Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today one of my favorite makeup artists and dear friends, Mmmmitchell is here!!! We travel to a few fast food spots and let the person in front of us, decide what we eat!! Never a dull moment when I leave the house... As the world's pickiest eater, this one was really tough for me... We also have a secret to share:
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Komentari 100
Amna Al falahi
Amna Al falahi Prije 35 sekundi
Your a sick dudu
bebe pepe
bebe pepe Prije 44 sekundi
WHO FUCKING CALLED IT!? WHO ALSO TOLD YALL THIS WAS A SNAKE ASS BITCH!? full of lies and insincerity. Who said he was WORSE THAN JAMES and turns out James and him aren't alike jefree is the only "predatory sicko" you claimed James was. So are we gonna cancel jefree now??
idek_123 Prije minute
Billie Vanderpol
Billie Vanderpol Prije minute
your eyebrows disappeared as quick as james' career
mersina magkafa
mersina magkafa Prije 2 minuta
Nina Lopès
Nina Lopès Prije 2 minuta
Good luck saving your career. :) - insincerely, A past subscriber.
Sebastian Wooldridge
Sebastian Wooldridge Prije 3 minuta
Why are jeffree stars subs going down, LORD TAKE THE WHEEL please don’t let jeffree be hated on. He’s the actual queen. Please don’t let him do a James Charles sub count
Amelia Howarth
Amelia Howarth Prije 3 minuta
You was a fake friends to James Charles
Feis Tu Feis
Feis Tu Feis Prije 3 minuta
you're an horrible person periodt
Amna Al falahi
Amna Al falahi Prije 3 minuta
Your not a good person nether a good friend
Amelia Howarth
Amelia Howarth Prije 3 minuta
You are horrible
allypoo Prije 3 minuta
hey Jeffree, are you going to respond to everything or pull a Manny 2.0?
Amna Al falahi
Amna Al falahi Prije 4 minuta
Hate you the most
Amna Al falahi
Amna Al falahi Prije 4 minuta
Your the worst
rodriguez james
rodriguez james Prije 4 minuta
too much gay in youtube
mintoreoshake Prije 5 minuta
Love the drama and knocking people down so bad. I don’t get it. The boy is 19 and being called a predator and paedophile and how they should be banned from the internet in jail - from an older supposed friend. Why would u even bother to hurt people like this?
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 5 minuta
You and Tati are SNAKES. Period. Point. Blank. !!!! 🐀🐍🐀🐍🐀🐍🐀🐍🐀🐍🐀🐍🐀
Anirudh Ashok
Anirudh Ashok Prije 6 minuta
Christie Savage
Christie Savage Prije 6 minuta
Fuck you Jeff.
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 6 minuta
Jenicar 360
Jenicar 360 Prije 7 minuta
BYE, Sister!
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 9 minuta
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 9 minuta
Mohammed Alenezi
Mohammed Alenezi Prije 9 minuta
Bitch ass clout chasing snake 🐍
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 9 minuta
Zahra G
Zahra G Prije 9 minuta
why do u think it was necessary for you to get involved with the James scenario, you're sick.
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 9 minuta
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 9 minuta
Arrow Gaming
Arrow Gaming Prije 10 minuta
*I swear these new netflix series are so good*
Miguel Castro
Miguel Castro Prije 10 minuta
Zahra G
Zahra G Prije 10 minuta
At this point it looks like James can sue you for defamation.
Pati Pesquero
Pati Pesquero Prije 10 minuta
You’re the one who’s sick
Brynhildr Prije 11 minuta
What about a collaboration with Two Faced? Would be so suitable for you. 33yo Jeffree calling 19yo a predator and a paedophile. Did you found out how big Bieber's dick is back in 2010 when he was just 16? You're trash, can't relate.
lolita kum
lolita kum Prije 12 minuta
Star Sisters
Star Sisters Prije 12 minuta
Everyone else: I can’t believe you said those things! Me: huh....?
Kani Prije 13 minuta
Props to James , it always pays to be the bigger person . I liked watching Jefferies videos also but after catching up and seeing his involvement im ashamed and as for this old woman sorry not sorry but i didnt even know who she was until all this . This all could have and should have been handled in private and it says a lot about her and jefferie that it wasnt And the tweets he sent to James's younger brother are just sick . Im really disappointed in his behavior .
M Prije 14 minuta
Jeffry is Canceled
Marija Fikilovic
Marija Fikilovic Prije 14 minuta
Blu Ashes
Blu Ashes Prije 14 minuta
I’ve watched Jeffree. For years. What he did to James Charles...... Just opened Pandora’s box, made me realize how much of an instigator and conniving person he is. He can edit the shit out of videos and hide behind the makeup. But it doesn’t hide the fact that hes not a good person, faking his beef with James is insane. For what?? For likes and views. Life’s to short. Get over yourself.
