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Poker is a game that is typically played in good spirits with a keen sense of fairness and etiquette. However, sometimes things don't go to plan and voices are raised, questions are asked and - in rare cases - blatant cheating is spotted. Subscribe here:
We’ve put together a series of Top 5 poker moments you don’t want to miss out on. We lined up the best poker hands, biggest table nightmares, top poker rivals, top bad beats, biggest blow-ups, best poker bluffs, biggest poker mistakes, most controversial hands, most fantastic folds, top hero calls and many, many more top poker moments. You will see Top 5 Poker Moments from different players, tours and events.
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7. Vel 2017.



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Komentari 100
Marlon Prije 3 godina
Number one truly has no rival. That move was so darn bloody sick. I may even do it one day when I have the nuts.
WorldIsFilledB Prije 15 dana
@jomaca over betting to show weakness is totally fine, poker is a mental game obviously but that last guy just pushed it pretty far
D Faymf
D Faymf Prije 15 dana
That says alot about you as a scumbag loser.
sgunn911 Prije 16 dana
Don’t try that at your local city game, you would probably wake up in a dumpster with nothing but your underwear.
Skylab 5691
Skylab 5691 Prije 18 dana
@Marlon He did it twice in same tournament. He should ave been thrown out.
Patrick Delaney
Patrick Delaney Prije 19 dana
@leerobbo92 I know Romanians personally. That dude ain’t any Romanian I have ever seen. Freitez isn’t a Romanian name either. If it was like Freitescu maybe.
Harry Carry
Harry Carry Prije 17 sati
Looking back at the hey days of poker and Im sure there are a lot of guys that are embarrassed by how they acted and if they arent then they should be. Tom Dwan is why I quit watching all together.. That stupid look on his face like he just shit his pants and no it didnt make him a great poker player... he lost everything and now only plays small casinos. Fact.
arize king
arize king Prije dan
First spot was a move you could tell the guy has pulled many times
Grinicide Prije dan
Ensan earns my respect for that
Sonely Loul
Sonely Loul Prije 2 dana
Silverman just got tilted on Negreanu cuz he outplayed him thats all
IsleofMAN Prije 3 dana
wait i don't understand the full house 5's-6's, its confusing......
gabriel Rivera
gabriel Rivera Prije 3 dana
Freitz can legally say “raise” and throughout short chips to make it look like a call. That ref should’ve not exposed his gameplay. That’s illegal. It would’ve worked and for that the ref got mad and decided to expose him. That’s very unprofessional even though it is a dirty strat, it’s still legal. That’s why they have the refs there to clarify the situation, not expose the situation. Jesus smh.
Вася Васин
Вася Васин Prije 4 dana
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meimei chan
meimei chan Prije 4 dana
misclick : American con artist meets American greed
Earl B
Earl B Prije 4 dana
I kno you shouldn't judge ppl on looks - but that last guy oozes sleaze
Earl B
Earl B Prije 4 dana
So they both made a mistake - he didn't announce a raise...
ilker keleş
ilker keleş Prije 5 dana
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Mmm 333
Mmm 333 Prije 5 dana
I don't understand why people get upset when people play dirty......THAT'S WHAT POKER IS ALL ABOUT! It's not confusing...either they have a good hand or are's up to you what you want to do about it....not have all the evidence...then get upset when you made the wrong choice and call the other player dirty...
borntobeking85 Prije 5 dana
Last hand, I don’t hate playing against player like that. When you are at the poker table, don’t hold back and use every trick you have.
Colencence Prije 5 dana
The 4th and 5th are f* crazy they are hustlers...
JenniferX Prije 6 dana
All i hear is Click click click clickclick click click clickclickclik clik click click click click ckick click click click
Josh Prije 6 dana
the funny thing with the last hand is if the angle shooter just played the hand normally he would have won more, what a fucking idiot...surprised no one else at the table said anything to him, i would have asked him if he understood the english words "fucking scumbag"
Boney Jones
Boney Jones Prije 6 dana
After negraunu hit he counted his chips hella quick
Jim Handler
Jim Handler Prije 7 dana
"Good call' You call? "yep"
Jim Handler
Jim Handler Prije 6 dana
@Berthold Dirke Obviously he didn't call with Ace high, but why did he answer "Yep" when if he was asked if he called?
Berthold Dirke
Berthold Dirke Prije 6 dana
Yep is not a call, unfotunately
crazy clemsonfan
crazy clemsonfan Prije 7 dana
I don't have a problem with Negranus move and #3 was a misunderstanding. #5 would have annoyed me and I'm not really sure what happened on #4 but #1 was just dirty as hell
crazy clemsonfan
crazy clemsonfan Prije 7 dana
I'm a little confused on some of these can someone explain them to me?
