Maddi Jane - Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars)

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Maddi Jane covers "Just The Way You Are" originally sung by Bruno Mars.
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Tony Pandillo (Engineering/Mixing)
Josh Hilliker (Engineering)
Talour Woodruff (Grip)
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17. Pro 2010.



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Komentari 80
ethan vandenenden
ethan vandenenden Prije minute
i'm watching this 2020 and girl your voice is beautiful
Gajahmada Printing
Gajahmada Printing Prije 3 dana
2020 ..
Ellyh Mirandaa
Ellyh Mirandaa Prije 4 dana
Mais uma brasileira aqui ouvindo em 2020.
Fathur Albanjari
Fathur Albanjari Prije 6 dana
From +62 ???
Nadia Safa
Nadia Safa Prije 7 dana
Too late to see amazing video...
Nimas Ayu Kinanti
Nimas Ayu Kinanti Prije 7 dana
2020 and still watching this video 😍😍
Alya Zulfa
Alya Zulfa Prije 9 dana
Cody Gornall
Cody Gornall Prije 11 dana
If a girl sang this to me I'd die happy 😍
Cody Gornall
Cody Gornall Prije 11 dana
Just beautiful!!! Her singing is amazing!
Intan Putri
Intan Putri Prije 15 dana
Juni 2020 hadir😍
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Prije 16 dana
Zaneisang Faihriem
Zaneisang Faihriem Prije 17 dana
Joanna's Vlog
Joanna's Vlog Prije 20 dana
Since the day 1 I'm your biggest fan 😍
Chery Lynn Arzaga
Chery Lynn Arzaga Prije 20 dana
I miss this...❤
Widya Febriani
Widya Febriani Prije 25 dana
Neednojams !
Neednojams ! Prije 27 dana
Beautiful voice.... Beautiful cover, all just beautiful!
Kylie Rosales
Kylie Rosales Prije mjesec
I love your songs so awsome
wingsof freedom
wingsof freedom Prije mjesec
BorkMyLife ;3;
BorkMyLife ;3; Prije mjesec
Wtf she was so little
FifiWanders Prije mjesec
Fan Since 2010 and I'm still here
Jill Allan
Jill Allan Prije mjesec
Wow girl go
Erin Lim Crisostomo
Erin Lim Crisostomo Prije 2 mjeseci
Still good to ears 😊
Vinny Marconi
Vinny Marconi Prije 2 mjeseci
Nezz duts
Jelord Uayan
Jelord Uayan Prije 2 mjeseci
me as well, 10 years fan of this wonderful voice
Mohammed Ashroff
Mohammed Ashroff Prije 2 mjeseci
Wow.... Your voice is amazing.
Susiana lestari
Susiana lestari Prije 2 mjeseci
Lidia Castillo
Lidia Castillo Prije 2 mjeseci
Rushvi Shah
Rushvi Shah Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey teach Me vocal
phunkassassin 2231
phunkassassin 2231 Prije 2 mjeseci
Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Scott Prije 2 mjeseci
beautiful voice im so jel
Rahmat Cannel
Rahmat Cannel Prije 2 mjeseci
Is mazing
nino bukhaidze
nino bukhaidze Prije 2 mjeseci
She so beautiful
Lalah RASOLOARIVONY Prije 2 mjeseci
So cute
Reyhan Smart
Reyhan Smart Prije 2 mjeseci
you have the most beautiful voice
Orville Marchese
Orville Marchese Prije 2 mjeseci
Who's the dude who always plays for her? He's really good Her voice is so amazing at age 12....oh my gosh..Its unbelievable.
Dody Tuwan
Dody Tuwan Prije 3 mjeseci
Indonesian... Please like
R Davis Link
R Davis Link Prije 3 mjeseci
Omg What a beautiful cover you did that was beautiful!!! 🤧😭😊☺️😇
Ana Beuren
Ana Beuren Prije 3 mjeseci
Congratulations, that was fantastic!! You can be sure you have one more follower!
