My Apple AirPods Confession

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Apple AirPods have become a divisive product. With the AirPods 2 release on the horizon I decided to revisit Apple's first foray into fully wireless earbuds.
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13. Ožu 2019.



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Komentari 5 043
Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Prije 6 dana
Galaxy Buds just arrived so we'll see how those stack up real soon.
Isaiah animegod
Isaiah animegod Prije 10 sati
+Panclan Panclanleader123 yeah I do. I own them and been in possession of air pods for a while and in my opinion the havits are better
Leonid Danenkov
Leonid Danenkov Prije 2 dana
Unbox Therapy, what was the music playing in the background?
Goku Black
Goku Black Prije 2 dana
Waseem Saada plz shut up
Harvey Lawrence
Harvey Lawrence Prije 2 dana
Just got mine in the mail, they’re awesome. Speakers are hit or miss but over all I like them more than AirPods.. which I also own.
Isaac Sardar
Isaac Sardar Prije 7 sati
Why do I fell like he already released this video like a month ago... 🤔
mmljwmm Prije 7 sati
Mexican Chilly
Mexican Chilly Prije 7 sati
I respect the wire society even if I still got air pods
Matthew773 Prije 15 sati
These reasons to own them have always been the main reasons to own them 😂
jake smith
jake smith Prije 20 sati
Ohhhh noooooo, you like an apple product, what a tragedy 😩 worried because you’re on the apple hating band wagon
xdgxg hngh
xdgxg hngh Prije dan
Bro deadass if 2 people are having an argument and you can STILL hear them when your air pods all the way and the volume all the way up then those 2 people must be loud as FUCK cause I can barely hear myself think with mine on
4_4 _4
4_4 _4 Prije dan
GaLAXy BuDs ArE BeTtEr
KingsmanXV Prije dan
I tried them the very first time at my friends house a couple days ago and I thought the sound was good. Nothing amazing but good.
gallo valdivia
gallo valdivia Prije dan
Is it me or are these guys hands kinda yellow lol
Twon Boogie
Twon Boogie Prije dan
Go settings Scroll down to music (click it) Scroll down and click EQ Scroll down and click late night You will think me later (works on all apple devices)
Gavin Carretero
Gavin Carretero Prije dan
Omg Sony just like puts 5 million ear muffs in there head phones
Gavin Carretero
Gavin Carretero Prije dan
Can you give me the iconic s10 fortnite skin
Lil Lamb
Lil Lamb Prije dan
AirPods suck ass
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Prije dan
Those airpods work better as suppositories, but you have to insert them one after the other. Putting just one just doesn't do it for most people.
cheeseburger Prije dan
Boy Marvel
Boy Marvel Prije dan
In Australia no one cares about what you got
Doozy_01 Prije dan
BrUnOFnV Prije dan
Hahahahaha You should try a Jabra ones !!!!
lfyfain Prije dan
those are also the only earphones I've been consistently using ever. they just work and are very convenient. can't say the same about other earphones, wireless or not.
lfyfain Prije dan
this is what apple does best. on paper they are not as nice and functional as competitors, but whatever they do, they do it perfectly. as a consumer I don't care how many bells and whistles it has if I have to fiddle with so many irrelevant things to get to what I want. there are sooo many things apple got right on the very first iteration of their product. how many companies can say the same? also $160 is a bargain for those earbuds. so many years later, there still isn't a decent product that can compete with them. same thing with the iPad (where are the android tablets now? lol), Apple Pencil, watch, macOS, and Mac trackpad, many of which were launched years ago and the rest of the market couldn't even match the functionality and reliability today.
Sharath Chandra Matturu
You will change your opinion once you use xiaomi mi air true wireless earbuds ($59)
Endless 8
Endless 8 Prije dan
I had no idea this was a 'meme'. Then again I don't follow brands I don't buy and I don't follow stupidity.
Robert's Shirt
Robert's Shirt Prije 2 dana
They work better with the iPhone dunno why but my experience
Saaransh Sethi
Saaransh Sethi Prije 2 dana
Airpod Gang Hit Likeee 😎
Moc12321 Prije 2 dana
I sold my AirPods two weeks ago
TheFactaa Prije 2 dana
What case was he using on his S10? In need of a case myself and want a premium looking case. Thanks!
Will EDC
Will EDC Prije 2 dana
This is why people respect you. Bluntly honest. You said all the truths of the pro and cons. I basically stop listening to any earphones before I utilize it. That way I won’t miss the mediocre sound quality.
isa ahmed
isa ahmed Prije 2 dana
am with you..i am ending to have one again
Paige Taua
Paige Taua Prije 2 dana
What the heck is the tapping/banging noise in the background lmao ???