Jacob Anthony
Jacob Anthony Prije 7 dana
Phil Ivey has been banned from so many Las Vegas casino places it’s hilarious cause he makes so much money playing
Jacob Anthony
Jacob Anthony Prije 7 dana
Doyle needs to bring his cowboy hat and show these dudes what real cowboy does when he plays cards
Jacob Anthony
Jacob Anthony Prije 7 dana
Love poker dude my favorite card game is probably Texas hold ‘em for sure
John Doe
John Doe Prije 7 dana
I'm here to settle any controversy about Negreanu vs Silverman. Nothing scummy or shady about D-NEGS play. Regardless if it was an angle, Silverman was playing on his own accord and is a big boy who got hustled.
kenny patnaude
kenny patnaude Prije 8 dana
Yanayt is a sucker don't know why people are mad at freitez.😅🤣
Jacob Estes
Jacob Estes Prije 8 dana
No more controversial hand in this video than the hands that used this awful music.
susan hill
susan hill Prije 9 dana
Very very irritating when players keep playing with there chips.
Christopher Ingrassia
Help me understand #1? What effect does his comments have to the other guy in the pot?
CvilleGuy Prije 9 dana
On the misclick thing, it's basically the same as bluffing. That's kinda the point of poker, to make people think you have a certain hand. It's on them whether they call the bluff, and that goes for when you have a monster hand as much as when you've got 7-2. Dude got reverse bluffed. That's poker. Suck it up, Buttercup.
Zwep Prije 10 dana
TheInkinJapan Prije 10 dana
Daniel used to be a pool hustler. If you think he won't do whatever he can to get your money, then you are stupid. Also, if you are going to take advantage of someone's error to try and get as much of their money as possible, then you don't deserve any sympathy when it turns out that they sucked you in.
blot Damon
blot Damon Prije 10 dana
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BatmanRZ Prije 10 dana
that last guy, what a piece of shit
Lycan Prije 10 dana
So that dude is blaming Dan because he bought into a hand his own fault
Cat Likepizza Gaming
Cat Likepizza Gaming Prije 10 dana
Ivey is a piece of shit he’s hiding those cards that is the most unnatural hand position I’ve seen and then has 12 chips hiding them
Jordy Simons
Jordy Simons Prije 10 dana
all in with J3? jeezzz
WorldIsFilledB Prije 11 dana
Matusow is a moron, if you don’t know who’s in the pot well too bad and then push the whole I can’t see your cards argument, weak haha
Cray Jackson
Cray Jackson Prije 11 dana
seems easy enough; vocal call raise or fold to stand is stupid anyway. should be you get one reach for chips and put down, or one push in of chips, and once they're over the line and you let go, they're gone.
hwood 1287
hwood 1287 Prije 11 dana
That last hand smfh I'd be pissed. Probably wouldn't have called though.
Gian Felix
Gian Felix Prije 11 dana
That's what the game is abouth you don't like it don't play it
Joe Norman
Joe Norman Prije 11 dana
What an obnoxious, boring game to watch.
The Man who Sold the World
A bunch of fucken wannabe pussies.
Vic Coni
Vic Coni Prije 11 dana
Daniel did nothing wrong there. lf anyone feels he did then you would also have to disapprove of bluffing.
周杰伦 Prije 12 dana
undert8er Prije 12 dana
What a scumbag, the guy in the #1 hand. I don't get mad at the poker table ever but that right there would piss me off...
Aukai Keliikuli
Aukai Keliikuli Prije 12 dana
Hector Tovar
Hector Tovar Prije 12 dana
This video proves that these are actual controversial, and everytime Mike Mouth or Hellmuth get angry it’s just catty shit
Hector Tovar
Hector Tovar Prije 12 dana
I interpreted that as “good call”(of my bluff) like he called the bluff but didn’t literally “call” the re-raise .. maybe? The man has a solid poker face so I can’t tell
rbx22 Prije 12 dana
what's the difference between the missclick guy and the freitez guy ??
Boris Brejcha
Boris Brejcha Prije 12 dana
hussein, du muss I RAISE sagen!!!🤣🤣🤣
Boris Brejcha
Boris Brejcha Prije 12 dana
i dont like phil ivey!! and never will.
Vince Evans
Vince Evans Prije 12 dana
15:00 no english..ywikes
Vince Evans
Vince Evans Prije 12 dana
8:30 lol ....
ROBERT CRAIG Prije 12 dana
ROBERT CRAIG Prije 12 dana
ROBERT CRAIG Prije 12 dana
Collecting Cardboard
Collecting Cardboard Prije 12 dana
#1 better hope he sticks to playin' the...err...umm...."gentleman's game" with....*cough, cough* "gentleman", and not the back rooms of some barbershop on MLK Blvd. & Grand St. in Anytown, USA!! Try that ish, THERE,...and you might just find yourself swimmin' wit' da' fishies!!!
KISS LOVE X.X.X Prije 13 dana
0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.
Paulportoloive Prije 13 dana
I have 5. :)
Pnoid News
Pnoid News Prije 13 dana
Had to go look up a angle shoot lol
kcheong00 Prije 13 dana
Not a huge Poker buff/knowledge guy. Personally could have been an honest mistake if you are in a panic because you have such a good hand. (I mean, i have done it before.) However, correct me if i'm wrong but shouldn't it have been left as a call?