gacha Kate unicorn cat
gacha Kate unicorn cat Prije 3 mjeseci
Her voice is amazing
gacha Kate unicorn cat
gacha Kate unicorn cat Prije 3 mjeseci
Syahida Aulia
Syahida Aulia Prije 3 mjeseci
It's 2020, still listening ❤️❤️
BeanSanity TV
BeanSanity TV Prije 3 mjeseci
wanda Az
wanda Az Prije 3 mjeseci
Bayu Dwi Asmara
Bayu Dwi Asmara Prije 3 mjeseci
Franny Lisset Rodriguez
Franny Lisset Rodriguez Prije 4 mjeseci
:0 OMG Sweet ewe
cecillia regal chen
cecillia regal chen Prije 4 mjeseci
cecillia regal chen
cecillia regal chen Prije 4 mjeseci
Ya tuhan
Bhavisha Patnaik
Bhavisha Patnaik Prije 4 mjeseci
Is it just me or she looks like nina dobrev mini version
Bhavisha Patnaik
Bhavisha Patnaik Prije 4 mjeseci
She is clearly imagining someone 😆😆
Adnan Nivokazi
Adnan Nivokazi Prije 4 mjeseci
I love your music 😍❤️ you are so sweet ❤️
viola hwa rendcia
viola hwa rendcia Prije 4 mjeseci
Lexy Vlogs
Lexy Vlogs Prije 5 mjeseci
i sent my crush a link to this
Abul Fadhl Rizal
Abul Fadhl Rizal Prije 5 mjeseci
Why don't you make a video again I miss it
User Nepali123
User Nepali123 Prije 5 mjeseci
Girl you’re so amazing just the way you’re😊 female version Watching here in 2020
B Gomez
B Gomez Prije 5 mjeseci
I remember 12 year old me was so jealous of her clothes and how my parents would not buy me abercrombie
Hanife Kaya
Hanife Kaya Prije 5 mjeseci
The year is 2020 Who is listening
Dulce Vazquez
Dulce Vazquez Prije 5 mjeseci
I remembre listening to this when i was 10!! Almost 10 years ago😩 now this Sounds so different to me
Hector Ferrer
Hector Ferrer Prije 5 mjeseci
Impresionante que hermosa voz
Otabor Choosen
Otabor Choosen Prije 5 mjeseci
2020 Anybody??💁
Sapar Nazaraliev
Sapar Nazaraliev Prije 5 mjeseci
Love you
Sid Lnz
Sid Lnz Prije 6 mjeseci
me defraudaste maddi jane
milena brito
milena brito Prije 6 mjeseci
congratullations made hehe
victoria adam
victoria adam Prije 6 mjeseci
2020 anyone?
ali adri
ali adri Prije 6 mjeseci
10 years already being your fan, who else from 2020? 🙋‍♂️
•chxrrybunッ Prije 5 dana
Pablovlogs pablo
Pablovlogs pablo Prije 5 dana
Risma Irmawati
Risma Irmawati Prije 10 dana
Miqna'ati Syarafina
Miqna'ati Syarafina Prije 12 dana
Me too....🖐️
MK Music LY
MK Music LY Prije 21 dan
Me too
Rachmah Annisah
Rachmah Annisah Prije 6 mjeseci
Cause boy your amazing, just the way you are🥰
m_rm swift
m_rm swift Prije 6 mjeseci
claudya Joy
claudya Joy Prije 6 mjeseci
+62 maneee suaranya 🙌😂✌️️
Sophiezinha Prije 6 mjeseci
Angela Barrios
Angela Barrios Prije 6 mjeseci
Darla Ashish
Darla Ashish Prije 6 mjeseci
Remjan Jugli
Remjan Jugli Prije 7 mjeseci
Her voice is amazing👌👍
Mark Joseph Matira
Mark Joseph Matira Prije 7 mjeseci
9+ years fan here! ;)
Mike Still
Mike Still Prije 7 mjeseci
Not sure how I ended up here?
SiMoNe Prije 7 mjeseci
The Version for my love:
D O M Prije 7 mjeseci
November 2019 anybody❤️
lokesh pal
lokesh pal Prije 8 mjeseci
Love from india😍😍😍
Mia Both
Mia Both Prije 8 mjeseci
you're awesome I just came across your channel subscribed to the same and the click activated you will be something big I'm from Germany so I apologize if necessary misspelled
Nanda Febriana
Nanda Febriana Prije 8 mjeseci
01 011 2019. .aim listen From ina. 🇮🇩
Fami Bustami
Fami Bustami Prije 8 mjeseci
ina?? Merk kloset
Otaku Gurung
Otaku Gurung Prije 8 mjeseci
Watching this after 8yrs damn I feel old 😅
Samuel Roy
Samuel Roy Prije 8 mjeseci
This reminds me of myself when I try to sing this song.
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