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After she’s poisoned, a ruthless criminal operative has less than 24 hours to exact revenge on her enemies and in the process forms an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her past victims.

There’s no time for mercy.
Watch KATE, on Netflix September 10:


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KATE | Official Trailer | Netflix


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4. Kol 2021.



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Komentari 4 235
Kutter Mcneil
Kutter Mcneil Prije 15 sati
The acting is good, the visuals are good, the story is mediocre at best and brings the whole thing down. Watch Crank (2006) instead.
मोहन सिहॅ बिष्ट मोनू
२५११२०२१,०६ ३३ १८ ३३ (१० : १०) God Is Great All the Time ।। ओम (ॐ) एकदन्ताॅए विध्महे वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि तन्नौ दन्ति प्रचोदयात ।।.... Think Positive Be Positive
Jaffar Khan
Jaffar Khan Prije 4 dana
Female Version Of John Wick 🔥❣️😍
Prince David
Prince David Prije 4 dana
Isaiah Prije 5 dana
movie is badass
Blaise Bailey Finnegan
Professional assassin but doesn't establish a two-hand firing grip for the best accuracy. Okay, sure. About as believable as a woman who physically bests all men she comes up against, even 20 at a time.
Patient Zero
Patient Zero Prije 6 dana
*O O I A H*
SMV L Prije 7 dana
Is this movie like Netflix's "Polar"? Holy shit. I'm in.
Michael Pena
Michael Pena Prije 7 dana
(Keanu Reeves ) John Wick watch out because Kate just came in to play !!!!! Action pack man I thought I was watching something like Die Hard Bruce Willis. We need Kate 2 maybe with Ani
Study. Sleep. Repeat
Decent movie. Just watched it. One time watch. Don't expect much
Cas Aseh
Cas Aseh Prije 7 dana
Very cool great movie i like it that's awesome 😎
heebarow Prije 8 dana
It MAY BE predictable BECAUSE you Already know she’s GONNA KICK ASS but it’s How SHE KICKS ASS that is UNPREDICTABLE; I LOVED IT!!
heebarow Prije 8 dana
I don’t remember seeing something this good and core since Paul Walker!!
Black King
Black King Prije 9 dana
I just finished it this movie was amazing I started to watch it again.......
J!nx Prije 9 dana
So Lucy had a child with Crank... hmm... very sus.
Sa Me
Sa Me Prije 9 dana
This movie was awesome...long time haven't seen a good action movie
Savepoint Prije 9 dana
Ardi Meçi
Ardi Meçi Prije 10 dana
Just finished watching it! The trailer is deceiving. It felt like a Black Widow movie. It deserves a sequel.
ungguljanuwar Chanel
ungguljanuwar Chanel Prije 11 dana
killbill modern
Emily Prije 12 dana
BEST MOVIE 💖💖💖👑👑👑 I've ever seen !!!
Mediscience Prije 15 dana
John wick found his gf.
Jordan Leigh
Jordan Leigh Prije 15 dana
This movie Is just like the “Lucy” movie just a different name there’s about 4 different quiet place movies
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog Prije 16 dana
It's an awesome movie, amazing cast and extremely well directed. The real standout in my view was the actress who played Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau); she appeared to be so authentic and her performance was very special.
Bimsy Prije 16 dana
I love this movie so much. Kate is badass, awesome, real and I wish we had more of her.
Sisú Entrenadoh
Sisú Entrenadoh Prije 16 dana
Mary is like on of the best kind of actress for this kind of films, love her
kundan sharma
kundan sharma Prije 18 dana
its really an instresting movie nice performance by both Elizabeth n miku........
Saurabh Raj
Saurabh Raj Prije 18 dana
This movie had no right to be this fuc**ng good..
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Prije 19 dana
I underestimated her because I thought she sounded too cocky in the first scene but wow I was pleasantly surprised. Her fight scenes were so good. She's definitely one of the best female action characters I've seen. I've watched "action movies" with about half the amount of fighting sequence in this movie. The plot was shallow and predictable but this is a good movie to watch if you want to take it easy and not think too much.
Mark Novack
Mark Novack Prije 19 dana
Most people know that movies are not filmed in chronological order. They film many scenes in a place and then change set and its edited into a cronological format that results in a logical movie. Obviously this was shot scene by scene in chronological order because by the end, even the actors looked like they are thinking 'is this crap ever going to end'.
