One Child Policy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses China’s one-child policy, and all its consequences, intended and not.
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7. Lis 2019.



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Komentari 11 849
Insomnia NineThree
Insomnia NineThree Prije 14 minuta
China is shit
MrSouthern34 Prije 40 minuta
Yeah but Steve Kerr and the NBA say China is cool, so......
R N Prije sat
I’d like to hear about the One-China Policy
Philip Zahn
Philip Zahn Prije sat
More than a third of my countries population is the amount of chinese men who will never get married. Depressing. 😔
Just an Ape
Just an Ape Prije sat
We all know you are a good progressive leftist boy based on today's standards. But please let us know about your opinion on how long will it take... for you to be forced from alphabet Mafia to apologize for making fun of people using Life-Size dolls? Now, you might think you're safe for now, but trust me dude, in couple of years you will be eaten by your own!!! As things are progressing right now... Buddy I suggest, be prepared for hell! Friendly advice.
calvin0416ny Prije sat
China is ripe for a tech disruption. Anyone wants to invest in my wife sharing start-up WeWife?
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic Prije sat
Oh now liberals are against abortions... Interesting
Stephen2462 Prije sat
We've always been against FORCED abortions. JO already explained this at 11:18
Johann Popper
Johann Popper Prije sat
Sure, it's very easy to distinguish between being pro-choice and anti-forced abortions, on basis of who decides -- for early abortions or non-viable situations. However, one of these points of view only considers the woman; the other point of view considers both the woman and the 9 month old infant that was butchered and dumped in a mass grave after selling the organs. And that murdered infant was probably a little girl. The only reason Oliver goes out of his way to point this out is to sort of sweep the details under the rug because the unlimited abortion lobby is so powerful in the U.S. Otherwise, good expose.
Johann Popper
Johann Popper Prije 49 minuta
@Stephen2462 Please state how I mischaracterized anything, otherwise you're taking your own worldview for granted without examination. As to your second point, what's backwards or forwards is a point of view, not an absolute, nor is the constitution a religious/dogmatic document. It provides a structure with interpretations of law that change over time until actual legislation clarifies definitions and values for longer periods of time until they are perhaps changed again. Roe v. Wade wasn't supposed to end the abortion debate. It was supposed to give pro-abortion people time to pass majority-supported legislation to amend the federal constitution. Alabama is one state out of a 50 state federation, of which less than 10 states might ever pass such a restrictive bill, and in which the mainstream media and the rich are quite obviously 100% pro-choice. So, how does one territorially democratic decision from one relatively minor, non-industrial state, prompted by changes in the Supreme Court -- which test of federal interpretation of law is absolutely a constitutional function of government -- affect the overall situation? Moreover, the Alabama law provides exceptions and allows abortions in cases where the mother's physical or mental health are at risk, or where the fetus is seriously ill and will not survive. Since those are most of the reasons cited by pro-abortion advocates for why abortion must remain legal, I see no obstacle to obtaining abortions in Alabama, unless one wanted an abortion for arbitrary reasons, like sex selection or due to poverty (the solution to poverty is socialism, not aborting enough poor babies to break even). Were Roe v. Wade to be overturned shortly after this November in reaction to the Alabama law (it won't, the Alabama law will be overturned), since the constitution is a living, breathing document meant to reflect the general and distributive will of the self-governed, would you still wish to uphold the new constitution yourself, or would you seek to change it again? You would seek to change it, as you should. That is what the American system is all about -- orderly and non-violent political change to prevent civil war.
Stephen2462 Prije sat
Putting aside your mischaracterization of the concept; It's not though? If it was, we wouldn't be seeing backwards unconstitutional laws like the one passed in Alabama not too long ago.
hardened hoplite
hardened hoplite Prije 2 sati
Dumb leftist retard john oliver
Stephen2462 Prije sat
Dumb triggered conservatard hardened hoplite
Jonnie Brim
Jonnie Brim Prije 2 sati
Isn't China overpopulated?
Stephen2462 Prije sat
@Jonnie Brim Yes, it is. The issue isn't just total population, but because much of the country is neigh-uninhabitable mountains and desert. You'll note that Jo didn't argue against the concept of population control, but rather the Chinese' government's authoritarian methods and their failure to learn from them.
Jonnie Brim
Jonnie Brim Prije sat
@Gaz Matic No dude it's definitely overpopulated
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic Prije sat
@Jonnie Brim population density
Jonnie Brim
Jonnie Brim Prije sat
@Gaz Matic How you figure that?