Money Talkzz
Money Talkzz Prije 13 dana
That last move was disgusting. I serieusly got mad by the action, is that normal? What country he is from
jobbins008 Prije 14 dana
Daniel reminds me of Blippi.
prov dawg
prov dawg Prije 14 dana
Daniel's such a good player that he doesn't need to be pulling shit moves like that - pretending he's brilliant but really just scummy. Freitez should have been banned already. What the hell is with pretending your English is bad. Next they will have someone in the Audience tell them their parents just died in a plane crash and then they go all in to leave the tournament... with pocket aces! Get rekt cunts! Where's the line?
Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah Prije 14 dana
If you heard about him and was told why did you call?
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day Prije 14 dana
Wow da number is crazy
Smile_uwokeup _2day
Smile_uwokeup _2day Prije 14 dana
Number 3. He said good call then showed his hand . Dude who raised it nice guy
browbeater824 Prije 14 dana
Milan Molnar
Milan Molnar Prije 15 dana
500k tip, with a cold blooded answer: thank you very much! :DD
Joao Ventura
Joao Ventura Prije 15 dana
Wait I don't get how number 1 and 2 are that bad, it's just part of the psychology, you believe the act or you don't
WorldIsFilledB Prije 15 dana
Mike Matusow is such a fucking crybaby honestly lol
Kumar Ddk
Kumar Ddk Prije 15 dana
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Kayex Prije 15 dana
i dont see daniels move as bad tbh
newfie lad
newfie lad Prije 15 dana
Freitez what a Scumbag. Your a cheat and an Asshole! You got off lucky but your reputation(not that you ever had one) Just went into the toilet and will be remembered! Ban this Asshole! You got off lucky Scumbag!!!
wavygr Prije 15 dana
In cash games I've thrown in big chips pretending I threw in wrong chips.
wavygr Prije 15 dana
p hellmuth should had been dressed down by dealer in second hand
Peter Hope
Peter Hope Prije 16 dana
9:13 nice bro 👌😏😎😅
anya metten
anya metten Prije 16 dana
1:40 a karen dude hahaha
Alexandros Prije 16 dana
If i was at that table in number one i'd definitely have some things to say to that douchebag...
Big Wheezy
Big Wheezy Prije 16 dana
The number one spot is how you either get smacked by friends or really fucked up by randoms where I come from. Dirty prick
Rahul Thukaram
Rahul Thukaram Prije 16 dana
the first tilt was fr😂😂
Emmanuel Houle
Emmanuel Houle Prije 16 dana
Etiquette in poker is as Garbage as asking WW1 soldiers to stop shooting mortar past 11. See on the farm when you enter to the left is the white horses and to the right , the PIGS!
Mynamejeff Prije 16 dana
That Phil hellmouth guy is such a douchebag. Why does he have to talk so much I would love to smack the shit out of his dumbass. I bet he got beat up in school
Joe Bullock
Joe Bullock Prije 16 dana
its poker.... shady is the deal. however the mouthy bitch after the guy apologizes.... it would beckon to say STFU to the guy who played out of turn previously
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Prije 17 dana
Don’t do it again bitch is it against the rules or not I’ll y’all the whole game Throwing every person off their game
Joshua Nuttall
Joshua Nuttall Prije 17 dana
How did I end up here
tmsnohio Prije 17 dana
I've had more controversial dumps!
wesley houlihan
wesley houlihan Prije 17 dana
Bit silly to do the same angle in the same tournament ha ha Scumbag 😂
Ron Watson
Ron Watson Prije 18 dana
Captain's Log
Captain's Log Prije 18 dana
Why are these called "most controversial"? This is just common poker
Rich O
Rich O Prije 15 dana
True that #1 was a BS move. Mistakes happen but that seemed intentional to draw his opponent in
snowflake Prije 15 dana
#1 is definitely not common poker, common in a sense of deceiving other players? sure, but that move was next level scumbag.
陈伟霆 Prije 18 dana
林俊杰 Prije 18 dana
ted evans
ted evans Prije 18 dana
That guy Freitez should be banned , Plain and simple Dirty moved and has been guilty of the same thing in the past . Negreanu's comment about his move tells me he did it on purpose too . I will say this , Never trust anyone when your money is at stake , greed runs this planet !
Kujo Prije 18 dana
Ok the last clip was worth watching...
Kujo Prije 18 dana
This should have been titled “Slight, un-controversial, barely worth watching, poker un-written etiquette faux-pa’s” Maybe a bit long, but FAR more accurate!
Kujo Prije 18 dana
Really? The second vid is even worse... this is unreal. I cant believe how awful and un-controversial this vid is. Now i have to watch it all.
Kujo Prije 18 dana
THAT was one of the most controversial hands? Cause someone threw out a guess they shouldn’t have?! Makes me want to leave after the first clip. That was so boring and uncontroversial, you playing that clip in this video with that title is FAR more controversial..
yeeluvspizza Prije 18 dana
Who donated the cheezy home game chipset in the first hand?
A S Prije 18 dana
Last guy is salty because he didn't win the hand. If he won he would not have said "it's a hand that shouldn't have happened".
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minecraft trolling videos be like
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the boys play among us (again)
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