My Apple AirPods Confession

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Apple AirPods have become a divisive product. With the AirPods 2 release on the horizon I decided to revisit Apple's first foray into fully wireless earbuds.
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Prije 2 mjeseci
Galaxy Buds just arrived so we'll see how those stack up real soon.
賜龍怜音 Prije 12 dana
In short, if you don't mind the mediocre overall sound quality, no isolation and want a quick wearing. Still an overpriced crap anyway.
review tube
review tube Prije mjesec
Is it true that te connection on the iphone is better than on android because of the W1 chip?
Isaiah animegod
Isaiah animegod Prije 2 mjeseci
+Panclan Panclanleader123 yeah I do. I own them and been in possession of air pods for a while and in my opinion the havits are better
Leonid Danenkov
Leonid Danenkov Prije 2 mjeseci
Unbox Therapy, what was the music playing in the background?
Ahmad Bayary
Ahmad Bayary Prije 6 dana
First world problems: I almost died, I had to listen to an obnoxious conversation over my shoulder idk how I'm alive
Rick Bultman
Rick Bultman Prije 8 dana
Amerikanen zeiken over $160 (€140) en wij betalen gwn €180...
Anthony B
Anthony B Prije 8 dana
The battery is so shit lasts 1 hour
Anders McLennan
Anders McLennan Prije 9 dana
When you gonna try the Louis Vuitton Horizons
Ruben Duller
Ruben Duller Prije 14 dana
I feel the exact same way about mine. I bought them thinking they’d be on their way back to where they came from within 2 weeks because I was used to my Bose QC35s and would miss the sound quality. But somehow I couldn’t go anywhere without them anymore, ever. Apple got me addicted within a day and I’m left confused about that ever since. I didn’t need new headphones at the time, definitely not a pair with inferior sound quality at an irrational pricepoint. And just like with all the other products I didn’t really need, Apple just said “Fuck you, you’re ordering that product, you’ll pay big money for it and you’ll never gonna want to spend a minute without it ever again”. And I just obeyed. I’m an independent thinker and decision-maker most of the time, but whenever Apple wants to move money from their pocket to mine, I just let them have it. They really are geniuses...
ZmartinYT Prije 14 dana
I love the design of the AirPods
حسين ابراهيم
I love this man 😍🤙
Larry and gaming24
Larry and gaming24 Prije 24 dana
Geek Forum
Geek Forum Prije mjesec
This is tge best set bro! Dont like the couch bit with all the shmazzz, sorry man love you with the simple wooden table and grey in the back. The other set makes it look like a talk show lol but its all good to each his own
Trollzor Prije mjesec
I bring airpods as a secondary audio device
JohnnyXP Gaming
JohnnyXP Gaming Prije mjesec
I just ordered mine
王太阳 Prije mjesec
Hurricane Prije mjesec
Which smartwatch is that? Can anyone please Help me
SWΞΛTY Prije mjesec
I just ordered the new AirPods 2 with an engraving! They work great! :)
review tube
review tube Prije mjesec
Is it true that te connection on the iphone is better than on android because of the W1 chip?
Julio Montiel
Julio Montiel Prije mjesec
whats your daily smartwatch? Can you do a review on best smartwatch with wear os? or any really. Kinda need one to go along with my pixel 2 xl
Edgar Sanabia
Edgar Sanabia Prije mjesec
Shit man after forking over $160 why wouldn’t you use them i got my girlfriend a set for her birthday thinking about getting my own.
Elijah James
Elijah James Prije mjesec
Hey! I am 14yrs old. I am trying to run a business. Im trying to prove there is no age limit to entrepreneurship! I was wondering if you could help me out. If I sent you my product, would you review it and post it on your youtube channel!
Ryan O’Neill-Quinn
Aaron Bryan
Aaron Bryan Prije mjesec
Create another video concerning this product’s “cancer risk”
Vincenzo Sammartano
Vincenzo Sammartano Prije mjesec
unbelievable... how much have u been paid for that shit?