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic Prije sat
Katharine Horowitz
Katharine Horowitz Prije 2 sati
Thank you for acknowledging that you can be pro-choice AND anti-forced abortion. Because there are many anti-choicers out there who seem to equate the two, and who would have no hesitation to exploit that poor woman's story in order to promote forced birth.
Martin Papp
Martin Papp Prije 3 sati
John fails to understand or selectively ignores the fact that all the consequences that he thinks are terrible, are consequences that the china regime is willing to accept. Nothing in that video would make Chinese officials think twice. To them these are petty concerns in comparison to world domination and the greatness of the middle kingdom.
Stephen2462 Prije sat
I kind of get the impression that was the real point of this video. That this sort of ham-handed authoritarian crap is how the Chinese government operates.
Moonlit Prije 3 sati
John Oliver is a sexy cartoon. 😂
SVAFnemesis Prije 3 sati
People laugh at these policies all the time but I do wonder what would another governing ideology do when they face a population crisis. I'm not defending anything but critism is only valid with a suggestion.
David Lefebvre
David Lefebvre Prije 3 sati
Its a little ironic your saying communist China is bad and your a democrat.. wtf
Enki Enlil
Enki Enlil Prije 3 sati
They were ready to take the step but not ready to face the effect
kopi bin
kopi bin Prije 5 sati
And yet ya'all cant get enough of products manufactured in China
Vasanth KP
Vasanth KP Prije 5 sati
Hotstar (now part of Disney) has edited out the Disney's animation part from this episode on their India streaming service. shame on Hotstar and Disney for censoring content on the Internet
Yokohama Lion
Yokohama Lion Prije 5 sati
This guy loves to hear himself talk.
Norman Ingrassia
Norman Ingrassia Prije 5 sati
just read the dark road by Ma Jian
Ritik Rawal
Ritik Rawal Prije 5 sati
When will you do a show on Indian economy and corruption ?
Sam Tam
Sam Tam Prije 5 sati
Where are all the butthurted people from China I can't see shit in the comment section Oh they can't even use Google never mind
markman manmark
markman manmark Prije 5 sati
this guys a scumbag swamp rat
Chaostheoryrulz Prije 5 sati
Lol, the Chinese people are so easy to manipulate.
OhPlease a
OhPlease a Prije 5 sati
USA should implement the no breeding policy when you are a descended of a fukrockers or orange.
Cha Keeb
Cha Keeb Prije 6 sati
one of your weakest episodes to date. and some head-scratching correlations to say the least. Fewer kids increases political control? How exactly? McDonalds and the fast food industry enter China in the early 1990s. Then "Little Meatballs" appear, the reason being the 1-child policy? Even if you want to pursue that line that kids are being pampered now, isn't that a direct contradiction of your earlier claim that having fewer kids does not increase the quality of these kids' upbringing? Why report population gender disparity in absolute figures and not ratios? What's the significance of 34m in a population of 1.5+b? The gender ratio was actually 1.048 in 2017 (source: statista) while the same ratio worldwide is about 1.01 (wikipedia). An issue surely but a grave one? Hardly. The same argument made about ageing population and economic challenges is reciprocated in many European countries where fertility rates are far below 2.1 (needed to sustain the population) and that with governments mostly supporting and encouraging child birth. Higher education, female emancipation, environmental awareness all lead to the same result. In fact, the only way European populations are not decreasing in numbers is immigration. A whole segment on the issue and you fail to mention a single benefit of population control. Income and quality of life has indeed increased exponentially in China over the past decades. Not to mention that the policy has led to 1.3 billion fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2005 ( I am not pro forced measures and absence of choice by any means. But family planning should be a thing (regardless of religious lobbying and protests). Even your compatriots call for it:
旺旺读文献 Prije 8 sati
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson Prije 8 sati
This is exactly what leftists want here in America.....a giant police state and the wholesale murder of anyone who disagrees....fuck are the real fascists
Stephen2462 Prije 14 minuta
@Chad Thompson So instead of even bothering to respond to my arguments, you just spout more idiotic insults obviously pulled from conservative propaganda. Wow you're a dumbass. Probably because those are two completely different situations and you're ignoring a truckload of context in order to draw false equivalence. No they didn't lol. Not really. I was largely ambivalent towards him, as I am now.
