Last To Leave Ocean Wins $10,000

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We went to the beach to do a last to leave wins money challenge!
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14. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 80
Isaac Jaros
Isaac Jaros Prije 2 dana
Okay but why does mopi have an umbrella?
Gully-_-20 Prije 2 dana
TheLifeOfMason Tv
TheLifeOfMason Tv Prije 2 dana
James needs to stfu honestly.
KiNG xxx
KiNG xxx Prije 7 dana
9:00 I‘m dying 😂😂😂
jojo_juventus •
jojo_juventus • Prije 8 dana
9:24 wtf is that at the top left of the water
B.J. Koh
B.J. Koh Prije 9 dana
RIP Zach also 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mercer Lawrence
Mercer Lawrence Prije 10 dana
Them waves crazy
Rylee Linkenhoker
Rylee Linkenhoker Prije 10 dana
when mopi got laid out by the wave when he was skim boarding i was dying
KittyQueen *
KittyQueen * Prije 12 dana
8:37 what the..?
Sir Bewrecking
Sir Bewrecking Prije 13 dana
It’s cold 64 degrees dude that’s nice out
Malik Storr
Malik Storr Prije 14 dana
jsr do you play fortnite my name is Terrico08
lil_123_yt Prije 15 dana
Lol feet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lil_123_yt Prije 15 dana
So much wave ha ha ha when you get in it is cold water then it is hot
Ryan Tully
Ryan Tully Prije 15 dana
Alavez 101
Alavez 101 Prije 16 dana
What happened to youtubes system
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker Prije 17 dana
Everyone joking around mopi: litterly dying
Lamonte Russell
Lamonte Russell Prije 18 dana
Jesser's scream is funny as ever lol
theonlyAlastor Prije 18 dana
6:45 im out too
Test Test
Test Test Prije 18 dana
My boy mopi is using the umbrella in the beach
Some Dude
Some Dude Prije 18 dana
No one: Jiedel: *look at this tiny wave*
Chronic Zay
Chronic Zay Prije 18 dana
If your an og when they were in the interview Jess shirt he got in china
Carter Denton
Carter Denton Prije 19 dana
How tall is Mopi/Tyler
Conner Latta
Conner Latta Prije 19 dana
Anybody else watching this is in 2020?
Jennifer Stueve
Jennifer Stueve Prije 19 dana
Do a fantasy draft on 2K 20
Abod Taha
Abod Taha Prije 20 dana
I see Zach swallow that water and it made me feel different
FrostyyFN- Prije 20 dana
8:45 😂
Matthew Drown
Matthew Drown Prije 20 dana
4:42 is funny
Big D
Big D Prije 20 dana
Hayes Comarda
Hayes Comarda Prije 20 dana
So so so happy you hit 3 million
Pinky Prije 21 dan
8:44 🤣🤣😂
kronic spicy
kronic spicy Prije 21 dan
James says "play around in the waves " ha ha
It Actually me
It Actually me Prije 21 dan
Jesser always making sum heat cuz
RogerDodger Prije 21 dan
If you thought these waves were big. Then you probably have never heard of Nazare in Portugal.
