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9. Kol 2020.



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Komentari 43
Shahid Shazozaka
Shahid Shazozaka Prije 22 dana
Loved you so much😘❤❤❤❤🤩❤💔
J. Jangr
J. Jangr Prije 28 dana
Like ur voice 😊
Jeane de Almeida Brito Alves
Pare de fumar.
Vera Barbosa
Vera Barbosa Prije mjesec
Aleksandra T
Aleksandra T Prije mjesec
Very beautiful materials for bathing suits. Ensuring that each order will be completed is great information. Super movie
mjz vagabondo Paris vlog
кошка баюн
кошка баюн Prije mjesec
Loraine Kat
Loraine Kat Prije mjesec
Someone please explain... Why does some of the swimwear look so identical to versace? Am lost like is he the versace brand amassador or did he just 😨....
Gi Prije mjesec
I really love you, you know?
Michael Lawinsky
Michael Lawinsky Prije mjesec
Lazy Day
Lazy Day Prije mjesec
Familiar hands🤔
Lazy Day
Lazy Day Prije mjesec
Well you watching on it, by it,
Jonalyn Española
Jonalyn Española Prije mjesec
Mikki 😖😍
jc gee
jc gee Prije mjesec
Good luck 👌 on the beach wear I know it will b a sell out n u can go on to other things (possibly if mama gets too bored at home she may start her own. Speciality clothing line as u stated she sews very good💝🌹🌷
Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis Prije mjesec
I have said this before. Now is your time. You deserve it Man. Stay blessed 🤗💛
jc gee
jc gee Prije mjesec
Oooh! there he is over there in the car (lil Andy Garcia smoking his cigarette) ur brother
Demilyn Prije mjesec
Sick I just ordered the black Aphrodite kimono can’t wait till the 19th. Everything is beautiful on the website.
Demilyn Prije mjesec
Keep those creative juices flowing by the way where can you order 😍
Island Girl
Island Girl Prije mjesec
Lol 😂, me too, I’m the same with technology. I guess that’s why I’m always outdoors or reading books 📚🧚🏼‍♂️☀️
Roberta Silva
Roberta Silva Prije mjesec
I just bougth my kimono. Brazil, São Paulo.
Roberta Silva
Roberta Silva Prije mjesec
Happy fathres day. Michele😊
Usa Country
Usa Country Prije mjesec
Tony Ryan
Tony Ryan Prije mjesec
Love it when the server crashes cos of an overload of customers. that is awesome.
NANG PIMPA Prije mjesec
Rosimeire Ferreira
Rosimeire Ferreira Prije mjesec
Cintia Rodrigues Barbosa
Você deveria ser brasileiro 😁
ana santos
ana santos Prije mjesec
Quem é esse cara que sempre está com vc?
Cristina Ferreira cardoso
Dulce Moreno
Dulce Moreno Prije mjesec
Delaise Cardoso
Delaise Cardoso Prije mjesec
ากนําาดสดนก ีกาํานําาดสด
UPASANA DAS Prije mjesec
what order? what is the stuff? Is it your perfume?? Can I order it from India???
Loraine Kat
Loraine Kat Prije mjesec
The prices woo😨😨 just make sure ur loaded
Michelle M
Michelle M Prije mjesec
He is referring to his apparel line - beachwear & apparel.
Lashelle Trader
Lashelle Trader Prije mjesec
Mayang Mabulac
Mayang Mabulac Prije mjesec
Hello idol always take care where ever you go n do god bliss👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰
Maria Czajka
Maria Czajka Prije mjesec
hilda znj.
hilda znj. Prije mjesec
What he cares??????somebody else will do!!!!!
Tathiane Braga
Tathiane Braga Prije mjesec
Shirley Fletcher
Shirley Fletcher Prije mjesec
Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Gulsen Kayabaşı
Gulsen Kayabaşı Prije mjesec
Scianna Isabella
Scianna Isabella Prije mjesec
Carolyn Nichols
Carolyn Nichols Prije mjesec
Congrats on your new venture.
Bernadete Rodrigues
Bernadete Rodrigues Prije mjesec
Manda pra Brasil
Chaity Dhar Das
Chaity Dhar Das Prije mjesec