LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS Every Ending Explained!

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In this video I break down every episode's ending for Netflix's critically acclaimed "Love, Death and Robots" from David Fincher and Tim Miller.
1) Sonnie's Edge 0:42
2) Three Robots 3:37
3) The Witness 4:48
4) Suits 5:54
5) Sucker of Souls 7:07
6) When the Yogurt Took Over 7:42
7) Beyond the Aquila Rift 8:32
8) Good Hunting 10:16
9) The Dump 11:58
10) Shape-Shifters 12:15
11) Helping Hand 13:42
12) Fish Night 14:36
13) Lucky 13 15:22
14) Zima Blue 17:03
15) Blindspot 18:03
16) Ice Age 18:39
17) Alternate Histories 19:54
18) The Secret War 19:58
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16. Ožu 2019.

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Komentari 4 182
Think Story
Think Story Prije 4 mjeseci
My top 5 episode. What are yours? 1) Sonnie's Edge 2) Beyond the Aquila Rift 3) The Secret War 4) Lucky 13 5) Suits
Elemental Master
Elemental Master Prije 2 dana
1.) Three Robots 2.) Shapeshifters 3.) Blood Suckers 4.) The Secret War(Took me a good 10 minutes to figure out if it was CG or Live action)
communist cuisine
communist cuisine Prije 5 dana
Secret war was by far my favorite. And I'm not just saying that becouse they were communist. Though that was a big part of it
knight of the 10th crusade
@mozgus heretic
mozgus Prije 16 dana
sonnies edge was garbage
Jack Roy Meyer
Jack Roy Meyer Prije 16 dana
1) Zima Blue 2) Zima Blue 3) Zima Blue 4) Zima Blue 5) Zima Blue
jake brosamer
jake brosamer Prije dan
What I think the end if suits could mean 2 things 1 that they are invading a planet and the db are trying to get rid if then and 2 is that they are set up there and they are fending off aliens
Memer Man
Memer Man Prije dan
What the actual ending means is that the farmers where the invaders and the DB we’re trying to protect their plant Edit: sorry I meant suits Don’t mind the first comment
Memer Man
Memer Man Prije dan
Edit: Sorry I meant suits
J J Prije 4 dana
They need to make more of the secret war that was my favorite by far
Chkhitoooo Prije 4 dana
This is a RECAP, not EXPLANATION. To find the difference between them use Google or dictionary..
AJ Marr
AJ Marr Prije 4 dana
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Zach Attack5305
Zach Attack5305 Prije 4 dana
I love shape shifters
Professional Asshole
You did not really explain the ending. You literally just summarized the episodes. Kinda disappointed you miss the whole point of Aquila Rift though. Greta a.k.a the Alien was more of a Hospice nurse. Helping the ill/dying to have a better life before they wither away. Why I say that because why would she even try and show Thom the truth of her being a space Arachnid and let Thom see what the space station really looked like. If she was evil she wouldn't show the truth and instead just eat them alive. You can also see Madeleine Knight the woman who played and look like Greta from the show on this youtube interview called : Madeleine Knight (Love, Death & Robots) - Interview She herself explains that she is infact not evil. But rather a benevolent being. If you watch it, use the subtitles so you can read exactly what she say's. You can also read the same story in a book short stories compilation also called Beyond the Aquila Rift. And you will find out the truth in regards to Greta and Thom. You also are wrong in regards to Lucky 13. and more... But I digress. I can see there is no passion in your videos. Seems to be like just a routine "meh" I gotta make a video youtuber type. Shame.
Maikal Nait
Maikal Nait Prije 6 dana
The only way to end the endless loop is to fuck each other instead of killing eachother
Nitro Spider04
Nitro Spider04 Prije 6 dana
My favourite episode is THREE ROBOTS. I would watch a whole movie or series about at episode.
Ward Toledo
Ward Toledo Prije 7 dana
My favorite episodd was the secret war.
rikka takanashi
rikka takanashi Prije 7 dana
It would be pretty cool if they made a series of sonnie's edge 👌
gent_ittacts Prije 8 dana
More explaining, less summarizing
Ducky Prije 8 dana
Interesting, but this isn’t explaining its reciting.
David Herbella
David Herbella Prije 9 dana
Though it has already been stated, it could not be overstated. You did not explain anything fuck face.
Little Miss Black Widow
I have a theory for the show. If we get a season 2, will there be second parts of the episodes or new stories?
Cosmic Armor Superman
Cosmic Armor Superman Prije 10 dana
Read the fucking Book about the rift before you make a Video about it and Tell people bullshit. FFS
Nice Prije 10 dana
Nice summarization. But you didn't explain any endings.
andrewchen425 Prije 11 dana
I just realized this: in the shots where both the man in the beginning and the woman at the end look out the window to see the other person, you can see a reflection of four chinese words in the glass that roughly translate to “a vacation in heaven”
d3g3n3r4t3 Prije 11 dana
what do u mean, "would your hand be able to survive if still connected to the rest of your body?"? he arm froze, and she had cut off the blood flow with a tourniquet so u wouldnt be getting blood into the limb to heat it, but actually i think if she was in direct sunlight it would actually cook her arm in earth orbit, and it likely wouldnt freeze that quickly if she was in the shadow of earth in earth orbit seeing as how there arnt any atoms around her arm in space to take the heat away from her arm, it would freeze but im not sure if that quickly. as for removing it i assume that would depend on how frozen it had become, if it was too cold then it could possibly have just shattered when trying to break it but if it wasnt completely frozen then i would think that it could be possible to break it off like that. most of this is of course speculation but her arm being cooked instead is a definite if she was in sunlight, but ya i didnt get that arm surviving thing?.... o ya and where are the ending explanations?