P P Prije 2 dana
apple must of shit in lew’s cereal... he use to love apple i had to unsub with all the negativity over the past year or so
Nicktacular42 Prije 2 dana
Jabra Elite 65T Lou! I promise you will love them!!!
Carlos Méndez
Carlos Méndez Prije 2 dana
Had them, lost them... :’(
Sosig Prije 2 dana
Join me brother
TheFlyingJew93 Prije 2 dana
knocked it out of the park here on how i feel about my airpods. if i want good audio quality im inclinced to use over the ear. if i want to listen to my podcasts walking around they are awesome. super easy to throw them in the pocket
Ryan Prije 2 dana
What's better, Jaybird RUN vs Apple Airpods for Rap/Alternative/Pop. Disregard the price.
Andrei Staicu
Andrei Staicu Prije 2 dana
You are such an extremely biased reviewer, even when you try to make a pro apple review. F-ing amazing
E J Prije 2 dana
I’ve been hard on you in the past about some tech videos you shared, but all in all you really seem to speak fairly and honest and this is why I keep watching you!
Jamal Taylor
Jamal Taylor Prije 2 dana
You dislike any phone without wireless charging but let small batteries and no headphone jack, and notches slide. You tout sound quality & comfort, but keep going back to the casual, easy airpods. You just want convenience and the least amount of effort required. You've settled for good enough and close enough. You built a talk show set and frankly, pontificate about products you haven't laid hands on yet.
iAdfyonse Prije 2 dana
As an Apple fanatic this video has made my day but I feel like you still don’t give the full credit you wanted to give !!! But thank you
Antonio A.M
Antonio A.M Prije 2 dana
it's not so much the sound quality, it's about the convenience of the buds. small, compact and nostalgic. headphones broke down to their simplest form.
alabala porto
alabala porto Prije 2 dana
The s is again like I like samsung I don't like samsung I like mate x uhh not really
Emmanuel Izquierdoz
Emmanuel Izquierdoz Prije 2 dana
Sorry I don't speak broke
Kyllian Masson
Kyllian Masson Prije 2 dana
What about the Senheiser earbuds?
GIENDEIYS7 Casura Prije 2 dana
I’m got them and my dog lost it when we was walking gottemmm lol
Geert Janssen
Geert Janssen Prije 2 dana
that mic update tho, very clear with the cuts to the previous video
Adam Green
Adam Green Prije 2 dana
Waiting for AirPods 2
Pulse Review
Pulse Review Prije 2 dana
Bank Account: Don’t even think about it you broke b!+
Philippe Fanaro
Philippe Fanaro Prije 2 dana
These are closer to earbuds not headphones, which cover the ears. Come on, man, try being more precise and researching more.
Connor Harris
Connor Harris Prije 2 dana
I burned mine
Cody wood
Cody wood Prije 2 dana
Taymur Khumush
Taymur Khumush Prije 2 dana
Airpods 2 only need active noise canceling.
Wendybabendy Prije 2 dana
They isolate well enough that my students can’t hear me... then again, they don’t hear me without them so you make the call... 🤣🤣
hellreza Prije 2 dana
I use sponge tips on my airpods, they help keep them in my ear and sound a little bit better. bad thing is it covers the touch sensor making it useless.
Art Prije 2 dana
Take it easy brother
Iram Casas
Iram Casas Prije 2 dana
BOOM!!!! Is not about what it is, it’s about who made it. I say it before
Andrew Grace
Andrew Grace Prije 2 dana
The real question is...How much is apple going to pay me?
Sasuke sama
Sasuke sama Prije 2 dana
Hey lew try the new xaiomi airdots pro its a better airpods with much more isolation, ip rating and just for 80$
Lee Cason
Lee Cason Prije 2 dana
These really should be 100 bucks. No interchangeable eartips, mediocre sound quality, no noise reduction (not even foam tips), etc. That's a fair price for the lack of those features
gage hogg
gage hogg Prije 2 dana
i thought he was going to say they were fake....
Jonathan Ong
Jonathan Ong Prije 2 dana
i need to get this asap rocky
blackmensgrooming Prije 2 dana
It’s like your asking to loose your ish by buying this type of product. The only way I’d buy that is with a neck connecting wire to the headphones and around my neck.
ivocoi Prije 2 dana
Jabra Elite Active 65t. Smaller, much better sound quality, noise cancellation.
