Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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Komentari 100
alisha bongfeldt
alisha bongfeldt Prije 6 minuta
I'm so happy for this I'm going to see this in the movies on Monday
JAGUAR-17 Prije 19 minuta
Goofy : gosh it seems like athousand years ago , I broke outta that cave , became Iron Goof.
Fabrizio !
Fabrizio ! Prije 24 minuta
And I am Iron Man
Matlock Crowl
Matlock Crowl Prije 29 minuta
Iron man dies
Gary On
Gary On Prije 41 minute
Infinity war trailer:226m THANOS SNAP Endgame trailer:118m
Thanos The mad titan
Thanos The mad titan Prije 47 minuta
you should be grateful! The work is done I AM... INEVITABLE
Stogie2112 Prije 22 minuta
+Thanos The mad titan .... Yeah? Good luck with that ..... 😀😀
Thanos The mad titan
Thanos The mad titan Prije 38 minuta
Stogie2112 i know what im going to do i will shred this universe down to its last atom and rebuild a new one
Stogie2112 Prije 43 minuta
You're a loony, Chin-Boy! Where did all your God delusions bring you? Right to the Avengers. Now you will know what it's like to LOSE.
Omrixpo Prije 50 minuta
The cringiest part of the trailer is the music the melody, when the Avengers: Endgame title was showing. These kids in my class were humming in unison this theme and I wanted to exterminate myself.
FireFistStudios Prije 54 minuta
We couldn’t live with our own failure, where did that bring us? *Back to this trailer...*
Gles Prije 57 minuta
so the avengers are stuck in a time loop then
Sonny Aquino
Sonny Aquino Prije sat
It just hit 2.614 b and it is so close to beating Avatar. Whatever it takes.
Daniel M
Daniel M Prije sat
Acording to the box office, half of the world has this movie.
HushNightBatday Prije sat
the amount of likes shows how many times you have comeback to watch the trailer.
Best friend
Best friend Prije 2 sati
Adam Warlock is gonna be the new face of MCU
Stogie2112 Prije 2 sati
Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange and Spiderman will dominate the MCU for now.
Servine Prije 2 sati
This was probably the best movie I have ever seen.
OUT LAW Prije 2 sati
Who else cried at the end );
SilverWolf Draws
SilverWolf Draws Prije 26 minuta
I cried from the beginning
Aswwinii Balkrishnan
Where's vision sommone tellmee..
Luke Brooks '24
Luke Brooks '24 Prije 2 sati
This movie has that Thanos guy from Fortnite right?
Xx Liv xX
Xx Liv xX Prije 2 sati
The amount of people that were emotional messed up after this movie v v
Dan 7
Dan 7 Prije 2 sati
Who’s here after watching the movie because they feel empty?
iPermanently Prije 2 sati
I went into this movie without seeing any trailers or tv spots but after watching the trailers when I got home I have to say the marketing team did a good job keeping a lot of stuff hidden pretty well
premika howtar
premika howtar Prije 2 sati
DO YOU KNOW BTS???????💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Dante Prije 3 sati
Believing Joe and Anthony Russo is like believing Bill Gates saying he have no money
38 baby
38 baby Prije 3 sati
Who else cried when iron man died ?? Just me?ok
Legit Awesome
Legit Awesome Prije 3 sati
There was an idea.....
SilverWolf Draws
SilverWolf Draws Prije 25 minuta
... To bring together a group of remarkable people...
R3verse_nabby Prije 3 sati
This movie was easy my favorite movie these movies were my childhood I will never forget seeing these movies multiple times every scene in this movie was great it just touched me when iron man had his final scene. These movies got me out of bullying thank you Marvel for making my childhood the best one I could ask for. Thanks Stan Lee you are the greatest
Bluena WOLF
Bluena WOLF Prije 3 sati
Jamshaid Jamshaid
Jamshaid Jamshaid Prije 3 sati
Robert Downey JR ... The legend love u Sir .. Love from Pakistan
Koushik Arjunan
Koushik Arjunan Prije 4 sati
I wanna snap those 54k people who disliked this video out of existence...
Stogie2112 Prije 3 sati
Why? Those "dislikes" are meaningless.
Succuba Prije 4 sati
Spoiler: Thanos is purple
Nei Prije 4 sati
I'm watching the trailer after I watched the movie and... I'm crying... Like I did while watching in the cinema...
Pain Free
Pain Free Prije 4 sati
"Some salads" "But not us.........not us"
Wolfpack Vegeta
Wolfpack Vegeta Prije 4 sati
Nothing but goosebumps everytime they say "Whatever it takes" then shows them walking . Ahhhhh this movie was too good
When Peggy said- none of us can go back.😲
Stogie2112 Prije 4 sati
Except for when we can.....with Pym-Stark Quantum Tunneling Technology
ATattooedGod Prije 4 sati
This avengers sucks
Tom aka Steiner
Tom aka Steiner Prije 4 sati
We miss u tony...
