Michel'le - Something In My Heart [Video]

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8. Kol 2010.



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Komentari 100
Alycha Newman
Alycha Newman Prije dan
This song speak to my heart
simon boney
simon boney Prije 6 dana
Janice Turner
Janice Turner Prije 11 dana
I just love that song
Craig Martin
Craig Martin Prije mjesec
Her best; needs remastering, remake, remix, mashup, & trap remix!!
VILLAVELLI Prije mjesec
Always heard this in the Jamaican restaurant I had to find the singer.
Ray 4
Ray 4 Prije mjesec
Mannn she is fine
Rhonda Kimble
Rhonda Kimble Prije mjesec
GGarry57gf Prije mjesec
This was my Life “ the late 80’s 😎 90’s Ms Michel’le Be Bless sister ❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Hanifa Williams
Hanifa Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
Her Pain and Abuse,Shows Through All That Beauty...devastating
Cindy Carter
Cindy Carter Prije 17 dana
He beat her before this performance and she still was excellent
Hanifa Williams
Hanifa Williams Prije 2 mjeseci
I just dont know how she did it.and sang through all that pain. God Bless Her,and Cursed the man who beat her...
Taleka Davids
Taleka Davids Prije 2 mjeseci
Eazy looks FINE in this video the lil 1 second clip of his sexy walk 🙈
George Pugh
George Pugh Prije 2 mjeseci
She broke up death row records
Maurice Doss
Maurice Doss Prije 2 mjeseci
She can sing
Cynthia D
Cynthia D Prije 2 mjeseci
l would have waited for him to go to sleep, and l would have handled my business. You plan for bastards like him and Suge. "Ain't nobody so big they can't be brought down!"
Rnbsoulbest90 S
Rnbsoulbest90 S Prije 2 mjeseci
July Covid19 year! Beautiful song!! I Love It and Love Michel'le.💕
uni Prije 2 mjeseci
my mom plays this a lot, its her favorite song, she played this a lot with her best friend, who passed when she was 13, may she rest in peace 🕊🤍
Arbadella M. Jones
Arbadella M. Jones Prije 2 mjeseci
I addition to Michele'le there are some real West Coast hip hop legends in this video. Looking at this video after knowing the back story, I see the wry/pained expressions in her face that coveys what she was going through. Yearning to be loved, respected and be treated right.
Anthony Gooden
Anthony Gooden Prije 2 mjeseci
I love this girl fo real.
Rhonda Kimble
Rhonda Kimble Prije 2 mjeseci
Blonde Goddess
Blonde Goddess Prije 2 mjeseci
OMG, this song is my jam, she has an awesome voice...
Jaja Allen
Jaja Allen Prije 3 mjeseci
Queen Tee
Queen Tee Prije 3 mjeseci
Im here still in 2020!
Annette Martin
Annette Martin Prije 3 mjeseci
Love 💕 this song
Latisha Simmons
Latisha Simmons Prije 3 mjeseci
R.I.P. Eazy E
Audette Lissone
Audette Lissone Prije 3 mjeseci
Still in 2020 🇬🇾
Norman Butler
Norman Butler Prije 3 mjeseci
I knew this came from her heart. ‘SING BABY”🎤🔥
13Babeloe Prije 4 mjeseci
Mad Lynx Reviews
Mad Lynx Reviews Prije 4 mjeseci
Favorite all time song ever for me
Mz7 Prije 4 mjeseci
This is still a beautiful song!!
ER22 Prije 4 mjeseci
Anybody here with me in May 2020
Pretty PinkyInky
Pretty PinkyInky Prije 4 mjeseci
Melvin Porter
Melvin Porter Prije 4 mjeseci
She so fye ♥️ that voice got me , we need a her in 2020
akira scott
akira scott Prije 4 mjeseci
Dr dre is a punk for fighting her like she was a man
B L Prije 4 mjeseci
SheButterfly ASMR
SheButterfly ASMR Prije 4 mjeseci
Who’s here in 2020 & I’m in my 20s ❤️
Alley Jay
Alley Jay Prije 4 mjeseci
BLOW!!!!!!! Blessed
13Babeloe Prije 4 mjeseci
Who bumping this in 2020
Philly's Finest83
Philly's Finest83 Prije 4 mjeseci
Dre is a loser and abuser. I really don't like him now
Ilovepets81 Prije 4 mjeseci
After listening to this... I know what’s in my heart. Lol
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
Getting her off drugs
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
Suge was truly a savior to her
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
Fuck Dre is a pussy glad Tupac told his bitch ass up
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
She's a tru survivor to get beat by Dre every night and Suge ones
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
Death row music
Darrick Top of the Hit List
We all know how he got Dre Beats 👀👀👀
Gee Cee
Gee Cee Prije 5 mjeseci
Still the shit forever
Manuel Quezada Fernández
Used to be hard now you're just wet and soft First you was down with the AK And now I see you on a video with Michel'le? XD
T M Prije 5 mjeseci
Billie Holiday vibes.
reedykat30 Prije 5 mjeseci
Can remember when my sister and I first heard this on the radio. It was so powerful we had to pull over to digest it. She is on Marriage Boot Camp and still working through her pain.
ruby reaves
ruby reaves Prije 5 mjeseci
I so agree voice is amazing this song is facts
Cherry Garden
Cherry Garden Prije 5 mjeseci
Wow, wow can I get a big wow, my body full of cold bumps, she can sing nothing compared by the way how she talk , am so surprised she can sing.god bless you Michelle.
Atm Moore
Atm Moore Prije 5 mjeseci
She sung the shit out this song!
