OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!

Marques Brownlee
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OnePlus 7 Pro is crazy fast in all the right ways. For $669. Nice.
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14. Svi 2019.

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Komentari 16 847
Zac De Costa
Zac De Costa Prije 8 minuta
Hey where did you get the google assist search bar?
imicca Prije 25 minuta
too much credits given, Marques clearly likes oneplus too much and closes eyes on them abusing his trust
Troy Flores
Troy Flores Prije 39 minuta
is there going to be a upgrade one plus 7t pro coming out later this year?
J Dexonic
J Dexonic Prije 6 sati
Cannot decide between the OnePlus 7 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10+
Theike Geraads
Theike Geraads Prije 36 minuta
you think speed matters, OnePlus 7 Pro.
Banele Matsebula
Banele Matsebula Prije 14 sati
Your apartment looks amazing dude
J foR Tech
J foR Tech Prije 15 sati
OnePlus 7 Pro Gets a Hotfix Update to 9.5.10 to Fix Double-Tap to Wake Bug
benneballe Prije 16 sati
Would you say that 12gb ram is worth it, or is that kind of power unused anyway?
Eric R
Eric R Prije dan
Nice phone but not going to even consider anything that does not have wireless charging. Its not all about speed but convenience. This is the 21st Century!
Artform Insights!
Wish Google cloud and iCloud live tgh...I moved from iPhone to the OnePlus and I have half of my memories on Google cloud and half on iCloud. 😅 First world problems. 😝
PixelArmy Prije dan
After having this device for almost a month now it is really awesome. However, certain websites cause the front facing camera to pop up and immediately retract. Just wondering why this would be happening?
whoopdeeedoo Prije dan
Hey... it's called a phone right? Lots of rad features, but can it make a call? How's the sound quality? Thanks nice job.
Gentry Rolofson
Gentry Rolofson Prije dan
What if I don't care about price oneplus 7 pro vs Samsung s10 5G?
Gentry Rolofson
Gentry Rolofson Prije 12 sati
@IrishNoob I ended up getting the S10 5G it's a pretty awesome phone
IrishNoob Prije 12 sati
gerrpk Prije dan
Ku møøø
Ku møøø Prije dan
Oneplus 7 Pro, Asus Zenfone 6 or Oppo Reno?
Snake Frosty
Snake Frosty Prije dan
I need to buy it but what where is the market . . .
r0y02 Prije dan
Jesus Christ, HRvid. They're now STACKING ADS? Two play back to back. Soon, I assume it'll play 20 minutes of ads before you can use the tube.
Build2last 2k 117 banned
What happenes when you break the pop up camera
PUBG Gamer
PUBG Gamer Prije 2 dana
S10+/1+7pro/iPhone x which one buy if they are same price
Goxent Official
Goxent Official Prije 17 sati
Jay Prije 2 dana
Video doesn't show there should be any adverts yet I got 4. Fuck you HRvid
Zaerrius6 Prije 2 dana
I'm still rocking the 6t love this phone I MIGHT upgrade but I don't think I will
TechGamer 99
TechGamer 99 Prije 2 dana
Vivo v15 pro pop up is also fast
TechGamer 99
TechGamer 99 Prije 2 dana
See same design as r17 pro
Annapurna Devi
Annapurna Devi Prije 2 dana
Who's watching this on their one plus 7 pro?
B_A_FPS Prije 2 dana
I sold my s10 plus for a OnePlus 7 Pro. I'm picking it up tomorrow!
jev eh
jev eh Prije 23 sati
Nah youre kinda stupid, s10plus is just a better phone overall
Sities Skylines
Sities Skylines Prije dan
@B_A_FPS i would recommend you to buy oneplus flip case s When it comes as 2others i tried are very bad
B_A_FPS Prije dan
@Sities Skylines Thanks! I'm really enjoying it thus far.
Sities Skylines
Sities Skylines Prije dan
HF its awesome phone
BertSesh Prije 2 dana
thinking of trading my S10 in for this
Natalie Carpenter
Natalie Carpenter Prije 18 sati
Me too
Gersommelk Felipe Comiano
Watching on my OP5. Bought it on launch day... and that's the first time I want to switch to a new phone.
Rushil Chatterjee
Rushil Chatterjee Prije 3 dana
How do i get that wallpaper in my phone?! Have been looking for weeks but couldn't find it
Darkbuzz Prije dan
Go and Google"oneplus 7 pro triangle wallpaper" then go to images...the second image is the one u r looking for
Rushil Chatterjee
@Darkbuzz that is blurry when i apply it, any alternative?
