Oops.. Fix It! 11 Fun DIY Clothes and Fashion Hacks

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Summer is all about reinventing your wardrobe and with our new stylish fashion hacks, you’ll be doing just that in no time! Learn how to cover your chemical stains with glowing fabric paint, turn your old denim jeans into gorgeous backpacks or chokers. Discover how to redesign a bunch of t-shirts, create necklaces and/or other accessories with these DIY clothing hacks!
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0:04 Blanked Skirt
1:02 Summer T-shirt Cut Out
2:04 Moon Cycle Shirt
3:09 Pistachio Necklace
4:37 Denim Bag & Choker Necklace
6:24 Striped T-shirt Cut
8:45 Redesigned Sports Shirt
9:35 Film Bow Tie
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Komentari 2 110
Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda Prije 12 dana
Hey, Stylish Pandas! 👒🐼👘 Don’t waste time or money on new clothes! Craft your own wardrobe instead! ✂💃 I’m bringing you a new set of Fashion Hacks to spice up your summer dress code! 🦸‍♀️👜 Let me know which of these clothing hacks you’ll be trying out next!? 😍🙌 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much Love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.s. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉:
Ahmed Amir
Ahmed Amir Prije 2 dana
Surren 28
Surren 28 Prije 2 dana
vidio lucu
Soma Devi
Soma Devi Prije 2 dana
I, love, you
Ferná ndez
Ferná ndez Prije 3 sati
Klickbait no la concha de tu madre!!!!!!!
Ali E
Ali E Prije 10 sati
hanna uujii
hanna uujii Prije 12 sati
So cool 🤗🤗
Oppo Oppo
Oppo Oppo Prije 14 sati
Carfty panda I love you have
art. Prije 14 sati
How are you supposed to make that dress thingy (8:36) in 5 minutes? Umm..
dnt touch my coffee
This is not 5 minute crafts
Sylvia Zuidema
Sylvia Zuidema Prije 15 sati
so they're at a coffee shop drinking orange juice from wine glasses ? :(
Ploy Sai
Ploy Sai Prije 16 sati
Dvffthzccgjtdyko Loopougssfgnk.inhrflsodiisfo Soodirfggjqetuokbftuc Wrgjkiuteecvnkoppljhrdv mjyrcghuy
1794 رقية
1794 رقية Prije 16 sati
ههههاني حلوة 😇😇😉😉😉😘😘👼💘💘💘👑🤗🙄
1794 رقية
1794 رقية Prije 16 sati
Kuwait U
Kuwait U Prije 18 sati
fly over sky
fly over sky Prije dan
I really want to know if anyone really liked the belt choker at 5:59
Kortney Berry
Kortney Berry Prije dan
7:04 that does not take 5 minutes
Minh Tran
Minh Tran Prije dan
I love Emily
Brenda Monasterio
Me en canta sus videos😘😘😘
Brenda Monasterio
Brenda Monasterio
Yo tambien
Beatriz Ramos
Beatriz Ramos Prije dan
Isso do balanço foi desnecessário podia transformar em uma tomara que caia ou fazer vários buracos.
Ákos Abuczki
Ákos Abuczki Prije dan
fúúj bazdmeg mi a fasz az a indexkép aztakurvamegabaszó eget!
So much better than 5 min crafts
Farid Farid
Farid Farid Prije dan
Beppe Bozzi
Beppe Bozzi Prije dan
Questo video mi è piaciuto molto ❤
Soska Allam
Soska Allam Prije dan
ممكن متابعه
Mort Mort
Mort Mort Prije dan
eugeniano Prije dan
lenka Prije dan
Jesse Draws
Jesse Draws Prije dan
welp i guess belts are out of the question
Arda Playz
Arda Playz Prije dan
At 4:46 there is a cut across the back when it falls
Zebiba Mhamed
Zebiba Mhamed Prije dan
الي عربي لايك لو عندي 5 لايك احس نفسي مشهوره
Albukaeva Dayana
6:37 Вы думаете что она за 5 минут справится
Moss Ese
Moss Ese Prije dan
مين العربي اللي معي وبنصحكن ب قناة حرف ابداعية و 123go
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar Prije dan
Marek Sedláček
Sofia van Dillen
Und ich kann kein englisch
Sofia van Dillen
Mir gefällt es so Mittel
Badria Sabbah
Badria Sabbah Prije 2 dana
Alicia Davis
Alicia Davis Prije 2 dana
Oh great pistachios...I'm allergic to those.
Allyplayz Roblox12347
Yasss Louisiana ;)
Luque Sergio
Luque Sergio Prije 2 dana
Perdon pero no se ingles
Pami Perry
Pami Perry Prije 2 dana
Ok the peanut jewelry is just too much. Not happening
Maddie Marais
Maddie Marais Prije 2 dana
4:58 I have an idea.... *USE A BELT*
Patricia Del Angel
Patricia Del Angel Prije 2 dana
I love the ideas is fun
Eliopå L
Eliopå L Prije 2 dana
This is not hate ot anything bad but... this feels like 5 minute crafts
It’s Jaida Kumi-Darfour!
You feel like 5 minute crafts
Sofia Montijano
Sofia Montijano Prije 9 sati
yah dont know meh *EXACTLY*
·Cookiez ·
·Cookiez · Prije 9 sati
@yah dont know meh ikr
yah dont know meh
yah dont know meh Prije 20 sati
This is better than 5 minute crafts
silvana piantoni
silvana piantoni Prije 2 dana
O m g
Joanallys Rodriguez
Joanallys Rodriguez Prije 2 dana
Why did it say “crafty coffee when they were drinking orange juice???!!🤨🤔
Joanallys Rodriguez
Bill Janzen well I’ll talk to u later lmao I’ll still drink coffee no matter what age I am!!!
Bill Janzen
Bill Janzen Prije dan
Crafty Coffee? Oh I get Coffee crafts right? Lol jk I know what it actually means but that would be a good name for a pretend coffee shop oh and BTW I LOVE coffee its the best I do not start my morning with out it old are you supposed to be to drink coffee? Cuz.....uh......I'm only......twelve Got to Got! Bye!
Autumn Williams
Autumn Williams Prije 2 dana
Oh, I'm sorry I have *bOdIlY fUnCtIoNs*
جمعان. عوض صالح
انا عربي🇸🇦🇸🇦💚💚
Graciela Gatica
Graciela Gatica Prije 2 dana
They're at "crafty coffe" drinking Orange juice
Pramanshu Shah
Pramanshu Shah Prije 2 dana
Little Hips
Manolis Koutselakis
Manolis Koutselakis Prije 2 dana
Hayal Aylin Hantaş
Hayal Aylin Hantaş Prije 2 dana
Hiç beğenmedim
Sultan Cheema
Sultan Cheema Prije 2 dana
Who has too much time to make a dress in a short time 😂😂😂😯😯😯😫😫😫
The Biggest Birthday Ever!!