James Charles & Tati DRAMA Explained!

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OMG the tea is THE HOTTEST it's EVER BEEN!!
Did James Charles just lose over 2 million subscribers!? We’ll tell you what’s going on and tell you why Jeffree Star just called James a “danger to society”. On April 22nd, James took to his insta story to promote Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins which, as some of you may know, is a direct competitor to Tati Westbrook’s Halo Beauty vitamins. Tati posted a video on HRvid on Friday that may have been the final blow to James career titled, “Bye Sisters.” It seems people are coming out to back up these stories. In a now deleted tweet, Jeffree Star said, “There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again, There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."" This whole thing has been a major hit to James as his subscriber count dropped drastically.
James Charles & Gage Coachella Drama Explained + Tana Response -
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Yessica Hernandez-Cruz @YessicaHC
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Written by Amanda Holland
Edited by Celene Ramadan

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13. Svi 2019.



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Komentari 80
Jonell Samara
Jonell Samara Prije 19 sati
I heard of James but, I never heard of Tati.
Adam Jackson
Adam Jackson Prije 20 sati
Why am I even watching this video? I could not care about this if I tried. Remind me why people pay attention to this?
Mr Milk memes
Mr Milk memes Prije dan
Never was😒
Hartley Blair
Hartley Blair Prije dan
Why am i here
How old is Tati?Mad because James got money for promoting vitamins without her seems like a 5 year old brat
Sup Prije 3 dana
This is so biased
Emma Noidh
Emma Noidh Prije 5 dana
can someone make a tv drama called “tik tok” where every episode is new drama. Ngl that would be interesting
James Brandon
James Brandon Prije 7 dana
democratic debate
Supreme Cj
Supreme Cj Prije 8 dana
Hello my cookies lovers 🍪
Shakeela Valy
Shakeela Valy Prije 8 dana
I never understand this fight
kat Prije 9 dana
been a year holyy
Ellie The Kitten
Ellie The Kitten Prije 10 dana
I'm still subscribed to James Charles because as Bob Ross once said, "there is no such thing as mistakes,just happy accidents," and the bible says to forgive and forget.
LotrKelly Prije 12 dana
High school drama at its zenith. Gay guys try to "conquer" str8 guys all the time.
Kendall Read.
Kendall Read. Prije 12 dana
I- she may have helped him a lot but he’s young and this GROWN woman really came at him like that just ain’t correct.
Amelia Prije 12 dana
*sigh* I miss the James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Tati Westbrook war.... *I MISS IT SO MUCH*
Gabriella Lambert
Gabriella Lambert Prije 12 dana
Remember when beauty gurus use to just do makeup.
all spaced out
all spaced out Prije 12 dana
I would feel betrayed too, but honestly Tati was overreacting lol
Derrick Quinn
Derrick Quinn Prije 13 dana
Omfg all of those txt messages where fake go see James’s video on the situation To see the real text messages he summarized the whole story and showed receipts which Tati didn’t and Tati needs help because this whole thing started because she was jealous because James promoted another brand other than hers which he didn’t have a choice because he was under a contract this whole thing was for nothing and Tati needs help PERIOD
Deron Bennett
Deron Bennett Prije 13 dana
This is not drama
Jessica Dupre
Jessica Dupre Prije 15 dana
Beauty is pain
Diane Nguyen
Diane Nguyen Prije 15 dana
They need to update this cuz their facts are wrong. Tati is not it.
klumpar HD
klumpar HD Prije 15 dana
Get your fax straight
kenjine Channel
kenjine Channel Prije 16 dana
Now what? Im not a fan of james Charles nor jefree but their sides are not explained appropriately where it must fairly just explaining. There's completely dragging here. Must change the title. jefree, tati and the internet vs james charles 🤔😒😂
Yasmin Jalali
Yasmin Jalali Prije 16 dana
They were fighting over stupid vitamins. Are you serious. I-
GamE FrEak
GamE FrEak Prije 16 dana
Tati is wrong here.
Will The Wise
Will The Wise Prije 18 dana
Okie this is weird
Gemma Roberts
Gemma Roberts Prije 18 dana
this was so sad to watch at the time ngl
emilie kisling
emilie kisling Prije 20 dana
Omg... I knew that Tati had blamed James for something, which I though she had a good reason for... But this brings it down on a whole new level. I never knew what they were arguing about, but... Seriously. Vitamins? Yes, James made a huge mistake. But he apologised to her, and SHE was the one, to not accept the apology. So the only thing I have to say, is: Shame on all of those who unsubscribed to James, and blamed him for something that small, which was actually Tatis fault, became such a huge thing on youtube, and social media. I still love both of them, not trying to make any of them look bad, AND I'M NOT HATING SO DON'T COMMENT ANYTHING ABOUT THAT, but I just don't think that this was fair of Tati, to do to James. And not fair from any of those who unsubscribed to him.
