LA Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers [FULL HIGHLIGHTS] | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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The battle for Los Angeles takes place inside the NBA bubble in Orlando, Florida, as LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the Los Angeles Lakers take on Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and the LA Clippers on the night the seeding games begin. In a dramatic finish, LeBron takes over in the final moments as the Lakers hold on for a 103-101 victory.
7.30 🏀Highlights:
Jazz vs. Pelicans:
Kawhi Leonard vs. Lakers:
Anthony Davis vs. Clippers:
LeBron James vs. Clippers:
Paul George vs. Lakers:
Zion Williamson vs. Jazz:
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30. Srp 2020.



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Komentari 60
JAY booGey
JAY booGey Prije 11 sati
Rich Morlang
Rich Morlang Prije 2 dana
Great game
Jorge Luis
Jorge Luis Prije 2 dana
Lebron played horrible n they still won lol
Joanna Prije 2 dana
Can’t blame PG for taking the final shot. He was so efficient whole game. 6 threes 🔥
Fuzz Man
Fuzz Man Prije 3 dana
lEBRON IS un - american
Malik Booker
Malik Booker Prije 3 dana
LeBron took flight’s FTC GO move 6:28
Chad Applin
Chad Applin Prije 3 dana
No box out
stephon shurelds
stephon shurelds Prije 4 dana
Um hmm! Lol
Joanna Prije 2 dana
Damned Prije 4 dana
1:20 is the reason why they should stop considering bron a goat. Never did you see Jordan or Kobe or AI not even Kawhi taking three steps And no call being made. That is a travel and bron has a lot of those in his highlights. Maybe the goat to get away with traveling
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Prije 4 dana
Rondo getting no PT for the rest of the season 😅😂
ThatEraSound Prije 4 dana
UFC showed NBA how a successful business runs a company. Now nba finally catching on
T M Prije 4 dana
Note to Lakers LeMedia Analysts: This Wont Happen Again and You Won Fair and Square by 2-points. Factors to Considered Below: *No Lou & Montrez *Shamp, Morris, Zub = 4 points *Average Combined 60 points Foul troubles gave the Lakers and AD the benefit Refs maybe? If not it won’t happen again especially wrist grabbing
tim carps
tim carps Prije 4 dana
NBA sold out with the BLM graffiti,, just like MLB !!!!
xLilx_xBaconx Prije 4 dana
Will i be hated if i called this the LA Derby?
Louis Arno
Louis Arno Prije 5 dana
TRAITORS!!! If you think America is so bad? Leave! Travel the world. Come back when you've learned something!!
Niki Juste
Niki Juste Prije 5 dana
They really added that fake crowd ambience. Def not the same but its certainly effective. And as everyone else has said....dont add the final score to the thumbnail
Angel Gil Lopez
Angel Gil Lopez Prije 5 dana
PG crying as usual 😂🖕🏽
Jim Costello
Jim Costello Prije 5 dana
Chairman James made his Chinese masters proud that night.
Jeremy Southern
Jeremy Southern Prije 5 dana
the lion king
Jack park
Jack park Prije 5 dana
LeBron still using his elbow to push off guys. Big yikes!
Calvin Moore
Calvin Moore Prije 5 dana
Kawhi was like no pictures please 🤣🤣🤣🤣 1:21
Chris H
Chris H Prije 5 dana
rick m
rick m Prije 5 dana
Black Lives Matter Painted on the court SUCKS!!! What a disgrace to our nation and those who defend it...
Shawn Prije 5 dana
Divide and conquer Globalist funded George Soros Nazi collaborator funded black lives matter painted on the globalist controlled National Television.
newthrash1221 Prije 5 dana
Dion waiters is easily one of the best pick ups. He’s killin’ it.
