Master Pickpocket Breaks Down 12 Pickpocketing Tricks In Movies | How Real Is It?

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Professional pickpocket Lee Thompson looks at 12 pickpocketing scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism.
He looks at "Birds of Prey" (2020), "The Take" (2016), "Ocean's Eleven" (2001), "Now You See Me" (2013), "Killing Eve" (2018), "Gangs of New York" (2002), "Pickpocket" (1959), "Pickpockets" (2018), "Focus" (2015), "The Adventures of Tintin" (2011), and "Sleight" (2016).

Thompson is a professional pickpocket magician and a member of the Inner Magic Circle with gold-star status. He's taken part in Mugler Follies shows in Paris and toured for 18 months, performing 1,700 shows, with Cirque Du Soleil Koozå. He's performed live on ITV's "Good Morning Britain" and BBC's "The One Show," and he was a consultant pickpocket magician for "Holmes and Watson" (2018). Thompson has worked with the UK police and Revenue and Customs in public-awareness campaigns about pickpocketing.

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Master Pickpocket Breaks Down 12 Pickpocketing Tricks In Movies | How Real Is It?

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15. Lip 2021.



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Komentari 3 387
You Bred Raptors music
You Bred Raptors music Prije 13 minuta
Why is the audio sooooo quiet?
Keelie Kalay Idol
Keelie Kalay Idol Prije 28 minuta
I don't believe the watches, ever. A leather strap undone? No way. And the hug while taking something out of your does a victim not FEEL the weight change or the shoulder of the perp moving around and fumbling w/your jacket? Anyone so as barely brushes into my personal space I'm a puma on your radar.
Willy Bumbum
Willy Bumbum Prije 4 sati
Really annoying how low the volume is on this video
John Tryba
John Tryba Prije 4 sati
Y would banks need a pickpocket
Rahul Rajesh
Rahul Rajesh Prije 7 sati
so pickpocket is a profession...
mkian Prije 8 sati
"Professional Pickpocket" this means he is legally licensed to Pickpocket you.
missmerbella Prije 12 sati
“Master pickpocket”? Well that’s a job title I’ve never heard of before.
Nicolas Peigné
Nicolas Peigné Prije 18 sati
Have you seen the baby trick ?
A D Prije dan
pickpocket people should watch out who they steal from otherwise they land in an Acidcontainer
kurt. is
kurt. is Prije dan
D She
D She Prije dan
There's something extra nasty about stealing things from people's pockets or bags. As well as them maybe losing everything they need to run their lives it's just such a personal intrusion. I bet some people are really messed up by it.
vickysawant Prije dan
Lockpicking Lawyer
A D R I F T Prije dan
7 million subs and you can't normalize your audio.
Shulkern Prije 13 sati
The Art Of Being
keep a wallet with fake money and fake plastic cards quasi visible / reachable and the real one well hidden, zipped, bagged etc. esp. in places with ultra high number of pickpockets... subways, train/bus stations, airports etc.
BROWN Bear Prije 2 dana
Misdirection Hey Akashi and Kise Explain it. Simply put he's redirecting your attention somewhere else.
Ferdi Abdillah
Ferdi Abdillah Prije 2 dana
The greats person is born from the bad person.,.maybe
magik lam
magik lam Prije 2 dana
~✨ a w a r e n e s s c a m p a i g n ✨~
Luviee Prije 2 dana
"for the police" "for crime prevention" 😉
Late Night Cereal
Late Night Cereal Prije 2 dana
Chopsticks/watch girl was a 2/10, at best. I don't take this guy seriously.
Ayesha Farooq
Ayesha Farooq Prije 2 dana
The easiest way to steal a man’s wallet is to tell him you’re going to steal his watch. - kaz brekker
ECo PHD Prije 3 dana
How about you have the film sound down low next time and the guy explaining it higher.
