Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

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Designer Thierry Mugler created Kim Kardashian West's look with the help of the world’s foremost corset maker.

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Directors: Georgia Stockwell, Nikolai Kokanovic
DP: Jess Dunlap
Sound: Chris Bennett, Jesse Stormo
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Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

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7. Svi 2019.



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Komentari 80
Vogue Prije 6 mjeseci
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Black Knight Fool
Black Knight Fool Prije mjesec
@Lettery Support you hate her that much?
Lettery Support
Lettery Support Prije 2 mjeseci
I lost all respect for Kim Kardashian when I watched this video
PRIYA SHREE DUBEY Prije 3 mjeseci
@Aisha - not at all lmao I dont need that
Jesus Olvera Aguilar
Jesus Olvera Aguilar Prije 4 mjeseci
Luaur bebé
Aisha -
Aisha - Prije 5 mjeseci
What they did to her waist is crazy. Not to mention all the girls and women that thrive for that crazy waist
Hugo Flores
Hugo Flores Prije 7 sati
La belleza ..siempre es mas.
D Motylek
D Motylek Prije 16 sati
P Alina Marium
P Alina Marium Prije dan
Who is ur favorite ? I love all of them
Jesus’s Eternal Son
Genesis 22:13 Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son.
FoussThe King
FoussThe King Prije dan
2:22 montre un peu plus de cul
Maria Khan
Maria Khan Prije dan
The makeup could have been better. They put too much tan on her
Ex Hater
Ex Hater Prije dan
Kim seems ....sweet.
Karina Luanara
Karina Luanara Prije dan
How can this woman breathe that? Shocked😮 she is incredibly beautiful too!
Meryem Sena
Meryem Sena Prije dan
götüyle ünlü olan bir kaşar. i hate kim
ahm2019 Khan
ahm2019 Khan Prije dan
It looks so uncomfortable.....Looks like You've lost your ribs
gayjin Prije 2 dana
she looks so good with no makeup omg
SpyMaz Prije 2 dana
That waist gives me anxiety and chokes me at the same time. But the dress is beautiful. The shows are awful though.
donyaPusa 19xx
donyaPusa 19xx Prije 2 dana
She can breath ?
donyaPusa 19xx
donyaPusa 19xx Prije 2 dana
Her waist is smaller than mine 20 y/o why o why
Harshitha Keerti
Harshitha Keerti Prije 2 dana
Very pretty without make up
WeirdBang Prije 2 dana
No one: Kim Kardashian: MiNi MiNi MiNi! No hate tho just sayin'
Роман Шарковський
Debussy and Kim 💜
nicole meneses
nicole meneses Prije 3 dana
Her body looks so exaggerated with that corset that it just starts looking grotesque
sweet n girly
sweet n girly Prije 3 dana
I wonder how much those people get paid to do her makeup and help her out on her clothes 😂
Avion Prije 3 dana
Why they got Claire De Lune in the background lol
любов богатинова
It looks so much painful to be in that corset 😩
2pac shakur
2pac shakur Prije 3 dana
OK but if she wanna go to the bathroom omg looks so painfully
Woof Meow :3
Woof Meow :3 Prije 3 dana
Does she even have organs?
naomi morris
naomi morris Prije 3 dana
say what u want abt the kardashians but THIS LOOK omfg it’s a piece of art it’s gorgeous but the way she delivers it is so beautiful
Fother Mucker
Fother Mucker Prije 4 dana
she s so cute.
ElenaTheTranny28 Schotel
Kim hun, you doesnt need a corset. You already have a beautiful body shape naturally ❤❤😘
Lavender Cookie
Lavender Cookie Prije 4 dana
I have never heard her voice, not even once. I was expecting her voice to be deeper. As crazy as it sounds, I'm not joking.
basu chetri
basu chetri Prije 4 dana
Ugly to its height.....
Fauzun Safaroh
Fauzun Safaroh Prije 4 dana
Cantik nya Kim Kardashian tanpa make up.
Đặng Chi
Đặng Chi Prije 5 dana
Aubrey Wade
Aubrey Wade Prije 5 dana
I feel like she tried to hard with the look ngl
Juliana Yordanova
Juliana Yordanova Prije 5 dana
I think Kim is soo much prettier without makeup
Neena Sebastian
Neena Sebastian Prije 6 dana
What about her long hair?? Where is it???
Shuhacker Shuhacker
Shuhacker Shuhacker Prije 7 dana
U look tremendous without makeup and younger to ❤️
Nungki Pimasari
Nungki Pimasari Prije 7 dana
Watching her wear that costume make me cant breath
Bianca Paulo da Silveira
Omg, it looks exactly like a sweaty a**hole
yahya adi
yahya adi Prije 7 dana
She is different in here....💗
Asma Imran
