Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk

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Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

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20. Svi 2020.



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Lost Dutchman Leather
Lost Dutchman Leather Prije 13 sati
Joe "do you read the comments??" Rogan
Zach Holt
Zach Holt Prije 14 sati
Get Rodney Mullen next, or maybe Matt Hoffman that would be sick. Matt Hoffman invented nearly everything for freestyle bmx. Obviously hes known for his big air, but he revolutionized the street discipline as well.
DonLincoln TheDemon
DonLincoln TheDemon Prije 14 sati stay woke
Captain Dethwish
Captain Dethwish Prije 14 sati
Big money idea : Tony Hawk testosterone commercial. I don’t skate like I use to? At this age I am definitely having trouble with endurance.
Hellraiser Pinhead
Hellraiser Pinhead Prije 14 sati
Tony hawk is a cool dude. Very honest and just does what he loves. Have to respect that.
bardyl08 Prije 15 sati
Get Rodney Mullen on next, interesting guy.
Jesse Lauch
Jesse Lauch Prije 15 sati
“Like it was never going to end” - 33 years later he’s still killing it
Jarthen Greenmeadow
Jarthen Greenmeadow Prije 16 sati
Joe not having a skateboard and telling him to kickflip on the table is an opportunity missed.
Obsidian Monolith
Obsidian Monolith Prije 16 sati
I want to see Tony Hawk and Joe Rogan smoke a blunt
Chase Hildebrand
Chase Hildebrand Prije 17 sati
Tony Hawk is one of those wholesome humans that must be protected at all costs.
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson Prije 18 sati
We need bam margera on here
Jason Crain
Jason Crain Prije 19 sati
My new favorite episode. So awesome to see the Birdman here.
xpirate16 Prije 19 sati
This Tony kid is really gonna be something special when he grows up :D
SeanRorke Prije 19 sati
Tiny Hawk Pro Skater 4 on the PS2🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ThirtyfourEC Prije 19 sati
21:00 (so I can come back later)
Mike Sanchez
Mike Sanchez Prije 19 sati
Bruh I took a brain pill once and I kept hearing weird clicking noises and never took any again lol like It didn't make me trip out or nothing but i got a headache and kept hearing the clicking noises so never gave any other different kind a trytoo know if any are actually good lol
Herb Tea
Herb Tea Prije 19 sati
Tony Hawk called it... the skaters unified and emptied the pit.
James Branch
James Branch Prije 20 sati
"Oh, I love San Diego" Proceeds to only talk about La Jolla
Mike Sanchez
Mike Sanchez Prije 20 sati
Lords of dogtown lol only some will know haha
Sarah Oleson
Sarah Oleson Prije 20 sati
So no one is gonna mention that one piece of hair sticking out of the birdmans head?
Dylan Rowland
Dylan Rowland Prije 20 sati
Hows Chad muska? Tony , I always picked him
Dylan Rowland
Dylan Rowland Prije 20 sati
N u
Dylan Rowland
Dylan Rowland Prije 20 sati
A fly landed on were I licked my joint out. N ate like min a half fell out n hit the door
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams Prije 20 sati
Joe "you're training wrong" Rogan
Daniel Adams
Daniel Adams Prije 20 sati
Took joe 40 mins to bring up mma i'm proud.
Phil Prije 20 sati
The fact this man has made $140m riding a skate board is awesome. I love this country.
Cardboard Recycling
Cardboard Recycling Prije 20 sati
Tony "I almost drowned surfing in Hawaii after wiping out on a 20 ft wave and getting caught in the under-toe....Joe "oh yeh, WELL... my buddy set the temp on his sauna to 250º " AWESOME ! LOVE U JOE
KimJongGoosby Prije 18 sati
Lol it’s the same guy. Laird Hamilton took Tony out which is why he mention the sauna. Just another example he gave of how extreme laird was.
