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2. Svi 2016.



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Thank D
Thank D Prije dan
4:44 PM Saturday, September 26, 2020 (EDT) Time in Philadelphia, PAalmost forty-five if not already I hope I really get this okay bye bye darling
Thank D
Thank D Prije dan
4:39 PM Saturday, September 26, 2020 (EDT) Time in Philadelphia, PA of course I didn't make it I knew I wasn't going to make it but yeah so almost 4:40 imma wait until 4:40 and then I'm done so bye-bye for now even though I can't reply to this comment so I just got to make more comments cuz you know man math
Thank D
Thank D Prije dan
4:38 PM Saturday, September 26, 2020 (EDT) Time in Philadelphia, PA I forgot to say almost 39 so bye-bye darling if I make it bye bye darling
Thank D
Thank D Prije dan
4:38 PM Saturday, September 26, 2020 (EDT) Time in Philadelphia, PA cuz we are the brothers I started this at 3:37 but I didn't really make it cuz I couldn't type you know but yeah cuz we are the brothers so bye-bye darling doll Kira
fountain Way Books
fountain Way Books Prije 2 dana
She might be telling truth on Dres wife but they must love each other they been together for a longtime.
ButterFlyy Gyrl’s World
Pay attention to 11:04-11:50....didn’t she call it?!?!?!?
Money P 95
Money P 95 Prije 9 dana
This nigga Envy gotta smoke crack he be saying some dumb shit!
Mr Mark
Mr Mark Prije 9 dana
It's 2020 now, and here in dis interview she was right about Dre's wife dat Dre's wife was about d money from day one...
Jacqueline Batts
Jacqueline Batts Prije 9 dana
Michel’le deserves that MONEY FOR REAL
Jacqueline Batts
Jacqueline Batts Prije 9 dana
You was right she’s trying to get the money Now 2020😀😀😀
Patricia Walton
Patricia Walton Prije 11 dana
Poor girl. A victim of battered woman syndrome where she thought she was to blame for Dre and Suge beating the crap out of her. From the way she talks, making light of her broken nose and black eyes, she had low self esteem and no self worth. Glad she finally came to her senses and left both of those creeps. She is older and wiser now and seems articulate and intelligent and has learned valuable lessons. Everyone has a past where they regret some bad choices made. She was a very talented singer and should resume her singing career. I wish Michel'le only the best.
Drew collings
Drew collings Prije 13 dana
She's beautiful, but she looks very different from when she was young
She kind of looks like Erykah Badu alittle
King David
King David Prije 13 dana
Girl you’ve got the prettiest eyes 👀 I’ve seen in about 5 to 10!
M Jan
M Jan Prije 14 dana
What Michel le said about his current wife is reality now. She dated the guy for money and married him for the pay check. The only funny thing is she looks like a man.
Mr Mark
Mr Mark Prije 14 dana
Miche'lle pls can I be ur servant?
B C Prije 14 dana
These radio hosts are idiots interviewers
Jasmine Sanders
Jasmine Sanders Prije 19 dana
Envy was rude af but Michel’le handle Dr Dre and Suge Knight for years so I knew she could handle this interview with no problem. Every time Envy said something stupid she read his ass back respectfully 👏🏽 I just love her and she can sing her ass off !
Jaharee Adams
Jaharee Adams Prije 20 dana
EMPIRE 🎬🎬🎬🎤🎤🎤🎧🎼🎹🎧🎤🎬
Smok Biggarton
Smok Biggarton Prije 21 dan
This is her real voice?..Sheshould do, if not some voice over work.
Willie B
Willie B Prije 28 dana
I not into a weird daddy/baby fetish so this is very aggravating to me.
Amir Stewart
Amir Stewart Prije mjesec
Shes definately his her voice.....but i dont think i could live with her voice forever would drive me crazy......she sounds like shes on helium.......ha......ha......ha......
NoelG314 Prije mjesec
envy a dumbass.
0d1tu1 Mb3l3
0d1tu1 Mb3l3 Prije mjesec
Imagine her doing a duet with DMX
Monty Woodgrain
Monty Woodgrain Prije mjesec
Envy is a nut can't stand him.
Jermaine Terrell
Jermaine Terrell Prije mjesec
Lamb Estrada Bowe
Lamb Estrada Bowe Prije mjesec
This is why CTG should always be in the room this was pretty cringy
Bezo Balo
Bezo Balo Prije mjesec
Suge was good if you was loyal! Michel'le is super cute. F dre
Gus Martinez
Gus Martinez Prije mjesec
she need to go to Disney and get her own Minnie mouse spinoff,
Jenie Tate
Jenie Tate Prije mjesec
No is not the industry it is the parenting thats carries from birth, to puberty to adulthood. and sometimes in puberty children needs both parents are a male and female role model. and.also it's a loving yourself and the people that love you. that's allowed to know that we are human beings. and in the eyes of the creator it would be in your best interest to do so.
