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Killa Killa (feat. Aiyana-Lee) · KSI · Aiyana-Lee
℗ 2020 Beerus Ltd under exclusive license to RBC Records/BMG Rights Management (US) LLC
Producer: Diego Ave
Engineer: Henkka Niemistö
Engineer: Michalis Michael
Producer: Yoshi
Composer: Diego Ave
Composer: Olajide William Olatunji
Composer: Tiina Vainikainen
Composer: William Rappaport
Composer: Yoshiya Ady
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21. Svi 2020.



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Komentari 80
XVisionary Prije 27 minuta
It's like those chill songs on the radio 🔥
Tom Pendle
Tom Pendle Prije 31 minute
My op best song on the entire album
eli birger
eli birger Prije sat
best song on the album easily
TJ Hockeystar
TJ Hockeystar Prije sat
This is the best song on the album
Jacob Blencowe
Jacob Blencowe Prije 2 sati
the guy 2 comments below me is a doctor
Connor Prieston
Connor Prieston Prije 3 sati
One of my favourite songs from JJ, he has really improved on his music and is really working hard and putting time in his albums.
Doctor Balkan
Doctor Balkan Prije 3 sati
Bruh I'm just here to listen to Aiyana
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Prije 3 sati
Killa Killa is the best song on the album change my mind
GT Prije 4 sati
One of the BEST songs on the album, change my mind
Jemima Drawz
Jemima Drawz Prije 5 sati
Me:Drawing JJ whilst listening to KSI My dad: so why don’t you draw KSI if your listening to KSI Me:😑🤦🏽‍♀️
Hafsah Natha
Hafsah Natha Prije 5 sati
my gahd, JJ's a fuckin legend
Anria Naicker
Anria Naicker Prije 5 sati
One of the best on the album by far
Tadas Vaitkevičius
Tadas Vaitkevičius Prije 5 sati
Damn KSI is actually insane at singing
Primis Ground
Primis Ground Prije 7 sati
This is a fifa song
Keiden Pedersen
Keiden Pedersen Prije 8 sati
The girl is jj’s girldfriend!?
Sqoushie Joshie
Sqoushie Joshie Prije 7 sati
No it's someone completely different
Noburu Shadowquake
Noburu Shadowquake Prije 8 sati
I love this song
Irfan Rizki
Irfan Rizki Prije 8 sati
My thoughts with this song is like, I feel the music video for this would be about JJ walking through the streets seeing things that would slowly become weirder.
Ieuan St John
Ieuan St John Prije 8 sati
Who else thinks ksi and bugzy Malone should do a collab
z Typos
z Typos Prije 8 sati
I like this
Tyrel Mccarthy
Tyrel Mccarthy Prije 9 sati
Most viewed song with this cover on his albun
Barted Boy
Barted Boy Prije 9 sati
auto tune be like
Eren Akgün
Eren Akgün Prije 10 sati
Come on boys.When JJ said that we should wait for his album we didn‘t expect this bomb.Fucking fayaaaa
NITE Ivy Prije 11 sati
Still waiting for jj to get on to capital or cfm haha
Luqman Mahamoud
Luqman Mahamoud Prije 12 sati
Ngl, the beat slaps harder than my dads belt
Loony Toon
Loony Toon Prije 13 sati
I have no problem with TikTok. Its so stupid i just ignore it and enjoy the music on youtube.
Saud Tu
Saud Tu Prije 14 sati
My fav
Darren Morillo
Darren Morillo Prije 14 sati
Who's here after his reaction to Fantano? And cuz this song slaps
karthik ram
karthik ram Prije 16 sati
She sounds better than most female artists
Irnes Habibovic
Irnes Habibovic Prije 16 sati
Plot twist:Rilla is Gorilla but shorter.Racism
Christopher Braxen
Christopher Braxen Prije 18 sati
Killa killa killa 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Frost KDT
Frost KDT Prije 18 sati
He should make a music video with this song.
James Harvey
James Harvey Prije 19 sati
Amazing song so catchy cant get enough of this song
Elisha Kim
Elisha Kim Prije 20 sati
ima beat whoever's ass says they know this song from tik tok
Alban Ramadani
Alban Ramadani Prije 20 sati
Petition to put this song in the next Nfs heat or the next nfs game Personally think this song would be fucking sick in the garage or dealer ship or something
Alban Ramadani
Alban Ramadani Prije 20 sati
This is hard
Love the xylophone on this track
buidsob yeh
buidsob yeh Prije 21 sat
i love every song on the album escpecially this one but the delivery at the start was eh it gives me a bit of anxiety
Stewpid_ Playz
Stewpid_ Playz Prije 22 sati
i'd like to us my "I'm here before Tik Tok ruins this song" card
Ryan Aziz
Ryan Aziz Prije 22 sati
best song in the album
brandon norsworthy
brandon norsworthy Prije 23 sati
This songs bangs
VegetablesIQ Prije 23 sati
Hate tik Tok they ruin every song hopefully not this one
Alicia F
Alicia F Prije 22 sati
If tiktok somehow finds this song i’m suing no cap.