Paulette Barnes
Paulette Barnes Prije 3 dana
Prabhakar Thakur
Prabhakar Thakur Prije 3 dana
Disclaimer: This comment is sarcastic. Are they gonna bring a successful suicide bomber for analysing scenes from movies?
Gabriela Vieitas
Gabriela Vieitas Prije 3 dana
My wallet was gone while I was watching this. Ok, who did it?
Oblivion Prije 3 dana
i got an hability against this. *clears troat* i got no watch and i bring a bunch of coins in my pocket, nothing else. Completly pickpocket proof
Pascal Lwiindi
Pascal Lwiindi Prije 4 dana
Only guy to carry a decoy wallet 💪
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Prije 5 dana
I was not expecting this kind of stuff 🤣
Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe Prije 5 dana
09:34: "fake" ... proceeds to rate it 8/10 (10:05). How should I take this seriously?
vinzhi Prije 6 dana
I already have decoy wallet for like 10 years. There was nothing in there
heather gray
heather gray Prije 6 dana
this is why i always use my bra as a pocket. it’s a beautiful place to keep money. awkward when you have to get something out but oh well.
Larry Holcomb Jr
Larry Holcomb Jr Prije 6 dana
The only people who get robbed like this are drunk.
Nikolas Gabryel Wantroba
The video sound is to low or its just me?
P Mason
P Mason Prije 7 dana
15:17 - these aren't pickpockets.. they are muggers!
The Poet T.I.M
The Poet T.I.M Prije 7 dana
Waqas Ghazanfar
Waqas Ghazanfar Prije 7 dana
I am sad to see that Neal Caffery from White Collar wasn't added to the list. Deeply sad... 💔💔
TofuDaTurtle Prije 7 dana
The thing i really learned today is that pickpocket is still a valid proffession (although, not qjite legal at times)
Ndumiso Machika
Ndumiso Machika Prije 8 dana
I swear this video has the most 10/10's 🤣
Flint Prije 8 dana
All those pickpocket "awareness" campains!
Cristian Dinu
Cristian Dinu Prije 8 dana
No one can pickpocket me. My pockets are super-tight and even I have to struggle a lot to extract wallet, keys, whatever from them.
Gustavo Balmaceda
Gustavo Balmaceda Prije 8 dana
The latter type of robbery is very common in Latin America, although I would not call them pickpockets, if not, robbers. although I do not know if the word that I use the Google translator (robbers) is the correct one for someone who takes something from you and runs.
XstonedmonkeyzX Prije 8 dana
The sound balance in this video was awful, had to have A home theater almost at full to hear him XD
AB Prije 8 dana
the chop stick woman should be more grey...too many men's eyes would be checking her out
Macs Power
Macs Power Prije 8 dana
😳 Master pickpocket? Is that an honorable profession❓❓
Christian Prije 9 dana
China is always fake.
Taranizs Prije 10 dana
Well according to this I'm pretty safe. I generally always keep money in my front pocket, and my phone is a big heavy obnoxious bastard in my back pocket, so it's not going to vanish without me instantly noticing.
The Gray
The Gray Prije 10 dana
I'm just glad I'm not the only person who uses a decoy wallet.
Olivier Fanton
Olivier Fanton Prije 11 dana
I would really have liked to see his take on Johnnie To's film Sparrow (2008).
Reno Raines the BH
Reno Raines the BH Prije 11 dana
"There are magicians who throw for miles...uh not miles, yards. (damn it almost gave away the secret again)"
MVegas Prije 11 dana
I don’t think I’ll ever fall for the watch pickpocket
Why not?
Why not? Prije 11 dana
Look this up: Arduino, LoRa, Sensors - where the fun begins 😈
Why not?
Why not? Prije 11 dana
4:30 No, when you take off your watch the first thing you feel is cold air. Thats more than enough to alarm you.
Why not?