Darkbuzz Prije dan
Rushil Chatterjee check the description of the video
Amy Tran
Amy Tran Prije 3 dana
“No headphone jack” *leaves* lol
Eric Ding
Eric Ding Prije 2 dana
I rarely use the headphone jack because I had already moved to wireless headphones ages ago 😂
Juan Plus
Juan Plus Prije 3 dana
iPhone would have charged you $2100 base price for this.
Teos Funny World
Teos Funny World Prije 3 dana
OnePlus 7 Pro or Huawei p30 pro or Huawei Mate 20 pro??
rajat kedia
rajat kedia Prije 4 dana
Iphone xr or op7 pro Which one to buy?? Currently using iphone 7 plus
snwbrdrollchll Prije 4 dana
Is the oneplus 7 pro 5g?
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan Prije 3 dana
No phone is 5g for now... dumbass
Kayason Johnson
Kayason Johnson Prije 4 dana
How do you go live on Facebook with this phone because I have it an it new to me!
Fsociety 95
Fsociety 95 Prije 4 dana
I have the pixel 2 xl and Idk if I should get the 7 pro or wait for pixel 4 and see what they come out with.
Fsociety 95
Fsociety 95 Prije 2 dana
I finally caved and went for the one plus. I do love google and it's camera but I want a. Better screen. And when I saw them remove the fingerprint scanner on the back. Chose nicer screen over nicer camera
t c
t c Prije 3 dana
That's exactly what I'm doing
Mzkilla Cooling
Mzkilla Cooling Prije 4 dana
How much does it weight?
Justin Grant
Justin Grant Prije 4 dana
This phone is amazing! Almost two days use before I had to charge it again. That includes Bluetooth music in my car, using it for Navigation, messaging, calling. This thing is a beast 💪
Sam Mhatre
Sam Mhatre Prije 4 dana
Where will i get the arc reactor wallpaper shown in this video.?
Zaynesd Prije 3 dana
In the description.
Adam Smaka
Adam Smaka Prije 4 dana
iPhone 2019 has to have 120Hz in order to beat it
Vishwa Jdv
Vishwa Jdv Prije 3 dana
But the price will also double for iPhone
xXuidmod Prije 3 dana
and amoled
a Prije 4 dana
Ummm the iPhone Xs has a 120 Mhz OLED 🤦‍♂️ and last longer than 4 hours 😂
Kenji Prije 4 dana
120hz? That’s for the iPad. Good try
Viner Vins
Viner Vins Prije 5 dana
His palm is pale af
Yashvardhan Singh chundawat
Where did u find that wallpaper
charls joseph
charls joseph Prije 5 dana
Nearly there MKBHD !!! 9 million on the way !!!
Francisco Díaz
Francisco Díaz Prije 5 dana
After trying the Oneplus 7 Pro my iPhone XS feels outdated... definitely considering switching.
Sneh Patel
Sneh Patel Prije 3 dana
Francisco Díaz I just ordered mine today, my iPhone X just feels dated.
Super Slovak
Super Slovak Prije 5 dana
Too many basic features missing for me to shell out that much
Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan Prije 3 dana
Yunus Alfaa
Yunus Alfaa Prije 5 dana
KC Guy 88
KC Guy 88 Prije 6 dana
CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO exchange the microphone for the assistant in my Google search bar?? It's not in the "customize widget" options
Akarsh Vishwakarma
Akarsh Vishwakarma Prije 6 dana
Give me the link for walpaper ...
Prateek Goel
Prateek Goel Prije 6 dana
Definitely don't buy it from TMobile though in the US. Just order online from OnePlus store.
Jeff Licona
Jeff Licona Prije 3 dana
@Prateek Goel thank you for the info!
Prateek Goel
Prateek Goel Prije 3 dana
@Jeff Licona you don't have to pay sales tax on the OnePlus store. TMobile will charge $20 extra and they have a return fee of $50.
Jeff Licona
Jeff Licona Prije 5 dana
MyAcer20 Prije 6 dana
im used to 120 refresh rate on my phone so that would suck going down back to 90
Rushil .k
Rushil .k Prije 6 dana
Damn that intro
Mohammed Ishrath
Mohammed Ishrath Prije 6 dana
gimme the link of wallpaper
Akarsh Vishwakarma
Akarsh Vishwakarma Prije 6 dana
Even i want the link
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