James Charles & Tati DRAMA Explained!

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OMG the tea is THE HOTTEST it's EVER BEEN!!
Did James Charles just lose over 2 million subscribers!? We’ll tell you what’s going on and tell you why Jeffree Star just called James a “danger to society”. On April 22nd, James took to his insta story to promote Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins which, as some of you may know, is a direct competitor to Tati Westbrook’s Halo Beauty vitamins. Tati posted a video on HRvid on Friday that may have been the final blow to James career titled, “Bye Sisters.” It seems people are coming out to back up these stories. In a now deleted tweet, Jeffree Star said, “There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again, There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."" This whole thing has been a major hit to James as his subscriber count dropped drastically.
James Charles & Gage Coachella Drama Explained + Tana Response -
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Yessica Hernandez-Cruz @YessicaHC
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Written by Amanda Holland
Edited by Celene Ramadan

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Komentari 100
Almira K
Almira K Prije 17 minuta
Yaelaaa mangapasi wkwkwk gue pikir kenapa anjir mereka😂
Kimberly Santos
Kimberly Santos Prije 19 minuta
What I don’t understand is why Tati waited for James to promote another brand to denounce him. I mean, if she knew that his behavior towards straight men was blameworthy, why would she be friends with him? It felt like she wanted revenge, like “he stabbed me in the back AND he sexually harasses other people so side with me” Why why why did you wait to report this? I have no idea who to believe 😅
Mythical Prije 23 minuta
Pewdiepie and T series: We have the best fight ever! James Charles and Tati: hold my makeup
CLARYT E.McGreevy Prije 25 minuta
Where I come from, a little healthy competition is encouraged, but, not by your friends... Tut Tut James...not good buddy
Mike p
Mike p Prije 37 minuta
Damn so this is why there are so many memes. Dramatic bitches be like "oh what? He apologized? I'mma make him pay"
Emma Leigh
Emma Leigh Prije 39 minuta
I just subscribed
Kenna Arie
Kenna Arie Prije 44 minuta
yes i’m still subbed. i mean he’s still a person, and we all make mistakes. yes it was a pretty bad thing that he did, but he still has a long life ahead of him. he also blew up the internet and yt community when he first came out. don’t even lie he inspired soo many ppl considering she had the many subs
Eloquent Blogger
Eloquent Blogger Prije 47 minuta
Why I am reading tati in hindi. What is wrong with me. well it means shit in hindi.
Ellen Kapl
Ellen Kapl Prije 41 sekunde
Really?? 😂
Kim Possible
Kim Possible Prije 51 minute
Vincent Pallasigui
Vincent Pallasigui Prije 55 minuta
he atacc he protecc but most importantly *hes* *subscriber* are *comming* *bacc*
Lily Cunningham
Lily Cunningham Prije 56 minuta
Logan Paul passed down the baton for the most hated HRvidr to James Charles .
halmrkcrdz2 Prije sat
Y'all are a bunch of drama queens, can anyone name 3 wars happening right now?
EdiIsDooDoo Prije sat
You just got fooled unawesomeness tv!
Natasha Singogo
Natasha Singogo Prije sat
All of this drama for vitamins
Potatoes Prije sat
I was never subscribed to James Charles so... I never watched a video of his. When I found out about this on pewds' channel, I searched him up and saw this video. Honestly I don't really care if he lost much subs. (Sorry if this seems harsh.)
Xx_PastelLove _
Xx_PastelLove _ Prije sat
I hope they become friends again, if they do hopefully James Charles will become better
Hannah L
Hannah L Prije sat
Seriously that’s what all the drama is. Gees that’s pathetic
Yass Gurl
Yass Gurl Prije sat
This is soo stupid I swear I want to punch TATI like wtf it's so petty, then it got personal 😡😡😡
Raphael Jager
Raphael Jager Prije sat
Hye sisturrrr
Jung kookie BTS
Jung kookie BTS Prije sat
ughh, i can't take all this DRAMA
gypsy2112 Prije sat
So basically Twati is pissed cuz he reped another brand. Lol. But she call dis people all she ie emilynoell83. Sit down bitch.
edsparkable Prije sat
I'm watching this video because I have no idea who James Charles as and now I realize that I don't give a shit
Emily Torres
Emily Torres Prije sat
This drama is dumb.. Isn't tati like 32?
Sophia Xoxo
Sophia Xoxo Prije sat
So all this started because James gave a shoutout to a rival company of Tati wow
Kisha's Empire
Kisha's Empire Prije sat
This whole situation should be titled......"Vitamin Drama"...If this Drama is about Vitamins where is the waiter story even coming from, why is off topic stories being exposed, doesn't even make sense at all.