Marija Fikilovic
Marija Fikilovic Prije 15 minuta
idek_123 Prije 15 minuta
lolita kum
lolita kum Prije 15 minuta
I'm about to take this man's whole career
You're a fake ass "friend". No wonder you can't seem to keep friendships, you're a snake. And no one wants to be bothered with you for long.
idek_123 Prije 16 minuta
lolita kum
lolita kum Prije 17 minuta
lolita kum
lolita kum Prije 17 minuta
Ama Sam
Ama Sam Prije 19 minuta
um I'm sorry but jeffree u make me forget what the beauty community is all about... you're all controversy and I swear to god... maybe you're immature.... you don't need to be publicly attacking a 19 year old so viciously (also mind u, u attacked his brother too)... who's the real predator? idk sis but this ain't it chief
Jins Wifeu
Jins Wifeu Prije 20 minuta
Why were u so cruel to James?...that was wrong.Especially the whole little brother thing...💀sheesh I think it’s your turn now😶
ItsjustAliya Prije 21 minute
Maria Platte
Maria Platte Prije 21 minute
what you did to James and ian is digusting.
Natalie King
Natalie King Prije 21 minute
Lg Holland
Lg Holland Prije 23 minuta
You set up James Charles We thought you were his friend
babsilk Prije 23 minuta
damn jeffree and you were my role model and the person i have gotten inspiration from, never in my years would i think that you would do something so snake like that you did to James here, i couldn’t believe at first and thought it’ll be fake, but how he showed evidence and clear proof that it is you, my heart stunk so much. i thought u were better, turns out your just too problematically shady. you were a good youtuber jeffree all out kind person and now you’ve changed. goodbye. honey.
Ryan Mccreary
Ryan Mccreary Prije 23 minuta
I want to unsub and unfollow you Jeffrey but I never did any of those in the first place
Ali Merhi
Ali Merhi Prije 24 minuta
Shut up you fuckers. There are always 3 sides for the story. We heard Tati’s Side, James’ side, now THE TRUTH’s/Jeffree’s side. I stan for the queen. The Tweets and Texts Jeffree sent were out of anger and he was trying to protect the society from James and James’ actions. He wasn’t hating/attacking for no reason you idiots. Jeffree you rock!
MRspg Prije 9 minuta
Ayy how gullible you are.
SilentB00M9 Prije 24 minuta
Wtf are you?
Izra M
Izra M Prije 24 minuta
What a piece of shit... You're the who's a danger to society.
Sunny Rose
Sunny Rose Prije 25 minuta
We thought this jeffrey dude was the trusted one.
FATHIMA HUSSAIN Prije 25 minuta
Jeffrey why do you have to get involved in the James charles situation anyway YOU ARE CANCELLED
Sunny Rose
Sunny Rose Prije 27 minuta
Sorry jeffrey but you need to apologise to james PUBLICLY.
Moises Romero-Gomez
Moises Romero-Gomez Prije 27 minuta
Hey Jefferson Star how about YOU make a video about your opinions with the makeup community. Such as what is happening with James Charles and Tati. DONT THINK THAT YOUR NOT IN THIS SITUATION.
Kayley Ruby
Kayley Ruby Prije 27 minuta
I love you but you are very wrong for what you did to James. True friendship over just picking the side that the public will think is right.
edgyandemo Prije 28 minuta
Jeffree star i love you so much!! Cant wait for the tour, got my VIP ticket 😁😁😁🖤
Kayla Kilgore
Kayla Kilgore Prije 28 minuta
I like how none of the comments are about the actual video 🤣🤣
Kayla Kilgore
Kayla Kilgore Prije 29 minuta
I’m still confused as to why you thought you had to get involved in the conflict...
Bianca Kuiper
Bianca Kuiper Prije 29 minuta
I thought you where the mature one here jeffree, it's sad to see what you said and did to James and his family. Very disappointed in you as a fan.
Michelangelo Prije 29 minuta
David Gammer
David Gammer Prije 29 minuta
Tati: why I did it James: no more lies Jeffree:Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!
Mishal Qazi
Mishal Qazi Prije 30 minuta
I wish no one deals with people like jefree😂😂😂
Ŝä ñä
Ŝä ñä Prije 31 minute
I trusted you and tati this is so unbeliveable james got all that hate for something he DIDNT do.
