Off-Road Jaguar V12 Full Build

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Time to build our next Gambler 500 rig/Off-Road Build. This year we started with a 1989 Jaguar XJS V12. These car are infamous for bad electronics and our Jag was no exception to the rule.
After purchasing the Jag for $1,000 we drove it three blocks and our fuel system failed. in an attempt to get the beast running again for the Gambler 500 we ripped off the whole fuel injection system and carbureted the beast with an Edelbrock 1906.
This is our ultimate Off-Road Conversion!
Wheels - 16" Konig Runlites in Matte Grey
Tires - Falken Wild Peak M/T LT245/75/R16
Music from Epicdemic Sounds (A site with thousands of Royalty Free Tracks For HRvid Videos)
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6. Srp 2019.

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Grind Hard Plumbing Co
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Uriel Eduardo Camacho
uuuffff men uuuffff
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy Prije 6 dana
@YeehawTV yes..... Bitchface
YeehawTV Prije 7 dana
casualkarts Prije 7 dana
Just got some mint stickers should I buy a shirt now @grindhardplumbingco
Chris McRoy
Chris McRoy Prije 9 dana
Around 4 to 5 mpg.....
Pertinent Paradigm
Pertinent Paradigm Prije 7 sati
Damn Fellas went beast mode! As always... and I just found this channel last night, been binge watching. Say that 3 times fast!
Phil Gudet
Phil Gudet Prije 9 sati
YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I love these Jags and I've always wanted to do a stupid crazy offroad build with one! Thank yoU!
Jay Martius
Jay Martius Prije dan
ill take the leftover jag parts if you dont need them bc i have an 85’ jag v12
BOWN Prije 2 dana
Y'all should start building and selling these Barbie buggies.
Nicholas Gionet
Nicholas Gionet Prije 2 dana
please put rally style fog lights in the front
Dick Shingles
Dick Shingles Prije 2 dana
i love how it wears its old head gasket, kinda like a war trophy
Thomas Paul
Thomas Paul Prije 3 dana
I hope you guys don't mind some razzing. 'Koz here it comes. You went from FI to carbeuration?! Are you nuts?! Why not just convert the thing to steam power and be done with it? How do you even get fuel into the cylinders without injection pressure? There can't be any real vacuum. Leave the Dune Buster Barbie ATV on the roof. That's your ride home. And spacers on the rims? Who needs alignment? One last question and I'm done. You gotta tell me, was the very last deLorean in the US gone when you started this project?
Thomas Paul
Thomas Paul Prije 3 dana
How can something so stupid be so cool?!
Fake Uber
Fake Uber Prije 4 dana
Tunnel ram?
Fake Uber
Fake Uber Prije 4 dana
You could put if your crazy enough put 6 carbys on it
Fake Uber
Fake Uber Prije 4 dana
Which is basically what you guys do Good job 🤙
Kay Challis
Kay Challis Prije 5 dana
I take it back, this XJS build is cool
Max Canto
Max Canto Prije 5 dana
Super awesome build, so unique and fun. Also seeing a fellow Cadkey 98 user to draw up those exhaust gaskets brought me back to sitting with my grandfather as a little kid learning CAD. Very cool to see someone else using a software that can no longer be found
OriginalGamerOnline Prije 5 dana
Descent work on the intake, but you wasted all that time by not adding any plenums or baffles to control & direct airflow once inside the intake. Your sitting on nothing but heated air, because it's not being directed by the intake. That is a very narrow area for air to circulate into the rear of the intake, basically choking the front & rear intake plenums.
Rustic Prije 6 dana
So, what's the math behind the fuel just dumping into the box? How is each cylinder equally pulling the same amount of fuel, as any small descrepency could alter that?
Aron Miles
Aron Miles Prije 6 dana
Curious, why not make one piece manifold pieces?
Mango Prije 6 dana
The king of Jags already exists Google Rust 2 rome BLACK PEARL
Tucker Donald
Tucker Donald Prije 6 dana
Hear me out: twin carbs with a scoop Or even stick a supercharger through the hood
paisa1990ac Prije 6 dana
For people with no fancy cnc machine. You could of cut the flanges of the old manifold and weled ur pipes from it.
