OnePlus messed up.

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The OnePlus 8 Pro comes fitted with a colour filter "X-Ray" camera, and its caused people privacy concerns and has been suspended in China - Whoops.
Also credits to GSMArena and Getty images - I have used a few images from them, and forgot to add in visual accreditation
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Znanost i tehnologija

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20. Svi 2020.



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Komentari 80
Valdas V
Valdas V Prije 34 minuta
lol I am trying to find some videos of xray camera in action, but surprisingly I cant find anything bad, or inappropriate. So my verdict is that this camera thing isn't that big of a problem.
MySounds Forever
I want pretty much sure i want to use that camera from my friend's MOTHER
Waver Lam
Waver Lam Prije 2 sati
To be honest, I think its quite cool. Would I buy the phone for this feature? No. Will I enjoy having this feature? Yes. I just think it's cool to be able to snap a picture with that.
Uhwbsh Hehehehw
Uhwbsh Hehehehw Prije 2 sati
they gonna use that to girls to see girls body,its kinda dirty for those things happened
PopcornParatrooper Prije 3 sati
Imagine a 12 year old using that.....
Shabadoo Shabadoo
Shabadoo Shabadoo Prije 3 sati
To be clear, any normal camera can see infrared light. Just like his example with the remote control at the beginning. This camera filters out NORMAL light to get only infrared light in the lens, or at least mostly. If you are walking around in the dark and a security camera see's you, it will see through your clothes if they are made of synthetic plastic fibers. This is because 1) there is no normal light for the sensor to pick up. and 2) the security camera has infrared LED's around the outside of it so that it isn't blinded when the lights go out. This camera is either accompanied with an IR light, or in the example with the plants is outdoors and the sun provides plenty of infrared light of its own.
Alvanosgames Prije 4 sati
I loved Oneplus because they made good or even better phones then their competitor's for a way better budget. But now they are just doing the exact same thing like Iphone.
Cap'n Jace
Cap'n Jace Prije 5 sati
Okay but now I want to buy this phone
Kaustav Chatterjee
Kaustav Chatterjee Prije 6 sati
"Perverted camera pro "
Mohammed ibrahim
Mohammed ibrahim Prije 11 sati
Hands down, the OnePlus 8 pro isn’t worth it at all.
Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas Prije 11 sati
Governments around the world don't want you talking easy photos of UFOs.
uj plays
uj plays Prije 13 sati
I want that xray thingy.... Lol
sharan chakradhar
sharan chakradhar Prije 14 sati
Can we take photos of ghost 👻 too? Just askin g !
FajiTV Prije 14 sati
Is it just me or was that spooky to watch.
Jason Oliver
Jason Oliver Prije 14 sati
Nooooo! It's a camera feature. You can do this with cameras since the 90's . You can buy the equipment to make your cameras do it now. Every company is throwing crap at the wall at this point to see what sticks. That's all. The multimillion-dollar company didn't try to sneak the features through so 14 year old boys can see more boobies. And if you aim a car at people it does some pretty nasty shit! Should we update it and disable the gas pedal. And if you get new tech into enough hands you always find awesome uses for it that nobody planned for.
OmegaWolf747 Prije 16 sati
OnePlus' Porno Cam! 😅
Ahsan Rahman
Ahsan Rahman Prije 17 sati
Did u just hear how he said controversy
Mark Arca
Mark Arca Prije 18 sati
OnePlus is #MadeInChina .
Andrew Hart
Andrew Hart Prije 20 sati
I really like the look of infra-red photos to the extent I was considering converting an old DSLR to infra-red. Whilst a similar effect can be achieved via a filter, my DSLR has an IR cut filter which blocks most IR light and an IR filter blocks most visible light meaning daylight exposures would take about 11 minutes per shot. I was interested in this camera as it has no IR blocking filter, so exposure time is "normal". The only downside was the curved screen (didn't like it on the S7 edge I used to have). Looks like with Samsung's Camera glass protection spontaneously "popping" and OnePlus potentially removing the feature I want, I'll have to look at the Sony Xperia 1 ii or wait for the Galaxy Note :(
Batra Bkhuu1007
Batra Bkhuu1007 Prije 22 sati
Does the normal Oneplus 8’s have this too?
ben gadgets
ben gadgets Prije 23 sati
I wanna buy that xra-, err, "colour filter" camera for educational purposes
Harry 8642
Harry 8642 Prije dan
Oh no you can see through plastic what will be ever do!?
Trolley Problem
Trolley Problem Prije dan
Government can watch/listen you, That is OK. Google/Microsoft/Apple/... can watch/listen you and that is OK too.
Lang Prije dan
It doesn't take expensive equipment to do infrared photography, but it does take more than putting a filter on a dslr. Dslrs have a filter on three sensor to block infrared light. You have to remove that, and then get a visible light filter to put on the lens for best results.
111 Prije dan
So basically you pay for a phone with a disabled camera (and the price as if you could use it)
Salpertia Prije dan
Rooting my op8 BRB
Fa Vang
Fa Vang Prije dan
oneplus boobcam/pantycam xray shots!
