Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

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Designer Thierry Mugler created Kim Kardashian West's look with the help of the world’s foremost corset maker.

Directors: Georgia Stockwell, Nikolai Kokanovic
DP: Jess Dunlap
Sound: Chris Bennett, Jesse Stormo
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Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

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Komentari 100
Husna Ahmed
Husna Ahmed Prije 24 minuta
Wasn’t she pregnant?
Emily Lelyte
Emily Lelyte Prije 44 minuta
I’m still trying to figure out wtf camp means..
Seyyed Mohammad Ahmadi
I wish someone would just say I DONT CARE
Meike Peters
Meike Peters Prije 3 sati
ich würde wahnsinnig werden, wenn so viele Leute um mich herum und an mir rumtüdeln würden! das Kleid ist der absolute Knaller, Corsage drunter und das Silikon sitzt wie eine zweite Haut - voll geil! alles, Ihr Busen/Dekolette, Ihr make, Ihre in Wellen gelegten Haare ist Perfektion!
Julie Rodabaugh
Julie Rodabaugh Prije 3 sati
Everything in moderation girl. Eat dessert first before the World ends. Lol. Love your whole family Mama, especially Mombo. Your Mom. Hope y’all had an amazing Mother’s Day. 🤗
GodDamnLife Prije 3 sati
Bro, that freakin waist... don’t you suffer?
David Lynch Meets Xpole
Me: How vain can you really be? Kim Kardashian: "YES"
panggop jio
panggop jio Prije 4 sati
Honestly this look is the corset, which cant even be clocked. Gorgeous.
BMJSpitteler Prije 5 sati
Kim is so ugly, she looks like Morticia Addams.
Rionna Hebert26
Rionna Hebert26 Prije 6 sati
i’m surprised she can even breathe in that thing😂🥵
Tresna Cropper
Tresna Cropper Prije 6 sati
jane showman
jane showman Prije 7 sati
The cousin was so cute on the phone lol
Benjrmen0987 Gaming
Benjrmen0987 Gaming Prije 7 sati
i be saying “she ain’t even thic tho, thoo
Kate Potter
Kate Potter Prije 8 sati
i feel like i can’t breathe watching this
Samantha Wadsworth
Samantha Wadsworth Prije 8 sati
Can we recycle her since she is wearing so much plastic?
dothedeed Prije 9 sati
Yup- her cousin is Jewish
Tea Prije 9 sati
I feel like she is one of the only white girls that can pull of edges like that
smith david
smith david Prije 9 sati
Without makeup she's perfect and so young looking wow
Fancy’s Folly
Fancy’s Folly Prije 9 sati
That, is unhealthy..internal organs have been shoved around..that can’t be safe..
A Prije 10 sati
She looks better without makeup
BoricuaDelight Prije 10 sati
This look was beyond gorgeous
LeninFPV Prije 11 sati
Yeah: I'm fine with idiots like this not existing in the future...this women, and her idiot husband, make humanity seem entirely dispensable...
~Alyssagggghik~ Prije 11 sati
Did they give her fake nipples
ASMR Flower
ASMR Flower Prije 12 sati
3:10 what's the song 😭 Pls someone tell me
ricardo abreu
ricardo abreu Prije 11 sati CLAUDE DEBUSSY: CLAIR DE LUNE
nichduer nikkk
nichduer nikkk Prije 13 sati
Thot process.
Anna H
Anna H Prije 13 sati
The Sophia Loren reference was on point and to see that it began with that image - and to look at where Mugler took it?Just breathtaking. And Kim is and has always been THIS gorgeous. Its partly why she gets so much hate and so much attention! People would love to say its all surgery, but if you understand what makeup can do and what having the fitness gurus, the spa trips, etc.. you dont need to waste money on surgery. I've seen enough before and after makeup reveals to get it now.
T B Prije 13 sati
Don't understand, as a guy any cloth could covers me up is enough
ItsMattOkay Prije 13 sati
Honestly this look is the corset, which cant even be clocked. Gorgeous.
Jasmin Martinez
Jasmin Martinez Prije 13 sati
A lil scary but she looks great
Ms. Fancy
Ms. Fancy Prije 14 sati
Josie Virola
Josie Virola Prije 14 sati
U look very uncomfortable,,
UltimateAdigaGamer Prije 14 sati
Looks like a sperm coated dress
Kate McIlwain
Kate McIlwain Prije 14 sati
i'm a
i'm a Prije 16 sati
she looked amazing but i don't know if i could have that corset on for more than a few seconds lmao (probably because i'm the size of a whale but still)
Stacy Darroch
Stacy Darroch Prije 16 sati
*Ribs have left the chat*
Katey Henderson
Katey Henderson Prije 17 sati
This video of Kim compared to Kylie’ is way more genuine and nice
Ruby Riddle
Ruby Riddle Prije 18 sati
She seems sad or maybe she can’t breath
Anusree Padmakumar
Anusree Padmakumar Prije 18 sati
She has actually really beautiful face
Lisa13245 Prije 20 sati
the dreads....i can't.
Blake Stone
Blake Stone Prije 20 sati
Sorry, that makes your Butt look HUGE... It does Not Complement You! They told you what you wanted to hear. It's their Job to take your money. It's your Job to keep your Moneys.
Lyly Chancel
Lyly Chancel Prije 21 sat
« Montre un peu plus de cul »
4000mmm Prije 21 sat
