MY NEW HOUSE!! **Full Home Tour**

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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28. Lip 2020.



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Komentari 80
Olmr Gosh
Olmr Gosh Prije 7 sati
This is like MTV cribs house tour
Abil Ahmed
Abil Ahmed Prije 8 sati
Why can’t rug and Brandon all chip in with his mum and dad and move in to another house together and sell the house where the mum and dad are living now
Isaiah Olvera
Isaiah Olvera Prije 8 sati
Your house is dope asf bro, keep grinding
Supreme GDEM
Supreme GDEM Prije 9 sati
His master bedroom is literally a house inside of a mansion 😂
Vrus Bott
Vrus Bott Prije 9 sati
bro congrats on the house its really a castle
JuliaPlayzRoblox Yeet
wheres the bball court??
Deseree Ortega
Deseree Ortega Prije 9 sati
For sure Anthony is a roommate
CruelFN Prije 9 sati
TilerP Prije 9 sati
he’s already moved out tho he’s barely been at that house
landon rosalws
landon rosalws Prije 9 sati
don’t like it
landon rosalws
landon rosalws Prije 9 sati
sooo sad!!!!!!
i hope dennis moves in !
HaStA Ar
HaStA Ar Prije 10 sati
Roommates will be his relatives
HaStA Ar
HaStA Ar Prije 10 sati
How many times did he say "nice little area" lol
Kasi Smith
Kasi Smith Prije 10 sati
🔥 happy for you dude 🤙🏾
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Prije 10 sati
Sherman the vermin is most definatly a roomate
Angel Salas
Angel Salas Prije 10 sati
It looks like those horror movie houses
Oz Art
Oz Art Prije 10 sati
Jabin Moore
Jabin Moore Prije 11 sati
Can we just acknowledg that the front door was open the whole time😂😂
Sherlyn Amador
Sherlyn Amador Prije 11 sati
brandon and jackie are gonna recreate the shower scene from 365 DNI💀
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
no garage
Celeste Rosales
Celeste Rosales Prije 11 sati
Am I the only one who hears a ton of traffic ? That’s sucks
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
love the sun on the floor in the master bedroom as u enter
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
when is faze rug gonna do his house tour
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
u should play hide n seek
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
also the small office space downstairs u can use it to check the cctv if u have them or after installing them
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
bro u should get a basketball hoop in the background
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
u missed out the bathroom in the ground floor
JJV MEDIA Prije 11 sati
nice selection
Lety Garcia
Lety Garcia Prije 12 sati
Hey renhaan osman nobody ask about you
Ahiru no Sora
Ahiru no Sora Prije 12 sati
Brandon you need a house wife😂 it’s to big for one person.🥰
Giovanni Munoz
Giovanni Munoz Prije 12 sati
lil___ ab
lil___ ab Prije 12 sati
Ode proud of you bro been watching you since 100k subs bro I saw you grow into a really successful person and this really makes me happy bro keep it up 🖤
Queen Nataliee
Queen Nataliee Prije 12 sati
My mom has a bigger shower than u I’m a HRvidr too I’m going to do a house tour
Blu Prije 12 sati
I'm new to this channel, is this in Arizona?
yee m
yee m Prije 12 sati
You should redesign the whole house so it can look more modern. Like the bramfam's house.
Matchlesslime Prije 13 sati
im goiung to rob you home
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Prije 13 sati
When his master bedroom is bigger than your house eye 👁👄👁
NA CHXPA Prije 13 sati
Home relators trying to sell a house 2:49
MrFuturisticFunk Prije 13 sati
I’ve never had a room to myself 😰
Evit Prije 13 sati
The house is so old fashioned and dark naaah
Ropati Faasa
Ropati Faasa Prije 14 sati
yo Brawadis you should make a basketball court in yuor backyard
Dallin Albiston
Dallin Albiston Prije 14 sati
Bruh you will let James charles sleep in your room
ReCONsh6 Prije 14 sati
Click baiting Jackie paid off 🤣
Sierra Knowles
Sierra Knowles Prije 14 sati
lets talk about how for the first time he aint wearing a tee shirt and basketball shorts lmao, brandon kinda dripped out in this vid. buttt nah his house bigggggggggg
LeoWylds Prije 14 sati
U r a good guy Brandon, continue like that 🔥🔥🔥❤️
Rodrick Prije 14 sati
Where are your parents going to go? Aren't they living in you and Faze's house.
