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Welcome back to my channel! Thank you so much for tuning into today’s My Makeup Collection If I Wasn't A Beauty Guru video! Don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss any of my videos!
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Products mentioned:
Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Skin Perfecting Micro Powder in 1 Fair $45 - or
Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer in 2N $36 - or
Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer in 2 $62 - or
Pat McGrath -
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Victoria Beckham Beauty Cell Rejuvenating Priming Moisturizer $95 -
Armani Beauty Sun Glow Bronzer - discontinued
Chanel Joues Contraste in Jersey $45 - (use code INTHEBAG for free overnight shipping) or
Pat McGrath PermaGel Eye Liner in Blitz Brown $28 -
Sisley Le Phyto-Lip Twist in 7 $50 - or
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Emile Cordon Balm in Powdered Rose -
Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks $50 -
Tom Ford Soleil Shade & Illuminate Glow Sticks - discontinued
Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Duo $65 -
Westman Atelier Eye Pods $88 -
Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Peche $75 -
lilah b. Glisten + Glow Highlighting Skin Illuminator in b.enchanting $60 -
lilah b. Divine Duo in b.dazzling $46 -
Victoria Beckham Smoky Eye Brick in Silk $56 -
Tom Ford Soleil Contouring Compact in The Afternooner - discontinued
Denim dress from Muji
Nail polish - generic black gel from salon
Pearl earrings from MEJURI -
My big moonstone ring is from Lucifer Vir Honestus; pearl skull/gold ring from Lene Vibe. One-of-a-kind.
My last name is spelled Wang, pronounced like Wong
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Facts about me, for reference:
Age: 46
Skin Type: Dry/Sensitive - eczema prone, but occasionally combo
Skin Tone: Neutral (warmer in the t-zone; cooler on the cheeks)
For Foundation Shades I wear, please go to my blog -
I feature products of my choosing. I am not a makeup artist, merely a makeup and beauty enthusiast. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by companies which I will always disclose. Some of the links in this description box are affiliated. My opinions reflected in these videos are 100% my own.

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Kellan Pham
Kellan Pham Prije dan
Hi all, I just started a makeup channel. I hope you guys would check it out. That would mean a lot to me. Thank you guys and have a nice day❤️✨
theresa carruthers
theresa carruthers Prije 8 dana
Just realised that I have the same dress as you. Bought it last a Summer.
Donna677 Prije 17 dana
I have always done art too...and have always looked at makeup on the face as a canvas. So, is art on your face, But I loved makeup starting as a teen...however they were much more affordable than the items I consider purchasing now.
Ivelisse Del Valle
Ivelisse Del Valle Prije 21 dan
I recently found your channel and I absolutely love it. The first thing that attracted me to your channel is that we have similar hair colors, very dark hair with gray in the front. I also have eczema, and this is the first time that I see a makeup HRvidr be open about their struggles with eczema. I LOVE that there's no contouring in your videos I've seen so far. You seem so relatable and honest. I just thought I would share.
Illiona Prije 28 dana
You're such a wonderful storyteller Michele, I could listen for these anecdotes for hours... Very nice video!
Alice Prije 28 dana
Eczema gang rise up!
Yousra Yousra
Yousra Yousra Prije 29 dana
Omg they stories are lovely 🤗🤗🤗
AL Prije 29 dana
I also didn’t wear foundation until I was about 26 And I got a Nats tinted moisturiser.
springfallrain Prije mjesec
Love this so much! and everytime you say something I'm like, OMG Yes! from the art, fashion design, the magazine, the attraction and pull towards the packaging and the stories and connection .. to the wearable looks.. you're the best xx just the person I have been looking for!
Tallis In Wonderland
My love of make up started when me and best friend bought a Constance Caroll lipstick at the age of 13 at our local market. It was 50p and we took it in turns to have custody of the lipstick. It was quite sheer and pearlescent and we wore it for school without being noticed 🤣
Michele Prije mjesec
What an enjoyable video. You are a delight and I am a new subbie!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Welcome Michele!
Patricia Goodwin
Patricia Goodwin Prije mjesec
This was so cool to watch, hearing your fascination with the products. Sharing stories from back in college. You made this video so special, it was so fun! Thank you Michele.