Chris Maki
Chris Maki Prije 20 sati
Tony Hawk is the love child of tony hingecliff and ellen degeneres
philip hawker
philip hawker Prije 21 sat
i love how tony hawk is 52 and genuinely talks in the cliche, so cal, grungy surfer/skater guy tone. like "get pitted brah. gnarly this gnarly that brah. totally sick brah". it's like he coined it. i love it
Christian Melendez
Christian Melendez Prije 21 sat
Joe pandering to his guests again. Tony obeying pandemic rules and Joe says nothing. When his right wing buddies are on he is all gung-ho about when they say I’m not wearing a mask its in the 215th amendment that says I don’t have to wear one!
Sean K.
Sean K. Prije 21 sat
Nice Richard Pryor shirt joe!
Midlands Mayhem
Midlands Mayhem Prije 21 sat
Tony Hawk really doesn't give himself enough credit for reigniting skateboarding in the 90s, most British kids had never heard of x games but soon as Tony hawks skateboarding came out for the ps1, boom everyone skated
Midlands Mayhem
Midlands Mayhem Prije 21 sat
Also matt Hoffman for the bmx scene
PG Jordaan
PG Jordaan Prije 21 sat
The coolest thing I ever saw was at 32 minutes in, when Tony Hawk took a moment to brag how cool his brother is and how proud he is of him.
Lou Rivera
Lou Rivera Prije 21 sat
Who remembers officer Dick from the video game?
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan Prije 22 sati
Man if I wasn't 10 minutes late to my local skatepark I could of met him
Perrie Facts
Perrie Facts Prije 22 sati
Joe doesn't know any other skateboarder? Ryan Sheckler? Rob Dyrdek?
anthony cope
anthony cope Prije 22 sati
Rogan: is there a problem with CTE Hawk: I don't really know Me: MIRRA!!!! Not sure anyone ever looked into him that deep but he would be candidate number 1 to have been checked many of these guys are just getting into that late 40's early 50's when these long term things start to manifest
MouseK801 Prije 22 sati
3:09 Joe is channeling my mom right there.
John P
John P Prije 22 sati
You guys live in Comiefornia. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. The light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train heading your way.
djsjjd15 Prije 23 sati
I'm a long-time fan of Joe and I started skating in the late 80s, so Tony Hawk is a hero since I was 12. Sadly, this is one of Joe's more boring podcasts, which is evidenced by the short run time - usually Joe goes much longer with a guest. Goes to show that Joe should maybe take 30 minutes to prepare for a guest because his unfamiliarity ruined this podcast. Half of this show was Joe playing personal trainer/supplement salesman. If Joe is going to be Spotify's $100 million man and do this for another 10 years, he's going to need to learn to connect with guests outside of his wheelhouse and that starts with preparation. You can't wing everything.
brandon sanders
brandon sanders Prije 23 sati
i used to skate with a marine who taught me how to fall into a roll kinda like you see the military do. saved my ass a ton and bumped that adrenaline up a bit more
leftfoot11499 Prije 23 sati
Tony hawk is how we got our skatepark. Awesome dude
bluberrybrah Prije 23 sati
Tony Hawk is still a fucking legend
Joanna Prije dan
Joe: Did you ever try the Iron Neck? Tony: I've tried it and it's a bit awkward... Joe: You should try it
candyapu3 Prije dan
I wish Jeff Grosso could of come on here :/
SerHumanoLozano Prije dan
An example of working out for SKATEBOARDING would be ANDREW REYNOLDS watch "The Madness" here on HRvid and listen to how his team mates talk about him stretching, working out, and eating healthy just to get tricks.
Joanna Prije dan
He must be talking about Tas Pappas when he talks about someone calling him a cheater.
brandon salvador
Joe needs to interview more action sports athletes because he is so unaware of whats goin on. Skiing, snowboarding, more skate, etc.
DCfromtheV Prije dan
3:30 Rodney Mullen happened.
