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Morissette Amon performs her live soulful rendition of Little Mix's "Secret Love Song".
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30. Kol 2016.



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Komentari 80
Paul Brianne
Paul Brianne Prije 15 minuta
*RISE UP will be the most viewed video of Morissette with more than 150M if not deleted* Sayang lang
Anaben Ortega
Anaben Ortega Prije 3 sati
Her voice is so cool
Rolly Sayson
Rolly Sayson Prije 3 sati
I love you Morissette... 😍🤗😘
Rolly Sayson
Rolly Sayson Prije 3 sati
I love you Morissette... 😍🤗😘
Rolly Sayson
Rolly Sayson Prije 3 sati
I love you Moressette... 😍🤗😘
Koko Ucil
Koko Ucil Prije 5 sati
dia orang mana dan lagunya siapa
junsche navarro
junsche navarro Prije 5 sati
ganda mo
Love Yoo
Love Yoo Prije 6 sati
I'm still amazed of her voice until now. 😭💗
JV Tentativa
JV Tentativa Prije 7 sati
Her Rise Up in Wish 107.5 was deleted by YT because it has more views than the original version. Morissette! 😍
theabsinthe Prije 11 sati
July 2020 who’s still watching 🤚🏼
Jake Prije 12 sati
This lady has the most talented and beautiful voice I've EVER heard. I could listen to this forever (probably listened to this over a hundred times easily already)
Honey Montefalco
Honey Montefalco Prije 13 sati
anyare? ahahhaha wala na ko maintindihan sa comments puro indo😂♥️
Seira J. Loyard-Kertia
If I had a voice like that... *I’d never shut up* *SIGH* _Too bad, I’m stuck with a “dying cat” voice.. T_T_
Hlmlm Hlmlm
Hlmlm Hlmlm Prije 17 sati
133m views omggggg god bless you 😍 so talented loveeeee u
Menk Satriaji
Menk Satriaji Prije 18 sati
i want hear you cover song PURPLE RAIN ( PRINCE )
Rainier Esguerra
Rainier Esguerra Prije 7 sati
Yes,she should!
Lorenza Mayo
Lorenza Mayo Prije 19 sati
Magaling Ka man Kya Lang ayuha pod ng imong big oi
Eric Co
Eric Co Prije 22 sati
A perfect Video of an Artist.... Eric, Philippines.
Little Wolf
Little Wolf Prije 23 sati
Your voice is beautiful you sang better than the real
Maila Bautista
Maila Bautista Prije dan
Nkakawla ng stress makinig ng songs...
Isa Anshori
Isa Anshori Prije dan
wuuuuhhh awesome !!!!!!! love her voice
Panusunan Siregar
July 2020 im still watching, since january 2020
Mac Mcdonald
Mac Mcdonald Prije dan
Nakaka inlove boses nya para yung original singer
‹jv› Prije dan
Grade 7 days eto halos laging kinakanta kapag may program, or groupings HAHAHAHAHA ket grade 11 na ngayon hi classmates HAHAHA
Grace Loyola
Grace Loyola Prije dan
galing mo talaga😊👏👏👏
Marliati Alia
Marliati Alia Prije dan
Apa gw aja dsni yg kagum sma nada vokal nya yg tinggi itu.? Selain suara yg bkin gw mrnding wajah nya jga cantik bget.....😍😍😍👍👍👍 klo lgi sntuk gw dgr lgu ini lgsung smgat kmbli. Inti nya the best👍
Dewi Mulyasari
Dewi Mulyasari Prije dan
aku juga kagum banget.
christina perez
christina perez Prije dan
Let's make morrisette amon international singer.. she deserves that .
ulul azmi lhz
ulul azmi lhz Prije dan
July 2020 merapat kuy!!
air langit
air langit Prije dan
im falling in love when she start to sing...
John lemuel Vasquez
Guys watch ''A Whole New World'' Darren Espanto and Morissette Amon Ang ganda non Guys!!
MSA C,mox
MSA C,mox Prije dan
Fallopie ni Morissette
Amazing Morissette, her three live perf reached more than hundred million views. Stan a great vocalist!
jessica fernandez
@Fallopie ni Morissette ilan po ba talaga ang views ng rise up bago i take down??
Fallopie ni Morissette
@Paul Brianne SLS tyaka Rise Up kung hindi natake down :((
Paul Brianne
Paul Brianne Prije dan
AKNL saka ano po ung isa?
Gas Pro
Gas Pro Prije 2 dana
this is the first i saw that made me love morisstte
Tono Blue
Tono Blue Prije 2 dana
Wow...amaazing voice
Isaiah James Montesor
July 2020 anyone?
