.
1st AC: Chris Pinto
2nd AC: Donald Turner
G&E: Special Purpose Lighting & Grip
Producers: Nolan Riddle & Marcos Guerrero
DP: Logan Meis
Had to do maybach
I can’t do a regular Benz
I like the seats that recline
Know I’m dog
Yes I’m fuckin her and her friend
I like em two at a time
And She wanna slide she pull out her insta and shit
She go if she fuck up the vibe
How am I 23 sittin on 23 I feel like Jordan
I’m back in my prime (2x)
This years in the makin shit why would I lie
Dreamed of the whip now I don’t even drive
I got a chauffeur
She told me I’m drivin her crazy
She hate what I’m doin online
10 in a week and I’m just not suprised
I had to take that one home to the guys
I got the feds watchin
Haters watchin
News watchin that’s a whole lotta eyes
I went and Flooded my wrist
For the fuck of this shit
While these rappers just run out of time
I’m here forever
This lives televised
Ain’t no way they could take none from any of mine
That boy a vette
And he still on the rise
Rolls or the Bentley shit I can’t decide
I got the paparazzi at the front of my door
I can’t leave shit I need a disguise
Had to do maybach
I can’t do a regular Benz
I like the seats that recline
Know I’m dog
Yes I’m fuckin her and her friend
I like em two at a time
And She wanna slide she pull out her insta and shit
She go if she fuck up the vibe
How am I 23 sittin on 23 I feel like Jordan
I’m back in my prime (2x)


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10. Ruj 2020.



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Challenge to get 13,300 subs with no vids
I’m I the only one who’s starting to like his new songs?
Saj Prije 14 sati
Bunch of 5 year olds here
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Prije 12 dana
Did he write it tho?
Thanos is bae
Thanos is bae Prije 13 dana
He pinned a bots comment 🤣
Aviator Gamer
Aviator Gamer Prije 17 dana
I guess you hit your challenge
Soldier _
Soldier _ Prije 17 dana
no me to bro
cnafn Prije 19 minuta
in reply to the pinned comment: yes.
Jonathan george
Jonathan george Prije 20 minuta
I think bearded jake is better in making songs
Jonathan george
Jonathan george Prije 22 minuta
0:54- coffin dance😆
Jonathan george
Jonathan george Prije 24 minuta
who is joey?
Jayden Rodriguez
Jayden Rodriguez Prije 31 minute
Why’d he say no🧢?
Huzaiffa Junejo
Huzaiffa Junejo Prije 37 minuta
Straight to the bank here NO CAP
game changer
game changer Prije 42 minuta
This is just fresh out of London just shitier.
Matthew vachon
Matthew vachon Prije 50 minuta
This guy really just pinned the only comment saying this song was good Edit: my comments just a joke
Racerr Prije 55 minuta
Y’all trippin for all these dislikes
Robert Oxendine
Robert Oxendine Prije sat
This is fresh outta London part 2
Cryptic_ TXC
Cryptic_ TXC Prije sat
U changed 😔
XxIcetae Xx14
XxIcetae Xx14 Prije sat
Fire 🔥
Elenilson Melendez
Why does this sound like lil baby the bigger picture STALIN
Yung_ TeeJay
Yung_ TeeJay Prije sat
Who else’s thought that Lil Huddy was the reporter?
Savannah Jones
Savannah Jones Prije sat
He already looks like a dad
AARXN YT Prije 2 sati
The Dislikes Tho, Yall Just Hating
nolena munro
nolena munro Prije 2 sati
omg where did this come from
coldwargameplay Prije 2 sati
Listen to nba young boy once and this happens
Nate1830 Prije 2 sati
|Your mum is SOOOO proud OF YOU...
Mehaan Doshi
Mehaan Doshi Prije 2 sati
This song sounds fire on mute
Delaney Zelda
Delaney Zelda Prije 2 sati
Rematured Prije 3 sati
When I 10 I heard my mum and dad experience a terrible pain they made weird noises screaming ugliest sound I’ve heard due it’s pain until I saw this song
Raj Rao
Raj Rao Prije 3 sati
People disliking are really negative in their life,thay cant see anyone improving!
