Joe Rogan Experience #1516 - Post Malone

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Post Malone is a singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. @Post Malone

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29. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 60
Tim Carew
Tim Carew Prije 19 minuta
"You know what I mean?" "I do know what you mean."
Rohansingh Kandra
Rohansingh Kandra Prije 23 minuta
What's the name of the song they are talking about in the beginning ?
Rei Bob
Rei Bob Prije 37 minuta
Wow post malone refering nekrogobliklon. But john goblikon is not the vocalist. He's just a mascot.
david vezina
david vezina Prije 38 minuta
i just saw that video with the centipede wtf bro how can you sleep at night gnowing this lives in your house
Arthur Dutson
Arthur Dutson Prije 42 minuta
Don’t do drugs kids.
Bradley Mcginnis
Bradley Mcginnis Prije 46 minuta
Take a shot for every time they say “ weird “
Ricky Clark
Ricky Clark Prije 47 minuta
I will never drive a fully autonomous car - Post Malone neither will anyone else lol
Dylaan Cannon
Dylaan Cannon Prije 55 minuta
Never talk about fight club.
Dee Loc
Dee Loc Prije 55 minuta
Who says they don't want to be in shape? Lol
Bagzhan Sadvakassov
Canada. Just stop.
Jason Valdez
Jason Valdez Prije sat
1:09:07 “Those lateral incisors”
Tony Mondola
Tony Mondola Prije sat
So I got in a fight during football practice early in Highschool with a varsity player then got kicked out of Athletics right after because the head coach was pissed that I won. I say this because Posty reminds me of being surprised when I was moved into P.E. for the first time since elementary and found some interesting yet talented people of all types in there!
Adi Prije sat
that was... good
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Prije sat
Badger and Skinny Pete give this episode a rating of Church Yo
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Prije sat
When Posty says “why don’t you crack that one open, and let’s really get into it”, you fuckin crack that shit open and get ready to really get into it no questions asked!
AlexTheRed1985 Prije sat
This podcast made me search for NEKROGOBLICON
Molly Imler
Molly Imler Prije sat
I had no idea how thorough Post Malone was until this podcast. He seems refreshingly self aware and hip to the post-post modern, digital, anti-humanist future his generation is being forced to usher into existence.
Glenn Tupper
Glenn Tupper Prije sat
A dream of mine is to be on your show to talk about my adventure flying from Texas to Argentina!!! We can talk about all the aliens I saw along the way! Haha Can't wait to see you in Charlotte!
Marcos Dominguez
Jaime don't like joe ever do a pod cast again when he is this loaded. Puro bla bla bla. Fkn lost me 1st 5mins of video but came back 4days later 2 give it another chance and nope.......still b.s!!!
Ty McLeod
Ty McLeod Prije sat
Damn. Watched Posty struggle In a closest to being on Joe Rogan. Trippppy
Chris mahoney
Chris mahoney Prije sat
Post Malone is not at all like the character he plays as a rapper he seems like a kind polite hippie
Vikram Sohal
Vikram Sohal Prije sat
Joe's last guest ever should be Jamie
"Your ball struck my foot! I'll see you in the parking lot" That one got me. lol
Steven Dalloesingh
Steven Dalloesingh Prije 2 sati
Posty finally found some extra room for some additional tattooz.
TheGranklin Prije 2 sati
Bootyhole Gun
Enil Nassen
Enil Nassen Prije 2 sati
You could make a movie about that part where the debit cards don’t work But to be honest you could make a movie about everything they talk about om this episode and it would sell
Mahfk Namsayn
Mahfk Namsayn Prije 2 sati
I just watched the " joe Rogan freaks out post malone " video, I cant take this seriously now.
copper Prije 2 sati
Adorable how post malone has this child like sincerity but also is wise and knowledgable enough to adult. Also.. what a happy vibe he got?
Kinsey Prije 2 sati
I’ve done a bong rip with Post. I wanna do a bong rip with Joe!
