Jonas Brothers - Cool

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Cool (Official Video)
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Video Director: Anthony Mandler
Video Producer: Kim Bradshaw
Video Editor: Taylor A. Ward
Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Cool. © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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5. Tra 2019.




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Komentari 46 324
legend neverloss
This song is best to keep yourself cool during summer months
Andy Fernando
Andy Fernando Prije 2 sati
Nick so cool 😂
Joon Lee
Joon Lee Prije 3 sati
This is literally repackaged Rockstar by Nickelback. Just sayin.
Kari Atkinson
Kari Atkinson Prije 5 sati
Harry styles
Kari Atkinson
Kari Atkinson Prije 5 sati
I’m feel so dead already
Kari Atkinson
Kari Atkinson Prije 5 sati
Kari Atkinson
Kari Atkinson Prije 5 sati
Jonas brothers You like 1-D
Kari Atkinson
Kari Atkinson Prije 5 sati
Phone is ringing answer it now
Fuyuki Chan
Fuyuki Chan Prije 6 sati
OMG!!!, I thought they had died :v
K-pop Multi fandom
K-pop Multi fandom Prije 6 sati
I don't know about anyone else but I get kpop vibes from the video seating its self
Brawl mestre stars
Brawl mestre stars Prije 6 sati
Dnce ?
Brawl mestre stars
Brawl mestre stars Prije 6 sati
Joe jonas participation ?
Brianna Aklbano
Brianna Aklbano Prije 6 sati
Agustina Sánchez
Agustina Sánchez Prije 8 sati
Aaah pero son altos bombones 💁😻😻💙❣💘
Belinda Crawford
Belinda Crawford Prije 8 sati
Love this song heard this song on radio this might be their best song yet
Ashton Puhara
Ashton Puhara Prije 8 sati
They represent.
Elizabeth Belcher
Elizabeth Belcher Prije 9 sati
This reminds me of pom poms cuz of all the girls
KATICORNS Prije 10 sati
Hello Ol i think sucker won, lol.😂
Gaoyi Li
Gaoyi Li Prije 11 sati
This song is always playing on 102.7 Fm
Join Us
Join Us Prije 11 sati
I found him in Wizard101. I had no idea who he was lmao
Milagros Irizarry
Milagros Irizarry Prije 11 sati
I’m just kidding my name is free
Milagros Irizarry
Milagros Irizarry Prije 11 sati
Milagros Irizarry
Milagros Irizarry Prije 11 sati
I am a kid my name is Janida
Milagros Irizarry
Milagros Irizarry Prije 11 sati
Where do you live
Dyl Pictures
Dyl Pictures Prije 11 sati
nick should powder his what now?
Pleiadian Dancing Heart
love it, soo on point in the 21st. Awesome.
Dee Stallcup
Dee Stallcup Prije 14 sati
Nick is pretty
Licia Anna Carnovale
Licia Anna Carnovale Prije 15 sati
2:27 It remains me of “I’m still standing” video
mdasif asif
mdasif asif Prije 16 sati
Thanks to Priyanka Chopra,I have a good band to listen to,of which I had no clue before her wedding caught the headlines of every newspaper....#cool
Khoa Robin
Khoa Robin Prije 17 sati
Great song
Comoy Whyte
Comoy Whyte Prije 18 sati
I love Kevin he's so handsome and of course I still love Joe and nick
Shawanbala Chanambam
Shawanbala Chanambam Prije 20 sati
Sucked playing in the back ground Maaaaaan 0:19 WOW
Archetype Prije 20 sati
Muse - Dig Down?
Shilpa Reddy
Shilpa Reddy Prije 20 sati
Song is really cool 😎
asiyah yehia
asiyah yehia Prije 22 sati
I love thissss❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍
Ashton Powers
Ashton Powers Prije dan
When joe is wearing the striped suit he looks like borat
Ashton Powers
Ashton Powers Prije dan
Why nick be singing like 90% of it? I mean I’m not complaining...
dogeeFN Prije dan
You can hear sucker in the background from 0:00 to 0:05
Ivan De la cruz
Ivan De la cruz Prije dan
I'm feeling so POOR Top to the bottom just POOR
Nur Nani
Nur Nani Prije dan
Mazzy Warner
Mazzy Warner Prije dan
Why does this remind “ME!” of me by Taylor Swift?
Future Cuts
Future Cuts Prije dan
Song of the summer with WAVES - Don't Touch My JUUL 🌊🌊🌊
DrewNukemGaming Prije dan
isn't there a country version of this
Bolt Andre
Bolt Andre Prije dan
Adeline Jesserer
seeing u guys in conert in august!!!!!!!!!!!
XxliverighthereXx oof
Tell me that everyone is talking about Kevin
Tina Williams
Tina Williams Prije dan
Now that ive seen Chasing Happiness, I will never stop seeing them as their little kid selfs. They seem so happy and carefree in this video. Its like they finally get to have the time of their lives again just doing what they love 😍
Ashley Gillespie
Haha get it nick
bigandred2009 Prije dan
This isn't cool
Like a Rodeo
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