Laura Sauriol
Laura Sauriol Prije mjesec
This was one of my absolute favorite videos of yours. It was so fun to hear your journey with makeup and I can just tell how much you really enjoy makeup. I can also completely relate to your younger self. I still don’t wear foundation or powder 99% of the time, even though I wear everything else.
bluejayz Prije mjesec
I feel like you're the big sister I never had ♥️♥️♥️ love your channel so much
Natasha Wheelock
Natasha Wheelock Prije mjesec
Your story with makeup is a lot like mine. I loved it in high school, but in my 20s, my skin became a mess. It reacted angrily to anything I put on my face. I had horrible acne and rosecea. I just winged my liner and threw on mascara for years. But in my mid 30s, my skin changed drastically. I've been watching beauty HRvid for about 5 years, but just last year, I found the courage to try a full face again. And I'm loving it. I'm 36 and I'm a baby as far as applying my own makeup. But I've found a serious passion for it and it's so much fun. You are a huge inspiration to me. I needed this reminder that its never too late. Makeup is for everyone.
Cristina Burman
Cristina Burman Prije mjesec
Love your channel! Can't believe I have not found you sooner. Cate the great sent me!!
nana L
nana L Prije mjesec
You are a storyteller, Michele... for me this is the best video on this theme... I have enjoyed watching and listening... thank you...
Ruby P
Ruby P Prije mjesec
I’m only a few minutes in but I love hearing about your ‘makeup history’ - thanks for sharing!
Christina Yasi
Christina Yasi Prije mjesec
I use the Dior concealer because I saw you use it! Best concealer ever!
Maureen Neunan
Maureen Neunan Prije mjesec
It’s hard to imagine you with facial excema - your skin is so gorgeous! I am having my first flare up, at the ripe old age of 63. It’s tough to deal with and I’m very happy you’re doing so well now! Love watching your channel - no one demonstrates skin beauty with makeup as well as you do.
loripaige Prije mjesec
Love the history! I was also in awe of McGrath's Armani makeup. I have all the original Armani single eye shadows & the brushes. I cannot part with the first single eye shadows no matter how old they are. I finished all the original fluid shears - the apricot, rose & bronze ones. They were amazing & still GA is my fave
bxgal347 Prije mjesec
Great taste Michelle!!!!!
callsgirl22 Prije mjesec
Such a fun trip down memory lane ✨ I appreciate how much thought you put into each item. Loved hearing more about “the 90’s” and why you still love each product. 💖
Laurie Weinberger
Laurie Weinberger Prije mjesec
The history of your love of makeup is so interesting to me. Being a child of the 60’s/70’s, we did not have the choices when we first went out to dabble in the makeup world. My first purchase ever in my young teens was from Yardley, and their eyeshadows came in an “eyeball” case! You screwed off the top & there was the eyeshadow! Such a great memory of terrible makeup which I was never allowed to wear, anyway! 😂
Ethan Prije mjesec
It was so nice to hear about your makeup journey. Thank you for sharing it with us!
Jane Lemberg
Jane Lemberg Prije mjesec
I have to laugh because my current makeup collection fits into one box, a Chanel gift box mind you, but one box. As I reached my 60’s, I don’t need as much, especially during the Covid pandemic.
Mariane Culek
Mariane Culek Prije mjesec
I am curious as to why you went too high priced makeup right away instead of drug store just to play with at first
Tra cy
Tra cy Prije mjesec
I am close to your age and I never got much into make up, mostly bc I didn’t know how to put it on, and I had really oily, hooded Asian eyes so eye make up always smeared or got eaten up or bothered my contacts. It wasn’t really until HRvid and the magic of eye primes and gel eyeliner that I properly got into makeup that I felt I could wear comfortably, which didn’t happen until I was in my 40s , the last 10 years.
Lynn Sanchez
Lynn Sanchez Prije mjesec
How do you compare the Chanel les beige to the tom ford liquid Illuminators?
Lovely to hear your back story Michele...thank you!! xx
I enjoyed this so much Michele! Loved hearing your history with makeup!!! 🥰
Dabbling In Colour
Dabbling In Colour Prije mjesec
Loved this!!! This is exactly what this video concept needs to be. Like you said, most videos I've seen of this type have basically been going over favorite products. What I love, is hearing the history and evolution of one's makeup journey. What products would they use or be drawn to without the influence of the online beauty space.
