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9. Lis 2019.



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Xavier Ramones
Xavier Ramones Prije 7 sati
It’s a phone case look at the video about bad photo shop battles
thedumb thezachary-morgan
Make a temporary yeet tattoo and code lazar
Tanishq Singal
Tanishq Singal Prije 9 sati
Why don’t you get tanner to pay her editor to edit your videos instead of paying rent.
Jenni Curtis
Jenni Curtis Prije 9 sati
Min3cr4ft G4m3r
Min3cr4ft G4m3r Prije 10 sati
stream lannan lachy is boring
Spicy Donut
Spicy Donut Prije 10 sati
Lazar thinks and worrying about lumps in his neck?? I believe drugs
Rebecca Pawsey
Rebecca Pawsey Prije 10 sati
I love you even more now. Anxiety is a nightmare as I have it and I know. Big hugs. Some days are better than others and some people do take the mick. I tell them I hope they never have to have it.
OG Squad
OG Squad Prije 10 sati
I’m subbed to Sam Dubs
Mahsa Nassirian
Mahsa Nassirian Prije 11 sati
Hi play fortnite
Mickey Flynn
Mickey Flynn Prije 12 sati
Real Gs remember madden
try to spell eye yam stew peed
LazarBeam/lannan: Suck my ______ HRvid: Prepare the coffin
Vector Wingsuit
Vector Wingsuit Prije 14 sati
Ww1 not ww2 btw
Erick Bracamontes
Erick Bracamontes Prije 14 sati
I got yeet tattooed it’s on my insta
lui2 l0pez
lui2 l0pez Prije 14 sati
S.S.C vlogs
S.S.C vlogs Prije 14 sati
LazarBeam I will always have ur back. Ur my favorite HRvidr. And I also have anxiety
Libby DeVooght
Libby DeVooght Prije 14 sati
I here you mate
unicornsRmanly YT
unicornsRmanly YT Prije 14 sati
WAIT! Lannan (Lannon?) said that he and Elliot are brother-in-laws... So he and Ilsa (Elsa?) are engaged.............(BTW I'm sorry if I misspelt the names I'm fairly new)
ryan coetzee
ryan coetzee Prije 14 sati
just make sure u dont get demonotization to ad to that anxiety
Aiden York
Aiden York Prije 15 sati
8:21 um Lazar .... That's the 1st world war not 2nd🤦🏻‍♂️
Freddy Fred
Freddy Fred Prije 15 sati
Cut the bum hair of your lips😈
Insert Text Here
Insert Text Here Prije 15 sati
Hey dumbfuck ellipses have THREE dots NOT two. I would rather have my wife give birth to an schizophrenic egomaniac than have a son who plays Fortnite for a living and can't use ellipses correctly.
Maria Aparicio
Maria Aparicio Prije 16 sati
Bro I know your pain I am 15 in Greensboro Georgia and Mann is anxiety hard, it has been the most stressful and difficult thing I have ever battled and it is not fun having those little panic attacks because it almost feel like your dying well that basically what you feel like.. your body feels week,headache, dizzy,heart race speeds up but turn out your fine and all type of shit But yea I know your pain bro
kay ?
kay ? Prije 16 sati
damn i have anxiety, depression and some ADD.. dont worry your not alone :)
O o f
O o f Prije 17 sati
Great job on making it on actual trending
yeetking codelazar
yeetking codelazar Prije 17 sati
Yeet use code lazar for season11 battle pass
Pixel Player
Pixel Player Prije 18 sati
Because of the title I thought he was going to have cancer or something
Aiden Oliphant
Aiden Oliphant Prije 18 sati
.where is the queen and u should make Make kids yeet tattoos
Jesus Franco
Jesus Franco Prije 18 sati
Don't die or cray will steal ur bitch
Kenneth Harms
Kenneth Harms Prije 19 sati
Just know Lannan, I will always wish the best
XxAvacodo_ CatxX
XxAvacodo_ CatxX Prije 19 sati
Ay yo, Anxiety checkkkk
Angel lopez
Angel lopez Prije 19 sati
I actually searched up yeet god lannan did show but also a bunch of random S**t did to
Gacha Potato
Gacha Potato Prije 19 sati
Lazarbeam: *says a cuss word* HRvid: I see you have chosen death as your option
Alexa De Santiago
Alexa De Santiago Prije 19 sati
I’m so proud of you Lannan. 😭❤️
Pops fishy
Pops fishy Prije 19 sati
Are you having a giggggleeeeEEeEeEe
el Kingderp
el Kingderp Prije 20 sati
Fortnite dies: lazarbeam: f**k why did I get this tattoo saying codes Lazar I knew it would die soon I knew it
Matthew Sanford
Matthew Sanford Prije 21 sat
random person in fresh s stream: every kill lazer beam gets i will donate 10 dollars lazerbeam: gets 3 kills
Trustin Williams
Trustin Williams Prije 21 sat
captain cactus
captain cactus Prije 21 sat
I know how u feel I have anxiety and depression but u always make my day. Thx so much.
