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My new box Chevy LS 6.0 review
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8. Srp 2019.

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Komentari 762
Kim Williams
Kim Williams Prije 9 dana
I like this young dude he living his best life and taking care of his responsibility as a man I like that big ups to you man 💯
Hollis Colin
Hollis Colin Prije 4 dana
@Buick Regal bruh u ain't never lied!!!!!!!!!
1cent Prije 5 dana
Kim Williams all white men not built the same either
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams Prije 6 dana
Mike Unt naw bitch he serves his country
Buick Regal
Buick Regal Prije 7 dana
@Chevy King Yeah don't have nothing and ain't trying to do nothing but bitter because someone else has a focus on what they want in life.
Chevy King
Chevy King Prije 7 dana
@Buick Regal you're right about that and those are the ones to they ain't got nothing going on and they life but hate on other people's success
Joshua Cowlin
Joshua Cowlin Prije 35 minuta
Nice ride 🔥
Ceaser Richardson
Ceaser Richardson Prije 4 sati
Nice whips bro......
Ali money
Ali money Prije 6 sati
DANG thoes charger rims are 🔥🔥🔥
Dontavis Dent
Dontavis Dent Prije 8 sati
Corey would you run us in the road or at the track
Kelton Boyd
Kelton Boyd Prije 10 sati
Get a battery tender for the vehicles you don’t drive everyday. The battery tenders will keep your batteries charged up. They will not over charged the batteries.
Hennessy The Bully
Hennessy The Bully Prije 10 sati
Man fuck a hater bro enjoy them toys.
datboichevy 17_
datboichevy 17_ Prije 11 sati
Take them forgitos off and put some swangas real h town shit
Natasha Clark
Natasha Clark Prije dan
Keep it up bruh you going to the top💯💯💯
Danny Rose
Danny Rose Prije dan
Get the 72 Cutlass an that 75 carlo
TeamUs Prije dan
What's up bro, nice car collection, but a few words of advice xo to the amount of haters in the world. Never show your house address and tag numbers in videos. Also I know you didn't put your wife's car in the drive way once you got the second box....if so that's cold.....keep up the good work bro.
Dallastexas05 Prije 2 dana
Badass the color the blue
mark moore
mark moore Prije 2 dana
Where you found those mirrors
Donnell Powell
Donnell Powell Prije 2 dana
🤘🏽That big ass lifted black truck is STR8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!! That old school box Chevy clean too bro 👍🏾
beastboi jackson
beastboi jackson Prije 2 dana
What’s the end song
FierrO SantoS
FierrO SantoS Prije 2 dana
Yo CJ wanna talk to you...peace fam
My Body
My Body Prije 2 dana
Dj ALLDAY Prije 2 dana
Zach Kronquist
Zach Kronquist Prije 2 dana
That mustang tho lol. No cap 🎓 badass box chevy fr fr. Cnttnwait till see da charger redune. Too. Man livin yo best life brotha keep it fresh. 🤘🤘🤘
DC izfocused
DC izfocused Prije 2 dana
Imma tell you rn, you just got a new subscriber. Nice whips mane!
Po Yo
Po Yo Prije 2 dana
Clean paint job mane...You need to get that under hood insulayion padding to protect your hoods paint from the motors heat..specially that gloss mane..Clean car mane
Richard Parsons
Richard Parsons Prije 2 dana
Naw nigga he sold you a lemon
Blaze team
Blaze team Prije 3 dana
No this is wat happen wen yo dad give u everything
Charles Gardner
Charles Gardner Prije 3 dana
Do ya thang young man
Carlos Borboa
Carlos Borboa Prije 3 dana
Fr tho u know Corey can pull any hyna he want so Carmen better not try cheat on him
Carlos Borboa
Carlos Borboa Prije 3 dana
U a real 1 homie 💯 u know what type of cars to get
CALI KING Prije 3 dana
Favorite car#Box Chev #Legendary Corey
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Prije 3 dana
Lol 😆 ya i know thats them old cars for ya but i love them. Too
reggie74 Prije 3 dana
I admire your flow dog.. Do YOUR thang...
Darrell Patterson
Darrell Patterson Prije 3 dana
Nice ride that color on it....
James Oppbad
James Oppbad Prije 3 dana
Central Fla.
James Oppbad
James Oppbad Prije 3 dana
Looks good ...
Lerodmcneill McNeill
Wat happened to the green car
Forever Blazin
Forever Blazin Prije 4 dana
Quan McCray
Quan McCray Prije 4 dana
I’m fucking with my dawg
Draco Ray
Draco Ray Prije 4 dana
Box on K.O Cuzzo aye u kill'd me though wit the "WHY MY SHIT WON'T START" face when u went 2 start it 😂😂 BLUE BOX 💪💪💣KEEP GETT'N IT,LS GANG
Shawn Robinson
Shawn Robinson Prije 4 dana
Great looking car
kevin brandon
kevin brandon Prije 4 dana
Look like u got ripped off you got money obviously spend it smarter my young brotha
King Lucci
King Lucci Prije 4 dana
Should blurr out ur license plate
Yessss siirrrr!!!! ✊🏾🔥💯
Arturo Gonzalez
Arturo Gonzalez Prije 4 dana
This is what happens when African American kid's stay in school, you have nice house clean cars and good future...
901memphiszay Tv
901memphiszay Tv Prije 4 dana
I didn’t know this mane liked old schools🔥
Sneaker Society
Sneaker Society Prije 4 dana
That box is one of the best out this bihh 😳🔥
Jameer Jones
Jameer Jones Prije 4 dana
No cap but box Chevys are my favorite also they are litt and cool you know😎💯✨
LeVelle Coley
LeVelle Coley Prije 4 dana
I don’t fuck with spinners but that dodge tho?? Rims crispy! 3 piece extra crispy no biscuit please. Blue box Chevy come out: Okay let Me get the Italian beef extra dipped, shit dripping. I’m done.
iiam Puma
iiam Puma Prije 4 dana
Who else thought the thumbnail was gta😂😂😂
Curt Cuzz
Curt Cuzz Prije 4 dana
ON ME...😂😂😂
Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball Prije 4 dana
Nigga is goofy as fuck... Clean boxes though
Salute Zooda
Salute Zooda Prije 4 dana
Tht ho nice but I got 10bands my box leave yo shi mines on 8’s too n I’ll race with the rims on
Shaquille Smith
Shaquille Smith Prije 4 dana
Give a Bass Demo of both of both cars
BoostedFairmont Prije 4 dana
IMO love all the cars but the hellcat needs stock wheels back or some drag wheels but that’s just me 😂