Danylo Varshavsky
Danylo Varshavsky Prije 6 dana
Why are these guys a 'plumbing co' if they do car stuff??
fixer good
fixer good Prije 6 dana
That jaguar is amazeing, cant wait make a build of my own to gamble next year. Thanks for the sweet video
Beth Colvin
Beth Colvin Prije 6 dana
So cool! You might like my husband's Jag pickup build. Here is a link to the video of his finished Jag. He also has some build videos on his channel.
Colin Lane
Colin Lane Prije 6 dana
i watched this while copying the Qur'an into a discord server. very helpful
Mason Sheffield
Mason Sheffield Prije 6 dana
This has to be one of the best automotive videos in HRvid history!! Look what these guys can do with a full arsenal of tools.... wow! Rock on Grind Hard Plumbing Co!!
Dominik Bundy
Dominik Bundy Prije 6 dana
they works in the middle of the Woods but i cant see any mosquitos and he works under the light interesting
Levi Baldridge
Levi Baldridge Prije 7 dana
Ahhh you had the opportunity to duel carb it
Trevor Claar
Trevor Claar Prije 7 dana
That’s amazing but you should use two carbs
Rex Powers
Rex Powers Prije 7 dana
Now thats one mean lean gamblin machine ol son!! Awesome job, love the way you put the video together with cnc/lathe action. To cool.
LogicalJay Prije 7 dana
Loved this! Seriously grinning the whole video.
Maxwell Harmon
Maxwell Harmon Prije 7 dana
the title should be: how to build a tunnel ram intake manifold for any car. or how to convert any engine from EFI to CARB. Super cool vid and a lot of good info that could be used for a lot of different stuff. thanks guys!
Leigh Haines
Leigh Haines Prije 7 dana
you killed it with aerostart.....
Apocalypse92 Prije 7 dana
my only request that you add to this beauty is an external role cage i think it would set it off
HA_VE Prije 7 dana
ah, the flashbacks to Top Gear India special are strong in this one. Lov ethe build, especially the quick fix of the dead cylinder. Didnt know JB weld can be used like that
Juan Carlos Montaño fuerte
me encantan sus videos no me pierdo ninguno 💙 suban mas con traducciones la verdad no entiendo aun totalmente el ingles aun:C pero buenos videso😎👏
m 88
m 88 Prije 7 dana
you need intake restrictors in the runners under the carb. else the back and front cylinders will lean out considerably.
Stuart W
Stuart W Prije 7 dana
dig the synth-wave jams!
tony zooks
tony zooks Prije 7 dana
Don't trust the British rubber! some GM parts swap over to it as well. Kirby Palm wrote the bible on those cars. My father has a 1990 XJS v-12 'vert and has gone through a lot of the heat aches. cars have loads of potential but poor execution. cheapest v-12 out there
Ross Bradley
Ross Bradley Prije 7 dana
Great job and amazing video. Saw you guys the Friday before the Gambler on the side of Hwy 97 as I was headed north. I did a huge doubletake and told my buddies about the V-12 (turns out. V-11) Jag I saw with intake tunnels sticking out of the top.
D B Prije 7 dana
Those long tube plenum runners just killed any useful low-end power.
Troy Watty
Troy Watty Prije 7 dana
MuchFly Wow
MuchFly Wow Prije 7 dana
thanks for the greatest content on youtube and sensible merch pricing, just bought a shirt and some sticks!
El Sibarita Del Castillo
Nada como un V 12
10000 subs with no videos
Off-road Jaguar v12: exists Buggy: am I a joke to you?
Hayden Hollywood
Hayden Hollywood Prije 7 dana
why go from a fuel injected system to a carbi system?
Lowveld Design
Lowveld Design Prije 7 dana
22.28 GOLD!
hiddenspeak Prije 7 dana
plentiful satisfaction...BEWARE ,seizure alert !! LOTS OF RETRO FLASHES 🤩
casualkarts Prije 7 dana
you can go check just bought some stickers debating on buying a shirt love the videos man keep it up
bigghoss762 Prije 8 dana
Didn't Ford own Jag at one point? Coyote swap anyone? No? OK.
Albert Ayars
Albert Ayars Prije 8 dana
saw this at gambler town!!!... with the head gaskets on the back and the air cleaner out the hood I thought it was a 350 v8 swap... now I find out it was a true Jag v11 the whole time! Nice work boys!
James Babb
James Babb Prije 8 dana
It needs two carbs !!!!!
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Prije 8 dana
never go full retard
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