Rodney Regan
Rodney Regan Prije 21 sat
Kate odell
Kate odell Prije 21 sat
who loves lazer beam at least 20 likes
Rio Omara
Rio Omara Prije 22 sati
Bots be like: LIKE IF U LOVE LAZARBEAM 👇 Don’t you fu dare press the Like button
Omniboi365 A hecking seal productions
Did he get copystriked?
Bob Pederson
Bob Pederson Prije 22 sati
Bring back madden please
Chrissy Nelson
Chrissy Nelson Prije 22 sati
Who are you in Free Guy?
Nicola Murphy
Nicola Murphy Prije 22 sati
You can't get enough of lazar beam
Ansaniti Games
Ansaniti Games Prije 23 sati
I'm 11 and I have bad anxiety Life is scary and I feel like I'm going to die 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿😭😭💩💩💩💩🙊🙊🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Ansaniti Games
Ansaniti Games Prije 23 sati
Ansaniti Games
Ansaniti Games Prije 23 sati
LB Good
LB Good Prije 23 sati
U f**king c**t! No one gives a s**t, THIEF. You steal felixes content. Those lumps are called knots, GeniASS! And you are aware that every single f**King thing u do is in someway related to pewdiepie. I can't believe you, you, you... ASS. NO ONE GIVES ONE ABOUT YOUR ANXIETY! IF YOU HAVE BLOODY ANXIETY THEN YOU WOULDN'T BE GOING Y**T ALL THE F**KING TIME. GROW UP. You think your cool and popular but your just dumb ass. Also YOU didn't bring minecraft back, PEWDIEPIE did. Also Felix has a way better Minecraft series.
Is Grass Green?
Is Grass Green? Prije 17 sati
I cant tell if ur being serious or not ima play it safe and stay back
Brenda Navarrete
Brenda Navarrete Prije 23 sati
Code lazar
Mic Laud
Mic Laud Prije 23 sati
It's to lazerbeam hes true blue he s a bastard through and through jk
AaroninSA Prije 23 sati
Oh you got anxiety? You're such a little nerd!
Colton Benkers
Colton Benkers Prije dan
Fake break up with ilsa to make Eliot mad at you.
Rigo Tirado
Rigo Tirado Prije dan
1:08 Me when i get killed by a bot who was camping
Savage GRaf
Savage GRaf Prije dan
It’s ok lazarbeam ur fans r here for u
Dfm Clan
Dfm Clan Prije dan
Lazarbeam: stop meming Elliot Me:you started it
WolfieWorx Prije dan
Lazar : Swears HRvid : Goes to snap fingers- Lazar fans : Ahem *all holding thor’s hammers*
Anime vibes 123
Anime vibes 123 Prije dan
rip frotnite
Jacob Alfaro
Jacob Alfaro Prije dan
You should make a fake tattoo that says YEET , so all us people that can’t get tattoos have YEET on them ,or code Lazar (merch idea)
Anshul Singh
Anshul Singh Prije dan
Haters talking trash and when lazerbeam shows middle finger haters be like 🤐🤐
Gloryrush gaming
Just had an anxiety attack over school work. The one time the HRvid algorithm understands me
Rozendaal Family
Code Lazar in the item shop
Anime Logic That Makes NO SENSE
*WTF* Minecraft Mods
i beat NINJA in fortnite
The Best Update EVER!
lazarbeam gets sweaty
Vreme je da znate...
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