Novak Djokovic: Hilarious Moments II

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He's one of the best players in the world, but he's also one of the most entertaining. In fact, Novak Djokovic has so many amusing highlights that we couldn't fit them all into one video. Here's our second compilation of laugh-worthy moments from our favorite Serbian tennis star.

They don't call him the Djoker for nothing!
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Komentari 100
Igor Mitic
Igor Mitic Prije 2 dana
Hostis Humani Generis
It’s nice to see such humour and compassion from a pro athlete. This guy is truly funny.
Slava Putin
Slava Putin Prije 3 dana
Kristina Burke
Kristina Burke Prije 5 dana
ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴏʀ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɴᴏᴡ I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii I lo stati di salute rispettivi prevenirlii
Trinity Chronic
Trinity Chronic Prije 5 dana
Yasmina Born
Yasmina Born Prije 5 dana
💙 Il est génial. 💖
M N Prije 5 dana
Nishant Senapati
Nishant Senapati Prije 5 dana
He's that alrounder kid in the class who is funny good with girls and also excels in studies.....
Jang Lee
Jang Lee Prije 5 dana
ahh i see the name Joker now lol
Asis Civies
Asis Civies Prije 5 dana
He is not funny!
Kuldeep Pravinbhai Dhanesha
Novak is legend... Would love to meet him....
Onel Garcia
Onel Garcia Prije 6 dana
i've said it before and i'll say it again..........aside from being world number one, Novak is the most personable, most likable player on the men's tour.... he's got so much personality.. the great Novak Djokovic.
Dr CAD Prije 6 dana
как эти кривляния противно выглядят...((( тьфу! никогда не был высокого мнения о психопате с балкан
Paolo Maatens
Paolo Maatens Prije 7 dana
Por ésto prefiero más a Novak que a Nadal o Federer...
Tony Newton
Tony Newton Prije 7 dana
he is hilarious.
manisha bharti
manisha bharti Prije 8 dana
So funny
Hi Miss
Hi Miss Prije 8 dana
I didn't even know he knows how to be funny 😂
stefan1 Prije 8 dana
Best tennis player of all time !
Adetuo Dzuvichu
Adetuo Dzuvichu Prije 8 dana
A great entertainer, one of the best tennis player, and one who i have never supported. Am a Nadal fan and have never supported him and Federer...
Andrii Bakhtiozin
Andrii Bakhtiozin Prije 8 dana
what a terrible laugh on the background
Safeer Butt
Safeer Butt Prije 8 dana
actually that's the reason that he is NO.1.
Hector Prije 8 dana
Novak just acts like a human being who is enjoying life... and not hurting others. Such a great role model for people.
nabil bouzenad
nabil bouzenad Prije 8 dana
Djokovic es una mierda racista . .....,punto
onus gumboot
onus gumboot Prije 8 dana
The afro wig will get him in trouble eventually, at least in America People have lost there sense of humor here
Aman Choudhary
Aman Choudhary Prije 8 dana
Can Djokovic overtake Nadal? Vote your favourite tennis player.
Hugo Castro
Hugo Castro Prije 8 dana
Para mí no solo es el mejor jugador del mundo y también el más simpático
Nole eres una pena, eres un personaje mundial, podrías dar mas como persona, eres un fiasco por eso tus padres aun hablan por ti
peacelovetennis10 Prije 9 dana
This is why he’s the best! Him and Roger Federer
Մուազեզ մեղր Վարթո
İşte önemli olan İNSAN kalabilmek 👏🎶
Desii prasaaran
Desii prasaaran Prije 9 dana
the great roger federer sir
Manish S
Manish S Prije 9 dana
So nice
Оксана Шошкина
Fernando Sanchez
Fernando Sanchez Prije 9 dana
Novak insincere ..He s not funny.. He's the Ellen of the of men's tennis. I'm one of millions around the world who see through this phoney. Also I have a prediction to really stir up the Novak apologists. He will be found out for P.E.Ds in the future..Think BALCO....
wise Human
wise Human Prije 10 dana
He kinda looks Messi
A.D Singh
A.D Singh Prije 10 dana
Djokovic is 100% been taking undetectable drugs for a long time. He must be thoroughly checked.
David Mauricio Alvarez
Made in Colombia
celebre inconnu
celebre inconnu Prije 10 dana
Il est génial ce garçon. Il est meilleur et numéro 1! Bravo Novak! On t'aime et on t'es souhaite que tu sois au sommet de tennis mondial encore plusieurs années.
Santoshi Dhurwe
Santoshi Dhurwe Prije 11 dana
NAWAF Oud Prije 11 dana
You have to read about islam and im proud to be muslim Go and listen to Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and Sheikh Zakir Naik and Sheikh Yusuf Estes
BTBDech Prije 11 dana
It was too long ago... :/ Now he's just unbearable on courts...