Simon Karlsson
Simon Karlsson Prije mjesec
i havent didnt have as much ear wax production as i do (disgusting i know) i wouldve bought them
scumbag trillionaire
Josue Cortez
Josue Cortez Prije mjesec
Personally I do think the headphones are over price but I had them for almost a year now and I use them more than I thought I would. For example, answering phone calls you just put one in your ear. Plus maybe after a year it pays for it self because I use to buy 20-25 dollar headphones and lose them. I take care of these but that’s just me.
Daniel Babakhanyan
Daniel Babakhanyan Prije mjesec
I have the airpods with my s9+ and if the volume is not loud open up developer options and there should be a menu in there to increase the volume
Darth Vizzle
Darth Vizzle Prije mjesec
I appreciate your honesty and hearing the truth my good man..🤝
xicer1 Prije mjesec
My biggest concern for me is I feel like they would fall out alot. That's one reason why I prefer over the ear headphones instead of earbuds
我Lewis Hilsenteger就算餓死,死外邊,從這跳下去,也不會用你們的AirPods! Lewis Hilsenteger:真香!
Peter Obiefuna
Peter Obiefuna Prije mjesec
Reality check: Apple users don’t listen to constant drivel of nay sayers. They know what they expect. They know when a product meets it. They buy that product and go on their busy day. A better reality check for you is not really how your personal life doesn’t match up with the channel’s somewhat bloviating theatrics. We know it’s just an act. And we overlook that. A better reality check is to ask yourself why you were so, so wrong, failing woefully to see what everyone saw. And yet you put yourself out as some kind of pontificator on technology, declaring your preferences as something that people should somehow give more than a passing attention. The AirPods you hated the most became the item in everyone’s pocket and the one thing Apple couldn’t make enough of. Ought to set a normal person thinking ... “How did I get it so wrong? What am I failing to see?”
Milad Kh
Milad Kh Prije mjesec
exactly why I love them
William Karlsson
William Karlsson Prije mjesec
Tbh. Used to hate on these but they grew on my as time went by. Tried to score em but sold out everywhere. Went to Thailand for a vacation and my EarPods with the cable were so annoying when sunbathing. Went to Bangkok and found em in iStudio ( no replicas ) bought them and I must say I appreciate them so much. So convenient, wanna go for a swim, open the case put em in. Done, back in my sunbed, open the case put em in press play. So darn convenient and the battery is great. I’m also a sound nerd but these works, it’s not like hifi audio but they will do the work for the average person. It’s a go for me and I can’t recommend enough.. regret that I’ve waited for so long!
Kanwar Anand
Kanwar Anand Prije mjesec
Happy to see you be more real. You’re the best.
Toronto3 77
Toronto3 77 Prije mjesec
Dude, you’re dope
The Shpee
The Shpee Prije 2 mjeseci
Now I know why kids in my high school wear these in their ears inside of regular head phones/ ear phones.
Isaac Sardar
Isaac Sardar Prije 2 mjeseci
Why do I fell like he already released this video like a month ago... 🤔
mmljwmm Prije 2 mjeseci
Mexican Chilly
Mexican Chilly Prije 2 mjeseci
I respect the wire society even if I still got air pods
Matthew773 Prije 2 mjeseci
These reasons to own them have always been the main reasons to own them 😂
jake smith
jake smith Prije 2 mjeseci
Ohhhh noooooo, you like an apple product, what a tragedy 😩 worried because you’re on the apple hating band wagon
Praveen Prije 2 mjeseci
xdgxg hngh
xdgxg hngh Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro deadass if 2 people are having an argument and you can STILL hear them when your air pods all the way and the volume all the way up then those 2 people must be loud as FUCK cause I can barely hear myself think with mine on
Just Some Dark Video With No Context
GaLAXy BuDs ArE BeTtEr
KingsmanXV Prije 2 mjeseci
I tried them the very first time at my friends house a couple days ago and I thought the sound was good. Nothing amazing but good.
