Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (2-3 AET) | UEFA Champions League highlights

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Liverpool crash out of the Champions League after a rare Anfield defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid.
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Komentari 80
Salim Chowdhury
Salim Chowdhury Prije 12 sati
omgg liverpool are way better
victor ilarion
victor ilarion Prije 15 sati
The irony ...oh the irony ....
Iluzon Linch: Area X
Iluzon Linch: Area X Prije 19 sati
Commentators after kbd smashes a goal in from outside the box. “Decent goal that is” After firmino scores a rebound tap in when it was an open net “OOOOOOOOHH WHAT A FINISH!”
Joe Riley
Joe Riley Prije 21 sat
Did Steve mcmannaman say dogslegchamberlian 5:00
Helen Garr
Helen Garr Prije 21 sat
8:17 look at the steward 😂
Ed Morrell
Ed Morrell Prije dan
McManaman sounds like Jimmy Liddel 😂
Walter Clements
Walter Clements Prije dan
The 2nd time a slips cost Liverpool 😂😂😂
10:29 made my year. Crushed those 2 Scouse commentators
Daniel Phoenix
Daniel Phoenix Prije dan
Yes corona virus make aletico not win tbh I think Barcalona will win
Hussen Uddin
Hussen Uddin Prije dan
Who's watching during this Pandemic?
ScottLad Prije dan
Who’s here to watch the last big game before Coronavirus came?
James Pye
James Pye Prije dan
commentator: ' the tittle will arrive in the coming days, theres no doubt' coronavirus: hold my beer
Truth HasATongue
As a utd fan I cant stop watching this
paddyyingtong1 Prije dan
Disgracful that this match went ahead, considering the wider situation regarding COVID-19
Josh Lowe
Josh Lowe Prije dan
Love the fact liverpool fans don’t think they deserve to lose anything and get so pissed off and defensive when they do
Kodak Black
Kodak Black Prije dan
this video makes me so happy
Crytax Prije dan
Best champions league comeback ever?
Chicken Prije dan
Liverpool this is Easy Atletico: Prepare for Trouble Watford: And Make That Double Chelsea: And Thats Not All
Godwin Igwe
Godwin Igwe Prije dan
Hope Liverpool have dusted the cup clean and removed their filth from it 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Eden Hazardous
Eden Hazardous Prije 2 dana
How was this only 2 weeks ago? Feels like it was 2 months ago
Anthony Cowan
Anthony Cowan Prije 2 dana
How did Atletico hang on ?
nabeel sarwar
nabeel sarwar Prije 2 dana
The most intense game this season. Llorente and Oblak was on fire.
rlmross Prije 2 dana
“Youd expect the keeper to be better there” .... 4 defenders stood doing nothing to stop the shot🤔 embarrassing commentary on liverpool games as per
Deema Khunda
Deema Khunda Prije 2 dana
Cant believe the recklessness if allowing such crowded event to take place at such late stage in the pandemic
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Prije 2 dana
Everyone blaming Adrian, sorry, but Atletico will always be better than Loserpool.
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Prije 2 dana
Hahahaha, no premier league title for these guys!
Ewan W
Ewan W Prije 3 dana
Hearing the commentators when their beloved Liverpool are losing is brilliant
Menex Prije 3 dana
This video has aged well
Jamzor - Bristolian Arsenolian
loved it, keep up the footy content
Phillip Sexton
Phillip Sexton Prije 3 dana
3rd Athletico goal onside freeze framed it it DID look offside 1st time seeing it though
汤姆小 Prije 3 dana
BigChunChun Prije 3 dana
How are people slating salah, causes the most problems for athletico easy.
hp fm56
hp fm56 Prije 3 dana
9:49 look at that fan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Player None
Player None Prije 3 dana
Not even angry anymore I just wanna see some more footy
FattyFootball YungT
FattyFootball YungT Prije 4 dana
Why is athletics Madrid so happy they realise it's only the round of 16 plus we only lost cause Alisson wasn't playing
Andrei Suciu
Andrei Suciu Prije 2 dana
British football is back once again to its past 15 years old level..which is the 1/16 champions league finals..sorry guys, but la liga is far superiour
Baljinder Kaur
Baljinder Kaur Prije 4 dana
Wikipedia : Liverpool is the best team Also Wikipedia : I regret it
k_mcc13 Prije 4 dana
Meilan Huang
Meilan Huang Prije 4 dana
10:36 ;)
Grace Dobson
Grace Dobson Prije 4 dana
Adrian is the worst keeper ever
Wazzie Black
Wazzie Black Prije 4 dana
Doesn’t say much about the premier league when athletico Madrid can do this
Motivation4Mental Prije 5 dana
Great play from both teams!