Aya Unicorn savage
Yes because everyone deserves a second chance and no one is perfect so I will always support him
Rezok. 7
Rezok. 7 Prije 2 sati
Right now James Charles is 14M
shilpi shakya
shilpi shakya Prije 2 sati
M i the only one who thinks this is just getting exaggerated!!
Rosie Jeffs
Rosie Jeffs Prije 2 sati
sorry i think that you are leaving alot of details love there is two sides to every story and was wrong to go publically as you have been caught out lieing
Kris Freestone
Kris Freestone Prije 2 sati
Never been subscribed to him, but am to Tati.
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa Prije 2 sati
This is such feminine garbage.
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Prije 2 sati from indonesia.😊😊
ItsKeyden Roblox
ItsKeyden Roblox Prije 3 sati
I subscribed to him 5 minutes ago
Gabriel Stradivarius
Thanks for this video, now I can understand why my instagram feed is so full of a face of a guy I don't know shit about
Crystal S. Ng'andwe
Crystal S. Ng'andwe Prije 3 sati
I've never liked James Charles and this has made me hate him even more
Ashley Shehan
Ashley Shehan Prije 3 sati
I have no idea what this is about all I know is that James has child and she's a grown-ass adult so let's way that out for a second let's ponder that 😕
Journey With Bess
Journey With Bess Prije 3 sati
Is there a monopoly on selling gummies that I'm not aware of?
Dayang Anis
Dayang Anis Prije 3 sati
Wait what?? James just like post tati product,,, but tati feel betrayed?? TFFFF
Aang Yang
Aang Yang Prije 4 sati
Being a sexual predator is always not a good look for a CELEBRITY/or anyone period. Dear James, it's not pretty to be a sexual predator even though you're a celeb, he caused drama to himself
Anuj Kashyap
Anuj Kashyap Prije 4 sati
The most stupid and dramatic overly exaggerated incident on HRvid wtf.
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Prije 4 sati
oh god james subscribers literally went down like the titanic
Steven Shores
Steven Shores Prije 4 sati
This is over fucking vitamins?! And gay people making universally bad decisions. I appreciate you summing this up, but vitamins?
Jolika Janssen
Jolika Janssen Prije 4 sati
Cherrybeanie same
Cherrybeanie same Prije 5 sati
Am having the biggest eyeroll of my life. 🙄🙄 Adults have no excuse to have social media drama 🤣 leave the kid alone, get off social media and be an adult.
Yajayra Perez
Yajayra Perez Prije 5 sati
I'm still sub to sister James I love him
Nilkanta Mondal
Nilkanta Mondal Prije 5 sati
I don't care these shit but I suppoort James Charles as he apologized @jamescharles
Lowen Marshall Morgan
I never did subbed to james or Tati... I was curious about this whole drama about a maniac forcing straight people to be Gay type shit. It was intriguing, so I decided to do a little bit of a research for my own curiosity. In my personal opinion, James fucked up big time.
GoshaPlays Prije 5 sati
Bruh people are over reacting. why do ya’ll care so much? Sensation hoe’s.
Xx Kez
Xx Kez Prije 5 sati
HE GAIBED SUBS HES AT 14 mil now 😃
LebieBron James
LebieBron James Prije 5 sati
Still subscribe? I don't even know who James Charles is? PS: PewDiePie brought me here
ArtSurgery Prije 5 sati
Why am I even here? 😂 I don't even give a damn about the beauty community. Yet... holy shit is this incident overly exaggerated...
YAL Production
YAL Production Prije 6 sati
Over vitamins and I thought I was petty
sandy Prije 6 sati
This all was 'cause of some vitamins 😒 ..... what the heck
Knowledge Seeker 78
Knowledge Seeker 78 Prije 6 sati
I'm confused...only beautiful person I see pushing make up is Rihanna...why are all these hard in the face people associated with beauty?
Khushboo Mehta
Khushboo Mehta Prije 6 sati
I will still subscribe
BOSS S Prije 6 sati
Oh my good James is better on Tati Tati is bichhhhhhhhhhhh
Delilah Villafuerte
Delilah Villafuerte Prije 6 sati
sometimes i think that this whole thing is a movie,with all these youtube people involved in this drama
burkminipup Prije 6 sati
Lost nearly 3M subscribers, but think of all the people that never heard of him, and now his name is everywhere. Not all celebrities have to be liked.
Arkatoria Neon
Arkatoria Neon Prije 7 sati
This is bs .. they are tearing him apart for nothing .. I hope James Charles is the only one with a career
Sammy Biswas
Sammy Biswas Prije 7 sati
Seriously....the ammount of time people have in their hand to support them. I seriously have no words but to show compassion to their ill developped brain.
Alexandria Hughes
Alexandria Hughes Prije 7 sati
Thank you so much for that fast recap!! I wanted to watch the video from Tati but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it for 43 minutes. Does any one agree?!?
