LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS Every Ending Explained!

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In this video I break down every episode's ending for Netflix's critically acclaimed "Love, Death and Robots" from David Fincher and Tim Miller.
1) Sonnie's Edge 0:42
2) Three Robots 3:37
3) The Witness 4:48
4) Suits 5:54
5) Sucker of Souls 7:07
6) When the Yogurt Took Over 7:42
7) Beyond the Aquila Rift 8:32
8) Good Hunting 10:16
9) The Dump 11:58
10) Shape-Shifters 12:15
11) Helping Hand 13:42
12) Fish Night 14:36
13) Lucky 13 15:22
14) Zima Blue 17:03
15) Blindspot 18:03
16) Ice Age 18:39
17) Alternate Histories 19:54
18) The Secret War 19:58
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16. Ožu 2019.



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Think Story
Think Story Prije mjesec
My top 5 episode. What are yours? 1) Sonnie's Edge 2) Beyond the Aquila Rift 3) The Secret War 4) Lucky 13 5) Suits
Da Shadow Assassin
Da Shadow Assassin Prije 23 sati
This show was pretty cool
I pull on my cat’s nipples
Eh didn’t like the Aquila rift
Muckytuja Prije 2 dana
Dude, there is simply no explanation, or sometimes completely missed the point of the films. You sir are sux!
R/C Bashist
R/C Bashist Prije 2 dana
1. Good Hunting (Many, many reasons why I love this one.) 2. Beyond the Aquila Rift (My only complaint is that it felt a little to fast paced. I would of liked this one to have been a feature film.) 3. The Witness (Because of a great plot twist that leaves you thinking.) 4. Zima Blue (Very thought provoking, a short film about art which is, in and of itself, a work of art.) 5. Sonnie's Edge (Again, great plot twist, and the violence feeling realistic is just the cherry on top.) 6. Helping Hand (Yes, I'm cheating. But I felt like it deserves a mention because the scene where Alex rips her own hand off really makes you feel her pain conflicting with her will to survive.)
DARKWOLF YT Prije 2 dana
1) Beyond the Aquila Rift 2) Sonnie’s edge 3) Good hunting 4) Suits 5) The secret war
miki09l Prije 3 sati
just goes to show how one can fit a 2-hour film in a 10 min story... Cross-references of culture all over, packed with allusions. since it would appear that most people noticed a kind of a sublime vibe with Zima Blue, here's my reading of it… The very title gives the direction of this reading- BLUE is the color associated with depth and infinity, ZIMA takes its etymology from Proto-Slavic, still appearing in most of those languages as 'winter'. For Kandinsky it's the color of spirituality- a member of the German group The Blue Rider- their focus was on the ABSTRACT, non-representational art. And that's what color gives- a mood, an atmosphere, rather than a direct reference. Surely a direct connection with 'Klein BLUE'- Yves Klein- a French artist who, by the means of monochromatism, wanted to express a PURE IDEA- not merely a painter, he was also a performer. Picasso himself had an entire BLUE period of work produces in the content of blues (sadness). The Blue Period is also referenced here. The narrator (female journalist) explains how he began his career in portraiture, but he searched further, beyond; we all begin with ourselves reflecting onto others - then our gaze expands beyond to meet our spiritual being. He starts painting MURALS (walls)- in a very direct sense of an obstacle- we all tend to expand to a point of vanishing- but a sublime gesture perceives that 'vanishing' as integration with One. A BLUE SQUARE starts to appear on his murals- an unexpected element, or rather an element irreducible to the world of Things, yet incorporated as an outcast that takes the central stage- a quest for meaning if you will. Shapes changed but the shade of blue remained (we come in different forms, but our essence is the divine-human which seeks into indefinite). He unveils an entirely blue mural (he's wearing a long cloak keeping one safe, but also a symbol of grace and spiritual abundance)- it's that peak of the quest for the spiritual, now waterlogged. Also, another short pin from the history of art- check Malevich with his Suprematist Composition: White on White ('supremacy of pure feeling or perception'). The part where he becomes truly (truly? :D) famous flirts with the idea of spectacle today- every segment of human labor and social life somehow gets 'corrupted' by the spectacle and only as such truly lives in the HUMAN EYE. Zima withdraws away from the public EYE in a temple that resembles ancient Egypt, a symbol of longevity after 'reshaping' himself in a more 'durable' form. This is