Alwin Bautista
Alwin Bautista Prije 14 sati
Who ever reads this will one day have a bigger home the Brandon oh and btw have a good day
Maya Rodriguez
Maya Rodriguez Prije 15 sati
I have the fealing it’s gonna be Noah and rug
Emmanuel Melendez
Emmanuel Melendez Prije 15 sati
Is he flexing his brothers house
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez Prije 15 sati
Brandon you looking good in jeans 😮
Patrick Myers
Patrick Myers Prije 15 sati
We’re the basketball hoop
YoutubePOW3R Prije 15 sati
If u said rugs house is bigger than yours than idk what to think
LazZer Prije 15 sati
Damn Brandon is a good person much respect to my guy he’s the legend even if he hates the lakers he respects Kobe I respect Kobe too I love lakers and the suns idk why I brought up basketball but I’m showing that he’s a nice person congrats brandon💖
Ishy Prije 15 sati
His closet is bigger than my house😂
Joe mom gay
Joe mom gay Prije 15 sati
When u realize his house is the mini version of his parents house
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres Prije 16 sati
I like the your new house
Ferhan GHERJESTANI Prije 16 sati
Did I ask
Vols 8
Vols 8 Prije 16 sati
I’m saying that your roommates are Booker, Clint, Mandi, Anthony, Jessica, and Rami.
Perception Prije 16 sati
I feel like you rushed to get this house you could find a better one with the same price or lower
Ryland Allen
Ryland Allen Prije 16 sati
Just saying the master bedroom is as big as my ENTIRE HOUSE
Reese Tran
Reese Tran Prije 16 sati
That looks like a wedding venue
Sullivan Payne
Sullivan Payne Prije 16 sati
Lghtz Prije 16 sati
Holy.. he’s cringe:/
jack tweedie
jack tweedie Prije 16 sati
Get rid of that ugly green rug
Kevinrr4 Hernandezrr4
Kevinrr4 Hernandezrr4 Prije 16 sati
Brandon is gonna catch Anthony living inside the wine room xd
Dillon Irwin
Dillon Irwin Prije 16 sati
What’s funny! Is, he got a bigger spendier house then Rug and his parents, all because he was the jealous son/brother. He wants to be better then Rug. If it wasn’t for Rug! He wouldn’t be where he is at! Lmao! Beautiful home! But childish....
Nath2904 Prije 17 sati
Isn’t that house from American pie or at least the kitchen is the same
Flaviano Maçon
Flaviano Maçon Prije 17 sati
Brandon your place is fire 🔥
Antonio Casillas
Antonio Casillas Prije 17 sati
brayn and jackie
Trey Gillis
Trey Gillis Prije 17 sati
Two of Brandon’s roommates are probably going to be Jackie and Anthony
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno Prije 17 sati
I like the new house
lazaRbeaM x
lazaRbeaM x Prije 17 sati
I can run in my bedroom but that's because I'm fat
Alex M
Alex M Prije 18 sati
congrats on your new house, it’s dope watching you grow up and be successful
Ashlin R
Ashlin R Prije 18 sati
I feel like the book shelf thing in the master bedroom living room is a secret room behind
zane.cuellar Prije 18 sati
Brandon and rug live together I’m calling it
Mr Kong io
Mr Kong io Prije 18 sati
The ads are soooooo annoying, we want to watch you not the ad!
Kimberly Ortega
Kimberly Ortega Prije 18 sati
Love how he's so excited! Warms my heart. Wish you the best always!
Calico Rex
Calico Rex Prije 18 sati
Yo or house is better then jake paul house
Xngarcia24 Prije 18 sati
2:20 your welcome.
Fatima Barga
Fatima Barga Prije 19 sati
So proud of you brandon, love you and you deserve the absolute best🖤🖤
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