Vishwanatha Janaswamy
We are
Vishwanatha Janaswamy
Fredrick Martin
Fredrick Martin Prije 5 dana
I could watch 7 of these..with the Clippers taking it. 💯🏆
Lowest in the room
Lowest in the room Prije 5 dana
2 of the best wing defenders in the NBA couldn't guard the King for the game winner. Then the King denies both of them the game winner. 😂😂😂😂
BigMoser Gaming
BigMoser Gaming Prije 5 dana
I know NFL isn't basketball, but I once went into that Rams vs Chiefs (2018) highlight reel without any knowledge of score and that was an awesome experience because of the very offensive nature of the game ending in 54-51. I now feel the difference between that and this where I see the score on the thumbnail before coming into these highlights.
Randy’s Crazy Adventures
lakers aint gonna be that good this year but gg lakers
My Channel
My Channel Prije 5 dana
Great game, great show of solidarity with all kneeling during the anthem!
Jim Costello
Jim Costello Prije 5 dana
bobby fulerton
bobby fulerton Prije 5 dana
Imagine if Lou chose the Clippers over Strippers. We’d have an even better game
Jon Stark
Jon Stark Prije 5 dana
This is how many time's the announcer store hmmm humm! ⬇️⬇️
KOFFIN nails
KOFFIN nails Prije 5 dana
Hahaha bawled spot LeBron
e trust
e trust Prije 5 dana
cardboard fans! they are playing the fools who watch them!
Devin Collins
Devin Collins Prije 5 dana
Lebron GOAT James
rho y.
rho y. Prije 5 dana
Seriously, they are in Disneyworld. Disney can't add some louder interactive sounds, maybe fireworks and animatronics in the stand to make it seem more alive?
Christian Galvan
Christian Galvan Prije 5 dana
So the commentators are doing zoom calls to watch the game or what
BASHEER Anthony Prije 5 dana
Bron the goat
SupaFlySi Prije 5 dana
dion waiters deserves to start on this team. He was great in miami and hes great now
OpOG Prije 5 dana
Aye how bout those fans tho 👀
T1400 And 1
T1400 And 1 Prije 5 dana
I hope this is the western conference finals match up
Michael Pilati
Michael Pilati Prije 5 dana
Who cares they are Chinese Communist Party sympathizers.
The Unapologetic
The Unapologetic Prije 5 dana
So we seen Lebron lock up Giannis PG and Kawhi so far this season where them haters at?
Some One
Some One Prije 5 dana
F* the CCP sponsored NBA. May the roof cave in on these demons.
Ckproduction03 Prije 5 dana
Does anybody else just hate how absolutely plain the court is?
saeid omar
saeid omar Prije 5 dana
Are we going to ignore how Lebron James just won Lakers the game with that strong rebound from his own shot? The man is the best player 🤣😂 and he is my favorite.
imyourgodmachine Prije 5 dana
I realize I’m stating the obvious, but WOW it is extremely strange without hearing the fans!
Theking OfgamesD
Theking OfgamesD Prije 5 dana
Nobody in the NBA can stop the step back 3 smh
Engine9 Prije 5 dana
So they're doing fake cheers for this now huh . Great
D. Pickalo
D. Pickalo Prije 5 dana
The new nba? No thank you.
Patrick star
Patrick star Prije 5 dana
Paul George really crying over that
Melvin Jacobs
Melvin Jacobs Prije 5 dana
supremeakuma Prije 5 dana
Dion was cooking them boys the whole game
tim carps
tim carps Prije 5 dana
Professional sports are done , I turned it off immediately , as soon as I saw the BLM logo on the floor !! If you can't print ALL LIVES MATTER ,,, or BLACK LIVES MATTER " TOO " , then it's done . At least that logo is on the floor where it belongs , for everyone to WALK on . Bye , bye babies !
LifeStyle BMX
LifeStyle BMX Prije 5 dana
Is this a video game or real life?
preston nguyen
preston nguyen Prije 5 dana
@ 0.12 they got to start calling travel on Bron.
Memes N stuff69
Memes N stuff69 Prije 5 dana
Didn’t watch cuz the blm on the floor
VICTOR Rippe Prije 5 dana
If I was Kawhi I would be mad this is my team I’m the leader not u PG. that was kawhis moment he looked pissed too
Cloudlyfe Views&Vlogs
Yea he was lookin for the pass
Duval Only type shit
Not gonna lie paul George shocked me with this one 👏👏