where he himself makes himself a project of art- he's dedicated to HisART. The scene of him entering a lava stream combines the separation of the 2 worlds with the fluid which melts all, at which point he understands how his universality is in modesty, not overexpansion. Or rather- his core, not his surface. He tracks down (or should I suggest IN) his origin. The woman (life force, however unpredictable) symbolizes technological development here- and its randomness in usage and further development. We rely on predictability to have a sense of control, however it would seem that even the technology which is 'programmed' incorporates an organic touch of its biological Creator. Most of the dystopian movies are basing their fable on a very binary disposition between techno and bio as opposites when the most intriguing momentum is the intersection of the two without any moral coloring of good vs. bad. His BLUE obsession comes almost like an eruption of his core- the 'Zima Blue' - as the Manufacturer (the One who Creates) called it ('in the begining was the word…')! And now for the FINALE- a spectacle it is, where the spectacle began- an ARENA- a place of combat!!! But there's only one gladiator- not to destroy, but eager to unite by means of deconstruction- there's something sublime in self-initiated annihilation- there's intent, dedication, and breakthrough. That is where we find the sacred place where scattered fragments are the opening act of yet another cycle in life. The mastery of simplification implies precursors in the form of a devoured abundance of knowledge, experience, eros, art… On a side note, the origin of the word ART is the Greek word TECHNE (I rest everyone's case :)) …back to Pharaohs last performance. He comes out in a cape- check Marina Abramovic in her 'The Artist is Present' project. Performance as an art form is the epitome of onetime-ness, borderline and shared experience (audience), also with the threat of limits- including the ultimate one- death itself. Upon his immersion, we see almost a meditative transcendence- the UN-MAkiNg- it's the peeling off of everything that's redundant, excessive. Yet again, the mastery of simplification EMERGES from everything acquired up to that moment. That being one of the ways nirvana is explicated in the West. Flirting with Buddhism in this sense is a bit of a cheap trajectory unless we see it as a metaphor for the evolution of art itself; his path was that of history, of development, and at the end of enjoying the Pure Artisan- where the skill of bringing into existence (to stand outside) merges with existing itself. Or ceasing to. The simple form doesn't birth from Simple. It's the complete being that's reduced to its essence. The reduction is a reVERSION to a simpler form. And that is Truly a luxury today- the pursuit for meaning- some of it found on multiple levels in this beautiful tale of eschatology.
Arthur Velwest
Arthur Velwest Prije 4 sati
In ice age the reason the t-rex is around with the monkey's is that the ice age never happened because they turned off the freezer.
MUI Goku
MUI Goku Prije 8 sati
4:18 I think that's an reference of AKIRA.
Joel Felipelli
Joel Felipelli Prije 12 sati
Anyone know if is some League of Legends references here? Because I see two characters with almost the exact look as Ahri and Pulsefire Ezreal
Paguo Prije 19 sati
I think one interpretation we could take from the episode of Fish Night is that, when people tend to hold so dearly the past, so much that they try to live it in the present, they may face their downfall
Deckname E
Deckname E Prije 23 sati
Secret Wars should become a game
Gott Havok
Gott Havok Prije dan
Deebee = dimensional being, as used in the pen and paper rpg Rifts
NoodleBoy26 Prije dan
Is Beyond the Aquila Rift powered by Unreal Engine? LOL
O g
O g Prije dan
I liked 1) Aquilla Rift, 2) Lucky 13, and 3) The Secret War.
Dracen Steele
Dracen Steele Prije dan
I didn't feel any tension with the blindspot deaths. Kinda figured after learning they were robots and that no one but the rookie was really concerned about the deaths.
Cory Dudley
Cory Dudley Prije dan
1)the secret war 2) Sonnie's edge 3)lucky 13 Top three
Star Brand
Star Brand Prije 2 dana
My favorite...Shape Shifters. I love werewolves, and making them soldiers in the Iraq war is brilliant. I also enjoy stories where you take supernatural creatures and normalize them. What would our world be like if there really were werewolves just walking around? Look at how poorly our society treats gay and transgender people, imagine how trans-species people would be treated.