Gurugamer LP
Gurugamer LP Prije 3 sati
Dat ghostwriter doin work ngl
The Feed
The Feed Prije 4 sati
When Eugene buys a Cuban
A.razorgamer 123
A.razorgamer 123 Prije 4 sati
he copied ksi's idea of uploading music to the main channel
Teodor Haukeland
Teodor Haukeland Prije 4 sati
Did you dislike? "yes" What did it cost? "One view"
GamingSkull77 Prije 4 sati
Jake should do a remix but on mute that would be sick
itssdarwinn Prije 4 sati
for all the ppl hating all i gotta say is just stop hating on someone thats doing better than u gn
itssdarwinn Prije 4 sati
jakes new songs >>>
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Prije 4 sati
When you eat a Travis Scott burger and got the money for a ghostwriter:
SHM Gaming
SHM Gaming Prije 5 sati
The dislikes oof give the guy credit even if he got a ghost writer at least he’s delivering
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Prije 4 sati
A to be honest this so fire 🔥🔥🔥
Fjorelo Fero
Fjorelo Fero Prije 5 sati
This hits different on mute da fuq out
Danielle Andrew
Danielle Andrew Prije 5 sati
This song is FIRE!! Check out my reaction video on my channel🤙🏼😆
Ivan Aguero
Ivan Aguero Prije 6 sati
To be honest it’s a good song but it’s made but jake paul so people are like it’s trash but I think it’s a good song
Jm Enrico
Jm Enrico Prije 6 sati
I pause the video and it's better now😁
3astdallas Daniel
3astdallas Daniel Prije 7 sati
Is it me or his music switched up onna different level in this song?
Numb LL
Numb LL Prije 7 sati
I hope tydus was here
Caleb Henderson
Caleb Henderson Prije 7 sati
also he might be better than u by lets say hmmmm a life time
Kaden Bones diaz
Kaden Bones diaz Prije 7 sati
Mute is fireeeeee
Numb LL
Numb LL Prije 7 sati
It’s actually good
FireGaming Prije 7 sati
The song that you can't sing along.
HM7 309
HM7 309 Prije 7 sati
keep it up
Gamer dude Charlie Truex
How long have you had 20 million subs like will u ever go over
Egg Prije 7 sati
I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda
DJ SmallPene
DJ SmallPene Prije 7 sati
2 words Houdini- KSI
lil spooky17
lil spooky17 Prije 7 sati
A to be honest this so fire 🔥🔥🔥
Random Guy
Random Guy Prije 8 sati
Ngl man. Jake paul is an ass but this is fire no cap 🧢
Julian Alexander
Julian Alexander Prije 8 sati
Fake Account
Fake Account Prije 9 sati
Ksi song ass his voice make my ear bleed no beat no lyrics
Fake Account
Fake Account Prije 9 sati
Ksi song ass his voice make my ear bleed no beat no lyrics
Fake Account
Fake Account Prije 9 sati
Ksi song ass his voice make my ear bleed no beat no lyrics
2Ghostly JR
2Ghostly JR Prije 9 sati
I never imagined someone ruining no cap
Victor Ramirez
Victor Ramirez Prije 9 sati
How you a boxer and smoke🧐
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee Prije 9 sati
His music actually really good tho no cap
3D Vision
3D Vision Prije 9 sati
lol the amount on dislikes this has . I like his songs though .
White Wolf
White Wolf Prije 9 sati
his new songs are so fire im gonna subscribe
SAKWAZ Prije 9 sati
This is actually trash idk why I’m listening to it
Ryan Graham
Ryan Graham Prije 9 sati
Well you know what they say. When there’s a new jake Paul song, listen to it on mute!
Zain Norman
Zain Norman Prije 9 sati
I am a big fan of jake i been watching him for a long time i am still his fan he songs are lit btw jake when can u fight ksi?
