Michele Morrone Ex wife & kids

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Michele Morrone live chat with his Kids
This video is edited under by Fair use law of HRvid. Credits to respectful owners of the images and videos that has been used in this video.
credits: michele morrone / rouba
Song: Leonell Cassio - Woho, I Thought It Be Me & You (ft. Lily Hain) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Video Link: #NoCopyrightMusic #VlogMusic #VlogNoCopyrightMusic

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23. Tra 2020.



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Komentari 100
ViralNewsPh-Updates Prije 4 mjeseci
Michele Morrone live chat with his Kids
sei lá
sei lá Prije 3 mjeseci
O Cristian é mais gato.
Danelyn Huban
Danelyn Huban Prije 4 mjeseci
Ganda Ng asawa and Ang pogi Ng ANAK..
Antonieta Mendoza
Antonieta Mendoza Prije 16 sati
What's the name of the song?also, the past is in the past, she is the ex, my theory is that she didn't believe in him
Cadance Menzie
Cadance Menzie Prije 3 dana
Wow she's beautiful, sad the love didn't last I guess that's the norm these days
mawj Albahar
mawj Albahar Prije 5 dana
Why did they break up?
Carla lacerda
Carla lacerda Prije 5 dana
Queria o nome dessa música e quem canta?
Erjigit1990 Batir
Erjigit1990 Batir Prije 7 dana
Жаль что расстались. А какие детки и жена очень эффектно красивая. Что им не хватает этим мужикам.
R97 Prije 10 dana
He’s too handsome for her....
Claudia Kio
Claudia Kio Prije 17 dana
Muito linda!
Surya Anita
Surya Anita Prije 18 dana
Rosalie Lopez
Rosalie Lopez Prije 19 dana
She is gorgeous, no wonder the kids are so cute😍 with parents like that!👍🏼
Terri Miller
Terri Miller Prije 21 dan
So much love. 💗
ARJUN REDDY Prije 22 dana
"'Kangana Ek Haramkhor Ladki" -- Sanjay Raut
Joshua Reyes
Joshua Reyes Prije 24 dana
He’s too Danm Gorgeous. He looks more like from the Middle East like from Lebanon or Beirut, that Exotic and Mysterious Face. Just Love him!! ( Don’t confuse, it shoes the name Joshua but that’s my son, I lost my phone & he gave me he’s. I’m all woman). Just saying in case.
Bela Putri Sabilla
Bela Putri Sabilla Prije 24 dana
Please come back, you wife always with you before you be famous!
Joshua Reyes
Joshua Reyes Prije 24 dana
Silvana Souza
Silvana Souza Prije 25 dana
liliana espinoza
liliana espinoza Prije 27 dana
Que lastima que se separaran, tenían una hermosa familia y hacían linda pareja.
TAMARA Silva Dos Santos
Lindos 😍😍😘
나예 Prije 29 dana
둘이 엄청 닮았다 선남선녀
hilda znj.
hilda znj. Prije mjesec
How they don't have nothing from him????they have his pimp...
אנאבל יצחקי
Lİna Ongun
Lİna Ongun Prije mjesec
2:41 He is sooo handsome ❤️
Pilar Terneza
Pilar Terneza Prije mjesec
Suziane.S de Brito
Suziane.S de Brito Prije mjesec
Ah homem liindoo puta que pariu ❤
Joymie Javines
Joymie Javines Prije mjesec
His x wife was beautiful n gorgeous also but why they got separated that's sad to hear it.
예빈 Prije mjesec
왜 이혼한거여..... 이유가뭐여 잘어울리는디.....
Nandita Singh Foodusic Fiesta
In luv with Michele Morrone
Daniela Carolina
Daniela Carolina Prije mjesec
Top... mas Ana supera todas 👍😘
how how
how how Prije mjesec
her ex wife's so pretty damn
mary sarris
mary sarris Prije mjesec
beautiful woman!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suely Pedroso
Suely Pedroso Prije mjesec
Amo esse cantor as músicas dele e sensacional acabei de conhecer esposa e filho são maravilhosos
Denisi Oliveira Silva
Denisi Oliveira Silva Prije 20 dana
Eles estão separados....pelo menos é o que dizem....
