Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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Victor M. Sweeney, a licensed funeral director and mortician, answers the internet's burning questions about dead bodies and the funeral director profession. When someone dies, what happens to their poo? If a person dies with contacts in...does a mortician take them out? Will your cat actually eat you when you die? Victor answers all these questions and much more.

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Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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7. Svi 2021.



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Komentari 51 549
Lec Segundo
Lec Segundo Prije sat
If Shroud talked like John Cena,...
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Prije sat
victor sounds like a morticians name
Mr Berryman
Mr Berryman Prije 3 sati
Love this guy!
TaliBenz Prije 4 sati
Bury my body but cut my hands off for cremation let it touch and be one with the breeze….now that’s just poetry
c1nquedea Prije 4 sati
someone: pee pee poo poo check why?? this guy: that's a good question
Lucas E
Lucas E Prije 6 sati
he reminds me of joe pera
Hot Rod
Hot Rod Prije 8 sati
The only thing that I find disturbing is the bodily fluids going down the drain back into the water table and treatment plants, nice to know we drinking recycled human bodily liquids.
Lofty Radish
Lofty Radish Prije 8 sati
While he seems like a really nice guy, I think I would prefer someone who offers services like Caitlin Doherty does to help my family take care of my body... this seems to medicalise death so much. I'd rather an eco friendly burial so I can decompose and be eaten.
Smarta.s.s Prije 10 sati
This man is very attractive
Ashna Rahman
Ashna Rahman Prije 13 sati
y’all hear me out he is SO fine
Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller Prije 12 sati
Richard0915 Prije 15 sati
is it weird that i wanna watch him at his job out of pure curiosity
I want this mortician inside my body. Wait...would that be nrcrophilia?
Manitou Prije 16 sati
alright, i tried im out
natalia alianovna
natalia alianovna Prije 17 sati
if the mortician preparing my dead body isn't as charming and chill as him, i don't want them
xaerith Prije 17 sati
Would date him 100%
aidee finnstone
aidee finnstone Prije 17 sati
blood not goin into some hazardous waste and going to the WATER TREATMENT PLANT... thats got to be some american thing...
Kaiya Diestler
Kaiya Diestler Prije 20 sati
IDK why this showed up on my feed when my uncle literally died yesterday??? Like????
Liz W
Liz W Prije 20 sati
trying not to wake up my son laughing at the bra comment
Mynamejeff Prije 21 sat
This guy looks like stuff made here if he went a different path.
Super Pieton
Super Pieton Prije 23 sati
This guy looks exactly like the guy a casting director would cast for a mortician role in a movie...
Hester Paige
Hester Paige Prije dan
She isn’t wrong. I don’t need a pretty box just put me in a hole and make sure I’m not face down a** up.
TheMaddness22 Prije dan
Gotta say that Swedish Chef impression is pretty on point
Exotic Ennard
Exotic Ennard Prije dan
I love this
Zxinz Music
Zxinz Music Prije dan
"This one is for closing mouths" Wait what-
I think I'd never forget the caotic? weird? feeling I had on my grandpa's funeral. I remained extremely calm on his funeral. It's not that we didn't had a good relationship. It's the opposite of that in fact. It's just, he had been sick for quite a while, so I didn't really feel that huge sadness when I heard his death suprisingly, I guess? And because of that, I basicaly had to try my best to not giggle or smile in a silent church cause somehow he looked like a clown with some kind of a comedy cartoonic skullish face due to his make up, and my possition was like face-to-face with him while praying. That was just...... I have to say it's way difficult to cope than his death to me.
@Em' Well... my grandpa was surely an Asian but looked very much nothing like one...
Em' Prije 21 sat
My dad was Native American and they made him look Asian.
Talia Lee
Talia Lee Prije dan
Thank god i'm a muslim. We just wash our dead people, putting them into 5m long white fabric and bury them without casket or anything like that. More eco friendly.
Anastasia Busacco
Lol is he single?
片Sheet是我的Hoo Lee
*pure chatolic embalmer* *Have rosary in embalming room* *Have Cross in Bag* *POPE BENEDICT XVI MUG*
James Price
James Price Prije dan
Is his last name really sweeney? If so he should also take up cutting hair lol
Harrison Prije dan
I was not expecting that lovely performance at the end lol
Sammmiee videoss
*writing bucket list* 1. Find a mortician with a good sense of humour
AdZz Kim
AdZz Kim Prije dan
My cat started way before doing practice to eat me by biting me more often
Sargo Prije dan
Okay but is no one going to talk about the mug
Sam Karaca
Sam Karaca Prije dan
This guy is awesome…
T K Prije dan
You can tell he has respect for the family and is very thoughtful. I now feel a lot more comfortable with a mortician handling my body.
Jen1112111 Prije dan
an undertaker
Malachi Gillespie
Have you worked w/ a dead Mortician?
Ki'el The Nomad
Ki'el The Nomad Prije dan
Need this guy to be my mortician
Kronyum Smoke
Kronyum Smoke Prije dan
I got back to this video because i really liked it and IT HAD A DISLIKE?!?!? im sure i didn’t dislike it wth. Im rechecking my liked videos now
gayleberserker Prije dan
The song was amazing LOL
Jennifer Jolliff
Seriously, just let me die in peace. No poking or embalming please.
Saltee Prije dan
POV: your reading the comments because you don’t know how to feel
masło migdałowe
is this henry fron the secret history ?
TheTrueEmrys Prije dan
This guy looks like nerdier Jon Cryer lol
Goat Eyes
Goat Eyes Prije 2 dana
It's a nice video but he roasted my cats, disliked
ha Prije 2 dana
Graham Hayden
Graham Hayden Prije 2 dana
This has to be the most scarring job of all time.
