Marija Šerifović - Molitva (Serbia) Live 2007 Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest
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Marija Šerifović represented Serbia at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. She was the winner of the contest with the song Molitva



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Silent Film Princess
She sings better than Britney Spears
Едильжан Кожахан
Нечестные победители - все равно в конце не приглашаются юбилейным мероприятиям. Джамала (2016), Мария (2007), Танель Падар (2001), Мария эн (2002) и т.д
Petar Šmakić
Petar Šmakić Prije 27 dana
no boobs , ass or anything
Leclercq Thibaut
Leclercq Thibaut Prije 2 mjeseci
Still the best winning song.
sa ni
sa ni Prije 2 mjeseci
I miss this serious, in eurovision..
uros vujačić
uros vujačić Prije 4 mjeseci
I dalje ne verujem da se ova pesma idalje slusa tolko je dobra pa ne vjerujem
Joseph Bleasdale
Joseph Bleasdale Prije 5 mjeseci
Despite bloc voting being at its height in 2007 and 2008, there’s no denying this was actually the best song in the contest. The only Balkan Ballad to actually have won, and still sounds just as fresh today.
Veta Voloshanca
Veta Voloshanca Prije 7 mjeseci
One of the best ESC winners all-time, if not the best. ❤
MrsKikinka13 Prije 10 mjeseci
I much don´t like this song but It´s real powerful I must admit
cipiripper Prije godine
1:43 ...
guillermo mendoza
guillermo mendoza Prije godine
no is the winner
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Prije 2 mjeseci
Moran Dar
Moran Dar Prije godine
this song is beautiful, this is a very deserving winner.
Bogi ESC
Bogi ESC Prije godine
Elisabeth Mariegaard
I'm a dane, and I've been af fan of Eurovision since 2007, when Serbia won and I was nine years old. Therefore, this song is so memorable to me.
Petar Ristovski
Petar Ristovski Prije godine
C A R I C A !!!!!!!
MrMsLisa Prije godine
11 years later and still amazing! One of the best winners of all time.
setheurovision94 Prije 2 godina
Fabulous song and performance, a more than deserved winner. But seriously, that crowd was so annoying. She's singing, shut up!
Schnecke Unterwegs
Schnecke Unterwegs Prije 2 godina
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful, great!!!!!!!!!! Although I do not understand a word Serbian, not only the melody, but also the text touches me. I still love this song, even though Verka Serduchka was my favorite at the time (I still love that one too). I wish, every country have to sing in his native language. The entries would sound more beautiful, interesting and exciting.
Serap Oral
Serap Oral Prije 2 godina
U Prije 2 godina
Molitvaaaa kao žar na tvojim usnama... great
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Prije 2 mjeseci
i think its mojim usnama? but yes true
M Xavi
M Xavi Prije 2 godina
Dressed like a man, sung like an angel.
WorldVision Serbia
WorldVision Serbia Prije 2 godina
Srbijo,apsolutno fantastično. Ostao sam bez rijeći.. Svaka čast
Batuhan Atakcan
Batuhan Atakcan Prije 2 godina
1:52 best time starting.
Adrian Diaconescu
Adrian Diaconescu Prije 2 godina
Срби, наши браћа преко Дунава.
Nerdtrashv1 Prije 2 godina
When the backing singers joined in with her, I got goddamn chills.
Andrea Milić
Andrea Milić Prije 2 mjeseci
Barsa Barcelona
Barsa Barcelona Prije 2 godina
AMAZING!💞 LOVE U SERBIA 💙💙 from Azerbaijan❤❤
CL_Cookie_CL Prije 2 godina
Tucha23pixei Prije 2 godina
I think she is the best winner of Eurovision ever! From Russia with ❤️
mitsaki 107
mitsaki 107 Prije 2 godina
I love her voice and presentation. I don't understand a single damn word but this song still gives me the chills
Tim2001 Prije 2 godina
Only One word: PERFECTION!❤
Maatii111 Prije 2 godina
1:52 to the end is amazing 😍😍😍😍
acmmarco 91
acmmarco 91 Prije 3 godina
This is the most intense performance in Eurovision ever. Marija should come back.
Grazan Prije 3 godina
Verka Serduchka better.