Brown Girl Bella
Brown Girl Bella Prije mjesec
WOW look at these numbers!! I remember you when sis! This is a fun video and I definitely want to try it on my channel. Congrats and let's keep these numbers CLIMBING!!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Thanks! ❤️
Kat L
Kat L Prije mjesec
Love this video and the stories behind your picks. I remember being obsessed abt Bobbi Brown and all the looks she created....I had to buy her books too 🤣
Kimberly L Ware
Kimberly L Ware Prije mjesec
Oh God, I would be so clueless, despite the fact I love makeup. Research would have been so much more arduous without my "make up girls (and guys)".
Channel M
Channel M Prije mjesec
Enjoyed watching it! I often gravitate towards your suggested bronzers and then I reconsider the ones I have. Love 💕
Kathleen Coomans
Kathleen Coomans Prije mjesec
Now you have to put them all on together and show us.....
krizzie ann rodriguez
Hi Michelle! i wonder if you could do a video reviewing the i think its new, the new 5 couleurs couture eyeshadow pallete in 689Mitzah. I trust no one but you when it comes to reviewing luxury brand like dior. Thanks! TAke care!
Sawsan Gamal-Eldin
Sawsan Gamal-Eldin Prije mjesec
Interesting. I thought I’d meet at least one Chantecaille product.
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
I only tried Chantecaille by chance, and I don't think I would have come across that brand, or been interested if it weren't for my constant testing and researching for the channel. I'm so glad I did!! Def one of the best parts of starting my YT channel 😃
Tressa G
Tressa G Prije mjesec
I love the way you speak and organize your videos, your voice is so calming as well. I think you deserve 1m+ subscribers, but I will definitely continue watching you for as long as I can!
DeathBeforeDecaf Prije mjesec
Everyone was obsessed with Pat McGrath in the 90s. Unfortunately I find many of her products disappointing and underwelming. Her eyeshadows are meh and her mascara is straight up cheap but overpriced garbage. Sad bc like Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown, she was everything in the 90s. Still find her super cool but I regret buying most of her makeup bc I want to love it and I don't. Oh well.
Really enjoyed this Michele! 🎨
Sandra Paul
Sandra Paul Prije mjesec
Hi Michele. Thanks for your video. I started using makeup 2 years ago at the age of 45. I started to use makeup because my husband asked me why I didn't use it. (We are together since 2011). My reply was "My ex was telling me that I was looking like a clown when I used it". Also I had rosecia problem not big but it was there. I started to watch youtube video and bought some makeup and used it and he was saying that he liked it. I Started to use it more often. I pushed it a little further when we moved from Italy to Canada, I was not able to do the artistic creative things I was doing in Italy, art restoration and painting, so he said to me ... makeup is like restoration in a way instead of restoring painting you restora faces .. funny but real in a certain way so I watched video about makeup and skincare for 1 years non stop and now I have my business as a makeup artist. My knowlede in color theory, meticulousness, chemestry, and uses of brushes all served me. I can now play with colors and brushes in another way. Armani Luminous silk is the foundation I wear at my wedding day. I am happy! Sorry for my bad English, Ciao!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Felipe López
Felipe López Prije mjesec
OMG! Loved that Pat McGrath story! So what did you thought when you heard that she was launching her own brand?
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
I was SOOOO excited. She came out with those lab kits much earlier and so I was pretty sure an entire line would be coming, but it was thrilling nonetheless!
Jess S
Jess S Prije mjesec
Really enjoyed your take on this
Hilarie Surrena
Hilarie Surrena Prije mjesec
Such an enjoyable video!
Rachel Xxxx
Rachel Xxxx Prije mjesec
Have you ever tried lash serums? I just bought one from revival lash! Hopefully it works for me!
Frances T
Frances T Prije mjesec
I mean, designing knit patterns IS designing fashion!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Vivian Taunton
Vivian Taunton Prije mjesec
Westman Attilier, wow those products are so beautiful, moisturizing and of course beautiful. The packaging is one of a kind. My new best brand.
Manuela Ichim
Manuela Ichim Prije mjesec
This was so fun to watch! I feel I know the Michele outside HRvid better 😊
CdnCinnamongirl Prije mjesec
This such an elegant, elevated and well curated collection based on personal passions. 10/10 loved!