that must hurt a lot!
Cuz I want too Deal with it
Ohhh Kim look at ur waist, yeah the power of 3 corsets is amazing 🙄
Dalila Watts
Dalila Watts Prije 21 sat
She's wearing make up here
Areesah Jamilah
Areesah Jamilah Prije 21 sat
This whole video is so sad
Maria Cleto
Maria Cleto Prije 22 sati can she breath ?? I need to STOP the Video ...
ORLA Prije 23 sati
Is her hair in dreads?
Frey Xoxo
Frey Xoxo Prije dan
I think the outfit makeup and concept was amazing. But the way it sat on her was so scary.
Cookie in Korea!
Omg poor ribs. The pressure the body goes through when they do that to the waist....
taehyungscry Prije dan
here for mario and boy does he deliver with those biceps blending her makeup with his concentrated expression
sophia b
sophia b Prije dan
Oh no no, everything is cool and fine, but just don't use Debussy Claire de Lune on this... JUST DON'T!
Mina Shahsavari
Mina Shahsavari Prije 13 sati
sophia b thank you!!!
Özge Koyun
Özge Koyun Prije dan
Lum queeny
Lum queeny Prije dan
Omy goodness! How can one girl get all the beauty of half of the girls on earth. She is a goodess....
Scary ghost
Scary ghost Prije dan
4:56 Omg that guy in black looked like Johnny Depp 😲😲😲
esake Prije dan
Why is she even popular? I've seen street hookers nd crackheads prettier than her.
mint Prije dan
waist-snatching? when non-blacks try to incorporate aave and fail.
Stephanie Ensor
Stephanie Ensor Prije dan
ooo you got your own nose back now went a bit to fake didn't you
my channel
my channel Prije dan
Fea!! Parece un monstruo salido del barro!!💩
Aditi Shah
Aditi Shah Prije dan
It makes me feel like she is bot feeling comfortable in that corset!! But its Met!!!
L. E
L. E Prije dan
Why is this normal to y’all ??
Tamietha Reyes
Tamietha Reyes Prije dan
But nice dress 😍
Tamietha Reyes
Tamietha Reyes Prije dan
Ya keep saying she look better without makeup she just had less on
Vendetta DM
Vendetta DM Prije dan
Who is this hidious old aunt?
Rob Saunders
Rob Saunders Prije dan
re-animated, haggard, ghoul
CalyThe Gamer
CalyThe Gamer Prije dan
her corset makes my lungs want to explode.
Emmt Prije dan
Nada que ver con lady Gaga
lule lulee
lule lulee Prije dan
Po ku e ka kjo bukurin
Mehak Arora
Mehak Arora Prije dan
India ko bhi apne uper shrm ati hogi kaisi ldkio ko jnm diya hai Indian nhi foreign culture follow kr rhi hai yai ldkiya
Jadalang94 Prije dan
The "wet" look 😂 exactly what I was thinking when I saw it
Shekinah Coulter
Well you look stunning Kim. Just Beautiful ❤️
Selalu Berjuang
Selalu Berjuang Prije dan
Waowwww paydays Super bear
Tina Belcher
Tina Belcher Prije dan
I find this satisfying and idk why.
Kayce DeCstro
Kayce DeCstro Prije dan
since your pregnant is that squezing the baby
Pamela Hollingsworth
clesherz Prije dan
Ofentse Metsing
Ofentse Metsing Prije dan
Ohhh Lord!! I wouldn’t be able to breathe in that😭
faith Davis
faith Davis Prije dan
Why does she need 3 people to do up her corcet??????????🤔
Tyler Chadwick
Tyler Chadwick Prije dan
Kylie Minogue should’ve shown all these girls what camp is!
Mr. Thriller
Mr. Thriller Prije dan
I love you Kim:)
Lauren Ricard
Lauren Ricard Prije dan
This dress looks so uncomfortable but so gorgeous as well
tommygirl20247 Prije dan
Would have looked better without the corset.
Nadya 210
Nadya 210 Prije dan
I was wondering how the f she was gonna go toilet
Mariely Colon
Mariely Colon Prije dan
I heard so many negative comments about her look and I am so glad a saw this Vogue video. Hopefully, all other people can see it, too. Is just a girl's dream coming true. Can anybody relate? Be emphatic can be hard to do, I guess. I am happy she mad eit happen and congrats to her, she looks, and is, georgous. God bless you!
leeoh moon
leeoh moon Prije dan
she looks like she eats a large doughnuts ;)
hackedoffable Prije dan
“oh my gosh, that waist”...and the butt...sorry, ridiculous
Titi Pop
Titi Pop Prije dan
Beautiful, smart, fancy. Love You 😍😊
Moimoii Ralte
Moimoii Ralte Prije dan
i couldn’t breath properly through out the video
Vaught Family Vlogs
That looks painful!
lezzet_bombası_tariifler enfes_lezzetler
Kanalımıza buyrun
Ryan S
Ryan S Prije dan
milena Prije dan
she's so pretty without makeup
Azeem Dilani
Azeem Dilani Prije dan
Remind me, what is she famous for?
Mr. Joker -_- Max
10 days.....20 million views
erick r
erick r Prije dan
she looks like one of those homeless people that they do a makeover for
idfk idfk
idfk idfk Prije dan
I hate how the woman complemented Kim on her waist... That didn't look healthy and it just looked dangerous....
Joey LaScala
Joey LaScala Prije dan
no one: kim: im gonna eat two dozen donuts tomorrow
Germán Casella
Germán Casella Prije dan
what if she had to pee?
urstrulyyxx Prije dan
Vincent Gurbacki
Must be a chore scooping all that cottage cheese into a dress.
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