StukovM1g Prije 2 dana
Lucky 13 reminds me of animism and Shinto. In both, every object, alive or inanimate, contains a spirit within it. Lucky 13 is obviously shown to be sentient, and had killed the first two crews because, in my view, the crews disrespected it. Cutter was the first pilot to care for it, show it respect and love, and thus the ship came to love and care for Cutter.
machinech Prije 2 dana
"...a serious rework of the script to get us more invested" Who is this "us" you speak of? I wouldn't assume everyone is of the same mind. I found every episode to be refreshingly different and interesting.
m0rphiumsuchtig Prije 2 dana
Fo fuck's sake. In my soviet childhood we have a lot of literature lessons where I and my fellow soviet children have to explain ending of each book approved to be read by soviet authority. And there were only one allowed explanation for each book, of course. I have some grudge against explanation of endings since then. Sorry.
TomatoSaus Prije 2 dana
Y’all have to watch the show high, you won’t regret it.
enkhe-amgalano b
enkhe-amgalano b Prije 2 dana
Why cant people just admit that the treaty of versaiilles is what caused WW2 and not one man.
Nhat Ngo
Nhat Ngo Prije 2 dana
For lucky 13, enemy's airplane is Type something so subtle hint toward the Chinese maybe?
Benjamin Gabris
Benjamin Gabris Prije 2 dana
With proper care on earth, if a limb is in a tourniquet for about less than an hour there is a chance it can be saved, not sure about space though. EMT in training here.
Stan Woo
Stan Woo Prije 2 dana
I think the ending shots of Suits was to reverse what we think about the role human beings played in the episode, human were not defending their home land they are trying to colonise another planet.
Caleb Stowe
Caleb Stowe Prije 2 dana
any body thinks turbo raptor looks like behemoth from evolve
Wowisthatasardinecan 11
Come comrades We stand here WE DIE HERE Oh I love Russians
Dick Piano
Dick Piano Prije 2 dana
By far the best series I've ever watched! I need season 2 stat!!!
OnTheSpaceship Prije 2 dana
Dicko mode
Cel Fiu
Cel Fiu Prije 2 dana
Quote paraphrased "I checked their [humans] system for evidence of creator, it seems they have no creator" 😂😂SJW PROPAGANDA AGAIN 😂
Stephen Blackwell
Stephen Blackwell Prije 3 dana
The hand would not freeze
Alice Hladik
Alice Hladik Prije 3 dana
yeahhh the withness is a loop
/ Prije 3 dana
Anyone feel like sonnies edge could be like a cinematic r rated trailer for a league champion
DarkVitamins Prije 3 dana
I mean, there wasn't a single original idea on display. But the CGI is looking so great I loved every single episode besides the hitler one. It just didn't grab my attention :/
Nicholas Shaski
Nicholas Shaski Prije 3 dana
I'm not sure if you can claim that easily, the alien in Beyond Aquila Rift feeds on them. What purpose would revealing his state serve and what's more what would be the purpose of "her" telling him she cares about him just before?
Javier G
Javier G Prije 3 dana
Last one was my favorite but it was crazy that I was hooked from the begging and didnt leave even after the three robots it wasn’t bad but I thought that because it wasn’t wat I thought it would be that I would leave but it was the opposite can’t wait for S2
MrTakeshi763 Prije 3 dana
Ur arm is more likely to be burnt by radiation from space and the sun
DarkVitamins Prije 3 dana
The sun was 150,000 lightyears away ;)
smith lovy
smith lovy Prije 3 dana
Come on Sonnie's Edge was basically x-rated Pokemon.
Sasha Carter
Sasha Carter Prije 3 dana
14:30 The arm and hand would absolutely die in a vacuum. But it does take longer than 15 minutes. Source: High altitude jet flight where pilot lost pressure in their glove. Kept flying anyway. If the arm and hand froze as shown in the clip (Note, the water would all boil and sublimate away, and everything left would already be solid and thus "frozen") it would be that easy to tear away. Source: Japanese experiments on hypothermia and cold conditions exposure in the years leading up to and during WW2.