Ruth Allen
Ruth Allen Prije 2 dana
I'm listening with my amberry pods
Dylan M
Dylan M Prije 2 dana
I own 2 pairs. Get on my level biatch
Tom Jacko
Tom Jacko Prije 2 dana
i love my airpods
Gilliard Delmiro
Gilliard Delmiro Prije 2 dana
What do you think about the air buds?
truestory Prije 2 dana
They were stupid, they are stupid. Only hardcore apple fan boys(girls) will get those and they will...because - sheep.
P DR Prije 3 dana
Love em but the fear all these bluetooth headsets cause cancer lessens the amazingness to me.
Dean Weller
Dean Weller Prije 3 dana
Nice to hear you praise an Apple product again . Keep the faith ;)
Brandon Burton
Brandon Burton Prije 3 dana
2:00 You mean the entire point of headphones? I know you cover it directly after saying that, but it still feels like a shill... They're shit.
Jay Kaswan
Jay Kaswan Prije 3 dana
you are piece of fake shit
MuhammadYunus Farhodov
AirPods for life. Used many wireless earbuds, and none of em compares to air pods
John Ponce
John Ponce Prije 3 dana
They do witchcraft before selling these that’s why you keep reaching to them
zane brown
zane brown Prije 3 dana
Extra 50 dollars and the Bose are much better
MoeDropEmOff 23
MoeDropEmOff 23 Prije 3 dana
I dropped my phone today The wire saved them
Edgar Avalos
Edgar Avalos Prije 3 dana
What’s your thought of them causing cancer
Alexander Mosquera
Alexander Mosquera Prije 3 dana
I just want to know the name of the song in the background.
Landen Trapp
Landen Trapp Prije 3 dana
The airpods has an evil attachment
Luke Johnson
Luke Johnson Prije 3 dana
what watch is he wearing in this video??
Jose Sediles
Jose Sediles Prije 3 dana
You? Lying? No way! 🖕🏻
TriMuXx Prije 3 dana
.....still haven’t reviewed the Surface Pro 6. Just sayin
Rian Young
Rian Young Prije 3 dana
$159 converts to €140, but they retail for €179 in Ireland($202). They’re gonna be expensive either way, but yous really seem to take your discount for granted in America. $159 is really cheap for AirPods imo...
Out Lox
Out Lox Prije 3 dana
I have JLabs truly wireless earbuds. They sound amazing and have pretty good base for them for 50 dollars.
J Bob
J Bob Prije 3 dana
What is the desk you have?
Nicolas Crespin
Nicolas Crespin Prije 3 dana
I respectfully disagree, good sir. In my humble opinion, AirPods more than drowned out surrounding noise. I’m not walking through Wal-Mart, I’m in the middle of the Kamakaze tour... feel me? Lol
┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐
What they're going to do for version 2? Copy Samsung's galaxy buds. Easy math
Billy Casimir
Billy Casimir Prije 3 dana
Apple has mastered the convenience factor
Caarbz Prije 3 dana
Holy fuck watch “PIZO” and tell me this guy doesn’t have the same voice as him
Kenneth Rosenstroem
Kenneth Rosenstroem Prije 3 dana
Kinda same shirt two weeks now....?
ruyveng Prije 3 dana
Well, I'm actually glad they don't isolate that much. I like having feedback from the surroundings, especially while running for example.
YEE Prije 3 dana
If airpods were $50 not $160 they would actually be good
K3D96 Prije 18 sati
+YEE stoooooopid
YEE Prije dan
+lfyfain this is the dumbest response I've ever read. Lambos should be $400k, shitty wireless headphones shouldn't be $160
Jonathan Sabu
Jonathan Sabu Prije dan
lfyfain amazing
lfyfain Prije dan
if lambos were $400 not $400k they would actually be good. you get what you pay for. can't have everything in life.
Hamaad Iqbal
Hamaad Iqbal Prije 3 dana
Is anyone else listening to this on there airpods and thinking wtf is this guy on about ? 😂
Drizzy Ayobami
Drizzy Ayobami Prije 3 dana
Spot on Lew!
sx3todd Prije 3 dana
Your voice is loud and obnoxious but you have a point
C4lv1n Prije 3 dana
Im using airpods while watching this
Ivac Prije 3 dana
The difference between both videos ? - Apple paid him for the second 😂😂😂
dicks_be flopnd
dicks_be flopnd Prije 3 dana
Why dose it sound like call of dudy 1 music in the back ground
Vinyl Monkey
Vinyl Monkey Prije 3 dana
a few videos mentioning the downsides of apple, and their are plenty. then 2/3 after a quick mention to apple about one of their products for a pointless video. Illuminati
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