y syed
y syed Prije 5 dana
I like it when the commentator says the title is coming in a few days no doubt
Fred Jackson
Fred Jackson Prije 5 dana
I was watching premier league goal keepers who scored goals. Adrian should have wellied that back pass right towards their goal , ridiculous pass given he was under no pressure
Paddy Nevs
Paddy Nevs Prije 5 dana
Where your 70 mil Center back for all 3 atl Madrid goals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ayden S
Ayden S Prije 5 dana
WG Media
WG Media Prije 5 dana
10:36 sliding into your dms be like
Chuks Tristan
Chuks Tristan Prije 6 dana
"The title will arrive in the coming doubt" COVID-19: 😏
Cosmiic K
Cosmiic K Prije 6 dana
Van dijk: welcome to Anfield Athletico Madrid: Yes
Talha Altaf
Talha Altaf Prije 6 dana
It’s not even been two weeks since this game.
Kieran O'Dwyer
Kieran O'Dwyer Prije 6 dana
"The title will arrive in the coming days, there's no doubt" COVID-19: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
FireDot Prije 6 dana
9:46 he’s a bit angry
Sufjd Xkx
Sufjd Xkx Prije 3 dana
Classic liverpool fan
Steven Mills
Steven Mills Prije 6 dana
Anyone else watched this 104729492084 times ?
Scott World
Scott World Prije 6 dana
LFC:no we lost 2-3 nooooooo AM:yes we think we lost but we not
G Prije 6 dana
and corona beat them all
Daniel Hemmett
Daniel Hemmett Prije 6 dana
Liverpool must have been shocking because morata scored
jediknight1209 Prije 7 dana
stop blaming Adrian for every goal Liverpools defense was shocking
Craig Derbyshire
Craig Derbyshire Prije 7 dana
Special nights at Anfield pmsl
Daz Baron
Daz Baron Prije 7 dana
even joarden picford can do beter than adrain
Mr Lyrical
Mr Lyrical Prije 7 dana
Whenever it comes to Madrid teams Liverpool always get clapped😂😂😂😅
G Prije 6 dana
corona clapped all of them
Sean Lolman
Sean Lolman Prije 7 dana
9:45 me when schools are closed because of coronavirus
Teddy Lewis
Teddy Lewis Prije 7 dana
atlético will get demolished by man city or psg tho
G Prije 6 dana
corona will demolish them all
Yt Clapz
Yt Clapz Prije 7 dana
Let’s go
Neil Dickson
Neil Dickson Prije 8 dana
id rather walk alone
tommy snerfsnerf
tommy snerfsnerf Prije 8 dana
Athletic were titans . Well done Madrid.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Prije 8 dana
Robertson: they act like they won the tie Llorente: yes but technically no
MLG Gazza
MLG Gazza Prije 8 dana
Check 9:42 there's a guy swearing at Diego simeone
Anwar -MCFC
Anwar -MCFC Prije 8 dana
Commentator:‘’ The title will arrive in the coming days no doubt about it for Liverpool’’ Corona virus🦠: Let me introduce myself
Elliscjo01 Prije 8 dana
"The mistake is punished emphatically" 🤩
Alex Jessop
Alex Jessop Prije 8 dana
Liverpool still waiting for the title lol
sol hamid
sol hamid Prije 8 dana
Good times 🤙🏾
Ewan Bailey
Ewan Bailey Prije 8 dana
Let’s be honest, Liverpool deserved to win 🔴
HBRArian06 Prije 8 dana
Atletico Madrid is so lucky to have oblak they only reason they won 😂
Hamza Prije 8 dana
I will never forget this match
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Prije 9 dana
*Watching this for like 15th time.*
Jelli 98
Jelli 98 Prije 9 dana
Feels like months ago this now 😂😂
Kieran LFC Reviews
Kieran LFC Reviews Prije 9 dana
Adrian will never be forgiven 😭
Ninja GAMER Prije 9 dana
Where is Alisson ?😂
Seki Kar
Seki Kar Prije 10 dana
Just here for my daily dose
Jeevan Ghatora
Jeevan Ghatora Prije 10 dana
10:35 the slide of dreams
Denis H
Denis H Prije 10 dana
All because of adrian😂😂👍🏻 also i was on chelsea 2-0 liverpool
Fredy Honest
Fredy Honest Prije 10 dana
With no football now I've been watching this highlights. I'm still enjoying how this overrated crossing merchants thought they were world class and unbeatable. But athletico made them pay
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