Horny Toads
Horny Toads Prije 13 dana
in the story Beyond The Aquila Rift, I think tom and his crew never left the milky way, in fact they were stuck on the infested space station which Greta had mentioned tom and his crew had originally arrived at! We see the intense infestation which takes place when the glitch appears at the end.. notice how the infestation was upon the same space station in design we all see in the simulation! Tom was no stranger to that space station! it appears its not just Tom but its also the viewer that is being deceived by greta through n through up to the end...
齊灰狼 Prije 14 dana
Thetrollkraken 1234
Thetrollkraken 1234 Prije 15 dana
Okay first thing if the hand is in the middle of the Sun that means the hand will burn if the end is not in the Sun and is there's a lot of moisture inside the vehicle of the spaceship that means the hand will technically fries but if the hand does not in the Sun but does not have moisture that means the hand will explode due to the pressure from literally vacuum of space
Dylan Sullivan
Dylan Sullivan Prije 15 dana
The witnesses symbol title had an Ouroboros as the first of three symbols, which symbolizes infinity and endless loops.
Seymur Alin
Seymur Alin Prije 15 dana
8:38 i think that was not animated I think it was filmed!
Август Александров
i thought this was a game wtf
ssstruth Prije 16 dana
I love this series except for helping hand that was just gross
Enzo Nazzaro
Enzo Nazzaro Prije 18 dana
holy shit the amount of youtubers who don't understand the nature of the cosmic spider is baffling. Just cause it looks weird does not mean its evil that's superficial bullshit in human programming. This entity shows no evidence of devouring individuals who enter her realm period. instead the being is incredibly intelligent and it shows great compassion and tries to ease all lost and dammed souls into death rather then have them face the existential horror of dying in the vastness of space while contemplating their own insignificance.
Adam Waters
Adam Waters Prije 18 dana
I think the episodes are arranged differently where i live.
Gega Datunashvili
Gega Datunashvili Prije 18 dana
DerickDiock Pol
DerickDiock Pol Prije 19 dana
On lucky 13 i think that during the end the ship didnt blow up as soon as she planned because the ship itself like he said had its own personality and was aware so the ship waited for the soldiors the formaly surround and get on top of the ship to blow other than just blowing up on que and probably only killing a few eniemies, this is what saved the crew
ZeldaSam1 Prije 20 dana
I LOVE Sonnie's War Frame
Mia Stapley
Mia Stapley Prije 20 dana
17:38 I love watchmen it's one of the best graphic novels I've read
Diego Pérez
Diego Pérez Prije 20 dana
My top 5 1.three robots 2.suits 3.the secret war 4.helping hand 5.sonnie’s edge
Jeremy Novoa
Jeremy Novoa Prije 21 dan
The bad title aside anyone else really want a standalone movie about Sonnies Edge? I would love to see more beast battles and story development.
Joe Masters
Joe Masters Prije 22 dana
Beyond the Aquila Rift was the best :)
X11_King Prije 22 dana
1. Secret war 2. Shape Shifters 3. Three Robots 4. Lucky 13 5. Good hunting
Uxellodunon Prije 22 dana
I would love to have a video game in the universe of Sonnie's Edge.
D0NuTz Prije 22 dana
Three Robots was the best hands down. Anyone agree?
Calen Spoering
Calen Spoering Prije 23 dana
I just noticed this but in the 3 robots scene theres a dead soldier with a small flower in the barrel of his rifle. I'm pretty sure thats a reference to the famous photo 'flower power' during the Vietnam war march on the Pentagon
liamWagnon Prije 23 dana
Episode seven, reminds me so much of Event horizon.
Alexia Turner
Alexia Turner Prije 24 dana
I feel like you completely missed the point of shape shifter. For one, them not wearing shoes wasn't a style or a choice, I believe it was purposefully set that way so that they know, and anyone who sees them know that they aren't 'real' soldiers or that they don't deserve the same luxuries as the other soldiers. In the end he also doesn't get any recognition because no matter what they do, they'll always be considered dogs or less than.
Rick van Amsterdam
Rick van Amsterdam Prije 26 dana
I have binged it the entire day today holy shit it reminds me of black mirror but for some reason its better
Ace Mustang
Ace Mustang Prije 26 dana
"Sonnie grabs dicko"
CrazyNytro Prije 29 dana
Some of your takes on the serie are good, but your explanation on zima blue was awful. You completely cut off half of the episode's own explanation on the going to clean the pool. And the whole thing was so rushed that it's more confusing than it is in the episode itself. And this is quite the thing for an "Ending Explained".
CrazyNytro Prije 29 dana
Shapeshifter's choice to end with him being rejected tries to make a point on what we lose when we keep being biased and close-minded, imho. The military lost a powerful tool. A man that just wanted to be recognised and accepted, just like us, so the viewer can empathise with him, got once again rejected and lost everything.
Daniel Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin Prije 29 dana
Pros: Good animations and cartoon designs. Con's: Morally bankrupt and depraved.
Carlos Barba
Carlos Barba Prije 29 dana
Secret war Sucker of souls
Michael Straub
Michael Straub Prije mjesec
This show is my absolute most favorite thing Netflix has ever put out.
Сима Вешнякова
When I was watching this zima blue episode I thought it was based on the Kazimir Malevich history.
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