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson Prije sat
@Stephen2462 remember when you guys loved Julian Assange but because he has the goods on your God Hillary well now he is a traitor
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson Prije sat
@Stephen2462're a fucking zombie....brain dead cuck leftist that does whatever CNN and MSNBC tell you 2004 anti- war but now all about protecting those Kurds and concerned about ISIS(whom Hillary and Obama created)
Stephen2462 Prije sat
@Chad Thompson Are you seriously trying to convince me that you know more about what I want then I do? That's hilarious. Lolnope. I even had to look up what CPUSA is. Is that a homophobic slur I see? So you're outing yourself as a bigot now? Because the Brit in question excels at discussing various topics in an entertaining way. And because said president is incompetant, blatantly corrupt, and an asshole. Aaand now you're just spewing lame insults. By all means, keep saying things that make you look stupid.
Chad Thompson
Chad Thompson Prije sat
You're all card carrying members of CPUSA ...Why do we have a fucking Brit running his cock holster about my President?.....go back to your Islamic country you limey fuck and suck Sadiqs micro penis
Xinyu Wang
Xinyu Wang Prije 8 sati
I wouldn't say this is totally wrong, but totally condescending and full of prejudice
Xinyu Wang
Xinyu Wang Prije 8 sati
dude, you probably need a better research group. 421 problem refers to that a young couple would have to take care of 4 parents and 1child, or probably more
YangGe ShatterU
YangGe ShatterU Prije 8 sati
I am Chinese and I like his point that the liberty of pregnancy should be protected but we indeed need a more appropriate way rather than draw up regulations to forcibly stop giving birth to more babies and the harsh reality is that I am still single now because of the policy. :(
t v
t v Prije 8 sati
Actually, thanks to private healthcare, private education, and a capital-worshipping economy, Americans can also just name their kids after large sums of money.
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell Prije 8 sati
Yes John, The problem isn't the murder, it's who decides the murder.
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell Prije 9 sati
Nope, still not funny. Also, stop criticizing China. China did nothing wrong. China is the future. If China is bad, then it makes Communism look bad, and we all know Communism is on the right side of history. It's 2019 after all.
Gavin Li
Gavin Li Prije 9 sati
I'm Chinese, and I refuse to believe that the child is speaking Chinese at 6:50, lol. Maybe my Chinese sucks, but I really don't understand a single word he said. When I try to understand what the woman was trying to say at 8:35, I began to refuse to believe I'm Chinese.
Kate100294764 Prije 9 sati
just the tip of the iceberg of the communist parties atrocities against its own people. what a terrible and murderous stain on China's history.
whadafishyo Prije 9 sati
Imagine a China without that policy. We have 7billion humans in the world right now, we need less of us, not more. The implementation might have been dodgy, but you have to agree that it was a necessary measure.
Наталья Борисова
Now I have questions for 50 Cent's mother for naming him like that
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic Prije sat
Curtis Jackson?
X Y Prije 9 sati
I'm a one child policy kid, I was born in 1993, and I wasn't my mom's first pregnancy. She was pregnant in 1987 with a girl, under the pressure from family, friends and the local law enforcements, she had an abortion because of a particularly horrible discrimination against women/female gender in Chinese traditional culture (I was raised in a fairly conservative region in China). She endured a few years of abusive behavior from my father after her abortion, and was pregnant with me in 1992. To this day I have no idea how she managed to endure all those, all by herself, for so many years, while still being the loving mother she is. She is the strongest person I have ever known, she is my hero. My mom's life could have been happier and I could have had a sister, if this policy wasn't there. There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of similar stories during the 80s and 90s in China. The government implemented this policy at the cost of the happiness of an entire generation. The policy itself was a short sighted mistake from the very beginning. It had a short term benefit, fertility rate dropped drastically in the 80s and population growth was controlled. But the long term harm it introduced to gender equality, fertility rate, wellfare, education, medical care and all other aspects of people's lives are immeasurable, not to mention the discrimination against women was amplified by this policy (look up suicide rate of Chinese women and the amount of abandoned baby girls in rural China, you'll see). In a few years the population will start to drop, and in a few decades the majority of Chinese population will be elderly people. Disproportionate population structure (both in gender and in age) will be a major difficulty, maybe even the downfall of contemporary China. Not to mention it's incredibly inhumane. Human lives are not numbers in some official statistics, as you can see, this policy has already caused and will continue to cause suffering amongst Chinese people. Heavy topic, thank you for reading this and have a good day :)
fairlind Prije 10 sati
Hmmmm, I wonder what the consequences would have been if China hadn’t implemented the one child policy. Somehow I see massive starvation and sweeping epidemics.
Gaz Matic
Gaz Matic Prije sat
Nope. Birth rates are falling. Check Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. Never had 1 child policy and their birth rate is super low. China did the 1cp because if communism.
Devin Elgert
Devin Elgert Prije 11 sati
If we want future generations to avoid the catastrophies that will be incurred by climate change, a zero child policy is the one to adopt.