E E Prije 11 dana
Amit Rathore
Amit Rathore Prije 12 dana
Maria Sharapova is the women behind which made me watch this game ...for her
Michael Nickname
Michael Nickname Prije 12 dana
1:56 new balls please
Hnin Wai
Hnin Wai Prije 12 dana
Love You
Fusion72 Prije 12 dana
Very fun to watch. Andre is a blast to watch too (when he doens't take it too far). I never got what the animosity was about with Djokovic in the locker room. Maybe he's a different guy there. But, I always thought he brought some of the most fun to the court.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob Prije 13 dana
I didn’t realize he was so dam funny
Darko Sola
Darko Sola Prije 13 dana
So this guy gets kick off from US Open ? Come on...
mohit bansal
mohit bansal Prije 13 dana
last one is something called being humble and respect others regardless of their profession...this doesnt even belong under this title
mallowhawk294 Prije 13 dana
Was that Serena in the thumbnail? If so where is that part I don't feel like watching through the whole thing?
mallowhawk294 Prije 12 dana
@Darko Sola thank you gangnum style lol
Darko Sola
Darko Sola Prije 13 dana
roger5173 Prije 13 dana
he reminds me of ilye Năstase
Diego Brown
Diego Brown Prije 13 dana
7:38, dude shut up. LOL
Gopala Chandra
Gopala Chandra Prije 13 dana
NOVAK always favorite tennis player and he is no 1 forever and he will get highest Grand Slam
ابراهيم مهدي
بالعافيه عليك جوگفچ
Fabeon Shaw
Fabeon Shaw Prije 14 dana
He is such a nice guy I enjoyed watching him on the field playing tennis 🎾, an awsoooooome guy DJokovic, he so playful, brings so much joy in his games
topografer Prije 16 dana
Of course the best and funniest guy in Tennis would be Serbian. Greeting from Greece brothers
Abhisugi0715 Suabhi
Abhisugi0715 Suabhi Prije 16 dana
He s awesome yaaa... sooooo sweeeettt...very lively....
Valentina Sremcev
Valentina Sremcev Prije 16 dana
Nole 💖💖💖🇷🇸
Никита Карманов
7:07 neimar?
Sam Martinez
Sam Martinez Prije 18 dana
This clown belongs in a circus
Leonora Caldeira
Leonora Caldeira Prije 19 dana
I Love Djokovic.
Vin Goldblum
Vin Goldblum Prije 19 dana
Common who can not like this guy he is pure greatness, even in the jokes on him ,Regards legend
BeBa Beauty
BeBa Beauty Prije 22 dana
i love u djoko
Carlos F
Carlos F Prije 22 dana
World-class athlete and human
IONE Pinheiro
IONE Pinheiro Prije 22 dana
Gosto de mais do Nole
IONE Pinheiro
IONE Pinheiro Prije 22 dana
Muito bom
Krzysztof Kozłowski
Krzysztof Kozłowski Prije 23 dana
Mathieu Marsille
Mathieu Marsille Prije 23 dana
Ouiiii Novak !
Shreya Bhatt
Shreya Bhatt Prije 24 dana
He is so cute ❤❤❤❤❤
Compiler Run
Compiler Run Prije 25 dana
It needs courage.
eduar ed
eduar ed Prije 25 dana
Tennis need this lol...he is good at tennis and having this moments hey give him credit!
shashikumar g Dodmani
shashikumar g Dodmani Prije 26 dana
But it's sad that he is disqualified
Yuri Renato
Yuri Renato Prije 26 dana
I'm a huge Federer fan, but i see some bad respect over Novak. He deserved more respect!
Dibyakar Sahu
Dibyakar Sahu Prije 27 dana
In first copying Maria Sharapova
Phaedra Backer
Phaedra Backer Prije 27 dana
Bravo Novak.
Charan K
Charan K Prije 27 dana
He is a djoker....hahaa
donronn 71
donronn 71 Prije 27 dana
Violeta Sanchez
Violeta Sanchez Prije 27 dana
grande nole
Beast Mark
Beast Mark Prije mjesec
The funny guy, the entertainer but most of all the best sportsmanship ever...
Ljillja Todorović
Ljillja Todorović Prije mjesec
The best 👍👍👍
Isabella_The Gamer
Isabella_The Gamer Prije mjesec
My fav tennis player :)
Isabella_The Gamer
Isabella_The Gamer Prije mjesec
AU KIRANKUMAR Prije mjesec
Jovial Djokovic
Pam Kowaski
Pam Kowaski Prije mjesec
Tennis can be so boring to watch, so he makes it more pleasant
LJ PM Prije mjesec
Nole 🤝👍👍🤝🤝😉😉
LJ PM Prije mjesec
Daug lLoin
Daug lLoin Prije mjesec
Man with beauty
Daug lLoin
Daug lLoin Prije mjesec
Haye Novak fun hilarious
Living Logically
Living Logically Prije mjesec
Best guy in tennis rn
Vanessa Noblat
Vanessa Noblat Prije mjesec
Just watching it in 2020 due to coronavirus. Just loving it
G K Prije mjesec
That's called Sportsman ship and an Entertainer.👍
Dusik Padtong
Dusik Padtong Prije mjesec
4.05 i love tht scane.. Haha
Waidya Rathna
Waidya Rathna Prije mjesec
Official Aditya Powar
I think his the mentle
Paitoon Khemapanon
Paitoon Khemapanon Prije mjesec
Arun Paliwal
Arun Paliwal Prije mjesec
The only joker... everyone loves !
Alex Beba
Alex Beba Prije mjesec
To Nole 💜🍀
Herdee Francisco
Herdee Francisco Prije mjesec
I am sorry for what happened recently it was unintentional but yes rules are rules but I hope Djokovic are happy again like on this video.
KIREET PANDEY Prije mjesec
Novak mentally the strongest player on planet and a awesome human being
Damien Garbutt
Damien Garbutt Prije mjesec
He's like the Usain Bolt of tennis.
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