Why not? Prije 11 dana
2:59 Impossible. You have to press and hold a button next to the lens and then twist the lens. Now if you had that button pressed and held in default, you would still not be able to take the lens of with one hand, not even in a dream. 100% bullshit.
srisaicharith grandhi
srisaicharith grandhi Prije 11 dana
Naga manu
Naga manu Prije 12 dana
Handcuff that professional pickpocket
James K
James K Prije 12 dana
The scene from Picketpockets (2018) I wouldn't even describe as a pick pocket; it looks more like a mugging to me.
AK Prije 12 dana
I'll never understand why anyone puts their wallet in their back pocket, instead of their front pockets. Might be harder to slide in and out of the front pockets, but that also means to be harder for a pickpocket.
Why not?
Why not? Prije 11 dana
Ive never understood how is it possible to be so numb to not notice. Weve been trying this casually for years with my friends. Well I used to steal from shops, manipulate and distract people in looking somewhere else while stealing right in front of their eyes. I was a kid living in a really bad suburb so maybe i grew cautious. One of my bad habits is to actually never use a wallet at all simply because its awkward shape and once you open it someone can simply rip it off of your hand with no effort. My notes and cards are in the front pocket, while my wallet is not present or its in the backpack/shoulder bag. But mostly, I identify people before they steal, it requires certain concentration that makes you move slightly differently and then there is usually strong transition to action. To be a good thief, one got to be a best actor => must be intelligent. But most of thieves are poor stupid idiots who never had luck in normal life so they steal. An intelligent good thief will never rob you (average mortal).
Diane Moril
Diane Moril Prije 12 dana
thanks for the advice.
Reytunez Bz
Reytunez Bz Prije 12 dana
Keep this man away from me.
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota Prije 12 dana
He ain’t got nothing on chilangos in Mexico City
Mr Slinky dragon
Mr Slinky dragon Prije 12 dana
"I challenge you to steal my wallet" Giggles in wire cutters
Justin J
Justin J Prije 13 dana
A very long time ago, in the early 2000s, I pickpocketed guards and rogues for nearly six months straight. And still to this day, I've never reached level 99.
S. Strong
S. Strong Prije 13 dana
lol, this man really loves pickpocketing.
SheFlungDung Prije 13 dana
He's totally wrong about the last one. Seen it happen many times in Brazil and people get away, they work in numbers and bully and scare people off when there's 2-5 of them.
Rosario Logan
Rosario Logan Prije 14 dana
The diligent mother-in-law climatologically please because yacht recurrently regret about a fluttering produce. solid, decorous population
Gayninja99 Prije 14 dana
Hehehe thanks for the advice time to get paid
werothegreat Prije 14 dana
And this is why I keep my phone/wallet in my front pants pockets. But also, how do people not *feel* this happening? Like wearing a wristwatch and then suddenly not having one on, that should be a big tip off. Or the second one, the girl in the pink dress, she was moving his jacket around a lot, how did he not notice and question that?
Nicko G.
Nicko G. Prije 14 dana
That'd never work on me. If someone gets close enough where I can smell them they're already suspect.
Hakenda channel
Hakenda channel Prije 14 dana
Alex St. Clair
Alex St. Clair Prije 15 dana
... ... ... ... ... Somehow, adults actually make movies like this. Yeah, I'mma just gonna focus on the beautiful Asian woman with the pudgy Selena Gomez-esque face in that thumbnail, and try not to click on other movies made by the uploader... D:
Benjamin Lovato
Benjamin Lovato Prije 15 dana
How was the strap on the watch undone. It looks like she just touched the watch and it fell into her hand.
Omkar Patil , he-him
Omkar Patil , he-him Prije 15 dana
After this episode, all insider staff had to buy new pockets and watch....
XOXheartAmy Prije 15 dana
I'd like to see him look at Awkwafina's scenes in Ocean's Eight - both the lifting and the handoffs - because I can't help but wonder his reaction to the part where Helena Bonham Carter recieves the bracelet. I thought it was a little obvious because she lowered hand hand so slowly but now I wonder if it was a smart choice since rapid movements are more noticeable.
B Prije 15 dana
Speak up!