If someone takes a photo of someone your technically being elligal
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger Prije dan
Oneplus displayed the technology is now easily accessible, them disabling it will not put the genie back in the bottle. Other companies will adopt it of there is a market for it. once technologies exist and are known there is no going backwards.
Xavarius Quest
Xavarius Quest Prije dan
Wow, your understanding of this topic is just wrong enough to reinforce articles in the press and mislead the public. IR photography does not allow you to "see through" opaque objects but it many allow you to see through translucent objects. Here is a simple example. A beatuful woman is in your office wearing a light colored sundress. You both go out for lunch. While walking to your outdoor table the sun ends up behind her, ie it shines through her blush. The same is true of IR. We don't see the IR part of the spectrum but, on occasion we may feel it because IR is related to the generation of heat. If I photo in the visible spectrum you while wearing a black tee shirt I only see the black tee shirt. But the tee shirt is not is woven fabric. In IR, I see a shirt illuminated by the heat of your body. Any solid object under your shirt shows as a dark shadow because it is blocking the heat energy coming from your body. You showed a photo of a message written on paper under a shirt. Of course you might be able to see it. Compared to the shirt, the paper is opaque and the letters being written in marker fill in the microscopic spaces in the paper weave so as to make the darkened area of the letters even less likely to transmit IR energy. So, you see the faint surface of the paper and the fairly clear message written on it. All of this is as expected. As for the image of the remote, it is not truly opaque, but a translucent dark plastic. I would guarantee that you could shine a cheap laser light through it. They deactivated the camera for exactly the reason that formed the basis of this vid and the artickes you showed...everyone would misunderstand it and think you can see through things like clothes...creating privacy issues. Perception is hard to erase in the ignorant. As to anyone thinking this is too harsh...well...articles, and to a disturbing extent this vid, equate IR cameras with X-ray photography.
にむJia Wei
にむJia Wei Prije dan
In short, nothing is really effected. Outsider of china?well china is known to be special. You know. China can't even normally find youtube. Hahahahaha
Lrydia Saturnine
>implying anyone has any expectation of privacy anywhere but inside their own home
Saeed Alshehri
Saeed Alshehri Prije dan
The extra one is to spying on you 24/7 without interruption.
Marcus M
Marcus M Prije dan
I think it's very well planned out. I think they knew exactly what it does. But this is far from the first time we see ir cameras for consumers. Video cameras have been using a night vision mode with a ir led to illustrate the object. I think this is a try to make a buzz in the tech world. They knew exactly and know they play stupid about it. No way they didn't know. Remember the controversial airport nude body scan a few year ago. If they just add the feature and pretend like nothing they will get so much free publicity.
Samuel Jay
Samuel Jay Prije dan
I personally think it would’ve been better if they just advertised it as a non existent depth camera. And kept it on there without the filter present they would’ve got away with it.
Reiss Lane
Reiss Lane Prije dan
Yoooooo Pass me a tv remote
Rock girl
Rock girl Prije dan
OnePlus 8 camera exists... JOHN CENA SWEATS NERVOUSLY.... 🙄
#Tony Stark#
#Tony Stark# Prije dan
So costly ..
Rock girl
Rock girl Prije dan
Absolutely my favourite internet person! Guys, no kidding, made a killing with their new charging cable, got mine couple days ago I'm amazed.
Bxb Prije dan
OnePlus, this ain’t it.
Aquual Prije dan
It's on the phone we should be able to use it
Professional Pretender
didnt this happen decades ago with old night vision cameras
Cation Prije dan
Kanye buys Kim Oneplus 8 pro as a birthday present. Kim files for divorce. Keeping up with the Kardashians changes name to Exposed.
Anonymous ____
Anonymous ____ Prije dan
Oneplus : "We are going to disable the camera in the future updates" XDA : "NO YOU DONT"
MySounds Forever
Xda will support and do anything about these issue..
yes Prije dan
I think they implemented it full well knowing the implications and issues that would come from it and all of the controversy is planned and deliberate. Just think about all of the sales they will get from people thinking they can see through clothing, don't underestimate the amount of sad pathetic loner virgins out there, there is a huge market surrounding things like this.
dont get china phones, they are bullshit
Miss kali Anna
Miss kali Anna Prije dan
Does That mean we can see documents through people's briefcases? Or what's in your vault?
Pandamonium Prije dan
£899 for a one plus. Buy an iphone
Hyper Nova
Hyper Nova Prije dan
I don't really think it's an issue. It's kind of the person who uses its responsibility to not do anything uh... Unwholesome with it.
This is pretty messed up if you think about it. I hope someone starts a petition is ban is this phone.
Oneplus is know to intentionally leaves loopholes aka backdoors. But, this was hell of a backdoor. They should just ban this phone.
Xerror Prije dan
if it can see through clothes then.... OH SHIT THE REALIZATION THO
Preis Bros
Preis Bros Prije dan
What happened was one plus knew exactly what it could do from the beginning but they knew if they didn’t make it seem like an accident that they could be sued. One plus knew that having an x-ray camera would make their phone fire for shells or sell better/have a selling point. But if they advertise that they would get sued so they made it seem like an accident. But that’s not going to stop people from buying
Arif Shaikh
Arif Shaikh Prije 2 dana
Companies work so hard to make a single device... Top engineers top designers they all put great efforts And reviewers like you say... " They messed up" why don't you people make a device of your own... stupid...