Lisa Fuller
Lisa Fuller Prije 7 sati
Being friends with these two children would give me a headache.
Tf Fu
Tf Fu Prije 7 sati
James was going to far
penelope pittstopp
penelope pittstopp Prije 7 sati
Who the F is this dude james?.....not everyone knows or cares.
peace la
peace la Prije 7 sati
I subscribed to James after this drama.. I'm a sister now !
Padhmaavathy KS
Padhmaavathy KS Prije 7 sati
So it is all because of... some.... vitamins!!!!!! Tf mate this community is so messed up lmao
Chane Rd
Chane Rd Prije 7 sati
Childisness ... 🙄
Nebula Jo
Nebula Jo Prije 7 sati
I thought he drugged somebody or something, this was a waste of my life 😂😂😂
Soniya Patil
Soniya Patil Prije 7 sati
Make video on his side of story can't watch 41mins too
avenger Prije 8 sati
Why am I even here 🤔
Киля Prije 8 sati
Can someone explain to me on simple words what happened?
nadine friedman
nadine friedman Prije 8 sati
iron your shirt ???
alayna jenkins
alayna jenkins Prije 9 sati
Ghost_ Alpha
Ghost_ Alpha Prije 9 sati
I never even new who James Charles was
Jordie Ann
Jordie Ann Prije 9 sati
Lol who’s here after James Charles UNO reverse card against Tati?
Justin Carpenter
Justin Carpenter Prije 9 sati
The globalist did it. They destroyed man.
Ebiru2387 Prije 9 sati
All this drama because of a douche flirting and vitamins? Wow....
AmandaAnimatesStuff :3
I don’t have 2 million subs to lose so I’m fine lol.
Georg Coleman
Georg Coleman Prije 9 sati
I support Tati 100% I’m so sorry Tati what happened to u 💗💗😥
Jcdida 14
Jcdida 14 Prije 9 sati
What? This drama is stupid!
Myra Ramsey
Myra Ramsey Prije 9 sati
Yeah, I am , but yikes.
Cade sucks peepee
Cade sucks peepee Prije 9 sati
Most of the things were petty and stupid but he's giving the lgbt community an even worse name so 💋 bye 👋👋👋
mamaboo cee
mamaboo cee Prije 9 sati
OMG, there are so many more important things in this world than who is promoting what. It seems that BOTH vitamin companies won on this free explosion of exposure, and these two otherwise intelligent people should stop fighting and demand more money for themselves. There is no law that says we have to use only one brand of vitamin, how much you wanna bet people went out and bought both? Wake up people, life is far to short for this misery.
izzy earp
izzy earp Prije 10 sati
i never liked him
Karlie Bailey
Karlie Bailey Prije 10 sati
We still need to understand that James thinks like a guy still😂But no hate against guys. Only girls will understand this😂Comment what you think
Ngo Cherie
Ngo Cherie Prije 10 sati
Watchout James Charles Latest video to know understand the truth. Thanks to James for letting the people know about whole controversial messed up things which James was facing.
Sponge bob
Sponge bob Prije 10 sati
When watching this i thought that she was talking fast but then i actually realised that i forgot to turn off the speed mode when i was watcing the J.chrls video"tati" while scrolling the comment..
Dog Person818
Dog Person818 Prije 10 sati
ok when i found out this was about vitamins i lost about all my brain cells.
Zack Clarke
Zack Clarke Prije 10 sati
They need to drop a diss track on each other or box or some HRvid stuff
Raibu Prije 10 sati
Ok lots of love to jeffree but uh I'm pretty sure he's tried to seduce straight men as well :/
• M o o n l i g h t•
Liz Mc
Liz Mc Prije 11 sati
See what fame and money does!! Glad Im a nobody haha....True family and friends that's what it comes down to boo!
apple yap
apple yap Prije 11 sati
I feel bad to James Charles. I wish he's doing fine
Wolfy-Gacha :3
Wolfy-Gacha :3 Prije 11 sati
I feel really bad for James it get really stupid drama it’s not a big deal
Raven Peyton
Raven Peyton Prije 11 sati
Im still confused about everything he was just being weird and talking to straight men and showing he liked a nother brand other than tati
Inez McDougall
Inez McDougall Prije 11 sati!
Yunqing Long
Yunqing Long Prije 11 sati
unpopular opinion: tati wouldnt have given a shit about james hitting on straight boys if he just didnt sponsor the her rival vitamins idk she kinda overreacted like im on her side and james manipulating straight boys is actually gross but i have a lowkey feeling that all of this was about some damn vitamins
Kikipups Prije 11 sati
James betraying Tati is like Anikan betraying Obi wan Kenobi
sr. xivi
sr. xivi Prije 11 sati
Adam was made for Eve not Steve
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