Radhika Rikshita Suhokoo
Am your biggest fan ever💙 Fan No 1 Signore💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
The Batman
The Batman Prije mjesec
I never knew this aktor until 365 days that i watches yesterday!
tintin cervantes
tintin cervantes Prije mjesec
Where did you watch 365?i want to know
KS21 Prije mjesec
They compliment each other so much! ❤️ beautiful
Mai Gnz
Mai Gnz Prije mjesec
¿Alguien sabe por qué se divorciaron? Pareciera que se aman demasiado...
Mai Gnz
Mai Gnz Prije mjesec
Aunque uno nunca sabe... Las fotos a veces pueden mostrar solo un poco de la vida...
hno Hno
hno Hno Prije mjesec
والله اني اطلق منها واحلا
Ruth pierre louis
Ruth pierre louis Prije mjesec
Very nice family
yaneth batista
yaneth batista Prije mjesec
She is very pretty
Esra Ç.
Esra Ç. Prije mjesec
He was happy...
Meenakshi Subbaraj
Meenakshi Subbaraj Prije mjesec
I don’t get why people are going crazy about him. A man has to be funny . Also goofing around does not count as being funny . I find him boring 🥱
Doy Lika
Doy Lika Prije mjesec
Background song??
ViralNewsPh-Updates Prije mjesec
in the description
Kawaii Pinto
Kawaii Pinto Prije mjesec
Que homem sexy ...sem palavras ‼️
Rúbiia Prije mjesec
Never accepted the fact to leave this Man hahah what a Man... Beautiful family
Margaret K
Margaret K Prije mjesec
Beautiful couple 😢
bandana tamang
bandana tamang Prije mjesec
Hollywood should cast him. Never knew about him till I watched 365DAYS. I am head over hills in love with this handsome, sexy and hot guy. His family is adorable and I wonder why they divorced.
Doy Lika
Doy Lika Prije mjesec
When I seen this. I'm feeling so sad☹️☹️😢
shadow Lyn
shadow Lyn Prije mjesec
so a woman had once dated and married this handsome humble sweet man.and gave him adorable kids..yeah hw lucky. sad they had to divorce. hope everyone is doing well on his side
Rafeah Bidin
Rafeah Bidin Prije mjesec
There's something in his eyes. Something dark and mostly greeds.
Nicole Prije mjesec
How could anyone divorce this man?💀
Eva Solin
Eva Solin Prije mjesec
Yeah me toi im just wondering..if i am the ex wife..i will cherish and love michele with all my life ..hehe
Rosângela Sousa
Rosângela Sousa Prije mjesec
Very beautiful couple! She is very beautiful! He is very handsome! Does anyone knows the Singer or the name/ title of the song showed during this video? I would like to know. Beautiful song!
Amar Raj reloaded
Amar Raj reloaded Prije mjesec
He is soo hot like Jamie dornan.😘
jackie paredes
jackie paredes Prije mjesec
saranno sempre una bella coppia 👫... Dio vi benedica sempre
priya ghising
priya ghising Prije mjesec
Both are divorce?
Laura Metheny
Laura Metheny Prije mjesec
Really too bad. Wonder what broke them? They are BOTH so beautiful! It cannot have a thing to do with that I hope. Yes he is like Adonis but she is then like who? Venus? The most beautiful counterpart to him. Lovely happy kids. Happy gorgeous fam at least in these pics. I too hope they find each other again. Thank you for the vid.💔🙏🇮🇹
Donna Gagne
Donna Gagne Prije 2 mjeseci
No wonder their kids are so adorable- with parents that look like them it makes sense. I would love to see them get back together if it is ever possible.