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos Prije 20 dana
Just watched this, and damm it’s a good movie 🍿 watch it
Sa Me
Sa Me Prije 20 dana
Finally a great action movie
Jimmy Screech
Jimmy Screech Prije 23 dana
I know about suspension of disbelief but this slew of movies with women behaving like men is getting boring.. Women can be deadly but in their own unique way. Behaving like men is old...
waleed shahab
waleed shahab Prije 25 dana
The only thing I love in this trailer is her car.
hilti India
hilti India Prije 25 dana
This movie very Acton movie and my reting ********
Sfungjerbob Pantallonakatrori
One of the better action movies of the last 20 years. Enjoyed it a lot
LuvGenre Prije 27 dana
This movie was awesome!
Dead Inside
Dead Inside Prije 27 dana
This is one of my fav female lead action movie ever. The fight scenes were epic and realistic. The acting was top notch the only thing was spoiling the whole movie is the plot but that won't gonna stop me rewatching it again i loved it
Hollywood movie writers and directors have writers block.
YourOwnAzog Prije 29 dana
I'll watch the movie because of Band Maid
H Williams
H Williams Prije mjesec
Damn this scott pilgrim sequel hits different
Itsiwhatitsi Prije mjesec
Boom Boom Lemon
Dexter Bagalay
Dexter Bagalay Prije mjesec
One of the best of 2021
Sayak Basu
Sayak Basu Prije mjesec
Mary should have been the Captain Marvel..
Now I really want to try some Boom Boom Lemon
Garrett The Unkown
Garrett The Unkown Prije mjesec
Anyone else getting John Wick vibes from this?
Manoranjan Jena
Manoranjan Jena Prije mjesec
She could be John wick's Wife ✏️
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos Prije mjesec
feminism film, empowers women in fiction, while in reality men who fight wars and face criminals, physical wear and tear jobs they leave to men, this empowerment only exists in netflix movies.
Vasto Lorde
Vasto Lorde Prije mjesec
yow band maid
Stefarooh Prije mjesec
Mary Elizabeth is like the new Sigourney Weaver. Please Hollywood make more use of this woman. I thoroughly enjoy watching her.
james james
james james Prije mjesec
this movie is trash
james james
james james Prije mjesec
peopel who are saying this movie is cool all fuckinging feminist females.
tegami q 手紙
tegami q 手紙 Prije 26 dana
why you gotta be human?
Kwazimo Kava
Kwazimo Kava Prije mjesec
The role she played in this was ok...but her skinny body seemed a bit underweight for someone who is able to knock a large body guard out...and the little girl could of been better played with a more Japanese girl...she seemed to white for the role...
tegami q 手紙
tegami q 手紙 Prije 26 dana
yeah, they never really make sense with female leads they have no muscle
NATTY JOKA Prije mjesec
Gives some serious cyberpunk vibes, from the city to the dizzy spells she has similar to v with the relic 🔥🔥🔥💯💯
A M Prije mjesec
Mary Elizabeth Winstead was FANTASTIC! Not into woke trash movies that Netflix has been pushing lately. This film was not that. Winstead has a vibe about her. She brings a raw aggression that is rarely seen in this genre of films. Her mannerisms, expressions and attitude won me over as a critical viewer. You will root until the end.
Ramendra Prasad
Ramendra Prasad Prije mjesec
So this is what Huntress does in her spare time.
Johnson Yuwu
Johnson Yuwu Prije mjesec
wish they use the same group to make a cyber punk movie, those neon effects are so cool in this one
David Shodo Portolano
Ichiban! Sick flick
SkyloShorts Prije mjesec
Mayeth Capili
Mayeth Capili Prije mjesec
Nice comeback of mary elizabeth winstead! You really fit into action the way look now.. I wish you could do more action movies.
KM Productions
KM Productions Prije mjesec
imagine if john wick and kate got married
Victor Huertas
Victor Huertas Prije mjesec
this is how i wanted to see her play HUNTRESS in Birds of Pray.....damn you M.R.
Victor Tesla
Victor Tesla Prije mjesec
ah yes, another female empowerment film with a marry sue character that despite weighing 100 lbs soaking wet with limbs skinny enough to fit into the openings in a toaster manages to drop kick full grown men out windows and across roof gaps. Stunning and brave...