Fallopie ni Morissette
Witness her reaching hundred and forty million views effortlessly 💙
Tharsku Alrashid
Tharsku Alrashid Prije 2 dana
Ganda mo talaga idol
Mas Gundrit
Mas Gundrit Prije 2 dana
This is the exact song for me, even after I broke up 😢
Umi Zahro
Umi Zahro Prije 2 dana
2020 like🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Pipien Sukasa Orchids
Greeting from Indonesia.. she has a wonderful voice...
adam noviansyah
adam noviansyah Prije 2 dana
Ke sini karna postingan ig Ada?
uncle evanz
uncle evanz Prije 2 dana
I love her 😍 Who is still listening to this song in 2020 subscribe to my channel
Dion Derich
Dion Derich Prije 2 dana
Beautiful lady and voice
Music Loverz
Music Loverz Prije 2 dana
Morissette is an amazing singer, she can sing any song, any genre.. every live performance is perfect, rarely miss, her voice is unique and very interesting, always wants to listen to her voice, I ♥ Morissette from Indonesia !!
michelle ballena
michelle ballena Prije 2 dana
Actually ..hndi nkakasawang pakinggan Bose's nya nka ilang ulit ko natong pinanood ..ang galng nya tlga u idol...
Miss Leni Marlina
Miss Leni Marlina Prije 2 dana
Ga bosen nonton nya ueyy
Ezpa Prije 2 dana
Ugh,i miss little mix
ShiellaMae Cao
ShiellaMae Cao Prije 3 dana
Wow road to 135 million!
the TASIMEN Prije 3 dana
Adem banget anjing 😘😘
joice celyne meisha
joice celyne meisha Prije 3 dana
Where she's from?
Fallopie ni Morissette
She's Asia's Phoenix Morissette, from the Philippines.
Rainier Esguerra
Rainier Esguerra Prije 3 dana
Mhhay Medina
Mhhay Medina Prije 3 dana
I.impress very nuch
Andre Silalahi
Andre Silalahi Prije 3 dana
Mark Junel Lopez
Mark Junel Lopez Prije 3 dana
i love morissette from bali. balintawak, Philippines.
Damien Bug
Damien Bug Prije 2 dana
Lord Chanyeol
Lord Chanyeol Prije 3 dana
Coment sesion 55 % Indonesian 40 % Pilipinas 5 % Others Proud to be southeastasian 👌
arlene wilson
arlene wilson Prije 3 dana
wow...this one is 133million views if the 1st download of this video wasn’t deleted that must be 200million already. Ikaw na Morissette ❤️
Fallopie ni Morissette
To sum up her wishclusive performances views she reached almost 500 million views, not to mention her Rise Up cover and Chandelier. 😌💙
Viral PH
Viral PH Prije 3 dana
I love Philippines because the people there very kind and very wonderful. I hope i can visit there someday and give you a warm hug -greetings from wuhan china❤
Jeric Rios
Jeric Rios Prije 3 dana
133m views + yung 50+m views na nabura... 183m+ views na dapat to... 😚
narges nawrozi
narges nawrozi Prije 3 dana
Arthletics Prije 3 dana
when a cover has more views than most official music videos..
Mimax Go Ping
Mimax Go Ping Prije 3 dana
Grabe 133M views?
Hendi Mulyadi
Hendi Mulyadi Prije 3 dana
Morissete Yes moriset you is my..... Wife, you take my marryd to you...
Maribel Despues
Maribel Despues Prije 4 dana
Winningshot Prije 4 dana
This is my song to my wife she didn't know till now because secret.
Remix Pro
Remix Pro Prije 4 dana
Astaga suaranya amazing bgt kaka....
iTachi Senpai
iTachi Senpai Prije 4 dana
Where I found her hayy napaka solid padin! ❤
• A.V. •
• A.V. • Prije 4 dana
Am I the only one who came from her cover of "Never Enough" ? *Which was deleted many times by youtube. Psh.*
Fallopie ni Morissette
Even her Rise Up and Chandelier covers were taken down. Surely itll reach more than a hundred million views.
Scheweine Prije 4 dana
Nichapha Roengsas
Nichapha Roengsas Prije 4 dana
Your voice is so beautiful. From Thai fans
Ardy Hairiandani
Ardy Hairiandani Prije 4 dana
Kristineq Marquez
Kristineq Marquez Prije 4 dana
Wowwwwwwwwwwwww verry nice.....
Kate Sanders
Kate Sanders Prije 4 dana
Richard Delig
Richard Delig Prije 4 dana
Filipino's are the best singer in the whole world. ❤👍💪 agreed?
Tiara Ali
Tiara Ali Prije 4 dana
Indonesian loves this singer 🥰
Dangmei Prije 4 dana
Amazing voice impressive
irfahzaqirah osman
irfahzaqirah osman Prije 5 dana
oh my god i love this song and her voice very perfect 😍😍😍
D' Oragons TV Funny Videos
Still watching now 2020 i love you Lodz😍
icatz omega
icatz omega Prije 5 dana
Love it
FBL GMG Prije 5 dana
Cover lathi
Kadek_ROG2_ Asus
Kadek_ROG2_ Asus Prije 5 dana
i forget the Corona Virus Cz your voice i think can killed the virus 😁
Ali Huber
Ali Huber Prije 5 dana
Im here again watching! Haha ❤️
Hitomi Hitomi
Hitomi Hitomi Prije 5 dana
Rancy Tambeling
Rancy Tambeling Prije 5 dana
still watching her until now..
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