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Jonas Brothers - Cool

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Cool (Official Video)
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Video Director: Anthony Mandler
Video Producer: Kim Bradshaw
Video Editor: Taylor A. Ward
Music video by Jonas Brothers performing Cool. © 2019 Jonas Brothers Recording, Limited Liability Company, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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5. Tra 2019.



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Komentari 45 399
Jazmín SaFra
Jazmín SaFra Prije 2 minuta
A x1.25 sí es muy Cool👌
Spirit Floof
Spirit Floof Prije 41 minute
Love the aesthetic!!!😍😍😍
Selima Isajeva
Selima Isajeva Prije 55 minuta
Imagine one direction making a video like this that would be really cool
nickjlew Prije sat
0:57 “maybe I should butter my balls”
Exo1D ChanbaekLarry
This is cool.
Fernanda Nogueira
O começo lembra Best song ever e Steal my girl...
wick Prije sat
This is the best thing ever ! ^_^
Harshit Agarwal
Harshit Agarwal Prije sat
Anyone noticed sucker playing in the background in the begining of the video 🤔
KarlCraft playsKC
KarlCraft playsKC Prije 2 sati
One of those singers look like the lead singer from DNCE
Endi King
Endi King Prije 3 sati
The second guy who sings is Kevin or Joe Jonas????
britney Contreras
britney Contreras Prije 3 sati
deborah donahue
deborah donahue Prije 3 sati
My opinion, I think Kevin may be the most unsung member of this group, harmonizing is hard. He is extremely talented.
deborah donahue
deborah donahue Prije 3 sati
that being said, I've seen Nick in concert and I LOVE him, but honestly Joe is HOT!!!
G Beautyyy
G Beautyyy Prije 3 sati
I love NICK!
Carolina Frias
Carolina Frias Prije 3 sati
Foxie Irom
Foxie Irom Prije 3 sati
So. Nice
roman20 mark
roman20 mark Prije 3 sati
how many heard sucker song in the starting of the song in radio 😍😍
kade Robertson
kade Robertson Prije 4 sati
When is Kevin gonna sing
Elianna Peña
Elianna Peña Prije 4 sati
La canción tiene que llamarse: Cool- Nick Jonas, ft Jonas brothers
nice song
Hadjer Bahi
Hadjer Bahi Prije 4 sati
Hadjer Bahi
Hadjer Bahi Prije 4 sati
Anthony Prije 4 sati
1:03 I spy with my big fat eye something that is a persons face sticking out of the sand
Linn Kathryn
Linn Kathryn Prije 4 sati
So are they like official back or....
PrettyP1nkUnicorn Prije 5 sati
But dat bingo in 5 minutes doe...
PrettyP1nkUnicorn Prije 5 sati
But dat bingo in 5 minutes doe...
PrettyP1nkUnicorn Prije 5 sati
But dat bingo in 5 minutes doe...
Rhianna Preece
Rhianna Preece Prije 5 sati
This song has made me feel less insecure about myself becuase it is so uplifting😊
SirWaffles Prije 5 sati
Would be great if they remake old songs, But still love it.. Very catchy ❤
N L Prije 5 sati
I feel like these guys are trying to get by with more than they should
I'm stuck humming this song. So cool!
Renata Mascarello
Renata Mascarello Prije 5 sati
this song makes me feel really great about myself even if it's all falling apart
Don Corleone
Don Corleone Prije 5 sati
📂Documents └📁Music └📁Jonas Brothers └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty
ArtsyAsian Prije 6 sati
when the saturation isn’t enough for you
Thang Le
Thang Le Prije 6 sati
So cool right ? 24/4/2019 8:48
salah sahnoun
salah sahnoun Prije 8 sati
Selina Elia
Selina Elia Prije 8 sati
thought they could get past us with playing 'Sucker' in the background
thisismysea Prije 8 sati
I feel sad that I don't like any of these comeback songs. I like Nick's solo music and DNCE so I don't know what it is about these songs. I want to still be in love with the Jonas Brothers. : (
Trúc Quỳnh Phạm
i didnt expect that this song would be so **COOL**
Valeria Reyes
Valeria Reyes Prije 8 sati
Ok, but the beginning of the video reminded me of Burnin' Up, anyone else?
angad dhody
angad dhody Prije 9 sati
Well...that sucked..
Yash mania2205
Yash mania2205 Prije 9 sati
Try on 1.25x speed
i'mgood Prije 9 sati
Fuck this guy white motherfuker
LM5hassnatchedme already
The literal first song that I loved from first listen. So groovy.
Ang F
Ang F Prije 10 sati
Anyone else getting The Script - Millionaires vibes?
Alya Mulya Salamatin
Alya Mulya Salamatin Prije 10 sati
0:00 you'll hear Sucker at the background
MangaMine Prije 11 sati
Can recall the song and but i heard this beat and its mostly the same. Ahh No Air.
Sahitya Prije 11 sati
i hear no air by jason derulo, is it just me?
Lord Pawn
Lord Pawn Prije 11 sati
I love that they Jonas Brothers is back
Cool k
Cool k Prije 11 sati
so cool in summer
H0ITh3r3 Fw13nd5
H0ITh3r3 Fw13nd5 Prije 12 sati
got some real elton john vibes at 2:27
H0ITh3r3 Fw13nd5
H0ITh3r3 Fw13nd5 Prije 12 sati
nick just casually buried in the sand
Tom 11
Tom 11 Prije 12 sati
We want your wifes, no models😊
Jessep Barton
Jessep Barton Prije 12 sati
Good talent for some new age fellas this is cool
robloxfan1231 Prije 13 sati
its good to have the j brothers back :) im a big fan and when ur parents let u borrow the car XD
#KaRtHiK KaNn!