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz Prije 11 sati
I know first hand two of those "Second-child" individuals who, in the end, benefitted from that Godless, Machiavellian, Only-Child Chinese policy. They both speak Spanish as their main language, because they had to emigrate to Latin America as Children, in order to survive. Their stories on how they got there, would make a fascinating book. One was raised in Peru (How, he got there, is a story of legend). I met him while I was working at a Hispanic meat market in L.A. in the afternoons, while I was working at the same time in my ER degree during the day. He spoke excellent Spanish, and would buy our food and our products. Then there was one of my proctors while I was doing my rounds as a student ER at Baldwin Park Kaiser Permanente. She spoke perfect Spanish, with a slight Chilean accent. Her story on how she got there from China is both harrowing and amazing. I take off my hat to all of those "Second Children" who had to leave China. Their lives, their fascinating experiences, and their remarkable intelligence bloomed everywhere else. Many Latin American countries--aware of what was going on there--welcomed them, and, in turn, they have blessed our Latin American countries as well. Everywhere you go In the major Latin-American cities, there you will find a booming and thriving Chinese community who are fluent in both Spanish and Chinese. I have a lot of respect for what they have gone through. I really do.
naturalpn7 Prije 11 sati
Why do men continue 2 run governments again?
Hans-Joachim Bierwirth
John Oliver has always been an idiot but this is grotesque even by his standard of stupidity.
周馳浩 Prije 12 sati
What does 30 million men means? It means the raise of Feminist. Now Chinese women are asking for more prerogative in marriage. The bridegroom need to have his own house, car, and allow put bride‘s name on the document . Most of women in charge of finance for their family, husbands' wallet are monitored 24hrs. One of my friend need to use his small vault to buy Borderlands3(game) find reasons for his wife to go out at night and play with us(to save the Pandora). Some of women even refuse to have a job, hire housekeeping staff to do all house work (using husband's money) and refuse to taking care the baby. Good news for our ladys, not for me.
RedDelPaPa Prije 12 sati
We need a generational worldwide 1 child policy. Too many shitty humans consuming and creating too many problems. The consequences caused by their 1 child policy are FAR less than the consequences of allowing people to overpopulate to the level of comparing them to a tin of sardines.
that one guy
that one guy Prije 13 sati
Sounds like a gay mans paradise sign me up
Jerry Nemec
Jerry Nemec Prije 13 sati
LordF Prije 14 sati
We are oh so indignant about China, while conveniently forgetting the various forms of social engineering that we applaud when passed under pretty names in our own countries: "stimulus packages", "affordable housing", "affirmative action", etc.
Amit Akiwate
Amit Akiwate Prije 14 sati
Anchor didn't know anything about reality just talking gibberish and carrying forward an agenda and a twisted view. And for a record, I hate China.
Samuel Mensah
Samuel Mensah Prije 14 sati
It’s scary how the two child propaganda said “child bearing age” 💀
Vincent OuYoung
Vincent OuYoung Prije 14 sati
interesting 34 mil out of 1.4 billion... also fail to mention the 1 child policy only applies to the ethnic Han majority and not the other 55 ethnic groups China...
M McDonald
M McDonald Prije 14 sati
So if my math is right there's 2.4% gender gap in China. There's also 1.6% gender gap in the United States. The gap in the UK is 2.7%. I'm not sure that's the issue.
AsmrtOtakuV3 Prije 14 sati
4:41-5:06, So you're saying Donald Duck is a Quack.
ooOmegAaa Prije 14 sati
can we just nuke china already
anon2234 Prije 14 sati
This isn't really funny as much as it is sad.
Blue Barron
Blue Barron Prije 14 sati
How can we send this to all the “Woke” NBA jack wagons kissing that China butt for money? They claim to be human rights advocates but that’s only when it doesn’t cost them anything.
LordF Prije 14 sati
"It was men" "they thought women's fertility, you can push it up or push it down like a switch". Fucking bullshit. How about it was COMMUNISTS and SOCIALISTS alike. Bernie Sanders is STILL fearmongering about overpopulation. These nutcases STILL think they can engineer society, push the fertility switches just like they push switches for salaries, housing prices, education, etc, etc. "The free market" is not some abstraction from neocons. It is people like you and I making life choices. The government can fuck off with their centralized morality and great planning.
Robert Frank
Robert Frank Prije 15 sati
The most miserable place in China: Maybe that's where was supposed to live and got lost. 😅😭
Amit Ranjan
Amit Ranjan Prije 15 sati
Why do they allow girls to be adopted by westerners?
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