Lebo leigh Leigh
Lebo leigh Leigh Prije mjesec
Damn Michel le is so fucking hot.
James Macon
James Macon Prije mjesec
Fck dre
Leem Suleiman
Leem Suleiman Prije mjesec
Dr dre should go to jail !!! What a bully
22CARLOCO22 Prije 2 mjeseci
I love her
Geauxx Hailey
Geauxx Hailey Prije 2 mjeseci
Envy disrespectful
M Prije 2 mjeseci
Wtf is wrong with her
Velter Liles
Velter Liles Prije 2 mjeseci
Angie Angee
Angie Angee Prije 2 mjeseci
How is she gonna talk high, but can sing low tones??? Somebody please make it make sense.
Javier Dominguez
Javier Dominguez Prije 2 mjeseci
😘😘😘😘 Michel le
web master
web master Prije 2 mjeseci
Her voice is crazy, lol... back in the day I had her album...
Mike Kennedy
Mike Kennedy Prije 2 mjeseci
here after Tim dog diss lol
Knome King
Knome King Prije 2 mjeseci
She is one of the most beautiful black women I've ever seen... & her voice is absolutely amazing, it's good to hear her talk, but it's incredible to hear her sing! She would hate me as her man, because i would be hugging her and and kissing her every single chance I got.
Daniel Peake
Daniel Peake Prije 2 mjeseci
Her voice sounds so fake
Wendy Holmes
Wendy Holmes Prije 2 mjeseci
I wish she would had sung..
Mikey S
Mikey S Prije 2 mjeseci
What the FUCK did envy say? 7:00 "do you find your abuse funny?" Asshole
Mona T.
Mona T. Prije 2 mjeseci
She is so sweet. She reminds me of Kenya from Real Housewives of Atlanta with the look she has going on here.
Don Dada
Don Dada Prije 3 mjeseci
Envy like he got a prob wit Dre.Bro if Dre was soft,Pussy He must be the wind big lame
Johnny 24
Johnny 24 Prije 3 mjeseci
Wow dj envy is so annoying in this interview. Does not have any facts researched, disrespectful, and just plain arrogant.
Bianca Wright
Bianca Wright Prije 4 mjeseci
The male interviewer is a REAL JERK..I would have stopped the interview, no respect for black women...that's why I never watched this stupid show...he keeps making it look like Michele' le is all trifling when it is clear it is the men...what a MORON!🙄
Eric Wright
Eric Wright Prije 4 mjeseci
did Suge have Eazy injected with aids?
Uri Levi
Uri Levi Prije 5 mjeseci
Love her! She's awesome!
NoG iTrY
NoG iTrY Prije 5 mjeseci
She sounds like elmo
Liz Gomez
Liz Gomez Prije 5 mjeseci
Dre is the one that should of gotten aids instead of eazy🤦‍♀️
Kea Knight
Kea Knight Prije 5 mjeseci
The fact that they laughing and like oh yeah that’s right don’t snitch . Like bruh this lil woman was beat in IM CALLING THE COPS
Nomiex32 Forever
Nomiex32 Forever Prije 6 mjeseci
1:05 to 1:12 I was surprised she actually talks like that in real life
The RealBlackKid
The RealBlackKid Prije 6 mjeseci
Shes sooo sweet
Wolf Witch 94
Wolf Witch 94 Prije 6 mjeseci
Awww she sounds like Minnie mouse 🌸🌸it's cute
O.T.M Prije 6 mjeseci
She's beautiful
K B Prije 6 mjeseci
TERRIBLE interviewers ugh
TallDoll Prije 6 mjeseci
She is sweet but I'm not sure she recognizes abuse very well
jheat beast
jheat beast Prije 6 mjeseci
I knew they were gonna ask her about her voice first because not to be mean I would have to😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
a Supernova
a Supernova Prije 6 mjeseci
Envy comes across like he has a thing for Miche'le🤣🤣🤣
Kitsune Baka
Kitsune Baka Prije 7 mjeseci
She sounds like Sansawa.
Gameing X.D
Gameing X.D Prije 7 mjeseci
This dude is a total bafoon, just the way the thinks is ignorant. Smh
Sophia Gelsey
Sophia Gelsey Prije 7 mjeseci
She finished saying that Suge Knight slapped her jaw out of place and Envy follows up with, "I think Suge is needed in L.A." DF is wrong with these kiss ass niggas?! Scary ass. Say what it is. It is wack that these dudes are beating up on women, but I bet he won't say that.
RocKickAss Prije 7 mjeseci
No shit!!! He showed no compassion or empathy. He responds by stating that Suges presence is necessary. Suge is exactly where he belongs. Prison for life.
