Last To Stop Walking On LEGOS Circle WINS $3,000

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Last to stop walking on legos wins some money!
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23. Lip 2019.

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Komentari 1 650
Genji Gamer
Genji Gamer Prije 3 sati
jesser: last one to walk wins 3000 dollars... MrBeast: hmm 3000 dollars isnt enough so how about 10000 dollars
Ok Lol
Ok Lol Prije 9 sati
10:20 kris was crip walking
Fresh JarofSkippy
Fresh JarofSkippy Prije 10 sati
Is Tyler out there doing hype?
Basketball4life 23
Basketball4life 23 Prije 21 sat
Jesser: mopi, are your feet bleeding? Mopi: Inside 😂😂😂
Ghost thagoat
Ghost thagoat Prije dan
This looks like a cult😂😂 13:00
eddie samarripa
eddie samarripa Prije dan
that shi does not hurt😑
Matthew Stevens
Matthew Stevens Prije 2 dana
14:22 that’s y they call home mopi
Luke Simeone
Luke Simeone Prije 2 dana
$3 not 3$ you fucking idiot
Genesis Idk
Genesis Idk Prije 2 dana
Lol fell so bad
Genesis Idk
Genesis Idk Prije 2 dana
Lol fell so bad
Rakais 2831RAFTHYLMOPTYMISTIC300,7g/mol
Like if Jesser should told them to do jumps
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu Prije 3 dana
13:35 corner of the room no homo
Yassin - 2K
Yassin - 2K Prije 3 dana
Jesser is EVIL
Kolten Malvitz
Kolten Malvitz Prije 3 dana
Kris is gona get that big fat w🏀🏀🏀🏀
amizia Prije 3 dana
the best part is when jesser puts down the 1/8 of an egg lego right infront of kris and he steps right on it
Jasi Smith
Jasi Smith Prije 4 dana
Just subscribed
Cole Aspengren
Cole Aspengren Prije 4 dana
Isn’t this basically the worlds longest LEGO walk
Josh 19
Josh 19 Prije 4 dana
Jesse I am sorry to do this to u but it has to be said. This vid is fake. Mopi did a video where it was the last to Stop floating wins 1000, at the beginning mopi dropped some of the money in the pool. In the video A week in the life of 2hype, 2hype was saying how they recorded mopis video first then they recorded jessers LEGO video. At the beginning of this video Eman says that the money is wet. Mopi dropped the money in the pool. So mopi gave his 1000 to Jesse. This proves this video and mopis video are fake.
XEN0 Cloak
XEN0 Cloak Prije 4 dana
Go to 13 30 the guy in the corner grave his nuts
Naristarz Gaming
Naristarz Gaming Prije 6 dana
I didn’t hear Todd complain once 😂😂😂😂
Landen Keck
Landen Keck Prije 7 dana
Did you hear the part when Zack said f*uck you Jesse you really suck
Michael Bochnak
Michael Bochnak Prije 7 dana
At 12:52 “as you can see we have spotted some wild 2hype members in the wilderness”
Dominic Booth
Dominic Booth Prije 7 dana
Why is Mopi doing the hype at 12:04!
Cassandra Arnold
Cassandra Arnold Prije 7 dana
Zach looks like juice wrld
Head-Shot-Hero07 From PS4
7:19 HUMPHREY!!!!!!
Kyler Peltier
Kyler Peltier Prije 8 dana
I hope Chandler wins
Stone Boyz
Stone Boyz Prije 8 dana
10:09 an actual giraffe
Owen Ousley
Owen Ousley Prije 8 dana
8:30 iman...
Anthromorphic DJ Anomolists
Mopi is doing the shoot
Big boy Big
Big boy Big Prije 9 dana
Jesser I been watching you since 8th grade. I’m bout to start college. It’s crazy how long I been subscribed
Valentino Cabrera
Valentino Cabrera Prije 9 dana
Sucks the guy nobody cares about won 💀
pnutpattie Prije 9 dana
rip chris
pnutpattie Prije 9 dana
vote for zack
Adri Warrick
Adri Warrick Prije 9 dana
j dog
Adri Warrick
Adri Warrick Prije 9 dana
Adri Warrick
Adri Warrick Prije 9 dana
t jass was up bro big fan
tnolen6306 Prije 10 dana
todd allways says i im gonna win this freaking mo0ney but never does because he is a freaking bot
BnK_Bot Daunte
BnK_Bot Daunte Prije 10 dana
Should have made them do up downs
Craig Wallace
Craig Wallace Prije 10 dana
That’s fxxxing hurts
Bradley Wellman
Bradley Wellman Prije 10 dana
Jesse And there was only three Everyone ITS AND THEN THERE WERE THREE
Christian Su
Christian Su Prije 10 dana
With the LEGO’s that spread out I would’ve been trying to step on the carpet instead 😂
Lightning Davesh
Lightning Davesh Prije 10 dana
Looks at the end of description family friendly content Me: yes I can watch it near my parents *nek minute* Everyone: f***! I’m lucky my parents didn’t hear
Hello_imso Roblox ganes
I was walking on a lake then I saw rocks I tripped and fell in mud and u had my new yeezeys cuz I was going to a nice place then a lake
Halesthechief Prije 11 dana
Zack should have one.
Die Jägers
Die Jägers Prije 11 dana
I could do tht
Die Jägers
Die Jägers Prije 11 dana
yeetman 101
yeetman 101 Prije 11 dana
when michelle landed after he did a cartwheel, his feet were off of the legos
Sport Prije 11 dana
7:46 😂😂👍🏼
quentin broadway
quentin broadway Prije 11 dana
why the girl had to get out first she could have showed how much stronger she is than the boys tuff, tuff
Mike Toms-Smith
Mike Toms-Smith Prije 12 dana
Mike Toms-Smith
Mike Toms-Smith Prije 12 dana
You guys see Kenward adjust his balls at 15:30
I Sold My G Wagon *Emotional*