Nishant Maderna
Nishant Maderna Prije 4 sati
Actually starlord should have been died instead of iron man If he wouldn't have done stupidity in infinity war I understand that he did. That because marvel wanted to. Make. More money But in place of iron man, star Lord should have been died That will be the perfect ending for. This masterpiece. Iron man (rdj) I luv u 3000
You Tube
You Tube Prije 5 sati
I cried when Tony Stark died.. Oh Dear, I CRIED 😭😭😭
Jeferson Pinange
Jeferson Pinange Prije 5 sati
Na moral esse trailer é horrível
iNAMAYAHi ! Prije 5 sati
Lyriix Prije 5 sati
2:28 was my favourite clip
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck Prije 5 sati
Marvel: *Releases a clip of someone literally just breathing for 1 minute* Looper: 30 things you missed in Marvel’s new video!
Micha van Alphen
Micha van Alphen Prije 5 sati
act this are spiolers
Jelly Fam
Jelly Fam Prije 5 sati
Fan: "Does Iron Man survive in Endgame?" Marvel: "Well yes, but actually no."
Bian The Last Knight
Angel Govinda
Angel Govinda Prije 6 sati
This Movie Box Office 2.548 Billion Dollar 💵
Arnold Patterson
Arnold Patterson Prije 3 sati
Actually, 2.615B. Only 173M away from beating Avatar.
the unknown
the unknown Prije 6 sati
This trailer's awesome
Why why why why why did you die Tony 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shad 3
Shad 3 Prije 7 sati
Marlin sacrifices Nemo for the soul stone
Gary On
Gary On Prije 7 sati
Be carefull with the spoilers THERE UNEVITABLE.....
Christian Ines
Christian Ines Prije 7 sati
best movie ever
Rusy Azarudin
Rusy Azarudin Prije 7 sati
thor eye is back how its back
GamingBox Prije 7 sati
Avengers 1 : We have a Hulk Avengers 2 : Together Avengers 3 : BRING ME THANOS !!!! Avengers 4 : Avengers Assemble !!!!
farisAK550 ツ
farisAK550 ツ Prije 7 sati
Who is that British girl
shekhar saurabh
shekhar saurabh Prije 7 sati
Can anyone tell me why 54k humans disliked the trailer???
Blade boom 25 Español man 😫😔😢
DUBBING PIGGY Prije 7 sati
Hey anyone think that we wont see the scene of black widow shooting
DUBBING PIGGY Prije 7 sati
dont comment IRON MAN dies LEGEND NEVER DIES 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ghia gonzales
ghia gonzales Prije 7 sati
This movie is awesomeeeee👏👏👏👏👏👏👏angganda npanood q ro knina...everybody clap their hands after watching this movie!!!!this is one of greatest film ive ever seen wahhhhhh👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Choy Yeb Kang
Choy Yeb Kang Prije 7 sati
The trailer has so many views now because Bruce Banner snapped his fingers and brought everyone who got dusted back to life!
Forge9 NoTime
Forge9 NoTime Prije 8 sati
This is every word in this trailer i hope you like it! Tony Stark: It seems like a thousand years ago i fought my way out of that cave became Iron Man realized i loved you i know i said no more surprises, but i was really hoping to pull off one last one. Peggy Carter: The world has changed none of us can go back all we can do is our best and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over. Thor: I saw all these people die. Steve Rogers: I keep telling everybody they should move on some do but not us. Natasha Romanoff: Even if there`s a small chance we owe this to everyone who`s not in this room to try. Steve Rogers: We will whatever it takes. Nebula: Aaaaahhhh! Clint Barton: Whatever it takes. Natasha Romanoff: Whatever it takes. Tony Stark: Whatever it takes. Thor: I like this one.
JudeWiz Prije 8 sati
I haven't seen the movie, but can someone tell me wtf ant man thought he was going to do??!
Stogie2112 Prije 7 sati
Go see the film. Then, you will know.
Boo Nol
Boo Nol Prije 8 sati
Some people are sad because ironman/Tony Stark Is dead I'm super super sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Nazplays Prije 8 sati
WAtching this knowing that iron man died 😭😭😭
Gael RO
Gael RO Prije 8 sati
2:13 y el stormbreajer xd
Coffe Isopod
Coffe Isopod Prije 9 sati
OMG! This movie has the purple guy from Fortnite!
Pulkit Garg
Pulkit Garg Prije 9 sati
Iron Man 1 and 2 had spinning letters in the title in the movie, so does All four Avengers movies ...... We had it coming, but we never noticed. Biggest tribute ever.