Emily Titch
Emily Titch Prije mjesec
I loved your take on this video! Your makeup history and reasoning behind your interest in each product was so unique and fun to hear about!!! 💖💖💖
Cat Porter
Cat Porter Prije mjesec
Omg dying.....i grew up seeing "Makeup by Pat McGrath" in all the high fashion mags too and always wondered who is this amazing artist?? PM having her own line now that I have daughters? The best! Thanks for the nostalgia, Michele!! Loved this video. I also love the Surratt Lipsliques and I'm so tempted by the VB Satin brick eyeshadow...I have all her Lid Lustres and they are phenomenal.
Somdatta Guha Bakshi
Can you please do a tutorial on how to do your hairstyle😅?
SlowGaze Prije mjesec
I'm also a drawer/painter outside of YT and get sucked-in by high design and unique packaging! I've watched so many of these styles of videos, and yours is by far the most thoughtful, true-to-past and I loved hearing your reasoning. Story time with Michele can't be beat! You've inspired me to open up a little more in my own videos. Thanks for being you!!!
AnneP makeupandmore
AnneP makeupandmore Prije mjesec
I love this!!! Oh girl this was so interesting and to see what you would have been into. I love that you were inspired by artist supplies. I used to love Vogue magazine!
Alejandra Islas
Alejandra Islas Prije mjesec
Your choices sound so real. I have no youtube chanel, i don't work on anything related to beauty, and I have more than 1 product of each cathegory as other videos show. I really enjoyed this video 🙂
syeungy Prije mjesec
I love how your version of this video has all the memories attached to it! Not just the products you love right now 🤗
skeletondance Prije mjesec
Loved your take on this!
Andrea Garrett
Andrea Garrett Prije mjesec
Your top bun is super cute Michele! I honestly wouldn’t have bronzers if I didn’t watch HRvid. I always just wore a peachy blush and thought I looked awesome as a 👻 with pink cheeks.
Eunhee Jang
Eunhee Jang Prije mjesec
While almost all other videos on this theme all seemed to be focused on utility, yours is packed with story and nostalgia. This is what sets you apart and this is why I love you so much.
Melissa Lightstone
Melissa Lightstone Prije mjesec
No Tom Ford 😊 thought that you might have some glossier paint and EMCosmetics blushes - kind of artistic like.
stefani stephens
stefani stephens Prije mjesec
You’re just fabulous ❤️
Julia Woker
Julia Woker Prije mjesec
This is such a good video! You approached it so good. I do think that most of the HRvidrs wouldn’t have discovered a few of their mentioned products just because they wouldn’t have been youtubers. And they didn’t take this into account while creating their videos on this topic. So your approach was really fun and interesting to watch! 👌🏻❤️
R M Prije mjesec
I love this make up look! 😍😍
Makeup Ghost
Makeup Ghost Prije mjesec
I love your take on this tag. It made the topic more personal and interesting.
Mel Wythes
Mel Wythes Prije mjesec
I loved that Armani concealer too.
Suri Moskowitz
Suri Moskowitz Prije mjesec
On my third bottle of the vb moisturizer the best it really works
Alina Karasavva
Alina Karasavva Prije mjesec
Pat McGrath has been my beloved artist as well!!! She was also behind Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci make up lines as well as few other!!
Zara Skibola
Zara Skibola Prije mjesec
Michele thank you so much for your consistent work, I'm always looking forward to your new videos and morning coffee Xx
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Prije mjesec
I just love the way you have done this tag. You are so beautiful! 💐🌺
Dr Barbara Clark
Dr Barbara Clark Prije mjesec
Thank you again for a lovely and fascinating peek into your past 🥰 Your reaction to Fluid Sheer mirrors mine - what wizardry is this?! 😍 Funny, I was just talking about A Time Before The Internet with my other half last night. There just was no Wikipedia - so much information was just so hard to find. Thank you so much for all the fascinating and top-quality content you provide. i'm so happy for you that your channel is growing!!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Thanks Barbara, thanks for your support.
gabytalksmakeup Prije mjesec
This video was so great. I remember first being into makeup around 12, my mom would order Bare Escentuals off of QVC and I always wanted to play with her things. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I turned 15, and for my 15th birthday I spent it in France and Italy. I walked into a sephora for the first time at the Champs-Élysées and I was home. I later ended up working for the company for 5+ years, as well as Ulta management. Makeup is my complete passion. Have always loved it, always will.