Pill Bug
Pill Bug Prije 3 dana
I can't wait for the second season. The episodes were pretty straightforward though so there wasn't much to decipher.
XXArghorXX Prije 3 dana
My favourite episodes were episode 1 and 2, lol, nontheless they were all awesome with quite good stories and animation.
XXArghorXX Prije 3 dana
For the space shortfilm. It is true that space is cold AF, but contrary to what is popularly believed in space you wouldn't freeze, you would overheat, WHY? well, yeah space is cold, but there is no matter for your body to give heat to, in addition your body is always producing heat, therefore, since that heat has no way of escaping your body it would quickly overheat.
Danguardace17 Prije 3 dana
Anybody else feel the subtle homoeroticism in Shape Shifters? Felt like to me is was a take on homosexuality or minorities or sub culture in the armed forces, the hatred and lack of acceptance.
Kurt Berliner
Kurt Berliner Prije 3 dana
The Secret War I feel is a play on words of "The Sacred War", a famous Soviet song during the second World War. Either way, fucking great episode.
Cyril Collantes
Cyril Collantes Prije 3 dana
Hm for Shape-Shifters, I think part of the point too was that no matter what good you do, there are still people out there who'll despise you based on what youi're born as (i.e. a werewolf). Though this also assumes that they were born werewolves.
Tobias Burke
Tobias Burke Prije 3 dana
Slight credibility failure with episode 18's ending: the Russian Airforce was wiped out by the Nazis in 1941. That is all.
DarkVitamins Prije 3 dana
+Tobias Burke I'm sorry man,I do the exact same thing too. :P Didn't mean to sound agressive if I did! Have a great day! :)
Tobias Burke
Tobias Burke Prije 3 dana
+DarkVitamins hahah I know, slight gripe but being a little bit of a history nerd it did throw me a little. But yea, point taken.
DarkVitamins Prije 3 dana
Yeah, I remember when the demon/alien hive was bombed in 1944! Oh wait, this is an animated movie not set in our version of reality.
Omar Santana
Omar Santana Prije 3 dana
you're missing one of the points made in Shape Shifters. that commanding officer who wouldn't give Decker any credit or respect after avenging their dead brethren represents how white people view black people or other non whites no matter how much good that bigoted white person witnesses non whites do. those people never change no matter what, while others do.
Michael Hovsomething
Some were terrific. Aquila Rift I saw first so I’m biased. Rift was the best. Too much gratuitous sex in most chapters. That what porn hub is for. Sex is a lame attempt to get young kids to watch like Voyager with Seven of Nine. Overall, outstanding. It proves what I’ve stated about short Sci-fi film like on dust. You can have a cohesive story with character development that elicits emotion in 12 minutes or less. Secret War: without spoilers, I started to like the men with there different personalities. The big Russian bear. The little new guy with balalaika. The second in command. The Mongolian soviet sniper/tracker dude. Ol’ wise crackin’ fearless one eye. Without knowing their names I identified with the characters like in Aliens 1989. That’s powerful film making. If you can perpetuate that feeling in the viewers gut for two hours; you’re an artist. An auteur. Dances With Wolves is three hours long. None of it drags. Most on screen is important. The weakest bits are interesting at its least. But I walked away satisfied. I thought about the movie over and over again many days later. Space Love Robots has done the same. It’s not just visually satisfying. It’s thought provoking. Suck it Michael Bay.
Peter Charles
Peter Charles Prije 4 dana
Really enjoyed that, the CGI is awesome, incredible what can be done nowadays !
Battlizer V
Battlizer V Prije 4 dana
in ice box the whole point to the dinosaurs and apes, i think is that just before they unplug the freezer which then alters the course of events, because if you think about it the asteroid and subsiquent blotting out of the sun would was what eliminated those alpha predators. take that away and then the cold temperatures of an arctic era would allow reptiles to flourish right so it would make sense for the dinosaurs to be around when our ancient ancestors finally reached the ape stage of evolution.