Valentina Anthouli
Valentina Anthouli Prije 3 godina
Is it ok that I'm not Serbian and I know the lyrics! 😍
Terry Egan
Terry Egan Prije 2 mjeseci
@FH Purcell fantastic
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Prije 2 mjeseci
same haha ive been singing it for years
Terry Egan
Terry Egan Prije 2 mjeseci
me too. I'm English and know the song off by heart in Serbian. Best ever Eurovision song
; Prije 2 godina
Claudia Prije 2 godina
ValentinaAnthouli same😂😂😂
Jake Beau
Jake Beau Prije 3 godina
The fact that everyone in the comments are like more non-english songs should win gives countries like the UK and Ireland a crap chance isn't it??? Maybe we should start sing in celtic (the language us English spoke before we were invade by the normans, vikings, the saxons, romans etc) you stole our native language from us, it's your fault for invading us!!
Charles XI The Holy
Charles XI The Holy Prije 3 godina
Just only who really deserved first place without concurrents!
anthonyfranco88 Prije 3 godina
I don't speak Serbian but this song gives me chills
hukuk2004 Prije 3 godina
2008 entry "Oro" was much better. But this is also nice.
Charles XI The Holy
Charles XI The Holy Prije 3 godina
Walks like security... But song is amazing!
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Prije 2 mjeseci
lmaoooo you're not wrong but it's one of the great things about her
Andjela Zunjic
Andjela Zunjic Prije 3 godina
Srbija je bila najbolja
Lolks Kiss
Lolks Kiss Prije 3 godina
I would like that in 2017 everyone sing songs on thier languages,not everyone on english like in 2016,I want to hear that song in thier language to feel it like here in 2007
; Prije 2 godina
Lolks Kiss well the winner was singing in his language only took 10 years
Z A Prije 3 godina
My favourite was Finland but this just such an amazing and emotional song, beautiful lyrics and voice🙌💕
Zoe Kirk
Zoe Kirk Prije 3 godina
She didn't need the backup singers but they sure as hell elevated the performance
EuroCore Prije 3 godina
The best entry of all time! :)
Fei HE
Fei HE Prije 3 godina
It's not easy for a completely non-English song wins the contest in the 21st century.
Τζιμης Prije 3 dana
Also Portugal won the contest with a song in portuguese a couple of years ago
SimonEvo Prije 2 godina
何非 Aaaaaaand it happened. Yay.
Argalexovejo Prije 3 godina
This is the proud of Serbia is better without Montenegro...PERFECT!
AHTOIIIKA Prije 3 godina
Крутая песня! Love from Russia
Arishasemenkina Prije 4 mjeseci
Yesenia Sandoval
Yesenia Sandoval Prije 3 godina
OMG, amazing! I still get chills!
eurofannn91 Prije 3 godina
Best song that year! I was too young to appreciate it then but now I love it
El tiburón de La Veneno
Great song!!!!
El tiburón de La Veneno
cólico puta jajaja
theo Prije 3 godina
George Austin Tay
George Austin Tay Prije 3 godina
More non-English songs should win! Well, last year Grande amore from Italy won the televote 90 points ahead of Sweden, but the juries were trash.
Ivorian Child
Ivorian Child Prije 2 godina
George Austin Tay Televoting, at first I was pumped, excited and I thought it was the end of geopolitical voting blocks. Man oh man was I wrong. The televotes are trash and people vote for the "wackest" artists. At least the juries occasionally vote for the best artists of the competition and are professional. The televoters are pretty ridiculous and I question my self "why do we even have this?". I also agree that it should be 25% televote and a 75% Juries.
Hamza Mian
Hamza Mian Prije 2 godina
ArgyESC you are right juries saved eurovision. Eurovision was crap thanks to televoting. Televoting is crap and always be crap invented to make much money. Esc was better with 100% jury
Yesenia Sandoval
Yesenia Sandoval Prije 3 godina
@George Austin Tay Another crime the televote committed! Yes, it was super cheap but I loved it and her voice is amazing.
George Austin Tay
George Austin Tay Prije 3 godina
@ESC Argy well, Ukraine was 17th out of 18 in televote in 2012 and the juries voted it 3rd. With a trash song. I don't think this is fair either - the juries are biased towards either more commercial songs or screamfests.
Yesenia Sandoval
Yesenia Sandoval Prije 3 godina
@George Austin Tay What matters is not just the winner. The countries you mentioned are always in the list of the qualifiers with the televote. Don't you think that is unfair? I think so. Fortunately, there are juries who balance it.
Vladimir Drljan
Vladimir Drljan Prije 3 godina
Michael Valdivia García
I love it!! 🔝❤
Bruno Prije 3 godina
Beautiful Language. Deserved the victory
Darko Lucic
Darko Lucic Prije 2 godina
Bruno Abreu Thanks man, Marija was amazing, that voice and performance, no comment, hello from Serbia!