Travis Prije 22 dana
8:50 mopi’s an idiot😂😂😂
Dominick 258
Dominick 258 Prije 22 dana
Jason thinks he wins mopi comes out but nobody knew he was there
Jaime Jamond
Jaime Jamond Prije 22 dana
If you don’t know the water in Cali is really cold
Nicholas Edmondston
Nicholas Edmondston Prije 24 dana
I used to live in orange county btw
Anshul Gattani
Anshul Gattani Prije 24 dana
Zach fat as fuck damn
Hebbsy Production
Hebbsy Production Prije 25 dana
10:59 is that a big on the cam
Tamsin Keone
Tamsin Keone Prije 25 dana
3:21 Me: Sees one foot wave Zach: OMG WHAT DO WE DO 😂💀😂
The Bros
The Bros Prije 25 dana
8:07 put em through the ringer At the end all you see is Jesser's feet
Julien Taylor
Julien Taylor Prije 25 dana
I think symmetra or whatever her name is, is a good candidate for ssb
Arash Khakshooy
Arash Khakshooy Prije 25 dana
will0 _
will0 _ Prije 26 dana
being Australian seeing them scared of water funny af
Dimezz 2K
Dimezz 2K Prije 26 dana
8:59 had me dead 💀
Petar Markovic
Petar Markovic Prije 26 dana
Zack has put on some weight
PuR3Vanix Prije 26 dana
4:04 mopi is so hilarious 😂😂
Orlando Andersen
Orlando Andersen Prije 27 dana
I love how you can only see mopis umbrella during the waves
Alexis Leon
Alexis Leon Prije 28 dana
3:58 is the best moment
Cameron Reilly
Cameron Reilly Prije 29 dana
When a Big wave comes dive under it when its smaller just stand
Resist Elevate
Resist Elevate Prije 29 dana
This is the most I’ve laughed in a long time
Blert Braho
Blert Braho Prije 29 dana
Lot o lalo
Madison Johnson
Madison Johnson Prije mjesec
Jucie wrld
4:42 texas weather
4:42 when your bipolar side kicks in
Andrew Barrett
Andrew Barrett Prije mjesec
Zack’s dad body
heber Jacinto
heber Jacinto Prije mjesec
8:11 😂😂😂😂😂
Eliot Burshay
Eliot Burshay Prije mjesec
Bruh how can u not handle the ocean for a few hours
Tingly Pegasus73
Tingly Pegasus73 Prije mjesec
he do be crankin doe
Zach: AaAahhhh Me: hello I am under dee watar
Jayden Coleman
Jayden Coleman Prije mjesec
I hope they know that they were just chillin in piss
Mallyfortnite_2kgod savage
yo if i was mopi i would use the umbrella to block the waves
Just Dalton
Just Dalton Prije mjesec
Mopi in the thumbnail 😂
RJB Prije mjesec
Zach and jesser screaming about a wave me yes it’s a big one
Nick DiMaria
Nick DiMaria Prije mjesec
Lyle Sto Tomas
Lyle Sto Tomas Prije mjesec
Zach in other challenges: "IM THE GOAT!" Zach in this challenge: *turns into Chandler*
Taelor Thompson
Taelor Thompson Prije mjesec
Zach was freaking out about nothing the thing that was hitting his foot was the same that the ocean kept picking up from them standing there I would know cuz I've been to the beach before
Yami Prije mjesec
6:58 - 7:10 are probably the funniest parts 😂😂😂
CodeName Drift
CodeName Drift Prije mjesec
This looks so much fun
Bikes are everywhere
Zach is the best😂🤣🤣
Jonti McLaren
Jonti McLaren Prije mjesec
James: stays in the ocean for the longest time Spongebob: TRIGGERED
Chase Dukes
Chase Dukes Prije mjesec
That was a horrible joke.
D Johnston
D Johnston Prije mjesec
Is That a spider on the lens
Anaya McFadden
Anaya McFadden Prije mjesec
This is Zack “WTF IS THAAAT
SPECTRUM Gaming Prije mjesec
Zach is 😤 off he came not this challenge
Cincau Hoopers
Cincau Hoopers Prije mjesec
8:27 perfect cut
AnDrew Jones
AnDrew Jones Prije mjesec
Bro Zach scram is funny 😆
gEt ez winz
gEt ez winz Prije mjesec
When. Jesse tried to fight the wave made me laugh to hard🤣😭
jul miro rafael manghano
Wished mopie had a float ring with those waves would have been even funnier
Elijah Wilson
Elijah Wilson Prije mjesec
How is Jesse the fattiest in the group
ogfik Prije mjesec
4:06 😂😂😂
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