Jon Stewart chokes up, gives angry speech to Congress

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Former late night host and 9/11 first responders advocate Jon Stewart chokes up and slams Congress over health care for the 9/11 first responders during the hearing for reauthorizing the 9/11 victim compensation fund.
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11. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 26 930
TRAVIS Burnett
TRAVIS Burnett Prije 2 dana
John Stewart is the F'N MAN!!!
jimmy whomever
jimmy whomever Prije 2 dana
By the way, when did Trump ever speak out about the 9/11 first responders? Fuckin NEVER. That could have helped the sitch, yes?
jimmy whomever
jimmy whomever Prije 2 dana
Almost half of congress is republican, so, this isn't a partisan matter. Just sayin.
Phil Buckhouse
Phil Buckhouse Prije 3 dana
“Never forget the heroes of 9/11.” “Well here they are! And WHERE ARE THEY?!” Oh my god. Find who voted against this and make sure they never work in government again. This is utterly disgraceful.
Jackie 11:11
Jackie 11:11 Prije 6 dana
Yecenia Avila
Yecenia Avila Prije 7 dana
Use the wall money for this brave man, and stop this nonsense
WillDuhFoh Prije 7 dana
We need Jon Stewart as our President! Who’s with me? #Stewartforpresident2020
David Davidian
David Davidian Prije 8 dana
God bless you jon
Daniel Yanes
Daniel Yanes Prije 8 dana
Beyond appalling. European countries have adopted our American values yet WE fail to uphold them. It’s embarrassing that first responders and veterans get treated like absolute garbage. That ignorant self absorbed POS and the parasites holding the highest levels of office use their power and greed to help only those within their fraternity. And take credit for accomplishing other people’s successes.
VintageWrestling Prije 9 dana
I am not a follower of Jon Stewart but this was a great speech.
Steve Snellgrove
Steve Snellgrove Prije 9 dana
You do realize that there are plenty of millionaires in the Democratic Party .. one for example is house speaker Nancy Pelosi and another is the infamous Maxine waters and on and on ... watching listen to something beside the lunatics on msnbc and cnn and you might open up your mind !
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
The Daily Show Episode December 16, 2010, where Jon Stewart changed format to interview first responders. Probably one of the greatest moments in tv. And Im not even American!
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
Mitch McConnell blocked this bill? Yeah Mitch is a PENIS. Im not even american but for the love of god, get rid of him!
Lillian Prije 10 dana
The only way I could stop crying after watching this was to remember "Hooters, Hooters, Hooters!" from the Adam Sandler/Jon Stewart movie "Big Daddy."
ProductionStops Prije 12 dana
Jon Stewart should run for a political office; he has the tenacity, and the courage, and the ability to speak forthright, to be a true leader.
Joseph Logue
Joseph Logue Prije 12 dana
Asad Awawdeh
Asad Awawdeh Prije 11 dana
Joseph Logue joeshph for. Presendit
Ryan Gimeson
Ryan Gimeson Prije 15 dana
people say it's not the republicans fault. Im sorry, but which party had control of the senate post 9/11? yeah. that's what i thought
Eric Townsend
Eric Townsend Prije 16 dana
Jon Stewart for president!
Wade Jodun
Wade Jodun Prije 17 dana
Mr. Stewart, I know it's the last thing you want but PLEASE RUN for the House or Senate. I spent 22 years inside government. I've seen this kind of gross injustice and corruption over and over. I will quit my job and work on your campaign full time. The men and women behind you need you - the country needs you. We need you because you give a damn. If the men and women occupying the halls of Congress showed 1/4 the civic duty and patriotism as those men and women who ran towards danger, the nation would be a million times better off. Please run.
12121212 12121212
12121212 12121212 Prije 17 dana
dudes got acting chops
heather mcnulty
heather mcnulty Prije 17 dana
How can we ignore our heroes in their time of need? Shame is the only word that makes sense. Take care of those that have sacrificed themselves to save us.
Jay Al
Jay Al Prije 18 dana
Well said Jon
Asad Awawdeh
Asad Awawdeh Prije 11 dana
Jay Al
SwedishStorm Prije 18 dana
RIP Luis Alvarez. I am so sorry that America didn't stand behind you, after you did so to her.
Jon Hoef
Jon Hoef Prije 18 dana
The straight, honest, and emotional speech given by Jon Stewart was remarkable and unforgettable. We can never forget the heroic efforts and sacrifices of the first responders of 9/11. Their efforts probably saved thousands of American lives that morning and we must do all that we can to stand behind them 100% and provide them the funding the need and deserve. Thank you Jon Stewart for having the backs of these American heroes!
Doug Smith
Doug Smith Prije 18 dana
Jon stood up to the swampers ! Kick the bums out! Congress = Human Excrement
TwennyGee Prije 18 dana
CNN - propaganda - low views. CNN - John Stewart speaking truths- millions of views. CNN- propaganda 99% of the time.
RahYutKill Prije 18 dana
Republicans hate our 9/11 first responders but love the wars they started from it. Imagine that.
049 Abject testament
049 Abject testament Prije 10 dana
@RahYutKill Terrorist socialist Pig too afraid to strike enough. America Was promoted to power on being strong, not weak. like you liberal democratic retards.
RahYutKill Prije 10 dana
@049 Abject testament Violent right wing fascists strike again.
049 Abject testament
049 Abject testament Prije 10 dana
@Ryan Gimeson Barack Obama, All of you are liberal Terrorists Traitors. If this was 1776 you'd be shot for your Treachery.