October 17 Lefty Jason
Only 2 white boyz i respect . Tony hawk eminem
Blair Williams
Blair Williams Prije dan
Can we get tony back again in the future cause he’s so interesting and probably has many more stories to tell
Aareezy Prije dan
I would love to see Mike Vallely on the show
Vlad R
Vlad R Prije dan
I'm Tony Hawk. If I'm wearing a mask - you have to wear one.
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Prije dan
I love how even tho that dude hated on tony. He still respectfully said he fell on hard times! What an OG!
Vinny Prije dan
Rodney Mullen FTW
jayden gray
jayden gray Prije dan
You's need to watch all this mayhem, Tony hawk was a snake and snuck his way to the top, he kicked tas pappas from x games because he was the first to land the 900 and Tony wanted to be the first
Galen Carr
Galen Carr Prije dan
Man I've been skating carbon fiber mixed decks by way of Powell Peralta for a while now. Crazy Joe would think that's the answer when it Is. And crazy Tony didn't mention Peralta and almost with the carbon fiber layered decks they are great.
Galen Carr
Galen Carr Prije dan
*not saying he isn't the biggest name
Galen Carr
Galen Carr Prije dan
Not saying Tony hawk is and always will be the biggest name in skating of course
jayden gray
jayden gray Prije dan
I wish joe asked questions about Ben and Tas Pappas
Ethan Dale
Ethan Dale Prije dan
Tony Hawk is the most humble and kind celebrity I can think of. Notice how there’s not a single negative thing that comes out of his mouth the whole podcast. Gotta love this guy.
Santino Rodriguez
joe get Bam margera on the show
Barney Clifton
Barney Clifton Prije dan Don't worry about giving people the coronavirus unless you've been in contact with someone who has SYMPTOMS.
MikeDindu Prije dan
So here I am doing everything I can, getting older all the time, but getting younger in my mind
Jonathan Golas
Jonathan Golas Prije dan
He must be talking about Tas Pappas when he talks about someone calling him a cheater.
Clipp45 Prije dan
This game is exclusive to epic games on pc. WTF
Wannabe Racecar Driver
Tony Hawk is in my all time top 10 people, wish I could meet him. He was such a big part of my childhood.
Marsha A
Marsha A Prije dan
he looks like this guy at a locale shop i talk with in hindsight. tony is aging great. keep up the good work. good interview guys. like the supplement chats
So wholesome, enjoyed it from start to finish
Tha_Candymann Prije dan
Bruh can they stop talking about San Diego it’s making me want Mexican food 😂😂
MrKruz3 Prije dan
KladivoPad Prije dan
Lol Rogan Ethiopia is like the next world superpower. More than 100 million people, large investments from China and Turkey...
Dageki Gaming
Dageki Gaming Prije dan
jackmurak Prije dan
Christian hosoi!
Ebrandt Prije dan
Joe HAS to have Nelk on
chris slack
chris slack Prije dan
Miguel Ferro
Miguel Ferro Prije dan
I like how Joe Rogan doesn t even react when SOTM TONY HAWK tells him hes coach used to be Stacy fuckin Peralta... I like the podcast but cmoooooon
Michael Rocha
Michael Rocha Prije dan
Yeah, but Spotify though
Willy Bonkers
Willy Bonkers Prije dan
Tony Hawk was THE MAN when I was a youngin' , deserves respect for sure :) never has left the scene !
Keith KO Olson
Keith KO Olson Prije dan
Love Tony's attitude and humility
Grant George
Grant George Prije dan
I watched this interview and the other one with the prison dude and also the Kevin Hart interview...Joe, you got me fucked up today much inspiration I can't deal, I was literally in tears for the last two hours, just started crying again now when tony spoke about the girls in Afghanistan. your awesome and the show is awesome...all the way from South Afrika, thank you thank you so much!!!
Monkey _ish
Monkey _ish Prije dan
Man that's some "spit shine" shining coming of Joe's head right there
Psycho Bunny
Psycho Bunny Prije dan
why only 1:42 we deserved more of this :(
Broc Westmeyer
Broc Westmeyer Prije dan
I would seriously like to see Travis Pastrana on here
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