Phenom3nix GG
Phenom3nix GG Prije 2 sati
In my opinion some things that make life easier are acttualy worse.
Andrew Innes
Andrew Innes Prije 2 sati
Cat is big
Nerdperior Prije 2 sati
1:13:30 OKAY IF POST KNOWS WHAT KABUTOPS IS HE HAS TO BE A POKEMON FAN. imagine if he got into TCG and just owned every single 1st edition base box left on earth he could have a monopoly
Christopher Crosby
Christopher Crosby Prije 2 sati
I got a contact high listening to this.
I V Prije 2 sati
Literally no one: Joe rogan: here’s the thing
shaik junaid
shaik junaid Prije 2 sati
where is the top comment'
Stephen Guerra
Stephen Guerra Prije 2 sati
Post sounds exactly like Bam Margera
EvaLasta Prije 2 sati
And this is the type of podcast episode I have to pass on
Harbisson Bogey
Harbisson Bogey Prije 2 sati
Yeah joe so fkn weird we are monkeys but not. Hairless and totally different. Hey, ever heard of God? You 2 are LOST or just intentionally misleading your audience
zackfielder Prije 3 sati
Nobody: Joe: Aliens Post Malone: They probably eat clouds.
Brian James
Brian James Prije 3 sati
New movie coming out "The Debt Collector" your balls are no longer safe!
Yoko Prije 3 sati
54 minutes in Post: are aliens goblins?? 55 minutes in Rogan: maybe its just super normal for aliens to just pee on each other
Sephiroth Flagg
Sephiroth Flagg Prije 3 sati
"Are aliens goblins?" Omg im dead
Joseph Vela-Lopez
Joseph Vela-Lopez Prije 3 sati
Post: "You can't explain it" Joe: "well.... (starts thinking of ways to explain it)
Joseph Vela-Lopez
Joseph Vela-Lopez Prije 3 sati
Joe: "How strong is this memory when you're looking at it?" Post: "Medium" Joe: "Medium?" Post: "Yeah..." Joe: "Yeah..."
zackfielder Prije 3 sati
@PowerfulJRE I’m trying to come on your podcast and discuss my theory and timeline about aliens. It all makes sense.
zackfielder Prije 3 sati
@Post Malone you too man! Ghosts and all!
Side Hustle Reviews
Side Hustle Reviews Prije 3 sati
Easy top 1% episode
The Iron Gamer
The Iron Gamer Prije 3 sati
Joe and Post, have you seen the documentary "Dominion" ?
Side Hustle Reviews
Side Hustle Reviews Prije 3 sati
This is genuinely really good for Joe lol. He can just have normal high conversations with somebody who's not judgemental at all. If anything he will agree with you 99 percent of the time 😂
CHiLL-FEVER Prije 3 sati
first jre podcast ive watched in full.. over the course of 2 months !!
Vince Yeci
Vince Yeci Prije 3 sati
Jake Spencer
Jake Spencer Prije 3 sati
U know they’re high when they wonder how mirrors were made.
Alex Whyte
Alex Whyte Prije 3 sati
Best moment of the show "Artificial pee pee?".
Craig Robertson
Craig Robertson Prije 3 sati
Cat is big
Josue Barragan
Josue Barragan Prije 3 sati
How high are you guys? Lol
Steve Black
Steve Black Prije 3 sati
As my mum would say ''What nice young man''.
Ebenezer Spludge
Ebenezer Spludge Prije 3 sati
I love Joe Rogan's show but I can't stand this talent less Hack Post Malone. I'm skipping this one. I liked the world a whole lot better when it was still Pre Malone. Too bad His mom wasn't Preclude Malone.
Yoko Prije 3 sati
Post: i believe in ghosts Rogan: hmmmm Rogan: Here's the thing about ghosts
Travis Sexsmith
Travis Sexsmith Prije 3 sati
This was a actually hilarious
Andrew Innes
Andrew Innes Prije 3 sati
14mins hit me hard...
Rev Rick
Rev Rick Prije 3 sati
Silly Simon on the podcast with Joe and Posty
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