Charles Alwyn
Charles Alwyn Prije mjesec
I just loved your stories about makeup. Thanks you for sharing!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Hattie Simpson
Hattie Simpson Prije mjesec
I loved your take on this!! I found it so interesting since we see so many favorite videos now I think this is perfect! It makes me want to do this but I don’t think I’ll ever consider myself a beauty guru haha!
Mary Donovan
Mary Donovan Prije mjesec
Why do Americans pronounce Eczema as Eggsamah.
1969Vanessa G
1969Vanessa G Prije mjesec
When I was young I loved looking at fashion magazines too, especially with black women in them. I would buy tons of them looking for women dress elegantly like my mother and grandmother in those magazines. I wanted to be a model back then. My olders sister, who was tall and looked a little like Iman with a squarer chin, went to NYC for a shopping trip and met a guy who said he was a fashion photographer. He gave her his card and said he wanted to photograph her for free. She thought he was fake and was simply hitting on her. She tossed his card on my bed. As the card lit the bed his name jumped out like neon lights. It was Richard Avedon's card. I immediately told her he's a real photographer and show her some his work I had studied for ever in my fashion magazine. She said no, she didn't want to be judge by the way she looked since she had nothing to do with that. She never called him. I went into medicine because of what she said.
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Wow, thanks for sharing! ❤️
Veranice Bishop
Veranice Bishop Prije mjesec
Hello Michelle, I really enjoying watching your videos, and your natural and simply way to explain things!!! Sorry English is my second language. You are a very nice and successful beauty lady !!! Thank you
Beatrice Siu
Beatrice Siu Prije mjesec
This was StoryTime with Michelle and I LOVE IT 🥰
Gina Garton
Gina Garton Prije mjesec
I really enjoyed this video! I loved makeup as a tween and teen in the late 80s and early 90s and really enjoyed making up my friends. When I got married in my early 20s and quickly had 5 kids, I stopped using it because life was hectic with also working full time as a nurse. In the past 10 years from 35-45, I have rediscovered my love of makeup, and it is fun at this age. I really enjoy your content, you put a lot of thought and care into your work and it shines through!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
🙌 Thanks Gina, glad you have rediscovered something that can be fun for you!
J D Prije mjesec
This was such a delight to watch!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Aw thanks for commenting and sharing. Maintain that calm!
Rachel Xu
Rachel Xu Prije mjesec
Thanks for sharing this. Your points are so mature and unique that def is standing out.
Jean Milan
Jean Milan Prije mjesec
Maestro Eraser was IT
Pam Jordan _ Pam FAM!
I wanted to be a Fashion Designer too... I also wanted to be a model. ... I was able to model, but then realized that 5' 4.5" in the US wasn't going to cut it. Plus I like eating ...Lol!=😂 😆 ... I only learned of Pat McGrath once I started watching HRvid. I blame you for my Sonia G obsession!😳... Lol😍
Pam Jordan _ Pam FAM!
Michele Wang of course 😊
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Thanks for watching Pam!
Pojwaree Lertsutthichawan
I would never had anything but blushes and loose powder before I found you !
Stuart Brickman
Stuart Brickman Prije mjesec
I would have a bunch of nude lipglosses. Chanel blush in a browny nude. No foundation, but maybe I would have gone nuts for the Westman Atelier and taken the lot. No powders or concealer but a simple eyeliner and no mascara
Caitlin Sollee
Caitlin Sollee Prije mjesec
Oh I miss that Georgio Armani maestro concealer! I would do the same-it was basically my only base product back in the day! That stuff was soooooo amazing!
anaisatravels Prije mjesec
I remember my mom wearing only Chanel. I’m a little older than you and I remember Pat’s rise. Near to see I was not the only one that noticed things like that. I got my makeup and skincare from Borghese, an Italian brand. They had a similar liquid illuminating product. I think that Europe was farther ahead of the illumination trend than us. I also remember the “three” motion. 😂 I think the eighties and nineties shaped how we approach makeup...monthly fashion mags, counters at the higher end stores, supermodels. So very different than by what my teen daughter is influenced now. I wouldn’t trade it. It made me appreciate good makeup and international brands. When my friends were wearing Maybelline, my mother insisted on higher end products. I can still hear her “this way you don’t have to load your skin.” I didn’t appreciate it at the time but now I think it really guides how I still do my makeup.