Monisha Starks
Monisha Starks Prije 5 mjeseci
Who's listening in 2020💃🏾
xAlberto_04 Prije 5 mjeseci
"and now i see you in a video of michel'le"
Sandra Robinson
Sandra Robinson Prije 5 mjeseci
Something in my heart
Delilah Prije 5 mjeseci
Janay Daniel
Janay Daniel Prije 5 mjeseci
the movie definitely gave me a different outlook on this song... shes so beautiful and strong. God bless u dear.
Wyanne Seraleigh
Wyanne Seraleigh Prije 5 mjeseci
Even before Surviving Compton, you could feel her soul in this. It is just more heartbreaking hearing her story confirm the depths of her pain.
AIM 661
AIM 661 Prije 5 mjeseci
'98 Ronnie Coleman
Belinda Lane
Belinda Lane Prije 6 mjeseci
My favorite rainy day cleaning song
SkittleT Prije 6 mjeseci
TRINIDAD ROCKK Prije 6 mjeseci
Michel'Ie was the Foundation of death row she bought alot to the label but they didn't recognize that...
Sandra Robinson
Sandra Robinson Prije 6 mjeseci
Something in my heart it's you baby
M.Y.O.B Urs??
M.Y.O.B Urs?? Prije 6 mjeseci
Who’s 👂 in “2020”!!...I am 🙋🏾‍♀️🔥💯👍🏾🔥
Paweł Prije 6 mjeseci
Why do I hear 808s in this song?
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Norman Keith
Norman Keith Prije 6 mjeseci
She was a beautiful woman
Illy O
Illy O Prije 7 mjeseci
Love her voice, both of them...when she talks with her mousy voice to her Boss Lady Vocals they don't see her coming and surprises her... Thank you Tylira1
Acquanella Ogbemudia
Acquanella Ogbemudia Prije 7 mjeseci
Michele Arrington
Michele Arrington Prije 7 mjeseci
What a beautiful lady it's to bad she got treated like that.
True Critic
True Critic Prije 7 mjeseci
She sounds so different singing ( Her talking voice is Annoying )
C Dub
C Dub Prije 7 mjeseci
Although its 2020,This Song Doesn't Age👍🏾😍
Topballer.ic3 Prije 7 mjeseci
beautiful song.
Ashanti Hunter
Ashanti Hunter Prije 7 mjeseci
That damn saxophone
I am Free
I am Free Prije 7 mjeseci
Who's listening Feb 2020,🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Daphney E. Jackson
Daphney E. Jackson Prije 7 mjeseci
This song used to give me chills...
Paradise Is Gleaming!
Paradise Is Gleaming! Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m 24 years old and I remember the quiet storm on V103 growing up in my bedroom. I came here from seeing a post of something with her name on it and I’m like she’s on marriage boot camp and there’s ONLY 1 VERSION OF THIS SONG!!! I’m glad I fell I love with her as a teenager and I loved her from the very first episode not knowing she was the incredible woman who song this song!!!!
Walker Tasha
Walker Tasha Prije 7 mjeseci
Love this song
Joe Roseberry
Joe Roseberry Prije 7 mjeseci
Love you in 2020 im just 29
Juanita Lane
Juanita Lane Prije 7 mjeseci
Who listening 2020 #ME 💯
Charles Jones
Charles Jones Prije 7 mjeseci
2020 anyone?
Nate B.
Nate B. Prije 7 mjeseci
She has the sweetest voice when she sing. No female should never be treated the way she was treated.
Woody Geesee Craftsman
Woody Geesee Craftsman Prije 8 mjeseci
Sonnet s
Tanya Trigg
Tanya Trigg Prije 8 mjeseci
Love this song. Listen to it wen i need a cry
DiDDy Prije 8 mjeseci
Tuwanda Noble
Tuwanda Noble Prije 8 mjeseci
It's 2020 and still I say every time I see and particularly hear this Beautiful voice, video and song.... You can hear her struggle, hurt, pain and hope.
JB _360
JB _360 Prije 8 mjeseci
Her story is Soo amazing and painful to hear but I still love her and Dre is A SUKA
Pinkbarbie Prije 8 mjeseci
Now shes on marriage boot camp looking spectacular .she just don't age
Fyb raines
Fyb raines Prije 8 mjeseci
beautiful mane thats a woman 2020🖤🖤🤦🏾‍♂️
Nicole Brand
Nicole Brand Prije 8 mjeseci
💗Chills ❄
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams Prije 8 mjeseci
My shit....
TOOMUCH4DASTRUGG Prije 8 mjeseci
I love&lead. Shecrazy I love this
TOOMUCH4DASTRUGG Prije 8 mjeseci
Moma put me on
Compensatory21st Prije 8 mjeseci
That's a beautiful sister there
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond Prije 8 mjeseci
Sing it girl 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Patrick Welch
Patrick Welch Prije 8 mjeseci
Simply a beautifu woman!!!!l
Carlena Lofton
Carlena Lofton Prije 8 mjeseci
Who's here and its 2020
Raquel Williams
Raquel Williams Prije 8 mjeseci
When I was about 10 years old Theo from 92.3 the beat would play this late at night. Even as a child listening to her sing this I felt this intense emotion from her voice. Now at 37 years old I get the song more than ever cuz I went and got through the same abuse. 😔❤️
Edward89 Prije 8 mjeseci
She looks so sad and in pain... Shame on Dre and Suge
Natasha Rumble
Natasha Rumble Prije 8 mjeseci
So ever since the movie now I see the bruises dr dre need a bullet in his ass his new wife don't play that shit
Cal Light
Cal Light Prije 8 mjeseci
This when rnb was rnb this shit now make me sick🤢🤢
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