Juventus 1-1 Milan | Serie A’s big match ends in a draw | Serie A 2021/22

Serie A
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The Bianconeri’s Alvaro Morata opens the scoring early on only for Ante Rebic to equalise in the second half, a thrilling match with plenty of action sees both sides earn point | Serie A 2021/22

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19. Ruj 2021.



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Komentari 1 991
Meritokrat 86
Meritokrat 86 Prije 22 sati
its time to sell Demiral . Rabiot and Ramsey ... we need Romagnoli . Pogba and Van de beek
Sam Defore
Sam Defore Prije 12 dana
Milan’s last chance at goal, who’s running playing defence Chiesa, unbelievable. He is amazing.
Leonid Genri
Leonid Genri Prije 13 dana
Очень 😁
Ryu Mosha Official
Ryu Mosha Official Prije 14 dana
ROHIT MOLLICK Prije 14 dana
Juventus 💓💓💓
Agung Sulaksono Saputra
Forza juve🙏
Caven Prije 21 dan
Not gonna lie Serie A has become very entertaining now
henry luan
henry luan Prije 21 dan
against red and black we draw, and we will win the victory against the blue black..
Antoni Cahyadi
Antoni Cahyadi Prije 21 dan
Fair result for both of them...
AG 1910
AG 1910 Prije 23 dana
Forza milan
all-in one
all-in one Prije 23 dana
Mateusz Stawicki
Mateusz Stawicki Prije 24 dana
Do lucky for milan
teat. _
teat. _ Prije 24 dana
Kembali riset ke parbrik;)
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano Prije 24 dana
Forza Milan forever
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano Prije 24 dana
AC Milan sampe mati..!!
Nopal pernambucano
Nopal pernambucano Prije 24 dana
So amazing
Mefju Prije 24 dana
top 10 most overrated players no 1 - Adrien Idiot
Vegeta Prije 24 dana
Big match AC Milan vs random serie B team XDDD. Nice tittle.
TTPQ661 Prije 24 dana
Rabiot should have scored chance in first half.
I'M・ ・ÄJÎTH Prije 24 dana
Dybala play football don't play pubg🤪😂💯😍💕
Nina Simone
Nina Simone Prije 24 dana
Juventus sold CR7 and replaced him with Moise Keane 😄😄😄
Tomi Irawan
Tomi Irawan Prije 24 dana
Felipe C
Felipe C Prije 24 dana
Que buen partido del poderoso Milan ante la JuBentus
Keerthana Nair
Keerthana Nair Prije 24 dana
Have you heard of the Ronaldo curse? Whichever team he leaves falls down badly, look it up!!!
siema123 Prije 24 dana
Szczęsny incredible saves
Rahadian Zubaidi
Rahadian Zubaidi Prije 24 dana
Christiano leaving MU,MU broke Leaving madrid,madrid broke Why Juve not learning LoL Hahahaha
Aswin sathish740 Aswin
Go to 2divetion Juventus 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Roma Markopolo
Roma Markopolo Prije 24 dana
I like watch SERIE A ITALIA
Rusdy Razak
Rusdy Razak Prije 24 dana
Classic Milan, losses a point against relegation side
Miguel A
Miguel A Prije 24 dana
"We don't need Ronaldo" Yeah and football isn't played with a ball either.
MantraLibre 1
MantraLibre 1 Prije 24 dana
Un pareggio contro la penúltima in classifica e' inaccettabile per una squadra che si vuole da scudetto. La vergogna. 😂
SHAHID WILLIE Prije 24 dana
Juventus is a mess this season
Mamathesh Kumar
Mamathesh Kumar Prije 24 dana
failed attempts nice both teams!
Pangeran IZROIL
Pangeran IZROIL Prije 25 dana
Kasih formasi 3-4-3(3-1-2-1-3), depan tengah morata, kanan cuadrado, kiri chiesa, tengah blkang morata taruh dybala, 2 dibelakang dybala taruh rabiot dan locatelli, dan 1 belakang y lagi taruh bentancur, dan 3 bek y diisi tengah de light, kanan bonucci dan kiri chielini, dan kiper jgn si schzny, klau ada yg lain yg lain aja hehee.. Perin mana ?, ayo alegri dengarkan SUARA HATI ISTRI ini🤣
aderald 14
aderald 14 Prije 25 dana
Forza milan
Oscar Álvarez
Oscar Álvarez Prije 25 dana
Valverde wouldn’t let Morata to end that race.
Paris Njau פריז נג'ו
juventus going to serie B
Gianni Italia 🇮🇹
Forza Milan ❤️🖤
PROTECT PL Prije 25 dana
1:54 Look at Rabiot 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Ro De
Ro De Prije 25 dana
Allegri signed 4 years contract. What a mistake.
The month of myself 26
Kalulu,kalulu what happened men ???Rebic the beast
Lavoni Black
Lavoni Black Prije 25 dana
The beauty of Serie A. Small club in relegation zone can held Milan, congrats
Muhammad Rafli Kusuma
Muhammad Rafli Kusuma Prije 25 dana
Keren sih Juve setelah di tinggal Ronaldo,makin main lepas,gak cuma fokus ke Ronaldo,sampe poin pun ikut lepas
Demis Nikolaidis
Demis Nikolaidis Prije 25 dana
Lucky Milan.
ARL Board