gallo valdivia
gallo valdivia Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it me or are these guys hands kinda yellow lol
Twon Boogie
Twon Boogie Prije 2 mjeseci
Go settings Scroll down to music (click it) Scroll down and click EQ Scroll down and click late night You will think me later (works on all apple devices)
Beastmode-YT Prije 2 mjeseci
Omg Sony just like puts 5 million ear muffs in there head phones
Beastmode-YT Prije 2 mjeseci
Can you give me the iconic s10 fortnite skin
Lil Lamb
Lil Lamb Prije 2 mjeseci
AirPods suck ass
Donna Peroche
Donna Peroche Prije 2 mjeseci
Those airpods work better as suppositories, but you have to insert them one after the other. Putting just one just doesn't do it for most people.
cheeseburger Prije 2 mjeseci
H-MAN 0209
H-MAN 0209 Prije 2 mjeseci
In Australia no one cares about what you got
Doozy_01 Prije 2 mjeseci
BrUnOFnV Prije 2 mjeseci
Hahahahaha You should try a Jabra ones !!!!
lfyfain Prije 2 mjeseci
those are also the only earphones I've been consistently using ever. they just work and are very convenient. can't say the same about other earphones, wireless or not.
lfyfain Prije 2 mjeseci
this is what apple does best. on paper they are not as nice and functional as competitors, but whatever they do, they do it perfectly. as a consumer I don't care how many bells and whistles it has if I have to fiddle with so many irrelevant things to get to what I want. there are sooo many things apple got right on the very first iteration of their product. how many companies can say the same? also $160 is a bargain for those earbuds. so many years later, there still isn't a decent product that can compete with them. same thing with the iPad (where are the android tablets now? lol), Apple Pencil, watch, macOS, and Mac trackpad, many of which were launched years ago and the rest of the market couldn't even match the functionality and reliability today.
Ben Arocho
Ben Arocho Prije 4 dana
The Android tablets are folding into phones now so
Sharath Chandra Matturu
Sharath Chandra Matturu Prije 2 mjeseci
You will change your opinion once you use xiaomi mi air true wireless earbuds ($59)
Endless 8
Endless 8 Prije 2 mjeseci
I had no idea this was a 'meme'. Then again I don't follow brands I don't buy and I don't follow stupidity.
Robert's Shirt
Robert's Shirt Prije 2 mjeseci
They work better with the iPhone dunno why but my experience
Saaransh Sethi
Saaransh Sethi Prije 2 mjeseci
Airpod Gang Hit Likeee 😎
Moc12321 Prije 2 mjeseci
I sold my AirPods two weeks ago
TheFactaa Prije 2 mjeseci
What case was he using on his S10? In need of a case myself and want a premium looking case. Thanks!
Will EDC
Will EDC Prije 2 mjeseci
This is why people respect you. Bluntly honest. You said all the truths of the pro and cons. I basically stop listening to any earphones before I utilize it. That way I won’t miss the mediocre sound quality.
isa ahmed
isa ahmed Prije 2 mjeseci
am with you..i am ending to have one again
About 9 Pixies
About 9 Pixies Prije 2 mjeseci
What the heck is the tapping/banging noise in the background lmao ???
P P Prije 2 mjeseci
apple must of shit in lew’s cereal... he use to love apple i had to unsub with all the negativity over the past year or so
Nicktacular42 Prije 2 mjeseci
Jabra Elite 65T Lou! I promise you will love them!!!
Carlos Méndez
Carlos Méndez Prije 2 mjeseci
Had them, lost them... :’(
Sosig Prije 2 mjeseci
Join me brother
TheFlyingJew93 Prije 2 mjeseci
knocked it out of the park here on how i feel about my airpods. if i want good audio quality im inclinced to use over the ear. if i want to listen to my podcasts walking around they are awesome. super easy to throw them in the pocket
Ryan Prije 2 mjeseci
What's better, Jaybird RUN vs Apple Airpods for Rap/Alternative/Pop. Disregard the price.
Andrei Staicu
Andrei Staicu Prije 2 mjeseci
You are such an extremely biased reviewer, even when you try to make a pro apple review. F-ing amazing
E J Prije 2 mjeseci
I’ve been hard on you in the past about some tech videos you shared, but all in all you really seem to speak fairly and honest and this is why I keep watching you!