Random doggie
Random doggie Prije 4 dana
the one with the russians was so good
Random doggie
Random doggie Prije 4 dana
1:40 this guy looks like that one villian from dishonored the twin guys
Timothy Garcia
Timothy Garcia Prije 4 dana
Dont understand why this video has so many likes when he failed to explain every episode.
DarkVitamins Prije 3 dana
I don't understand what there is to explain, and why. It's all common sci-fi tropes. I guess if you want it explained you should watch more sci fi from the 70's and 80's; they were stimulating to the mind compared to newer ones who just try to overload your eyes with quick cuts and shaky cams. :)
Alexander Corvenus
Alexander Corvenus Prije 4 dana
I would watch sonnie's edge if it was a full movie....i want it to be
XxlildramaxX Prije 4 dana
My favorite part is when latex boi says "YA WANNA SEE SOME POISSAY!" and spits all over the camera. Then they have him strut through the halls.
Abel Salazar
Abel Salazar Prije 4 dana
Shape-shifters the best for me.
Tre Greenway
Tre Greenway Prije 4 dana
11:53 The only thing I could think of when I say that was “I’m Batman”
Tre Greenway
Tre Greenway Prije 4 dana
Devorizer Prije 4 dana
A soldier in the Marines....sign
John Doe
John Doe Prije 4 dana
I learned more about the ending of the episodes reading the comments than watching the video
big ounce
big ounce Prije 4 dana
I think secret war was soooo good
TheXuism Prije 5 dana
Luca Del Moro
Luca Del Moro Prije 5 dana
Ending explained? This video 90% explains what happens in the episodes only
Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson Prije 5 dana
This show is awesome
Ralff 42
Ralff 42 Prije 5 dana
Lucky 13 was a paradox and a twist, the ship was known to be the sole survivor and results to the crews dying yet in the end its the other way around, crew survives and the ship gets destroyed
Synthetic Happiness
Synthetic Happiness Prije 5 dana
This has probably been said but I couldn't be bothered looking. None of the episodes left me wondering, "what was that about." And even if they did, you simply summarised each episode (which weren't very long, so they were not complex imo and needed no explanation anyway) but niether did you actually explain the true meaning of the ending anyway. Bit of a missleading title.
adam Prije 5 dana
First and last episodes were my favorites but the werewolf fight in the middle was good as well.
Brett Prior
Brett Prior Prije 5 dana
Pretty sure the main storyline of all of these is simple.. dicks tits and pussy... all drawn out as often and as detailed as possible ... Some lonely animators here.
shaan mughal
shaan mughal Prije 5 dana
Was Ice Age animated? I sincerely could not tell...
ice eee
ice eee Prije 5 dana
I watched this show when fucked up and I watch this now sober and my reaction is the exact same
ilikepancakes 20
ilikepancakes 20 Prije 5 dana
I think the witness was more of a neverending series of 2 loops, the first being she sees him kill her, and the second: when he sees her kill him. These loops hint to repeat themselves over and over, given that the killing is the only context and reverses roles between the exposition and conclusion.
kingofzero Prije 5 dana
You didn’t explain a damn thing and missed the point of so many episodes.
tim sloth
tim sloth Prije 5 dana
I would love to see some of these episodes turn into actual full fledge series. But i am happy what i got.
ReviewTube Prije 6 dana
Is greta actually the spider creature?! Did he fuck a spider?! If so, that makes this episode way more messed up!
Nicholas Lu
Nicholas Lu Prije 6 dana
Getting word by horse... I thought radio equipment was carried by Soviet squads during WWII, at least for special operations. (I know radio can fail in mountainous areas)
Eldnsay Prije 6 dana
I think lucky 13 had the best human cgi, better than Sonny's edge, beyond the Aquila rift and the secret war
The Name I Want
The Name I Want Prije 6 dana
Nerd here! No, it wouldn't work, you lose heat from collisions with molecules, that's why being in cold water can cause hypothermia much faster than cold air. Space is a vacuum so there's very little molecules to lose heat to, so your arm wouldn't rapidly freeze.