Anastasia 20
Anastasia 20 Prije 2 mjeseci
ايع ما لايگتله جنهه صخله 😑🚶‍♀️
Karina M Lopez
Karina M Lopez Prije 2 mjeseci
We can always co-parent lol
love to live happy R
love to live happy R Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't blame her to not to be with him anymore.
love to live happy R
love to live happy R Prije 2 mjeseci
shame on him, the worst movie I ever seen in my life, 365🤮
faheema Abdurahim
faheema Abdurahim Prije 2 mjeseci
Big love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 it’s so sad to see beautiful family is not together anymore
karen garcia
karen garcia Prije 2 mjeseci
He is so hot 😍
Caroline Araújo Oliveira
Por favor ? Alguém sabe o nome dela?? E se ela tem Instagram???
Letícia Soares
Letícia Soares Prije 2 mjeseci
Rouba Saadeh
Jyotsna Sah
Jyotsna Sah Prije 2 mjeseci
Oh I wish they get back together 🥺🥺 they are adorable 💕
Venus Marrero
Venus Marrero Prije 2 mjeseci
Janet Medina
Janet Medina Prije 2 mjeseci
Muy guapa su ex mujer...
Rose Matthew
Rose Matthew Prije 2 mjeseci
Massimo is unreal .... such a beauty pheww.. where the hell was he all this while... I wonder hw his ex wife must be feeling with the kind of attention he is getting from all around the world.
Rose Matthew
Rose Matthew Prije 2 mjeseci
How a woman can let go of a man like him 🤷‍♀️ ... he is beyond hot
faheema Abdurahim
faheema Abdurahim Prije 2 mjeseci
You never know what’s behind the close door , maybe the situation was like that so they decided to distance from each other’s
Islam Sellam
Islam Sellam Prije 2 mjeseci
Her intagram please 🙏?? 🤔
Cristina Ferreira cardoso
Que belos 👏👏👏
Aneena Prije 2 mjeseci
"Oh He loves her" I see this in the comment section of almost every video of Michele with a 😂
Dj Diamstat
Dj Diamstat Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't find him attractive at all. I guess I have a certain type I love White European men specifically Scandinavian. My husband is Swedish German and Scottish. I love tall light eyed men with preferably black hair Blonde is nice too I like Ian somerhalder and Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman.Leon Kennedy from resident evil is my perfect man lol my husband actually resembles him has the same hair do and everything.
Reshma Prije 2 mjeseci
Reason why he left this relatonship.
mia. Prije 2 mjeseci
He looks better then ex wife..she has ugly nose...realy Lebanon cannot missed... To give her Ama's nose...that would be something...she has very sharp look...
celia kermagoret
celia kermagoret Prije 2 mjeseci
2 kids ?
Andre Apolinario
Andre Apolinario Prije mjesec
희희 Prije 2 mjeseci
헐 결혼하고 이혼했구나 존나 섹시함 미켈레모로네
Gossip Queen 101
Gossip Queen 101 Prije 2 mjeseci
Apparently the reason they divorced is because she didn't like him for who he was and what he was doing how I know. On his live someone asked if he had a girlfriend he said no, no one wants me and he guys things happen for a reason I had someone who didn't like me for who I was. (He said something like this go watch the live) his last relationship was with his wife you out 2 and 2 together boom
Reshma Prije 2 mjeseci
Before blaming his wife check her instagram posts. She really loved him and she cared for she let him go and live his life.
Reshma Prije 2 mjeseci
No. In an interview he said that he was the one who left the relationship because his love for his wife was over. He no longer wanted to be in the relationship. He was married in a very young age. He became a father when he was 23. He wanted to be free from this relationship and enjoy his they got divorsed. He also had a relationship with another model or actress(I don't remember her can Google it. one article shows that he said "I betrayed my wife".pls Google it you will know.)
sidra hussain
sidra hussain Prije 2 mjeseci
Why they are separated?
Echa Stein
Echa Stein Prije 2 mjeseci
They are so good together :’)
Abigail Caber
Abigail Caber Prije 2 mjeseci
Ex? So means he's single? Omggg!!! Laura get Massimo now!!! 😍
Linda Grant
Linda Grant Prije 2 mjeseci
Just because you're beautiful doesn't mean life is perfect. They're both gorgeous. Perhaps his career got in the way and it didn't take off until AFTER they split. Who knows. I just like this song, what is it?