Icey Hielito
Icey Hielito Prije mjesec
💋We are the same age... and I relate on so many levels! Thank you Michele 🙏🏻
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Nflower Celik-Alvis
Nflower Celik-Alvis Prije mjesec
If I didn’t watch HRvid I would never have foundation, eyeshadow ,bronzer or powder. My staples were lipsticks, mascara and blush😊
Ms Nicole
Ms Nicole Prije mjesec
I love the concept of this video!! Knowing what you know now...I am on the fence about whether to purchase the CT Hollywood Flawless Filter or the Chanel Les Beige Highlighting Fluid you mentioned in this video....can you offer me advice on how they compare? Thank you! I appreciate your expertise!!
Ms Nicole
Ms Nicole Prije mjesec
Michele Wang Well said! Makes perfect sense now! Thank you!!
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
The Chanel les beiges is more of a straight-up liquid highlight. Where the CT product is a teensy bit more subtle and also thicker in texture. I've always thought of the CT product as pantyhose for the face. It blurs and has a bit of coverage with some glow.
Hey It’s Jackeline
I love listening to your journey into makeup Michele 💕 Love this video💖💖💖
Karla Schmid
Karla Schmid Prije mjesec
Michele is the consummate beauty lifestyle guru, she entertainingly and brilliantly explains and illustrates how a beautiful existence can be enjoyed. Thanks Michele!
Annemarie Timmerman
Annemarie Timmerman Prije mjesec
Hi Michele, loved loved loved the video, such a nice idea!!! My computer does not want to make emoticons at the moment and is a bit disturbed, sorry for that. But I have to much make up for someone not having a HRvid channel, I am an addict!!!! I am 50 years now, when being very young only using some eyeliner and lipstick and that was it. Later more, and only Clinique and European stuff, the things available here. But although I still love Chanel, Dior, Clinique, YSL etc and still do, I got bored and wanted to see more of course. When used to PMG, ND, Viseart and since a few months Sydney Grace eyeshadows, the more European brands are more boring. O and I forget the latest shadows of CT, much better than before, love Nars too, still, as well as Tom Ford eyeshadows but not everything is in my reach with that brand. Further? Hourglass came to The Netherlands too, I think more than a year ago now. Since I watch here, and you were the very first person I ever watched here, I was looking for reviews on TF shadows, I learn, and learn, and learn!!! I must say the older CT quads, I don't use them as much as I should, but now I have the better CT ones as well as the PMG, ND, Viseart, SG, I am not a make up artist and I hate to WORK for an eyeshadow. CT love the most of her stuff, love most complexion products, but that Pillow Talk quad, I have now also better brushes from Wayne and Sonia, but it still takes work than, also they other one, exagger eyes I believe. But love her latest quads!!!! Complexion make up products, learned also a lot about that here extra, love to hang out here on HRvid when I want to relax and will always follow, as the people here call you here, the beautiful luxury queen Michele Wang of course, love your channel, and your down to earth but also finetuned YOU, Michele!!!! Gonna sleep, hope my computer works better tomorrow, have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Annemarie Timmerman
Annemarie Timmerman Prije mjesec
@Michele Wang 😂😂😂😂 yes the computer behaved strange, but now: good!!!! Have a wonderful day, dear Michele!!!!🖐😘😘
Michele Wang
Michele Wang Prije mjesec
Thanks Annemarie, hope your computer woke up with emoji capacity!
Lola Fox
Lola Fox Prije mjesec
I am right there with you when it comes to Lilah B. The packaging! And the dang eye bricks from Victoria. So pretty!!!!! Our tastes are so so the same.
Dizzy Lizzy
Dizzy Lizzy Prije mjesec
That was so interesting Michele. Not only for the products, but to learn more about you.
Sarahi Avellaneda
Sarahi Avellaneda Prije mjesec
Love your Channel, real, cool and beautiful, thank you Michele !!!
Cathy Rocks Freckles & Age Spots
If it weren’t for HRvidrs, I’d only use Chanel and Lancôme and I’d have missed Wayne Goss’s palette.
Gianna S
Gianna S Prije mjesec
Great video Michele, very enjoyable 💖 I know I wouldn’t have 3/4 of the makeup that I have if it weren’t for HRvid. I know I would only have one eyeshadow palette - TF cocoa mirage. I would not have multiples of foundation, bronzer and highlighter.
Gracie Vee
Gracie Vee Prije mjesec
Well you'd have amazing picks!!
ROUND UP! Luxury Foundations