Mr. Chadwick871
Mr. Chadwick871 Prije 6 dana
My favorite was good hunting I would love to see a full show of that it looks really good
SinisterFenrir Prije 6 dana
I think the hitler one was horrible
SinisterFenrir Prije 6 dana
In helping hand wouldn’t it all of been prevented if she had a strap to the satellite
Kaioken Prije 6 dana
[helping hand] after removing the space suit wouldn’t her efforts for survival all be for nothing considering the skin cancer from radiation
BIG3506/ ZeeBenton
BIG3506/ ZeeBenton Prije 6 dana
By far the funniest was “Alternate Histories”
??? Prije 6 dana
As someone who finished watching every season of OITNB, when I watched the lucky 13 episode drunk af and saw the main character I was mindblownnn My drunkass is stoked that Poussey is basically a halo character lmfao
BlorgusBlunt420 3
BlorgusBlunt420 3 Prije 6 dana
Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Ice age?
Imran Meco
Imran Meco Prije 6 dana
This wasn't an explanation, it was a description. And not even a good one.
Cloud City
Cloud City Prije 6 dana
The werewolf being called "an animal" by his commander might be an allegory for how veterans come back from way and are treated like crap, especially for black soldiers, who were treated much like the werewolves in that episode.
Psychological Effects
Science nerd here. I'm pretty sure the arm wouldn't freeze because there's nothing for the heat in the arm to transfer to but don't take my word for that as I don't know what level of the atmosphere her ship is in. I do know, however, that she wouldn't need much to create momentum. The watch she takes off most likely would have sufficed so her losing an arm was rather pointless.
Xenos Monster
Xenos Monster Prije 7 dana
In space it s take one hour to freeze so no it s not possible, but after 3hours i think it s possible.
Kenneth Roberts
Kenneth Roberts Prije 7 dana
yes the arm could come off if it was frosen competely
Bag of Sunshine
Bag of Sunshine Prije 7 dana
'Good Hunting' was in my opinion the most fucked up story. that and Beyond the Aquila Rift
Jowee CW
Jowee CW Prije 7 dana
Top 5 1. Three Robots 2. The Witness 3. Fish Night 4. Good Hunting 5. Zima Blue
The Floom
The Floom Prije 6 dana
Jowee CW Fish Night was so beautiful
borahae Prije 7 dana
I need a season two :(
Ghost Prije 7 dana
1 Good hunting 2 Sonnie's edge 3 The witness 4 Three robots 5 Ice age
Kendrick Pennington
Kendrick Pennington Prije 7 dana
I AM IN LOVE WITH SHAPE-SHIFTERS AND I AM NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT. but on a real note can someone make this into a show or movie.
JKTheGreat Prije 7 dana
If Zima Blue isn't in your top 5 then u, U are a uncultured swine that is to be concindered primitive.
Darío Limón
Darío Limón Prije 7 dana
Is lucky 13 animated?
the1hylander Prije 7 dana
In helping hand why didn't she have a grapple?
Rylan Lindsey
Rylan Lindsey Prije 7 dana
To answer the question in Helping Hand, although the whole "Throwing something with mass in one direction to gain momentum in the other" is completely accurate and an impressive use of physics, the arm freezing and being torn off is not. While it is true that space is extremely cold, only around 2 or 3 Kelvin, there isn't any medium for the heat from her hand to go to. Because she's in the void of space, there's nothing for the energy from her arm to transfer to (except through thermal radiation would would've taken extremely long to actually get as frozen as we see), thus her arm would keep it's energy. Cool concept, but not entirely accurate.
David Lawrence
David Lawrence Prije 7 dana
This was probably the most saddest and kinda fucked episode
Magik Trece
Magik Trece Prije 7 dana
More of a re-cap than explanations 😐
God bydefault
God bydefault Prije 8 dana
The three robots episode left a bad taste in my mouth, seeing as I own a cat.
Kang Eli
Kang Eli Prije 8 dana
i need more of this
Elijah HK
Elijah HK Prije 8 dana
I’m surprised you didn’t know about Dracula not liking cats
いきすちそ Prije 8 dana
This dude is seriously warning us about a side boob when the intro literally showed to people fucking w champagne.
いきすちそ Prije 8 dana
The witness and Sonnie’s edge are the best.
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