Josh Siatrez
Josh Siatrez Prije 9 sati
Autotune needs a credit
Sharlene Guerra
Sharlene Guerra Prije 10 sati
Ben Burgess
Ben Burgess Prije 10 sati
Sitting on 23 mill in IRS charges
pea pea
pea pea Prije 10 sati
this is cringe
Damian Gonzalez
Damian Gonzalez Prije 10 sati
What everybody is thinking listening to this song: *it’s good I just can’t take it serious*
Goldenminerkid HD
Goldenminerkid HD Prije 10 sati
Why people dislike this goldly music 🎶
Meade0305 Prije 11 sati
White kid eats the Travis Scott meal
Lucy Ibarra
Lucy Ibarra Prije 11 sati
When do you smoke
Adrian’s channel
Adrian’s channel Prije 11 sati
Haha so funny, I’ve been inspired y your videos to start making content of my own. Education comedy! Check it out if you get a chance!
meflows 3rd son
meflows 3rd son Prije 11 sati
This some vibes
Taylen Voller
Taylen Voller Prije 11 sati
This song trash
Jamie Games
Jamie Games Prije 11 sati
I’m scared this song is better than KSI loose and fresh outta London is better than lighter Btw I’m a ksi fan but jake Paul’s last two songs are better KSI’s two most recent songs
Finn Horner
Finn Horner Prije 11 sati
This makes me want to kill my dog
Kahlisss Prije 11 sati
*Drake’s Beard has entered the chat*
FH4 Gameplay
FH4 Gameplay Prije 12 sati
Elian R.M
Elian R.M Prije 12 sati
Give this to nba young boy or boogie
Typical Gamer
Typical Gamer Prije 12 sati
He acting like he gangsta
albart Prije 12 sati
playing this song on repeat 🗣‼️😭🙌
Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima Prije 12 sati
ok dude perfect
Tanya Sanchez
Tanya Sanchez Prije 12 sati
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Garage with 30000000000 0G
DH Animations
DH Animations Prije 12 sati
Why does this lowkey crank....
Shadmanul Evan
Shadmanul Evan Prije 13 sati
he talks about having more views than ksi . but its just ksi fans coming here to hit the dislike button
Kyle S
Kyle S Prije 13 sati
Am I the only one who remember this is the same guy who did “it’s everyday bro”. But he want ppl to think he’s writing his own lyrics now ....riiiiiiighhhtttt
JA Vlogs
JA Vlogs Prije 13 sati
elcuhsimple21 Prije 13 sati
You know little kids still watching you and you smoking 🚬
savage mane
savage mane Prije 13 sati
Tiger and the team 10
copy content
copy content Prije 13 sati
Haven't watched him since he made everyday bro he changed and I thought it was the dolphin sound when he cuss
Hamburber xdd
Hamburber xdd Prije 14 sati
My dog just got ran over, I thought his whine would be the most terrifying and ugly thing I've ever heard in my life, until I heard this song.
Juice_ ManTy
Juice_ ManTy Prije 15 sati
Ight Jake who wrote it…
Juliyon Knox-Gibbs
Juliyon Knox-Gibbs Prije 14 sati
It's a ghostwriter
Anele Ngwane
Anele Ngwane Prije 15 sati
Sheesh jake released another banger
Floss Bloss
Floss Bloss Prije 15 sati
Why does he look like tanner from dope or nope
Sleiman gaming 2244
Sleiman gaming 2244 Prije 15 sati
I love it so so so much😍🤗
Kanyae Zachary
Kanyae Zachary Prije 15 sati
Andrew Humphreys II 777
New one back yard lights on roof solar and battery bank
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Couch fort
Ethan Polkey
Ethan Polkey Prije 16 sati
If threre dugs im un subing
Tagen Etheridge
Tagen Etheridge Prije 16 sati
I kinda like this tbf. Helps listening to it without the forget it's Jake 😂
Darin Willett
Darin Willett Prije 16 sati
Yo this is like the only you tube song that I can jam to XD
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