Mimi x Daniela - She Gets Away With Everything (Music Video)

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Hi guys! Hope you enjoy Mimi x Daniela's new "She Gets Away With Everything" music video!
Let us know what YOU think about the music video in the comments below!
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It’s always me, me, me, me, me
No, you don’t ever see
She got the whole world on a string
She gets away with everything
Verse 1
I’m tired of always being the one to take the blame
Just because she’s younger doesn’t mean she’s a saint
When we’re together, by default
Even if it ain't my fault
Reality is she can't be tamed
You need to keep it down Mimi - cause she’s taking a nap
You’re sister’s hungry Mimi, why don’t you make her a snack
Like... Why am I the one that’s left responsible
My little sister doing wrong is just impossible
It's not fair the way that things go down
It's like I take a hit for this whole house
Think I’m getting set up
Cause even when I don’t do wrong
It’s always me, me, me, me, me
No, you don’t ever see
She got the whole world on a string
She gets away with everything
Verse 2
She acts like I’m spoiled when I’m stuck at the house
I don’t have a car, and she gets to go out
She has all the fun - I know
And I always get her hand me down clothes
Need a ride to practice, she’s got plans with her friends
Can we get some ice cream - she says “ugh it depends”
Being the baby sister comes with competition
And you know I’m the one that’s blamed when something’s missin’
It's not fair the way that things go down
It's like I take a hit for this whole house
Think I’m getting set up
Cause even when I don’t do wrong
It’s always me, me, me, me, me
No, you don’t ever see
She got the whole world on a string
She gets away with everything


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25. Lip 2019.

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Nawzad Abdurahman
Nawzad Abdurahman Prije 24 minuta
Gracie Speers
Gracie Speers Prije 30 minuta
How old are you
Chia Ming Kuo
Chia Ming Kuo Prije 3 sati
Meng Li
Meng Li Prije 3 sati
Blia Mua
Blia Mua Prije 3 sati
I can relate my little sister always gets me in trouble and then i do something to for her.
Shanika Alam
Shanika Alam Prije 3 sati
Little sisters and big sisters fights but fights mean they love each other sometimes it happens but some it mean love not rudeness that's not how god made us he made us in kindnese
AWoo Kids
AWoo Kids Prije 5 sati
i feel the same way when my 10 year old sister gets to go somewhere i feel left out an i sometimes cry
AWoo Kids
AWoo Kids Prije 5 sati
this is how people can realate
AWoo Kids
AWoo Kids Prije 5 sati
at one point when daniella was eating in the beaganning she looked at the camera
lovro stu
lovro stu Prije 5 sati
Niva Fuluasou
Niva Fuluasou Prije 6 sati
I love this but I hate it when Daniela point the tunes out and I hate mimi when she was mean to her sister but I like it at the end of the song
Swaggy_Avxry Prije 7 sati
My situation is like this w my brother but instead I torture him
Bone Oath
Bone Oath Prije 8 sati
Me me
Jens Hansen
Jens Hansen Prije 8 sati
Is that your real sisters
Al elcfe Npkes
Al elcfe Npkes Prije 8 sati
toby lodge
toby lodge Prije 8 sati
I love this song it is like me the big sis
Crafty Queen
Crafty Queen Prije 8 sati
I could totally relate my little sister always gets away with EVERYTHING!! AND I MEAN ALWAYS IT GETS ME So ANGRY AND ANNOYED FOR ALWAYS GETTING THE BLAME!! 🤬😡😠😤 😠😑
dakhla Sahara
dakhla Sahara Prije 8 sati
Letisha Smith
Letisha Smith Prije 8 sati
Karen Robles
Karen Robles Prije 9 sati
I hate having a little sister comet below if you hate sisters to click here 👇🏻
Koala Prije 9 sati
Cringed so much I entered the 69th dimension
Ohi Rayhan
Ohi Rayhan Prije 9 sati
Mimi is bad girl,
zazie zazie
zazie zazie Prije 10 sati
Good song
Georgia Maynard
Georgia Maynard Prije 10 sati
This is how many can relate 👎🏻
ferinin family
ferinin family Prije 10 sati
WiNd rAGe87
WiNd rAGe87 Prije 11 sati
My ears hurt 😔
Vera Lucia Oliveira
Vera Lucia Oliveira Prije 11 sati
Que legal anos vcs
Isaque Dos Santos
Isaque Dos Santos Prije 11 sati
Me love You Daniela
Randy Prije 11 sati
Marianne Uribe
Marianne Uribe Prije 11 sati
Oi ❤,
Claire OoO
Claire OoO Prije 12 sati
No hate but this HRvid channel is kinda boring now because everyone is just making music videos
Cj .5281
Cj .5281 Prije 12 sati
I wish I had a sister
miraculous ladybug lover
Well i'd say your the lucky one because I have 5 older sisters
Ghhshhw Uuwgugw
Ghhshhw Uuwgugw Prije 13 sati
كل اي صحيح يحصل وياها
גילי פייביש
גילי פייביש Prije 13 sati
توني تامر
توني تامر Prije 13 sati
Samantha Althea Palomo Salazar
Why the kid is looking at a drawing eating popcorn the drawing is not a TV
Xx Izzy weird peep xX XxWeird street dance club xX
Daniela is my brother ughhh you don’t know how it feels
Kassandra Williams
Kassandra Williams Prije 14 sati
I know how it feels cuz my brother is like that too
Taniaisbae Prije 14 sati
Ariana Rosé
Ariana Rosé Prije 15 sati
This is how many people can relate: 👇🏻
Keyla Lezama ramirez
B. Ariana Rosé up
Ariana Rosé
Ariana Rosé Prije 12 sati
Wiktoria Jozwiak
Wiktoria Jozwiak Prije 15 sati
Lol one and that me
Мадина Мальдзигова
Hello 🤗
D.farhad Nehmatulla hussein
I can relate
STAR LIGHT Prije 16 sati
I also hate my little sister she is soooooo annoying
CAT VADER Prije 16 sati
best video give my your bath water
Heway's Vlog
Heway's Vlog Prije 17 sati
Nikki Lamar
Nikki Lamar Prije 17 sati
He had a serzrs in sleep
gtc6fg g7vvyt
gtc6fg g7vvyt Prije 19 sati
every good and nees it is sooooooooooo good m
ღ Crystal ღ
ღ Crystal ღ Prije 21 sat
Now that's why i have a older sibling >:3
Humayun Khan
Humayun Khan Prije 22 sati
😎👆😍ok 👌
Thilde Nina Godthaab
Thilde Nina Godthaab Prije 22 sati
This is emmberas i Can bealive the mom saysthe Big sister fold