Em' Prije 21 sat
There are definitely worse.
Noily Prije 2 dana
Everybody buried intact... And add
silentfox8 Prije 2 dana
i dont have to say what were all thinking
SiLenT366 Prije 2 dana
You wonder why everyone wants to get cremated.
Ryan Stroup
Ryan Stroup Prije 2 dana
I want him to prep me when i die
Miss Chanandler Bong
hear me out: cremate the bottom half, pour some of the ashes under the top half of the body (laying flat in an open coffin) and set the urn on the end of the ash pile. This way, your corpse is a dead genie!
Electrical Room12
Electrical Room12 Prije 2 dana
I love this man what an icon
Maddie T
Maddie T Prije 2 dana
Love this man, his pure humor, and his Benedict XVI mug
Lee Prije 2 dana
It’s Sweeney Todd
Darren Holt
Darren Holt Prije 2 dana
good video
Choco513 Prije 2 dana
Cremate the outside half and bury the inside half
AviatorAnimations Prije 2 dana
1:59 I couldn’t agree more
Naim Velasquez
Naim Velasquez Prije 2 dana
It's amazing that we do all that with our deceased and some cultures just. Do sky burials and leave the birds to take matters in their beaks
Frances Smith
Frances Smith Prije 2 dana
this guy definitely looks like a mortician.
HahaLolXyz :0
HahaLolXyz :0 Prije 2 dana
This is why I'm happy my religion requires us to skip this stuff. You die and have your funeral prayer and then get buried asap happens in less than a day most of the times. You get buried the same day you die.
Sobbing_Popcorn Prije 2 dana
😀 I'd prefer my organs not to be stabbed
The mint green Spaceship
The audacity of not having Caitlin Doughty for this segment!
Dondlo Prije 2 dana
Imagine when he dies and another mortician does exact same thing to him as he did to dead bodies lol
Novaz Prije 2 dana
patrick bateman if he became a mortician
Dondlo Prije 2 dana
Kinda cursed when you just talk about dead people normally
Bailey Charlesworth
Bailey Charlesworth Prije 2 dana
I don’t know why but im getting a fallout vibe, like I said I don’t know why 🤷🏻‍♂️
Evan Ceremony
Evan Ceremony Prije 2 dana
Every mortician I’ve seen seems incredibly reasonable and down-to-earth
dogtop19 Prije 3 dana
how do you not smell bad. his there a soap you use.
Kaitee lol :D
Kaitee lol :D Prije 3 dana
You forgot the blue flavour!!
Anshu Bhattarai
Anshu Bhattarai Prije 3 dana
This guy rocks
Cooper S
Cooper S Prije 3 dana
I'd be cool with this cool, quirky guy taking care of my corpse. Not any time soon though.
Veronica Romero
Veronica Romero Prije 3 dana
The idea of having “spiky contact lenses” in my eyes when I’m dead grosses me out. Just mummify me. Lol
Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright Prije 3 dana
Of COURSE his name Sweeney. Of COURSE
Meph Lest
Meph Lest Prije 3 dana
After Todd the Barber, Victor the Mortician ! Even better to get rid of the bodies !
Meph Lest
Meph Lest Prije 3 dana
That's one cute guy !
JSindirect Prije 3 dana
This guy looks like a mortician lol
Shannon Hankey
Shannon Hankey Prije 3 dana
Blue flavour love it 🦋
Masom Castor
Masom Castor Prije 3 dana
You are such a good sport.😊 For you to be a mortician speaking on this morbid subject and having to deal with what you have to deal with AND still have such a happy perspective on everything else in your life is very amazing to me. 🙂 The video was funny and entertaining. Good job answering those tough (for most people) questions.
Camrie Doyen
Camrie Doyen Prije 3 dana
Okay but what’s his skincare routine?
Nadine Dawn
Nadine Dawn Prije 3 dana
I'm in love
Trottin Boots
Trottin Boots Prije 3 dana
this man is simply delightful!
Carson Barned
Carson Barned Prije 3 dana
This guy is a admittedly kinda creepy in a since but somebody's gotta do it
noel Prije 3 dana
hear me out
R T Prije 3 dana
Why did I find joy in watching this "interestingly" weird video?
Rachel Ackley
Rachel Ackley Prije 3 dana
I love this guy
Azrael De Lion
Azrael De Lion Prije 3 dana
Yeaaaaah. This guy is 100% a docile psychopath.
TombWraith Prije 3 dana
Why lmao?
grumpygoomba Prije 3 dana
I love this man and I wish he could be my mortician when I croak
Wheatajoo Prije 3 dana
:/ ... ... ... Great question ! :)
Gabriel Esteves
Gabriel Esteves Prije 3 dana
I know some morticians I my fear when I'm around them is that they just see me as a thing like a nerd guy who sees a computer...
Γιώργος Μακρυστάθης
Is it just me, or does he look like a deflated John Cena ?
brandon cannon
brandon cannon Prije 4 dana
He has nice lips.
Sunflower Prije 4 dana
"you forgot the blue flavor" 😂 oh god
x y
x y Prije 4 dana
I Love his enegry
Junior Matshaneng
Junior Matshaneng Prije 4 dana
We just listened to a man who can't be unemployed
Umar Adamu Jere
Umar Adamu Jere Prije 4 dana
The sewer system that goes right to the water treatment plant
jgillette98 Prije 4 dana
Jeez people man up woman up and leave out the asking for a friend. Lol
Allison Cabrera
Allison Cabrera Prije 4 dana
I refuse to believe this cutie is a real mortician, man’s an actor.
Quackers Co.
Quackers Co. Prije 4 dana
He made a swedish chef reference. He really is a normal person!
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