Nikola Petrović
Nikola Petrović Prije 2 dana
Absolutely my favourite internet person! Guys, no kidding, made a killing with their new charging cable, got mine couple days ago I'm amazed.
Ruben Sparks
Ruben Sparks Prije 2 dana
shutting the camera down in china so they cant see covid
Assasin920 Prije 2 dana
It's cool tho
Koragh Prije 2 dana
With that phone we can finally record ufo sights in high quality
Arnold Tabor
Arnold Tabor Prije 2 dana
I like the thought of the filter camera ... it just looks quirky ... id say just leave it how it is
Akshay Babu
Akshay Babu Prije 2 dana
they banned it because they could see peoples actual colours with that colour filter camera !!!!1
Oie White
Oie White Prije 2 dana
Heck I have wanted one they need to make it more x-ray phone
Akshay Kaushik
Akshay Kaushik Prije 2 dana
Classic Chinese act: Hide and Lie
Bartek pulkowski
Bartek pulkowski Prije 2 dana
Out of the blue question one plus 7 pro or note 10+ 5g? Will a note10+ be an upgrade form OP7pro?
SAV XAV Prije 2 dana
One plus lowkey just revolutionized the adult videos category Voyeurism
nicholas dean
nicholas dean Prije 2 dana
Their goal is for majority of people to not understand it/know what it really is. Then HRvidrs talk about it and ruin their plan so everyone knows it?
Rishab Gupta
Rishab Gupta Prije 2 dana
Why has the logo of Amazon been blurred? That's not exactly a secret, is it?
Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home Prije 2 dana
4:11 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lukas Adams
Lukas Adams Prije 2 dana
If I had to guess they were looking at adding "night vision". This was a very well known issue with Sony camcorders in the past and seeing through certain clothes was very well known. You can probably Google Sony night shot and find lots of details. Either way we'll known issue even if it's almost 20 years later.
Sures Thiyagarajan
Sures Thiyagarajan Prije 2 dana
Shhhhh seriously guys don't talk about it n pls stop make it viral coz we could enjoy using this feature secretively...If media such as your channel took it as a thing n make it controversial we wont be able to enjoy it they will shut it down...So u guys better stop n we doesn't need your explanation.
Mr. Wafu
Mr. Wafu Prije 2 dana
Oneplus? What the fuck is that? Is that a phone? What? Android? Never heard of it.
Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home Prije 2 dana
You live under a cave then.
calvin yip
calvin yip Prije 2 dana
Can it really see through clothes? All I hear and see is see through object and object underneath the shirt the shape etc. But my question is can the camera actually see underwear or bra underneath the clothes with a human wearing it? If it can't I don't see the problem here.
Heaven's Dorararara
Heaven's Dorararara Prije 2 dana
How did one plus even get a makeshift xray censor in a phone
1M Hub
1M Hub Prije 2 dana
This camera can see through plastic . . Plastic boobs melting rn
fnqzera Prije 2 dana
okay i'm gonna ask the real question here, can you see tiddies?
aman shivhare
aman shivhare Prije 2 dana
Speaker : Camera sees through plastic Men : Aah, useless but cool Speaker : Camera sees through clothing Men : You sir have my undivided attention 😂
Tira Misu
Tira Misu Prije 3 sati
thr264 Prije 3 sati
Aw man
Insta Tech HD
Insta Tech HD Prije dan
crisspy_sushi Prije 2 dana
Con trow ver see, not controvessy. This pissed me off way more than it should’ve
Matt W
Matt W Prije 2 dana
People had the same reaction when cameras were first invented. There were newspapers dedicated to how they would just be used for spying and unapproved photos and there would be no other purpose for cameras. Well, we can see that they are used for good purposes in the overwhelming majority of cases, now that we understand how useful the technology is. Likewise, everyone's ignoring how useful infrared cameras can be. Detecting gas leaks, certain electrical applications, in emergencies like fires being able to tell if that doorknob is singing hot or not, if you're staying overnight in a hotel use an infrared camera to look at the room to make sure it's sanitary/safe, just to name a few uses. There's so much this tech can be used for when it's portable and seeing the idea scrapped because of these types of concerns just doesn't seem right to me.
Peace Dreams
Peace Dreams Prije dan
Mike Fieselman
Mike Fieselman Prije 2 dana
Lol it’s every pervs go to camera 📸
harrisonrg777 Prije 2 dana
if i had to bet they knew what all it could do and planed on advertising privately to security companies and possibly government agencies that this would be sold as a normal phone but if they knew what all they could do with it they could check for bugs by looking through plastics, casually take a picture of a suspicious person to see if they had a weapon or bomb under their clothing and a few other cool things they could do. this way if someone just sees someone on a phone they wouldn’t think maybe they was being checked out. but the word got out and they are basically avoiding answering it but not it’s made news probably hurt contracts they was hoping to get.. companies don’t do stuff like this for no reason.
What you didn't know about Google.
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