Asma Imran Prije 7 dana
The most uncomfortable dress ever
Alice Sarr
Alice Sarr Prije 7 dana
2:21 le français dit "montre un peu plus de cul"
Daisy Spruce
Daisy Spruce Prije 7 dana
claire de lune chiming in when Kim turns round in 2:40 killed me
gnngo Prije 7 dana
6:45 Me: i cant really hear what SHE is saying *turns up the vulome* "OMG KIM KIM KIM OMG AJNDDKSI KIM WJSKSNKD" I am not even kidding lol
lolo O
lolo O Prije 7 dana
I dont like the dress... look like bacon stick together....
Jolly Love
Jolly Love Prije 8 dana
She looks waaay better without the makeup younger fresher prettier 100% more
fruity melonade
fruity melonade Prije 8 dana
Man. Not really the biggest fan of her but I feel so happy for her that she’s finally living out her dream🥺💗🌟
Joa J
Joa J Prije 8 dana
I feel like Kim would be a good friend. Like she seems relatable in some ways. :/ Also I feel like this moment 3:00 I like that she said that bc I mean who doesn’t wish they could do that. She stays humble
jeon Prije 8 dana
that's so sad
Morgan Schneider
Morgan Schneider Prije 8 dana
it wasn't as showy as some of the other looks there but it was an incredible concept
Elijah Kumning
Elijah Kumning Prije 8 dana
Why does this looks like try not to look at the spot challenge
олег ядевич
ебать что ана сабой дура дерает дура
Prerna Arora
Prerna Arora Prije 8 dana
Am i the only one who thinks she looks beautiful without makeup
Fathima Muafiqa
Fathima Muafiqa Prije 8 dana
Her corset looks painful😧
Raxsan Miller
Raxsan Miller Prije 9 dana
Kim is literally a queen, I just can't bring myself to hate her , shes classy ,elegant and a great mom
ᴛᴀᴇᴄʜᴜ_. Prije 9 dana
h-how can she breathe? (no hate tho she looks amazing)
J Bo
J Bo Prije 9 dana
The water droplets on the dress are so pretty! I never noticed them
Eri Kejvalová
Eri Kejvalová Prije 9 dana
One question.. How can she breathe?
Kristin Paige
Kristin Paige Prije 9 dana
I would honest to god faint if i had to wear a corset that tight
Diakher Wade diop
Diakher Wade diop Prije 10 dana
I love you to mech je suis sénégalaise es je te vue toute les jour es je suis toute tes dépassement stp garde bien ton mari il fait ton honneur
Lisa Garchat
Lisa Garchat Prije 10 dana
She looks so good
Lisa Garchat
Lisa Garchat Prije 10 dana
Kim is soooooo cool
Splendifuly Prije 11 dana
At 2.23 you can hear jean baptiste in the back saying show more of the butt :")
Ms A
Ms A Prije 11 dana
Beauty is indeed pain
Anna Gilmore
Anna Gilmore Prije 11 dana ඇස්තමේන්තු, මෙම ප්රදේශයේ මෙම රුවල් යුතු නැත කිහිපයක්
Владислав Смыков
Ужас !
RPS 2992
RPS 2992 Prije 11 dana
The corset looks painful 😓
Joi Houston
Joi Houston Prije 12 dana
Breathe taking luv bug
Ya Mo
Ya Mo Prije 12 dana
3:04 She's got that disney princess eyes bigger than waist thing going on... (I don't mean to offend or be rude, please don't hate me)
Lily Burress
Lily Burress Prije 12 dana
She look more beautiful without makeup
C i n d y
C i n d y Prije 12 dana
Can anyone please tell what is Met Gala and who is the one in charge of it?I don't know a thing about all this.
Saskia Prije 12 dana
I was so disappointed to hear this wasn’t praised as one of the best looks that year. IMO, she was best dressed, the look is incredible and it has a fully realised concept and story
Nayani Sheolikar
Nayani Sheolikar Prije 12 dana
I've always loved kim. She's so humble and sweet. And she's so beautiful. The most beautiful among all her sisters. And oof i cannot stress this more THAT DRESS THAT LOOK IS ART. She looks stunning! Everything goes perfectly with each other, The dress, make up, hair, footwear. I will NEVER get over this look.
Lex Chanel
Lex Chanel Prije 13 dana
I honestly felt short of breath watching her in that dress
e xoxox
e xoxox Prije 13 dana
bertalert143 Prije 13 dana
I prefer her without makeup
Timurkhon Khodjaev
Timurkhon Khodjaev Prije 14 dana
HeXtian made you as a doll :v
GHAZALA AHMADI Prije 14 dana
Bruh you didn’t HAVE to make ur waist THAT small... but nice dress tho
Imogene9 Prije 14 dana
She’s prettier without make-up!!!
hmda hmoda
hmda hmoda Prije 14 dana
The balloon can be rubtuered at any time.... Dont sit on ur balloon
Сверкающая Вселенная
Как колбаса нарядилась
Nmay Zaraj
Nmay Zaraj Prije 14 dana
I'm not try to be rude,but I feel sympathy when I look at her wearing the dress.
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