Yuri Izaguirre
Yuri Izaguirre Prije 2 mjeseci
Tamy Prije 2 mjeseci
He looks like such a caring father 😍😍😍
savat srey len
savat srey len Prije 2 mjeseci
Michele broke up with his wife😢 omg
danielle 🤟🏻
danielle 🤟🏻 Prije 2 mjeseci
Are some of these pictures where rouba and michele are together were from Rouba's ig?
Srida Boonsiri
Srida Boonsiri Prije 2 mjeseci
I love him 💖💖💖
Debs G
Debs G Prije 2 mjeseci
What a lovely song anyone know it please... Michael was awesome in 365days that's where l fell in love again😘💖
Linda Grant
Linda Grant Prije 2 mjeseci
I love it too but no one seems to mention it.
Jaqueline Oliveira
Jaqueline Oliveira Prije 2 mjeseci
A beleza nos agrada mto aos olhos mas poucos sabem oq se perde pra ganhar a fama , ator realmente cm uma beleza diferenciada ...o filme no entanto foi de mto mal gosto ...péssimo roteiro uma pornochanchada cm gastos elevados , mto amador 50tons ainda sobressai cm elegância
Quyên Dương
Quyên Dương Prije 2 mjeseci
his wife so beautyful !!!
Adele Kurmanbekova
Adele Kurmanbekova Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it his son?
Sassi Yossr
Sassi Yossr Prije 2 mjeseci
3ando wife sara lmiboun hethaa ?!!
Magui Reimon
Magui Reimon Prije 2 mjeseci
No entiendo k paso ahí ? Que bellos !!!
Kelly Christine Marques Gato
A ex esposa é linda!! Uma libanesa linda! Mas não quis mais o casamento com ele. Temos de respeitar. Espero que continuem bons pais e que o Michele possa dar aos filhos mais que uma boa pensão
Rosângela Sousa
Rosângela Sousa Prije mjesec
Lindo casal! Que pena! Sabes o nome dessa música do vídeo ( cantora, nome da música) ? Tentando achar . .Se souberes...agradeço.
Anupriya k Rawat
Anupriya k Rawat Prije 2 mjeseci
In India...most of the Kashmiri boys looks like him. Even more handsome than him.
Blessed Lady
Blessed Lady Prije 2 mjeseci
He actually looked happier married... I hope that they get back together ... it’s a beautiful family
Kola. Lalola
Kola. Lalola Prije 2 mjeseci
النسا الي عندها الزهر راجل مرسوم سبحان الي خلق
claudia sales
claudia sales Prije 2 mjeseci
Q cigano lindo
Natasha McAdam
Natasha McAdam Prije 2 mjeseci
How does it feel to posses the sexiest man of da world.
Canal Sereia
Canal Sereia Prije 2 mjeseci
Não é por nada não.. mas como uma pessoa larga um homem desse mddssssssssss😶🤔🤣
Ana Valeria Magalhaes
Ana Valeria Magalhaes Prije 19 dana
Só pode ser viu , mas ele deve ter algum defeito kkk não é possível 🤗ela também é linda , infelizmente relacionamento não é fácil né. Deus abençoe os dois e que sejam felizes
Cintia Bartelly
Cintia Bartelly Prije 19 dana
@Ana Valeria Magalhaes 🤦🏻‍♀️num é que eu já pensei nisso . Tipo ela descobriu algo e não aceitou mas ele 🤦🏻‍♀️.
Ana Valeria Magalhaes
Ana Valeria Magalhaes Prije 25 dana
Uma amiga me falou que ele é gay, não acredito cara 😵😱
Luiza Cardozo Santos
Luiza Cardozo Santos Prije 2 mjeseci
Não é kkkkk
Lisa Roberts
Lisa Roberts Prije 2 mjeseci
Good luck in Hollywood!!!!
Ursinho de Dormir
Ursinho de Dormir Prije 2 mjeseci
Alguém sabe porq eles terminaram??
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