Crackhead Culture
Crackhead Culture Prije 20 dana
*_I lOvE tHe BeAuTy CoMmUnItY_*
YOU LIKE JAZZ Prije 20 dana
Fighting over gummies!!! 😩 THIS IS SAD!
Just for Music
Just for Music Prije 22 dana
You could tell Tati just wanted a reason to dislik him and I’m friend him b/c you could tell he a true friend and even if he didn’t like you he wouldn’t be petty and get sponsored by your rival brand She jumped and took any chance to dislike him
KITTY X3 Prije 22 dana
BECAUSE OF FUCKING PILLS...........Tati........poor James 🥺🥺
Bruh all I can think is “All of this happened over some vitamins......r e a l l y”
Nour Elibrahim
Nour Elibrahim Prije 23 dana
Anyone here after a year of this !
Sydnee Hill
Sydnee Hill Prije 24 dana
all over some gummies... i-
Paulette Grimes
Paulette Grimes Prije 24 dana
I like Tati and enjoy her posts. She doesn’t play favorites but also doesn’t bash. Still a fan
Cream Cake
Cream Cake Prije 24 dana
I think Tati is a bit of a drama queen..
Kalee Jiminez
Kalee Jiminez Prije 25 dana
Over some damn vitamins -_-
Chichopuente Prije 26 dana
So Joe Exotic pulled a James Charles?
Vilas N
Vilas N Prije 26 dana
*Malayalam HRvid beauty community de avasta kand vannavar undo* 👍👍
Terri Chicky Gallegos
Terri Chicky Gallegos Prije 27 dana
Stupid all stupid she needs to grow the f up love ya James ❤️❤️❤️❤️
TheCookingNerd Prije 27 dana
You guys Tati and her husband helped James so much. Why is everyone bashing pore Tati. Without her James wouldn’t be famous
Wild Vince
Wild Vince Prije 28 dana
So because james tried to meet with a staright guy and also sponsored some vietemins he is considered a danger to sociaty and lost 2 million subs LMAO
Wild Vince
Wild Vince Prije 28 dana
James: *gets sponsored* Tati: Omg you batrayed me Lol what even is this like who cares. Ahes just like omg you sponsor a competing brand
Han-Nhien Bui Blogs
Han-Nhien Bui Blogs Prije 28 dana
*love* Her just *ZIPPING* out of the camera at the end! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Larisa Dominiak
Larisa Dominiak Prije mjesec
I can't believe this! THEY ARE FIGHTING OVER VITAMINS! And it was not right for 2 grown adults to come after James, he should not have to put up with this shit. He apologized and did everything he could! 😑😢
Colleen’s Cookie
Colleen’s Cookie Prije mjesec
Ok, I’m against James harassing Gage, but I’m on his side for the vitamin thing.
Olivia Hammack
Olivia Hammack Prije mjesec
When James Charles now has more subscribers than Tati...
Ana Andrade
Ana Andrade Prije mjesec
I have a theory: I wonder if Tati just didn't want to be his friend anymore, but didn't want to look like the bad guy. So, she saw the opportunity to say goodbye with this whole vitamin scandal.
Skylee Jeffrey
Skylee Jeffrey Prije mjesec
I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone that watched all the controversy videos that this was all bullshit. They got mad at James over petty shit and tons of ppl hopped on the bandwagon. I’ve never even been A huge fan of him until recently. I always liked Jeffree and Tati but now I’m not a big fan of Tati cuz what she did was the pettiest shit ever
Aisha smith
Aisha smith Prije mjesec
it’s not just vitamins, it’s her money
lazar gaming
lazar gaming Prije mjesec
I haven’t watched any of their videos but I was bored and wanted to see what all this drama was about cause we in quarantine people
emily evelyn june
emily evelyn june Prije mjesec
james has about double her subscribers. i think i heard about tati ONCE before all this drama. it doesn’t matter how you feel about this, james is on a different level edit: wait this was about vitamins!? k this was a little much. like come on
swati sucharita
swati sucharita Prije mjesec
I still didn't get what happened !! That's pretty stupid and looks like James had 2m stupid subscribers 😄😄
Alina’s Art Corner
I love Sister James nonetheless
Carrie Lee
Carrie Lee Prije mjesec
OK if y’all are saying he’s a danger to society, i’m expecting to see sister beating the shit out of some money and then bribing them with money and not telling one that he beat them so bad. I know it’s just this petty 12-year-old old BS
Adam Sinclair
Adam Sinclair Prije mjesec
oxygen thieves the lot of them
Oran Curran
Oran Curran Prije mjesec
I still stan James Charles forever
Devin Reid
Devin Reid Prije mjesec
Well, he's at 18.4 MILLION subscribers now on May 1, 2020. That's more than he had before the drama ... so was this whole thing just a plot to get him more followers? And can we just talk about how sad it is that people get so worked up because he had some people unsubscribe from his channel when he still had 15.8 MILLION people following him ... Also, sorry, but how do you make someone question their sexuality? Pretty sure if he convinced you you might be gay it's cuz you were probably a little gay to begin with. Anyone else a little tired of the constant pointless drama?
lil_Køøkíè_Bêár OwO
Why else remember Yessica (SSSnipperWolf)
Sydney Philipson
Sydney Philipson Prije mjesec
This is completely targeted at James and is missing so many details, you cannot be a news channel if you are so biased.