Ryan Gimeson
Ryan Gimeson Prije 10 dana
049 Abject testament then who has failed this country?
049 Abject testament
049 Abject testament Prije 11 dana
@RahYutKill Who runs the White House?
Kappa Prije 18 dana
Who cares about the party, this is a damn good man.
Daniel Tucker
Daniel Tucker Prije 18 dana
Jon Stewart, I have a new RESPECT not PC for you in defending the first responders but you can do much better. THE DEMONcrats will not help at all and if elected in house, senate or god forbid the president in 2020 your 911 first responders will not be at the bottom of the pile....THEY WON'T EVEN BE IN THE PILE. These ANIMALS called themselves democrats but really are socialists do not CARE whatsoever about any first responders from street cops to the military. They care only first for themselves and those like illegals that will vote for them now AND IN THE FUTURE BY GIVING FREE STUFF TO LAZY PEOPLE. Jon, you have stood up for these people, stand up for the rest of america and use your influence to convince other peers that the ONLY person that has shown constantly to protect first responders, military etal has been and will ALWAYS BE THE CURRENT AND 2020 PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. THE DEMONS OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY WILL BURN IN HELL AND OBVIOUSLY LIKE IT SINCE THEY ARE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL.
Max Power
Max Power Prije 18 dana
Luis Alvarez, who was one of the first responders present at this hearing, has just died. RIP
HOD STUDIO Prije 18 dana
America is no doubt the greatest country on earth for many reasons but it is being ruined by the corrupt leaderships , those corrupt people in power did things like 9/11 . They don't give a fuck about average Americans , they have their own agendas. I think life in America is too fast and not everybody has the time to search and look into details and seek truth, majority of the people will trust the news shown on tv. so anything the Tv says , they will believe it. Poor and average citizens will suffer the most whether its happening in developed countries or developing countries, because of corrupt leaders.
cardinalis Prije 20 dana
A man passionate about an important cause and able to show true emotion about said cause is SO sexy.
TidalWave Dan
TidalWave Dan Prije 20 dana
The government told me that those plans hitting the building was a declaration of war. It’s only logical to conclude that the first responders are victims of war. Their care should be included in the over inflated defense budget. Shit is sad...
Nadhiya Nâtaline
Nadhiya Nâtaline Prije 21 dan
This will go down as one of the best speeches of the century. It's shameful that we even have to debate this in Congress. 9/11 responders shouldn't have to worry about wether they'll have enough food on the table or money in the bank, or medicine for health issues, it should be automatically provided without question
Elle E
Elle E Prije 21 dan
9/11 was an inside job
BEAT LA Prije 21 dan
This is a rare issue that there is no divide in America, Republican or Democrat, we ALL recognize these people are brave heroes responding to one of the worst tragic single days in US history right up there with Pearl Harbor.
Robert Biondo
Robert Biondo Prije 22 dana
Life is not fair we all have problems. Government is not the answer.
al Mamlūk
al Mamlūk Prije 22 dana
Jon Stewart is the kind of American I respect. If more Americans were like him, I suspect I wouldn't have as much distrust for America as I do
Al b
Al b Prije 22 dana
Have ever notice the thumbs up and thumbes down on youtube of what is right an wrong? Mostly these days , this is the
Paweł Skotnica
Paweł Skotnica Prije 22 dana
He has every right to be angry, only a leftist wouldn't be, they'd fake victimhood. All while Cortez, the dumb bitch, wants a raise for sitting on her ass and tweeting all day long.
Jason Avila
Jason Avila Prije 23 dana
Kevin Alonso
Kevin Alonso Prije 24 dana
Man I miss seeing him on the air, anyway medicare for all would solve this as well (still congress is a joke).
Okie Rider
Okie Rider Prije 24 dana
Fuck Congress. I'm now an Independent voter. Both parties are full of shit and lie to our faces only to get a vote.
Adam Lambert Is A God
Adam Lambert Is A God Prije 24 dana
I never realized just how great Jon was when it comes to activism. He cares, and he wants the people who risked their lives to save whoever they could to be taken care of.
陳嘉豪 Prije 24 dana
They are heros, they deserve living Good.
Hamelin HU
Hamelin HU Prije 25 dana
In China, the government always take in charge, but no one can criticize. In US, anyone can criticize the government, but no one would be responsible. Both imperfect systems.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen Prije 25 dana
Who voted these congressmen into the offfice?
Eden Rome
Eden Rome Prije 25 dana
Americans watching HBO's Chernobyl wanna pretend like Russia & America are different. #CongressIsAJoke #OurGovernmentIsTheDisaster #PoliticiansAreLiarsAndThieves
Grace Marie
Grace Marie Prije 25 dana
Do you know why his lines are so quotable? Because no one else says these things. No one. This has been the case with many of Jon's words. He lends his articulation to the poor, the unrecognized, the beaten down. The victims of the world... and especially the victims of America. I'm happy he's focused on something not only important, but completely non-arguable. Yet, here he is having to, in fact, argue the importance of these people; the same people mentioned by at least one million individuals on Twitter or any social media over the years. These people who, then, and now, have remained absolutely unseen. Today, we witness their faceless identities, as considered by our politicians. The disposable usefulness of these men and women, as told by each and every one of those empty chairs of Congress.
Jonathan Vian
Jonathan Vian Prije 25 dana
A-fucking-men to that, John!
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