Chippaponi Prije 3 godina
Just an amazing song and singer, a very worthy winner indeed. Can't believe it's been almost 10 years since she won.
juan carlos alzamora villaverde
Amazing voice Beautiful song greetings from spain.
umut Prije 3 godina
*B E S T*
Jack Picko
Jack Picko Prije 3 godina
This was amazing, but Verka shouldve won.
Yesenia Sandoval
Yesenia Sandoval Prije 3 godina
@goran77ish I know, the songs are better and we also have some high-quality and serious entries. Not just "la la la" ones.
Stormrage Prije 3 godina
@ESC Argy It is better last couple of years, yes.
Yesenia Sandoval
Yesenia Sandoval Prije 3 godina
Actually it's now that Eurovision is about music. Before the juries entered it was about joke acts.
Stormrage Prije 3 godina
No, just no. Bunch of clowns. I miss the times when ESC was about music.
Maciej Mazurek
Maciej Mazurek Prije 3 godina
The best winner of Eurovision !!!
IndigoNovaz Prije godine
Me tooooo ❤❤❤
vegard k. solberg
vegard k. solberg Prije 3 godina
Definitely a deserved winner!!
İrm D.
İrm D. Prije 3 godina
Finally!!!! I love non- english esc songs and this deserved that place, greetings from turkey
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas
she deserved to winning no doubt...
alion 9864
alion 9864 Prije 3 godina
i still have goosebumps
Andreea Cristina Ghinea
What a perfect song
krasnoyarsk Prije 3 godina
still my favourite i was only 9 when I was first fascinated by it live :)
jay likes art
jay likes art Prije 3 godina
love this
LUIZ STS Prije 3 godina
Amazing winner... This was the last time when a non-english song win the show... More songs like this, in not english languaje... Sing in their native languajes please....
Vojo Glomazic
Vojo Glomazic Prije 7 dana
Thank you so much
danthegooner46 Prije 24 dana
Jamala and 2017s winner
Hermenegildo C
Hermenegildo C Prije godine
In 2017
SimonEvo Prije 2 godina
LUIZ STS Happy now? =D
agnieszka van heirreweghe
+Louis Enright jamala song almost all in english
Pavle Višak
Pavle Višak Prije 3 godina
Best winner of all time! Hope Serbia wins again soon! Belgrade 2018?
Apstep Music
Apstep Music Prije 2 godina
Pavle Visak if you like check my profile i have a cover of Serbia song 2017 and leave with comment your opinion if you like 😃
Pavle Višak
Pavle Višak Prije 2 godina
Apstep Music Official thank you!
Apstep Music
Apstep Music Prije 2 godina
Serbia is my winner this year so beautiful song!
Pavle Višak
Pavle Višak Prije 3 godina
Nemanja Jelena same!
Nemanja Đorđev
Nemanja Đorđev Prije 3 godina
Pavle Visak aahh I wishh!!!
Jonathan Hodgson
Jonathan Hodgson Prije 3 godina
Amazing entry!!
ScratchThat2009 Prije 3 godina
One of the best winners and I must admit I love Marija....
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Prije 2 mjeseci
same, the way she sings it and the way she looks makes my heart race every time
ESC Lazar
ESC Lazar Prije 3 godina
Amazing winner
Harout Mirzakhanyan
Harout Mirzakhanyan Prije 3 godina
Don't like the song One of the worst winners
FH Purcell
FH Purcell Prije 2 mjeseci
why? It's so emotional and beautiful
giannis 01
giannis 01 Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm not Serbian but this is literally one of the best winners in the Eurovision history
Jamie Prije 3 godina
Fucking P E R F E C T. Such a deserving winner.
ljiljana Nedovic
ljiljana Nedovic Prije 3 godina
Jamie The Creator vģ10
ESC TV Prije 3 godina
Best ESC entry ever. Definetely
George Moschos
George Moschos Prije 11 sati
Ahhh you have to check my video Top 50 Best Eurovision songs ! Molitva is a true masterpiece !
TheGoaBase Prije 3 godina
never liked it, sorry
U. Rosh
U. Rosh Prije 3 godina
Great winner. So proud!
ESCAZL Prije 3 godina
JUST PERFECT. My winner of 2007:Serbia My winner of 2008:Serbia
Ana Petrović
Ana Petrović Prije 10 mjeseci
Thank you, im from serbia :D
flormach Prije 3 godina
Best. Love from the U.S.!!
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