Joobin Bighit family
@ʙᴀᴍʙɪ the tea man ,,,it was really unfair to james , its 40 min long but trust me a whole drama gets concluded
ʙᴀᴍʙɪ Prije 13 dana
so... what happened actually? i'm kinda confused rn because i've always seen literally everyone talking how james needs to be blamed because he made a mistake blah blah but here ppl mostly talk how tati just wanted attention
Disneydude magic
Disneydude magic Prije mjesec
The Dragonborn
The Dragonborn Prije mjesec
Emily Munos
Emily Munos Prije mjesec
Karma’s a b*ch hu now Tati spread those rumors and now James has twice as many subscribers than tati
Malu Morales
Malu Morales Prije mjesec
Bruh, ok, so James lost more than a million subs just for having a crush on a straight person and for promoting gummies... Ok, so first of all, (me being personally a person that is part of the LGBTQ+ community) I think that it is something normal for us to have a crush on a straight person, it happens, you know? James was just flirting with him because he thought he could make him gay, and again, this is something that some of us (LGBT+ community people) do because the "straight" person was questioning their sexuality, but ofc, they both have to know each other more. So, long story short James had a crush on the dude, he thought the dude was flirting back, but wasn't...That's a mistake that we all do Second of all, Tati was being overexaggerated, like, for example, there was this one time that Tati uploaded a video called "Get ready with me" and got 100k views on the first hour instead of 1m views and compared to the others this was a drastic change, but her being her ungrateful self, she posted a video on her snap and ain't saying that she was going to delete the video (which she did) and made a big deal out of it, she said she thought it was "the beginning of the end". So it doesn't surprise me her acting like a five-year-old and making a big deal out of something that James APOLOGIZED for. Third of all... I don't have much to say about this, but Jeffree Star saying that James is a "danger to society" is absolutely ridiculous. Like c'mon Jeffree Star is a 34-year-old, Tati is a 38-year-old and they're coming at a 20-year-old (James Charles)????
Adiyy Mothalif
Adiyy Mothalif Prije mjesec
Btw james more up now 😍
Raven calamity
Raven calamity Prije mjesec
I dont really see what James has done wronged tho except for that make out thing but not for the gummies
Aisha Ahary
Aisha Ahary Prije mjesec
Sorry Tati sister James 4life you mess with her you mess with me we are sisters we stick together
Pug Sara
Pug Sara Prije mjesec
this is the most ridiculous thing tu ever be in drama!! like 2 mil thought he was the bad guy but like honey, it is just vitamins!! yes some things james does i don’t agree with but hey idk just don’t get sooo mad over vitamins
Miraculousmoana Prije mjesec
Bruh! Look at em now, I’m soooo proud of my sister
M a d s 1 1
M a d s 1 1 Prije mjesec
I’m soooo confused with this can someone help me 😅 Who did what wrong? Did Tati do something bad? And I’m still subscribed I don’t really know what to think can someone help😂😅
Wenzel Rosales
Wenzel Rosales Prije mjesec
Dang y’all be fighting for vitamins? And i thought the Kids at my Middle School are childish. 😒
Deleted .-.
Deleted .-. Prije mjesec
James gave Tati the biggest uno reverse in history
Laura Ruano
Laura Ruano Prije mjesec
I think that james and the waiter are both guilty. PERIOD👏
K P Prije mjesec
*Whatever, the beauty community is literally a clown.*
Maeva Kister
Maeva Kister Prije mjesec
i love James Charls he is my idol
Josie Wattenbarger
Josie Wattenbarger Prije mjesec
Its a vitamin🙄😒
Sofia Tantorieas
Sofia Tantorieas Prije mjesec
Alright this shit pisses me off if the guy agreed to going in the hotel room with james I am sorry he is gay. You cant kiss another guy and say your not gay that shit does not make sense to me. Another thing is that james is a pricky person who thinks bc he is gay that he can do whatever he wants. I am not saying that I dont like gays i have a few gay and lesbian friends but james charles is doing too much. The only reason I dont like him is bc of his cockiness and the urge to manipulate straight men but the waiter was gay if he went to the room with him end of fucking story
can spill the tea if you want
Tati is a grown ass woman fighting with a teenager
SystemDemon Prije mjesec
I would say pyre the gay as they did in the middle ages with the witches
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