ARL Board Prije 25 dana
Forza Milan Juve is 🤡🤡🤡
Manoftomorrow Prije 25 dana
Milan were lucky juventus should have buried this game in the first half
Não importa
Não importa Prije 25 dana
Forza milan
TheFroZeNBlaCkHeArT1 Prije 25 dana
This highlights make it look as if Milan was equal to Juve, but the reality is that Milan destroyed them!!!
Hendy NF
Hendy NF Prije 25 dana
Tonali the next pirlo
kodok ngorek
kodok ngorek Prije 25 dana
Per sempre milan❤🖤
George Thomas
George Thomas Prije 25 dana
Whichever club Ronaldo leaves goes to a very unstable situation
Jürgen Selberherr
Jürgen Selberherr Prije 25 dana
Milan per SEMPRE!⚽⚽😉
Hoàng Pháp
Hoàng Pháp Prije 25 dana
Who needs ronaldo ?? Haha
Multiyapples Prije 25 dana
Both teams did well.
Shayaan RK
Shayaan RK Prije 25 dana
Juventus are looking strong contenders for Forza Relegation Cup against FC Mussolini 😍😘
A J Prije 25 dana
And people say Ronaldo is the reason for their failure. Well, 4 games and hasn't won a single one sitting in relegation zone. While Ronaldo scored 4 goals in 3 games with Man Utd. Haters will always be haters. Get shaft.
Ahad Qayyum
Ahad Qayyum Prije 25 dana
First of all the teams’s got no midfield. They score a goal luckily. And then, allegri goes on ultra pro max defensive mode to get on the backfopt. But, still a crucial point for relegation battle.
Bedi Handra
Bedi Handra Prije 25 dana
Forza juve
Dusan Stanisic
Dusan Stanisic Prije 25 dana
It's a shame kalulu couldn't keep his coolulu.
Sipho Thenjwayo
Sipho Thenjwayo Prije 25 dana
Forza Milan
Rofik Maulana
Rofik Maulana Prije 25 dana
Who Needs Ronaldo?.......
robert anokye
robert anokye Prije 25 dana
Return of Dida!
Mr. Puroresu
Mr. Puroresu Prije 25 dana
Mr. Puroresu
Mr. Puroresu Prije 25 dana
Forza Milan
Federik Hetai
Federik Hetai Prije 25 dana
Forza Milan ❤️🖤💣
Gab J
Gab J Prije 25 dana
Ruthman Espinoza
Ruthman Espinoza Prije 25 dana
Force Juventus
Yks Prije 25 dana
Nice milan
Hidroponik Lembang
Hidroponik Lembang Prije 25 dana
miss ronaldo
Кирилл Абакумов
Andrew Britten
Andrew Britten Prije 25 dana
Juventus are going to be relegated
Aaron Andrews
Aaron Andrews Prije 25 dana
Juve midfield was a disaster. Should've never gotten Rabiot and Ramsey in the first place.
za_@02 Prije 25 dana
No Ronaldo no party..
Alusojr Prije 25 dana
They blamed Ronaldo,lets see who'll save them now
Abel Mišima
Abel Mišima Prije 25 dana
Padre: ciao campione! Com'e andatta a scuola? Tutto bene? Figlio: si papa, tutto bene. Mi ha interrogato la mestra di Geographia. Padre: aah...bene. É che t'ha chiesto? Figlio: in quale posizione si trova Venezia. Padre: e tu cosa hai risposto? Figlio: sopra la Juventus... no?!
LÊ HOÀN Prije 25 dana
Who needs cr7?😅.and endgame 18😄😄
revika varialo
revika varialo Prije 25 dana
Apapun yg terjadi AC Milan sampe mati..!!
revika varialo
revika varialo Prije 25 dana
Forza Milan
revika varialo
revika varialo Prije 25 dana
Apapun yg terjadi AC Milan sampe mati..!!
rojikin velty
rojikin velty Prije 25 dana
RRQ vs EVOS wkke
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay Prije 25 dana
Ac is really picking up game after game
Roger Prije 25 dana
This is the result you’ll get when you get rid of Ronaldo
Mohinder AV
Mohinder AV Prije 25 dana
Juventus relegated
TheMz Prije 25 dana
Road to serie B
Sonkaliey Baily
Sonkaliey Baily Prije 25 dana
Is Ronaldo fault now??
Nia sansiro-passion
Nia sansiro-passion Prije 25 dana
AC Milan sampe mati..!!
DawanRi Sohtun1221
DawanRi Sohtun1221 Prije 25 dana
Do we call them Spanian or Spanish.
S I T U N Prije 25 dana
Sempre Milan 🔴⚫⚪
God Ofwar
God Ofwar Prije 25 dana
Hahaha you left de ligt to bench and now you pay the price 🤷‍♀️. No wins until now. I hope De ligt will go to his idol Cr7 at Manchester United
Sarath Pillai
Sarath Pillai Prije 25 dana
Sempre Milan
Trần Quang Huy
Trần Quang Huy Prije 25 dana
Jovid Bodurkhonov
Jovid Bodurkhonov Prije 25 dana
Great result for us
Parry Lhedsteray
Parry Lhedsteray Prije 25 dana
1:21 marty mcfly
Sagittariuz12 Prije 25 dana
Forza AC Milan 💪🏾🔥🔴⚫🔴⚫
Atajan Maksadow
Atajan Maksadow Prije 25 dana
Paulo Dybala.JUVENTUS ⚫⚪⚫
Atajan Maksadow
Atajan Maksadow Prije 25 dana
Paulo Dybala.JUVENTUS ⚫⚪
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan Prije 25 dana
Ronaldo stopping players from winning again
sandy wijaya
sandy wijaya Prije 25 dana
Kayrool Prije 25 dana
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