Samantha Prepose
Samantha Prepose Prije 9 sati
Whatever we takes
Ô•Mai•Chuối Tv
I love Iron Man
Omkar Mandhare
Omkar Mandhare Prije 10 sati
If you are sad because of the ending , you should move on Some do Marvel fans : But not us
Neha Yadav
Neha Yadav Prije 10 sati
Realized I love u
Jackula 07
Jackula 07 Prije 10 sati
Spoiler alert Black widow and Iron man said whatever it takes last and they are the ones that die
RAJESH K SHARMA Prije 10 sati
You know what the funniest thing in the whole movies was!! THE MOVIE WAS ABOUT 3 HOURS LONG; AND DOCTOR STRANGE SAID ONLY TWO LINES IN THE WHOLE MOVIE😂😂🤣
Chathum Nilmalgama
Chathum Nilmalgama Prije 11 sati
Wow cool trailer thanks for sharing
Uc Cash
Uc Cash Prije 11 sati
Where was vision in the end?
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Prije 8 sati
+Uc Cash did you not pay attention in the movie? Their own timeline DOESNT change. When they travel back and take the stone it creates a separate timeline. The same reason they cant go back an kill baby thanos either.
Uc Cash
Uc Cash Prije 8 sati
+Wisp Wisp u r not understanding ...i am saying that wanda shouldnt be shown with the powers before the cap returns the stone coz the timeline was disturbed at that time
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Prije 8 sati
​+Uc Cash As i said Cap returns the stones at the end so things like that dont happen. So hydra still gets the stone. The movie didn't explain how exactly he returned them all. Since he would have to put the mindstone back in the scepter.
Uc Cash
Uc Cash Prije 8 sati
+Wisp Wisp wanda got the powers after hydra does experiments on her by using the mind if hydra doesnt got that mind stone than how she is having those powers in future
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Prije 8 sati
+Uc Cash wanda doesnt draw her powers from the stone. It was used to give her her powers but she is not dependent on the stone.
Jan dela Cruz
Jan dela Cruz Prije 11 sati
so epic this movie ❤️
Rex DANGERPEST Prije 11 sati
WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SNAP THANOS and tony thought hulk was gonna bring back the dusted and kill THANOS NAUH
Alex Aly
Alex Aly Prije 11 sati
1:50, “To the end”
the rock
the rock Prije 11 sati
who are disliker of this trailer
DaNgEr CaRtOon
DaNgEr CaRtOon Prije 11 sati
my frivet aran man
shivam soni
shivam soni Prije 11 sati
I love marvel 😍😍😍😍 I love Avenger's
Paras Khatti
Paras Khatti Prije 12 sati
These protagonists were depicted in such a good way, it feels like if they've existed they would've surely looked like em.!
kapi 2802
kapi 2802 Prije 12 sati
1:43 caps shield isnt destroyed
- Hexø
- Hexø Prije 12 sati
Watch it today
HyPe TRend
HyPe TRend Prije 12 sati
2:00 😎
fw ftw
fw ftw Prije 12 sati
Some people have no interest in the MCU and haven’t seen a single movie But not us Not us
Aditya Shreshtha Srivastava
Love you 3000 Mr.Stark
XanderMan 8530
XanderMan 8530 Prije 13 sati
Love you 3000
Ahsan Rizvi
Ahsan Rizvi Prije 13 sati
If u want to see avengers Endgame u have to download movie box there u can see avengers endgame full if u will see like here
Arnav Mahajan
Arnav Mahajan Prije 13 sati
RIP Howard Potts
Jeduthun Zang
Jeduthun Zang Prije 14 sati
Don't stop watching endgame in theaters!!! Let's make this the #1 movie worldwide together. WHATEVER IT TAKES✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Tung Yin Huat
Tung Yin Huat Prije 12 sati
Avengers!!! Assemble!!! We are the Avengers now!!!
palillo plays
palillo plays Prije 14 sati
Even though endgame is already out weeks ago this trailer still puts a smile to my face
Luis Muantop
Luis Muantop Prije 14 sati
I LOVE YOU #3000
SwagGaming Prije 14 sati
He protec He attacc But most importantly Thor eat snacc
Bhargav Khandige
Bhargav Khandige Prije 15 sati
Bruh who the hell are the dislikers??
Isabelle Yap
Isabelle Yap Prije 15 sati
So guess who’s going back to watch Endgame the second time in an hour
Wilson Stagg
Wilson Stagg Prije 15 sati
Dumbass movie..
Wilson Stagg
Wilson Stagg Prije 16 sati
How is a black person going to be captain America lol
Covers by Ema
Covers by Ema Prije 16 sati
2.26 It was supposed to be the storm breaker
Wisp Wisp
Wisp Wisp Prije 9 sati
well it was stormbreaker
Kevin Ernesto Nucamendi Gomez
Superman muere al final.
KneeGuuh Prije 16 sati
Thor Ragnarok Hulk: I am the strongest avenger... Infinity War Thor: Hold my beer Endgame Thor: No wait give that back.
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