Kfeqo PetleQ
Kfeqo PetleQ Prije 15 dana
The sweltering lilac inherently spill because greece sequently polish given a incredible hydrogen. complex, deep invoice
JJ Jones
JJ Jones Prije 15 dana
Did this guy work for the police?
John Rackiewicz
John Rackiewicz Prije 15 dana
Is it possible for pro to get my wallet out of my front jean pocket that is even for me a pita for me to get out? my wallet is literally 2 inches from my junk , obviously visible to a pro, but what about the sensitivity any man has in this area.I am absolutely sure i would feel anyone trying to jam their hand next to said junk. Also if this were to happen and catch them in the act, would this considered assault where i would have some rights to appropriate self defense?With martial arts training ? perhaps break the assailants wrist or elbow?
Teria Marie
Teria Marie Prije 15 dana
Professional thief. I still have a chance 🤣
cherryTIE Prije 16 dana
4:36... Funny thing here is that I heard she uses the same technique when stealing people's lovers in real life.
Peter D
Peter D Prije 16 dana
I had no idea that pickpocketing was a movie genre
Ayla Alya
Ayla Alya Prije 16 dana
That's all very interesting, but the most important thing for me is: where do I put my things so they don't get stolen?
Sabrina Muscato
Sabrina Muscato Prije 16 dana
Why are banks and insurance companies hiring professionals pic pockets????
Wayne Lucas
Wayne Lucas Prije 16 dana
I can’t even imagine pick my nose never mind someone’s pockets 😂
100 hejter
100 hejter Prije 16 dana
I've never seen before any expert ( in this case thief) speaking with such an enthusiasm about his work 🤣
Linda Fett
Linda Fett Prije 16 dana
Volume was low
Lara Spithfire
Lara Spithfire Prije 17 dana
Excuse me, did this man just say he was a *pickpocket* for *hire* ?!
Captainllama Prije 17 dana
Nice going Insider, blocking the view of loads of the crucial moments with your titles and captions.
dizzywow Prije 17 dana
Sorry, you're not going to undo my leather watchband without my noticing.
Prije 17 dana
me:takes mums phone normally mum:pickpockets my life
Sarin uchiha
Sarin uchiha Prije 17 dana
master pickpocket?... there is mastery in these classes too...? ohhhhh
casio kid
casio kid Prije 18 dana
Tell me the judge cut you a deal without telling me the judge cut you a deal
Sum Ma
Sum Ma Prije 18 dana
Don't carry a bag. Carry a money belt and tuck it in your waist.
Vaping Fanatic
Vaping Fanatic Prije 18 dana
The chopsticks were actually tongs... Watch it again....
Prudvi Raj
Prudvi Raj Prije 18 dana
INSIDER I think you ate sound that should be in this video😆😆😆😆
Misty Waters
Misty Waters Prije 18 dana
What sort of background does one need to become a professional pickpocket consultant for the police? LOL, I think I already know the answer.
polaris30000 Prije 18 dana
What I wonder is how this is affected by a person who has entirely zippered pockets. Would a pickpocket even bother at that point?
EDC Adventures
EDC Adventures Prije 18 dana
Sophie Lyons the lady behind the real moriarty Adam Worth
Seth Clayborne
Seth Clayborne Prije 18 dana
You mean to tell me this guy gets paid to pick pocket?? and not even paid by criminals but rather by corporations to test their security?? How cool! Where do i go to college to learn this line of work? I want to try pickpocket a bank manager to see if i can get his vault key or whatever
kittkat pattywack
kittkat pattywack Prije 18 dana
instantly stopped watching when i scrolled through yo see if the tmnt scene was in it and its not
Peter Hira
Peter Hira Prije 18 dana
Personal theft of another persons property is nothing to take pride in, thieves & burglars are scum! The first incident the pickpocket likes to tap the victims back to distract and not just hug the victim.
Stefan Ebanks
Stefan Ebanks Prije 18 dana
Why do banks need pickpockets?
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