LazarBeam Prije 23 sati
[Intro: Aiyana-Lee & KSI] Battin' 'round the trap when I'm in the streets You don't wanna play, no, no Got a target on your back standin' next to me Ayy, hell no, you don't know who you're, ah [Pre-Chorus: Aiyana-Lee & KSI] Backed out with that look in her eye That'll make the Devil smile (Skrrt) Papi, tell me can you handle my type? (Ayy) Going on my level now (Ah) [Chorus: Aiyana-Lee & KSI] 'Cause mami's a killa, killa (Ah, ah) Shoot like a rilla, rilla (Bop-bop) So, papi, tell me can you handle my type? Hell no, you don't you know who you're fuckin' with [Verse 1: KSI] Music punchin' or the internet, I kill all of that Twenty million when I see the net, I made all of that Even when I'm ill, I see a vet, I'm an animal They know I'm eatin' up the threat like I'm Hannibal (Ayy, ayy) I got no reason to panic when all the money paid Tailor-made, wearin' Armani now that I'm feelin' suede Money May, now I can choose the weather on any day Anyway, king of the drama, killin' it every day Ooh, know you hurtin' 'cause you always throwback Ooh, rollin' through the pieces on a Kodak Ooh, I'm the catch, saving like a goalie (Ooh) Wishin', but I know you fuckin' hate me [Pre-Chorus: Aiyana-Lee & KSI] Backed out with that look in her eye That'll make the Devil smile (Skrrt) Papi, tell me can you handle my type? (Ayy) Going on my level now [Chorus: Aiyana-Lee & KSI] 'Cause mami's a killa, killa Shoot like a rilla, rilla (Bop-bop) So, papi, tell me can you handle my type? Ayy, ayy, hell no, you don't you know who you're- [Verse 2: KSI] Nah, you don't know who you're fuckin' with (Nah) I know many come and go when I go to this (I know many) Turn up in killer mode (Ayy) Legacy fiddlin' End another man and then I'm leavin' them piddlin' I'm a beast when I'm on it Hotter than your bonnet (Jeez) I really want it like buffalo needin' women (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) Shreddin' it, disrespect, and then I'm deadin' it (Nah, nah) Repeatin' me winnin' the a figure like I'm Benedict (Damn) Got the money flowin' proper like an ATM (Skrrt) Gotta see me glowin' proper with that alien (Skrrt, skrrt) Taller than the makkah when I gotta stack it up Now she soundin' like Chewbacca when she back it up (Ah)[Pre-Chorus: Aiyana-Lee & KSI] Backed out with that look in her eye That'll make the Devil smile (Skrrt) Papi, tell me can you handle my type? (Ayy) Going on my level now [Chorus: Aiyana-Lee & KSI] 'Cause mami's a killa, killa Shoot like a rilla, rilla So, papi, tell me can you handle my type? Yeah, yeah Hell no, you don't you know who you're fucking with (Mmh) [Outro: Aiyana-Lee] Yeah, uh, uh No, no
Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy Prije 23 sati
This track go crazy ngl
Todog _26Yt
Todog _26Yt Prije dan
Honestly favourite song on his album
Realw _j
Realw _j Prije dan
I’m late to this but he should’ve said “And she sounding like Abby when she back it up”😂😂
F. B. I
F. B. I Prije dan
Petition to put this on FIFA
Aziz 0113
Aziz 0113 Prije dan
Favourite one in the album
H U M A N N Prije dan
This is actually lit
M K Prije dan
Should’nt have mentioned Makkah. Thats really disappointing. And he get offended when someone calls him the N word. Really disappointed
FCABombz Prije dan
Goddamn this slaps
Axle J
Axle J Prije dan
I feel it should be killa killa featuring ksi
gello there
gello there Prije dan
this beat and the girl :0 she cute too shes good and this is reall nice
paulooo Prije dan
best song in the album. peridot.
Vikram Mangal
Vikram Mangal Prije dan
I feel like ive heard this before
this song slaps hardddddd
Marios Christodoulou
really hope a videoclip for this comes out! this is fire!!!!
Irnes Habibovic
Irnes Habibovic Prije dan
Aiyana needs to be on every track
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Prije dan
lti vibes
Mutahir Imran
Mutahir Imran Prije dan
100% the best song in the album... ❤️❤️
TheFuture Prije dan
Guys look at jjs shirt in the cover it kinda looks like Mike Tyson.
Mohammed Ayan
Mohammed Ayan Prije dan
BRO... This album is soo fire that my youtube crashed by the time I reached this song...
Chaos HydraXx
Chaos HydraXx Prije dan
sub to Chaos HydraXx
Kiyotaka Ayanokoji
1:04 I can imagine me playing fifa 21 in the pre match training screen doing training drills to this song
George Harris
George Harris Prije dan
worst song on album?
OJ Oli
OJ Oli Prije dan
he used too much autotune in him Album
Where’s the milk?
JJ using Autotune in parts of this song was what added to the feel, so in this case it actually worked.
god teir
Samuel Ruiz
Samuel Ruiz Prije dan
This is 🔥 fire
isaiah mohamed
isaiah mohamed Prije dan
Imagine a helium song kill a kill a remix
Dank deity dripsta
Bro all his shit bangs like tides and now this. KSI your my hero bro let your abilities to produce bangers take you all the way up.
mafke knapsak
mafke knapsak Prije dan
This one is rlly fkn good
G4L Prije dan
this a bangerrrrrrr
Tyrone Rose
Tyrone Rose Prije dan
The music video to this song finna be 😍
No Name
No Name Prije dan
JJ needs to make more songs with women features, this SLAPS
No Name
No Name Prije dan
I’ve always been a fan of JJ and the sdmn but I have never been a fan of his music... but I LOVE THIS SONG IT SLAPS
tigercup1 Prije dan
Who the heck will dislike this!
Joosty Prije dan
Best song on the album by far, especially the beginning and end
Josiah Spicer
Josiah Spicer Prije dan
Jesus, KSI def made. A banger, but tik tok actually gon screw this song, it’ll get recognized more, but you know people will call it, “that one song from tik tok.”
CaptainAutism Prije dan
I like it
Ukfnrje Prije dan
When i made this the likes were 69k
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