Jamal Taylor
Jamal Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
You dislike any phone without wireless charging but let small batteries and no headphone jack, and notches slide. You tout sound quality & comfort, but keep going back to the casual, easy airpods. You just want convenience and the least amount of effort required. You've settled for good enough and close enough. You built a talk show set and frankly, pontificate about products you haven't laid hands on yet.
iAdfyonse Prije 2 mjeseci
As an Apple fanatic this video has made my day but I feel like you still don’t give the full credit you wanted to give !!! But thank you
Antonio A.M
Antonio A.M Prije 2 mjeseci
it's not so much the sound quality, it's about the convenience of the buds. small, compact and nostalgic. headphones broke down to their simplest form.
alabala porto
alabala porto Prije 2 mjeseci
The s is again like I like samsung I don't like samsung I like mate x uhh not really
Emmanuel Izquierdoz
Emmanuel Izquierdoz Prije 2 mjeseci
Sorry I don't speak broke
Kyllian Masson
Kyllian Masson Prije 2 mjeseci
What about the Senheiser earbuds?
GIENDEIYS7 Casura Prije 2 mjeseci
I’m got them and my dog lost it when we was walking gottemmm lol
Geert Janssen
Geert Janssen Prije 2 mjeseci
that mic update tho, very clear with the cuts to the previous video
Adam Green
Adam Green Prije 2 mjeseci
Waiting for AirPods 2
Pulse Review
Pulse Review Prije 2 mjeseci
Bank Account: Don’t even think about it you broke b!+
Philippe Fanaro
Philippe Fanaro Prije 2 mjeseci
These are closer to earbuds not headphones, which cover the ears. Come on, man, try being more precise and researching more.
Connor Harris
Connor Harris Prije 2 mjeseci
I burned mine
Cody wood
Cody wood Prije 2 mjeseci
Taymur Khumush
Taymur Khumush Prije 2 mjeseci
Airpods 2 only need active noise canceling.
Wendybabendy Prije 2 mjeseci
They isolate well enough that my students can’t hear me... then again, they don’t hear me without them so you make the call... 🤣🤣
hellreza Prije 2 mjeseci
I use sponge tips on my airpods, they help keep them in my ear and sound a little bit better. bad thing is it covers the touch sensor making it useless.
Art Prije 2 mjeseci
Take it easy brother
Iram Casas
Iram Casas Prije 2 mjeseci
BOOM!!!! Is not about what it is, it’s about who made it. I say it before
Andrew Grace
Andrew Grace Prije 2 mjeseci
The real question is...How much is apple going to pay me?
Sasuke sama
Sasuke sama Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey lew try the new xaiomi airdots pro its a better airpods with much more isolation, ip rating and just for 80$
Lee Cason
Lee Cason Prije 2 mjeseci
These really should be 100 bucks. No interchangeable eartips, mediocre sound quality, no noise reduction (not even foam tips), etc. That's a fair price for the lack of those features
Tweed Prije mjesec
The convenience is really what sells them for most people. Auto-pairing is killer, battery life is superb, and making calls on these is almost what they're designed for. If you don't have an iPhone then its a tough sell, and understandable why some would rather look for alternatives (pixel/samsung/jaybird). As for audio quality, I wish there was a little more volume, the mid's/high's are very clear, but the bass is to be desired when they don't make a perfect seal in your ears (then again they are earbuds). So, while I wish they were cheaper, you'll find most other alternatives now are about the same price for this form factor anyway, and I've had mine for 2 years now and haven't really regretted the purchase.
gage hogg
gage hogg Prije 2 mjeseci
i thought he was going to say they were fake....
Jonathan Sofi
Jonathan Sofi Prije 2 mjeseci
i need to get this asap rocky
blackmensgrooming Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s like your asking to loose your ish by buying this type of product. The only way I’d buy that is with a neck connecting wire to the headphones and around my neck.
ivocoi Prije 2 mjeseci
Jabra Elite Active 65t. Smaller, much better sound quality, noise cancellation.
Ruth Allen
Ruth Allen Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm listening with my amberry pods
Dylan M
Dylan M Prije 2 mjeseci
I own 2 pairs. Get on my level biatch
Tom Jacko
Tom Jacko Prije 2 mjeseci
i love my airpods
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