Ondrene Barnes
Ondrene Barnes Prije 7 mjeseci
My voice high like hers we one of a kind. Im gonna record over my voice now and see what happens my nick name squeakz
Brodus Crowell
Brodus Crowell Prije 7 mjeseci
She can get it.
Fyb raines
Fyb raines Prije 8 mjeseci
Her and tina turner some strong ass womans mane🖤🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Fyb raines
Fyb raines Prije 8 mjeseci
she still beautiful🖤🦾🦾🦾
Shay Nation
Shay Nation Prije 8 mjeseci
Why was so much time being wasted on taking about her voice🙄 Get over it. Interview please
Daily Bless Word
Daily Bless Word Prije 8 mjeseci
She so sweet..he took advantage of her weakness...i don't like dr. Dre.
RocKickAss Prije 7 mjeseci
They completely omitted all his VERY long history of beating women from the movie Straight Outta Compton. He tried to shoot and kill this girl!
Lala TheGem
Lala TheGem Prije 8 mjeseci
Michele tells the world how even suge knight smacked her jaw out of place one time Envy: “the world needs a suge”.. Like wtf!!!!???????????
Amber Crockett
Amber Crockett Prije 8 mjeseci
Envy AND Charlemagne are inconceivably disrespectful to almost every woman that comes on that show. Asking a survivor of domestic violence to justify her life choices after leaving her abuser who also cheated on her and married someone else serves what purpose other than to be messy?
Shaa Clayton
Shaa Clayton Prije 8 mjeseci
Envy said Elmo and now I can’t unhear it.
Jane Bakari
Jane Bakari Prije 8 mjeseci
18:09 is why I HATE the breakfast club. 😑😶😪😫 How disturbing... Suge sounded narcissistic. If he do you 1 favor you owe him 5? Please.... 19:22... wtf??
Jane Bakari
Jane Bakari Prije 8 mjeseci
Damn? I would've had to call the police. 😥😕
Jane Bakari
Jane Bakari Prije 8 mjeseci
1:48, ELMO!? BITTTTCH...LOL that's shade
Troy Kozlowski
Troy Kozlowski Prije 8 mjeseci
Eminem said in the song no favorers it's pointless like feeding miche'll helium 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
RocKickAss Prije 7 mjeseci
Hahahahaaa that is hilarious
Troy Kozlowski
Troy Kozlowski Prije 8 mjeseci
Eminem said in the song no favorers it's pointless like feeding miche'll helium 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Morthel
Michael Morthel Prije 8 mjeseci
I love her...
Michael Morthel
Michael Morthel Prije 8 mjeseci
I would have treated this woman like gold... She has a very kind voice I would be the other half she needed.
Baby Cakes
Baby Cakes Prije 8 mjeseci
"He did hit you". (With laughter). These Puerto Ricans sound like they were making a spectacle of her. If I was her I would have ended the interview. They were both hella ignorant. Especially the girl interrupting so much. Breakfast club need to switch radio personalities.
Alejandra L
Alejandra L Prije 12 dana
They're both not Puerto ricans
Baby Cakes
Baby Cakes Prije 8 mjeseci
I love Michelle. She could step in for Elmo on some real.
Matthew Mathers
Matthew Mathers Prije 9 mjeseci
No disrespect but what's up with her voice. If anyone off u know pleased can your tell me Thanks.
Sweet Cocoa
Sweet Cocoa Prije 9 mjeseci
She age beautifully
a.t_ Prije 9 mjeseci
Beats by Dre is whole new meaning now😂
Lace Surgeon
Lace Surgeon Prije 9 mjeseci
Talking about beats by Dre Dre lame asf fr
a.t_ Prije 9 mjeseci
Eazy E and Michelle are the human mickey and Minnie mouse😂
Umar Khan
Umar Khan Prije 9 mjeseci
BlackWingedSeraph Prije 9 mjeseci
She's cute. I can't believe Dre treated her so bad. Smh. What's wrong with niggas.
David Ward
David Ward Prije 9 mjeseci
Why are the most beautiful woman abused by men? I guess I would never understand that. I don't get why you would harm any female.
David Reeves
David Reeves Prije 9 mjeseci
Hey eyes and voice I lovee she fine
Neto Aguilar
Neto Aguilar Prije 9 mjeseci
Luciana Kueker
Luciana Kueker Prije 9 mjeseci
She is so pretty
EMMA THE A1 Prije 9 mjeseci
Happy Birthday Michel'le!!!!! I 💓 U!!!!
Fatima Davis
Fatima Davis Prije 9 mjeseci
She's so pretty btw. Nice eyes & full lips.
Suhailah Hussein
Suhailah Hussein Prije 9 mjeseci
Her voice is fucking insane ! That shit can’t be real!
Kamara Hall
Kamara Hall Prije 9 mjeseci
She so sweet😩
John Ambroise
John Ambroise Prije 10 mjeseci
She still looks, but could never date a woman with a voice like that