Jorge Masvidal talks flying knee KO of Ben Askren | UFC 239 | ESPN MMA

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UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal speaks with Jon Anik, Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping after his flying-knee knockout of Ben Askren five seconds into their fight at UFC 239. He explains how his time on a reality show has changed his perspective and makes his case to be in line for a title shot in the future. (4:30) Masvidal discusses how he’s practiced flying knees in the past and the strategy that got Askren to bite on it.
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7. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 3 883
Dafydd Johnson
Dafydd Johnson Prije 10 sati
dont forget hes got the record dick kick too.... back to back record breaker, nut breaker and life taker RIP B. Douchbag
The Us
The Us Prije 12 sati
"I'm not God but I just baptized two humans back to back" OMG! That shit was funny bro!
Joe Stockton
Joe Stockton Prije 19 sati
Shouting ass mfn Chael...jeez
Joe Hadababyitsaboy
hella nice
Come say hello to me!
damn UFC is the best xxx
clive ramsbotty
clive ramsbotty Prije dan
"The Great Game Breaded" ... Animatronic Anik malfunctioning there.
jim baker
jim baker Prije dan
Justbleedmma would like to see his dog get stabbed...his brother would like to see an eye doctor because he can't draw for shit.
Leobadfish Prije dan
Askren should of thought twice about talking shit to a guy who calls himself Gamebred
Reaper O
Reaper O Prije 2 dana
Is it just me or does Jorge look like a soft Christian Bale?
Saad Latif
Saad Latif Prije 2 dana
I am surprised Jorge didnt punch Bisping, given their history.
TheDriftingsmoke Prije 2 dana
yung homie fresh
yung homie fresh Prije 2 dana
Masvidal reacts different to shit taking than everyone else lol mans a fucking beast
aditya m.b
aditya m.b Prije 2 dana
Bisping sweating lol
Lorenzo Hernandez
Lorenzo Hernandez Prije 2 dana
Michael is sooo uncomfortable next to Masvidal.
Sham Rock
Sham Rock Prije 3 dana
Bisping peed his pants a little when Masvidal put his arms behind his back 4:09
steve 000000
steve 000000 Prije 3 dana
Jorge could have at least shown some concern for Ben just because of the simple reason he could've been killed ! I would say to all you UFC fighters out there if you're going to make it personal you better learn how to control night somebody just might get killed because of your built-up rage !
Lawrence Costello
Lawrence Costello Prije 3 dana
Mavvidol is an asshole, he doesn't deserve to earn a living as he has no class, and is more a street punk
The Truth
The Truth Prije 3 dana
Chael and Bisping are great.
Aine Tran
Aine Tran Prije 3 dana
Masvidal looks huge here, looks like a middleweight
Shawn Fahoum
Shawn Fahoum Prije 3 dana
When you let a street nigga in the UFC
BigDaddy RJ
BigDaddy RJ Prije 3 dana
God damn that was awkward. Come on guys WTF 😂😂
nick cage
nick cage Prije 3 dana
Stoica Dru
Stoica Dru Prije 3 dana
Man I always thought these were sitting in a chair and now I realize that they’ve been standing this whole time on every post fight
Kruz Diabl0
Kruz Diabl0 Prije 3 dana
Bisping better put some respect on Masvidal now
Kevin Heeley
Kevin Heeley Prije 3 dana
Look at the size of Masvidal next to them 2 beasts
Hound of Uladh
Hound of Uladh Prije 4 dana
"Do other fighters wanna do that? Is that a good idea?" Bisping looks away
Pato Hardoy
Pato Hardoy Prije 4 dana
He's nothing but a THUGH. Shame on him for that anti martial arts behavior when the opponent was KO... ANd I'm also Latino
william miller
william miller Prije 4 dana
It's crazy how jorge can like someone like Colby. Talk about being real but have friends that fake and will call a whole country dogs just to try and get a fight. Colby is a great fighter but one of the fakest in the sport
BRIAN BLAIR Prije 2 dana
But that's a Gimmick and He Knows That I was Suprised to but that is Some Reasoning behind it .
stvsueoka1 Prije 4 dana
God Chanel’s voice is so freakin grating ... ugh
nicolaisb2 Prije 4 dana
My 3 favourites fighters. Nice to see them All 3 together
Darrell Morris
Darrell Morris Prije 4 dana
Wish him and bisbing would've made up
Zack B
Zack B Prije 4 dana
Jorge and Bisping are two guys I’d like on my side in a bar brawl
MuffyCakeMan Prije 4 dana
What a dying "sport"
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies Prije 5 dana
Bizzy and mazzy nice to see this interview going down well. Mass looks big there
mike jones
mike jones Prije 5 dana
is that a good idea !
haijac00 Prije 5 dana
How the fuck could you not love this guy, straight dog, there’s some serious fire 🔥 in those eyes
GSA Prije 5 dana
Lucky knee, nothing more
Raffik Zafret
Raffik Zafret Prije 5 dana
Anderson silva, Rafael dos anjos, Masvidal , Jon Jones , adeseya top 5
Evan Wallman-
Evan Wallman- Prije 5 dana
Bobby Prije 5 dana
Aldo did the same thing..Ben fucked up..He should have moved a bit to the left so the Knee hits the shoulder...Ben Should have known
Bobby Prije 5 dana
You should Not taunt your opponents while they're KOD out cold...Unprofessional.. How if the guy has brain damage?
E Wy
E Wy Prije 5 dana
Ooohhh shiiit! Fuckin straight savage! From the Church of what’s happening Now. Say he did occupy some other fighters wanna do that?
Eric Pierson
Eric Pierson Prije 5 dana
that knee was luck and now he's a killer. Ha
J Morris
J Morris Prije 4 dana
I mean the exact steps and execution was planned. Look it up
J Morris
J Morris Prije 4 dana
Not luck you idiot. There was a video released of him practicing it a couple days before the fight. It was planned for Askrens style. Straight skill. You a hater straight up
Brendan James
Brendan James Prije 6 dana
So much grease 🤗🤗🤗🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
edit11 Prije 6 dana
wasnt bisbing talkin shit to Masvidal?
Goodfellas Inc.
Goodfellas Inc. Prije 6 dana
Yr not that good hit me up old skool backyard fights
stanley steamer
stanley steamer Prije 6 dana
Cant wait to see this guy get his ass handed to him in the always happens to guys with mouths like his
J Morris
J Morris Prije 4 dana
Jorge has like 40 something pro fights. He has lost before but all decisions. He is very humble and chill. He just had real beef with Askren
ragnoss darth
ragnoss darth Prije 6 dana
I used to hate this guy. Idk I was stupid the last couple of fight I fell in love hahahaha 😂 it was his second lost before Till and he did something that caught my eye. He's a real fighter won't talk just throw. I hope he gets the title shot.
karsu Prije 6 dana - My video analysis of the Sagat Tiger Knee esque KO, there were about 2 items most people missed for Masvidal to set everything up. Complete with Street Fighter esque effects.
MrNvbeatz Prije 6 dana
"I'm not God but I just baptized these two..." - Masvidal 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌
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