Nadia Sarras
Nadia Sarras Prije 31 minute
You’re an asshole
The Whispering Woods
The Whispering Woods Prije 31 minute
Ahhhhhhh Glasgow my hometown..... yasssss
V. S
V. S Prije 32 minuta
I don't know what James did or didn't. I don't give a fuck about the beauty community. But attacking James' brother?Why? Why does his family have to suffer for James' own actions? I thought you were better than this Jeffree but this was a really low blow. And the worst thing is you don't even feel sorry about that.
madziaboo Prije 32 minuta
I don't eat butter except for bake 🙈🙈🙈
Bennett Hutchinson
Bennett Hutchinson Prije 32 minuta
Totally original contenttttttt
Rudolf Hackl
Rudolf Hackl Prije 33 minuta
Adriene Newton
Adriene Newton Prije 33 minuta
how does jeffree hide a pink tesla?
Gloria M
Gloria M Prije 33 minuta
Unsubscribed. I’m really disgusted and disappointed in you, you snnnnnnakkkkkkeeee
Julio Prije 33 minuta
James just ended your career, if he falls you fall with him, you hipocrytal piece of shit
Josh Junon
Josh Junon Prije 34 minuta
Hey so you really are a dramatic lying queen. I feel bad for ever thinking you were a sane person. James's receipts tell us everything. Unsub.
Happy Happa
Happy Happa Prije 34 minuta
BOYCOTTING YOUR BRAND! will not be supporting anymore
Miriam K
Miriam K Prije 34 minuta
What did Jeffre do can someone tell me plzz
Sofia Morales
Sofia Morales Prije 35 minuta
U’re the “sick motherfucker” U decided to get involved, now ur going down mate 🤷🏻‍♀️
Christina Jones
Christina Jones Prije 36 minuta
"I am all about honesty" , after James Charles video you clearly have proved that, lower down your audacity you're legit making shit worse for yourself.
Comy LARE Prije 37 minuta
My respect for you took such a big hit after reading those texts you sent James, his brother and his friend. HES A KID and this whole thing ended with him contemplating SUICIDE. ffs. The things you said were absolutely horrific.
connor x
connor x Prije 35 minuta
Comy LARE lost major respect for him
Yufan Hu
Yufan Hu Prije 39 minuta
WoW ppl are hating Jeffrey just like hating James before? Wake up plz! Jeffrey has not responded yet
Yufan Hu
Yufan Hu Prije 17 minuta
Moon Zelda Sure no one can make excuses for him, and my point is u can hate him later maybe after he posting his side of information:) Don’t quite understand why ppl in James’ video r crying “ Sry for taking a side too soon” then come here and posting hating comments over again. Stop acting like a child who never learns
Moon Zelda
Moon Zelda Prije 27 minuta
Yufan Hu Yes no SHIT we’re hating! We would love to know why he came at a 17 year old kid. What could POSSIBLY be a good excuse for that???
Caio Robs
Caio Robs Prije 39 minuta
The VIP passes are all sold out ! Congrats 🎉🎉
rosefrog S
rosefrog S Prije 40 minuta
I hope you become Manny 2.0
Andrea Foy
Andrea Foy Prije 42 minuta
Your so twisted. Stay in yo lane not everything involves YOU
Savage Mango
Savage Mango Prije 42 minuta
Ur a waste of a life u tranny go die
Fedra Lock
Fedra Lock Prije 43 minuta
The texts you sent to james made me sick to my stomach and they weren't even sent to me! so sad, back up your false allegations with PROOF or gtfo
nadia rose
nadia rose Prije 44 minuta
Jeffrey you need to drag all these bitches in the comments! 👐🙌 I didnt mean to offend anyone! 🤣
デービエレナ Prije 23 minuta
he will, he said that there is always other side of the story. we just need to wait until he makes a video on everything, exposing James and everything he didn't want to be shown. random: I legit wrote an essay here lmao
The Strange Man
The Strange Man Prije 44 minuta
ur shit
Kim van Voorst
Kim van Voorst Prije 45 minuta
I love it how everyone knows Jeffree but they still respectfull!👌🏻❤️
King Taehyung
King Taehyung Prije 46 minuta
You are no better than a snake. Harassing people out of nowhere is going to bring your destruction. So disappointing smh.
hen ko
hen ko Prije 46 minuta
What you did to James was not right and you should be ashamed of yourself Have fun with Tati now 🐍🐍🐍
Jimin's Flexible Neck
Jimin's Flexible Neck Prije 46 minuta
*oof sister can’t wait till ya reach 10mil*
Moon Zelda
Moon Zelda Prije 22 minuta
Jimin's Flexible Neck *1 million
Sam Gill
Sam Gill Prije 47 minuta
Wheres Jeffrees eyebrows
Bgcwinter Fan
Bgcwinter Fan Prije 47 minuta
Jeffre I’m rlly upset with u how dare u sit here doing nothing instead of apologising to James he did NOTHING TO U and u went and a go at him for something u did when u were 19 yh I hate u and ur bitchy ways
daksha shukla
daksha shukla Prije 47 minuta
Dont ever think disrespecting James... ever
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