CrockeTTubbs Prije mjesec
Its all about being lady john wick, story is bogus, wasted 2 hours of my life, action is good but people dont have sex with stranger thats the motto of this movie...
bud ekins
bud ekins Prije mjesec
Outstanding fight scenes and possibly the most epic entrance into a building by a female in the history of Netflix films.
Bryn Ion
Bryn Ion Prije mjesec
i love the movie, i only want pure action and thats what i got. i understand the people saying its crap though, since they care for more than just pure action
rock Prije mjesec
film güzeldi he
SteusNC Prije mjesec
what music is this ?
miki Zu
miki Zu Prije mjesec
I Like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
ramon nelson
ramon nelson Prije mjesec
Not only did this movie surprised me it beat my expectations on a revenge plot and I loved the fact that even thou she succeeded in her mission she still died but saved the young girl in the process of not going down the same path she went.
IZONE No 1 fan
IZONE No 1 fan Prije mjesec
Anii Prije mjesec
Please say you’ll bring Kate 2. I’ve rewatched this back to back and am going to watch it for the third time already this week. I love that this movie was so pure and the dynamic/ bond/ relationship that was play out between these two beauts. It’s like a mother/ daughter relationship mixed with besties mixed with older sister younger sister emery. Please say you’ll do it Kate death had me crying for real I feel like she was done so dirty and Ani just end up loosing another person she loved/ cared deeply for.
Celine Mur
Celine Mur Prije mjesec
Looks interesting
Darek Walukiewicz
Darek Walukiewicz Prije mjesec
Die hard girl versus
Maximillian Clark
Maximillian Clark Prije mjesec
I am sorry, but I definitely think Kate competes with John Wick
tegami q 手紙
tegami q 手紙 Prije 26 dana
Tiny Hat
Tiny Hat Prije mjesec
Fun movie and the soundtrack was outstanding! The car chase with Band-Maid's song "Blooming" was almost as cool as their music video.
PEKO Prije mjesec
Suba Jem
Suba Jem Prije mjesec
u know the movie was badass when the protagonist's name is the title. john wick, hanna, anna, salt, and many more...
Sofia Margarette
Sofia Margarette Prije mjesec
Kate and Ani-chan's tandem was rad!
Gol D. Fish
Gol D. Fish Prije mjesec
It pretty much reminded me of Atomic Blonde
Daisy Mae Magdayo
Daisy Mae Magdayo Prije mjesec
I♥️Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Paul Birk
Paul Birk Prije mjesec
Just awesome.
Monoj Limbu
Monoj Limbu Prije mjesec
Awesome movie. Quite predictable my ass. There are some nice twists towards the later part of the film. Definitely recommend watching this awesomeness.
Tuber Life daily
Tuber Life daily Prije mjesec
Omg I just finish the movie it was amazing must watch it
eli pozilov
eli pozilov Prije mjesec
Kate vs john wick
Jane Austen
Jane Austen Prije mjesec
MEW is so good in this 🙌
Gattori Sancho
Gattori Sancho Prije mjesec
Its a crank Ripoff but i liked it.
Nick Arsic
Nick Arsic Prije mjesec
She’s a badass! What an actress!
Amir Rahman
Amir Rahman Prije mjesec
She's so good, she should be in John wick universe.. 😌
fuk.ur.feelings Prije mjesec
Basically a feminists version of John wick, it's actually a good movie if u can get passed the BS that a tiny 120 pound girl can do that much carnage lol
PumpNDump Prije mjesec
Oh look another 5'5 120lb female whooping everyone's ass.... Riiighttt!
random9 Prije mjesec
So many of these shots look near-identical to GHOST IN THE SHELL (2017).
Andrew Foreman
Andrew Foreman Prije mjesec
Probably not worth recommending.
PRINCE Robedizo
PRINCE Robedizo Prije mjesec
Bad movie do not watch!!!!
MHA Prije mjesec
Angel CityGirl
Angel CityGirl Prije mjesec
The movie was action packed, you are rooting for her the entire way through and very enjoyable.
harsh mstry
harsh mstry Prije mjesec
Jordaar Acting "Mary Elizabeth Winstead"
harsh mstry
harsh mstry Prije mjesec
Jordaar Acting "Maey Elizabeth Winstead"
Verum Semita
Verum Semita Prije mjesec
The best scene imho is that katana duel scene, that was swiftly tough.
Checkmate465 Prije mjesec
I believe we could hook Kate with Jon Wick. That would a killer romance.
Checkmate465 Prije mjesec
This movie should be called atomic Kate.
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