#KaRtHiK KaNn! Prije 13 sati
roses Prije 14 sati
Mithun Das
Mithun Das Prije 14 sati
Jamai Rajaji......indiawalo ka like toh banta hai Bhai....
Michael jackson's song
Carson Branson
Carson Branson Prije 15 sati
That quick GOT reference by Joe tho 😂
Pewdiepie shall win
Pewdiepie shall win Prije 16 sati
Next im hoping for big time rush
kaneki jungkook
kaneki jungkook Prije 16 sati
*ima see joe on Thursday I’m excited af*
Alan Gagrande
Alan Gagrande Prije 17 sati
Esa no es mi canción favorita pero sentí que mi novio Nick Jonas me la cantaba a mi
Diaz Prije 17 sati
I'm ready to spend all the money my mom won't let me spend with Jonas Brothers
Ivette Monge
Ivette Monge Prije 17 sati
La ame pero mi parte favorita fue del min 0:19 - 0:44
Isabella Smith
Isabella Smith Prije 17 sati
I love this song but sucker is My jam❤️❤️
Rut Sin H
Rut Sin H Prije 18 sati
I just f*cking love you guys 😍😍😍😍
Lista Ekaria
Lista Ekaria Prije 18 sati
wow.. first Jonas Brother's song that got a like from me.. I like it
Crypto Prije 18 sati
imagine how popular their kids would be in school
Billy TheCoolKid
Billy TheCoolKid Prije 19 sati
Did anybody hear the sucker song at the beginning of the song, no just me 😂
Oh Mygod
Oh Mygod Prije 19 sati
when u finally get airpods
Makaila Stevens
Makaila Stevens Prije 19 sati
Nick is the cutest, thumbs up if you agree, thumbs down if you disagree.
Melissa Xoxo
Melissa Xoxo Prije 19 sati
Omg,I learned 2 new songs from them now. "Sucker video" & the "Cool video" that is totally awesome. 👍😀 I love the Jonas brothers & All of their music that they are all making together. Is Joe Jonas ever going to brush his hair😂. Nick Jonas looks good as usual. Kevin Jonas looks like he is having fun in the video😂.
God Sake
God Sake Prije 19 sati
TY Prije 19 sati
this was shit
Amarachi Dennis-Durugbor
I don't know y I that that Nick was Eden hazard
Alisha Sickles
Alisha Sickles Prije 20 sati
I can't take Joes mustache serious
Jamie Slayton
Jamie Slayton Prije 20 sati
Still hot but Joe you have to either turn that mustache into a goatee or lose it. It looks like a creepy 70's porn mustache and give Kevin more screen time.
Demel Medina
Demel Medina Prije 21 sat
Idk but this reminds me a little bit of Burnin' Up video?? Like, the "cool vibes" you know?
Ashley Moore
Ashley Moore Prije 21 sat
3 words: oLd ScHoOl HoT
LM5hassnatchedme already
This beat is so groovy that I can't stop dancing to it. So non-generic.
Ruby O Connell
Ruby O Connell Prije 22 sati
#jonasbrothers love ye soooooooooooooo much. ye made ma year complete or even year!! Love ye too much i am just 11 and i love ye especially #joejonas i am so jealous of Sophie
He was a Skater boy
He was a Skater boy Prije 22 sati
This aesthetic is just... 👌
Beast 786
Beast 786 Prije 22 sati
Just woke up feeling so COOL
Ale Gamio
Ale Gamio Prije 23 sati
Valeria Montenegro
Valeria Montenegro Prije 23 sati
I wanna feel like post Malone
Kayla Nichole
Kayla Nichole Prije 23 sati
I was not into the Jonas Brothers when they were on Disney Channel. Couldnt have cared less for them except for the typical singles everyone listened to (Lovebug, Year 3000, Burnin Up) but I'm feelin their reunion. Sucker and Cool have their own sound that isn't on pop radio right now.
하나 Prije 23 sati
joe : sitting there winning like it is game of thrones Me : SHUT THE FUCK UP THEY ARE GOAAAAAAALS
Aziz Kraiem
Aziz Kraiem Prije 23 sati
It's so weird that 32k can't use a computer mouse
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar Prije 23 sati
Jija ji hai namastey bola 😂
jishnu mg
jishnu mg Prije dan
They are soo cool but priyanka is too hot for them tho 🔥
Ms. Marie
Ms. Marie Prije dan
Damn they grew up to be some fine men. And I am old enough to be their mom. Like the song too.
lego spiderman 200
Make some happy today fuckers--
lego spiderman 200
Yes u r !😎❤️🌎🌏🌍😍💫😜🙏💕💚🧡from 0-100/ what’s up--😁😎
Evelin Medrano
Evelin Medrano Prije dan
I like the Game of Thrones reference, given Joe is engaged to Sansa Stark.
horsecrazy2266 Prije dan
i feel like 2:10 is the most kevin thing to ever happen and i wanna appreciate it and also him. like. that’s the funniest part of the video imo & it makes up for the fact that he’s basically not in the rest of the video at all haha